One year on from Star In A Bra…with Georgina Horne

I say this every time…but I cannot believe it’s been a year since the last Star In A Bra. You think I’d be used to how quickly time flies in the Curvy Kate year, but every time  it comes up and bites me on the behind.

And every year I try and think of ways to blog about the competition, to showcase just how wonderful the competition is, how lucky we are to be involved with such brilliant ladies and most importantly, how to get more of you lovely lot to sign up.

It’d be all too easy for me to tell you about last years winners, so I thought this year I’d try something a little different – I’d let THEM take the reigns, and tell you exactly what life has been like one year on.

Now, we’ve all seen the stunning winner Lizzie Haines absolutely flourish in her role as the face of the brand. And of course second place winner Emma Donaghy starred in the current spring/summer 12 campaign…but what about Georgina Horne, who came in third? And what did Emma do after the catalogue shoot?

You see, the competition isn’t just about winning and becoming a lingerie model. Granted, that’s the original goal and I’m sure what everyone wants, but as these three beauties go to show, there’s a lot more to taking part than winning. I’m lucky enough to stay friends with contestants gone by, and I’m sure I speak for each and everyone of them when I say that the competition has changed them one way or another. Whether it’s an extra spring in their step, a little confidence boost or even just the lingerie they got to take home at the end of the day, Star In A Bra has evolved into so much more than just a modelling competition.

And that’s why I thought it was best to showcase just what else the competition can do to you. I know, I know – each case is different, but last years top three were kind enough to share with me (and you) just how much the competition has affected them and I hope you find it an insightful and frankly inspiring read. And if they don’t convince you to strip down to your smalls, I’m not sure what will!

First up is the wonderful Georgina Horne, who came in third last year. Take it away George…

“I remember when I first heard about Curvy Kate’s Star In A Bra – I didn’t really hesitate much, I just knew that when the time came to enter I would be first in line with my photos. I had recently toyed with the idea of pursuing a modelling career and thought that maybe that was something I could do –  I wanted to see representation out there for my body type, even more so than being a model.

I took the photos one lazy Sunday afternoon, my many underwear sets and bikinis spread out on my bedroom floor, my wolf whistling boyfriend reclining in the bath, enjoying the show as I rushed past in each different set. I tried to inject a bit of fun into the photos, to smile and pose flatteringly – it was hard work! But eventually I had taken as many photos as I could cope with and I set about whittling my collection down to my favourite three. I knew which two head shots I would use and I was ready for the entry date to come about.

When the day arrived, I woke up feeling excited and my many phone reminders were not necessary; I was so excited to get my snaps in! Then came the agonising wait that took place before the top thirty were announced…but oh boy was it worth it! When I got that email saying I had made it to the next round I couldn’t quite believe it. I campaigned as hard as I could, throwing aside any negative thoughts about my friends seeing me in my pants. I had recently been on holiday and posted up some bikini snaps and so I didn’t feel quite so self conscious about asking my friends to vote.

Being one of the top ten was just…well…I felt unstoppable! To go from being one of hundreds to one one ten just swelled my ego and I couldn’t wait for the photo shoot! I pampered and preened myself in preparation for the big day and it was just as much fun as I thought it would be. I felt like I could take on the world when I had that camera pointed on me, it was such an amazing feeling! I campaigned particularly hard after the shoot because the end was in sight and I so wanted the golden medal!

When I found out I had come third I guess I was a little deflated – I knew that meant I wouldn’t have a shot modelling for Curvy Kate and I felt like it had been a waste of time. It took a while for it to sink it; coming third was an amazing achievement, I had wanted to show the world that being bigger did not mean hiding away in horrible underwear. It meant celebrating what I had and being a role model for other larger women. And so I decided to turn my initial disappointment at such an achievement into something more – I decided to start a blog where I would showcase my clothing and underwear preferences!

As I had already overcome the hurdle of parading around in my underwear online I thought I would utilise on that. I settled on the name ‘Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’ as…well…it sums me up! With the help and encouragement of some fellow bloggers and good friends, I began to write and post photos of my outfits and underwear sets. As I talked about the fit, occasion and shape, I couldn’t help but make it informal and chatty and then started to edge towards far more personal posts, and causes that were close to my heart. I revealed more and more and my fan base just kept on growing! I had just started to write for an online magazine and continued with that, and thanks to my good relationship with the magazine editor I am to be involved in a very exciting up and coming project – watch this space!

I have been to numerous focus groups, press launches, photo shoots, fashion shows and many other blog related days – one of them included a little known man called Gok Wan! I have been photographed for an online editorial by the amazing Velvet D’Amour, met plus size model Robyn Lawley, and been asked to blog for amazing companies. One of those companies is Brastop which I am thrilled about as they are an amazing company and a pleasure to deal with, both as a customer and a member of their blogging team. I recently modelled at a trade show called ‘London Edge’ and whilst there was approached by a clothing company who asked me to model for their catalogue! And throughout this whole crazy roller coaster, my readers have grown and grown in numbers. They’ve been my rocks and my supporters, as have my amazing friends – some old, some newbies met in the blogging world, and most importantly my amazing boyfriend. My body confidence has soared, my love of writing has been rekindled, my wardrobe has been fine tuned and yes, I get a few freebies (which never hurts!).  And this whole amazing new life would never have come about if it weren’t for the amazing Star In A Bra. Sure, the outcome was definitely not what I was after when I entered the competition, but it is one that I would not change. I have so many things to look forward too and I cannot wait to see where my passion will take me next.”

Thanks George!

It’s so great to read about our Star In A Bra entrants and how they put the competition to good use. Georgina obviously would have loved to have been the face of Curvy Kate and whilst she didn’t quite make it to first place, she’s gone on to do so many wonderful things as a result of the competition and the Curvy Kate couldn’t be prouder of her. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is a fantastic website and Georgina has such a talent and passion for what she does, and we feel honoured to be a part of that.

If you’d like to see more of the beautiful Georgina, why not head over to her blog, Twitter account or even Facebook page?

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust blog.

Twitter page.

Facebook page.

Next up we hear from runner-up Emma Donaghy, so be sure to come back soon!

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