Words from the girls!

Written by Himare on Apr 14, 2014

Curvy Kate have never used a professional model instead we allow our customers to become our gorgeous ambassadors, celebrating our positive body image messages.  Curvy is a shape not a size!

Want to know what the girls of Curvy Kate have to say about being the faces and bodies of the brand?

Here’s what a few of our previous winners and entrants have to say…


“Being a Curvy Kate girl is indescribable; there is never a dull moment. Aside from modelling swimwear and underwear that really fits you, from a brand you believe in, the fun you have behind the scenes is some of the best laughs I’ve ever experienced – especially the outtakes! Curvy Kate keeps growing and being a part of that is one of the best things I will ever do in my lifetime.”


“Modelling for Curvy Kate improved my confidence as I focused on the good parts of my body when looking at myself in brochures and reading people’s comments. I have made amazing lifelong friends which makes modelling fun and easy and the best part of it are the outtakes on shoots! Now they make for interesting viewing!”


“The best part about modeling for Curvy Kate is their body positivity and the way they embrace diversity of all kinds. Curvy Kate is a promoter of a variety of types of beauty inside and out. When I model with them I can’t help but be all smiles!”


Princess Black

“Being a Curvy Kate model injected my life with the kind of confidence I never dreamed I would have.  I would have laughed in your face if you’d told me I’d be out in public in my under crackers but to do it with my head held high and wonderful new friends around me is unbeatable. Showing off my curves on a busy Manchester street has to be a high point…even if it was the middle of winter!”


“Working with Curvy Kate has been the best experience of my life so far! I can’t believe how far I’ve come since my first catalogue shoot for Spring/Summer 2014 and I can’t wait for the next one. The best part about working with Curvy Kate is being part of the Curvy Kate family, I’ve never met such an amazing bunch of people and I feel very to lucky to be a part of it all.”


“By far the best thing about modelling for Curvy Kate is being surrounded by amazing, beautiful and confident women who love boobies as much as I do!! I have so much fun when modelling; no stress, no pressure, no feelings of being self-conscious, just parading around in gorgeous underwear, eating cake and having a laugh with the other girls.”



“I love modelling for curvy Kate because its like a delicious buxom family who make me feel fabulous and body confident. My favourite moment was modelling at the blogger event with all the lingerie trying on there were boobs and bras flying everywhere and it was such good fun!”

Perfect pieces for your LBD

It’s very common for women to own a Little Black Dress, they always seem to come in handy for a variety of occasions, can be worn from day-to-night, dressed up or down and can be matched with almost any colour shoes. What type of lingerie do you wear with your LBD? Here are some suggestions to help you choose…


Benefits: Smooth moulded cups, matching high rise briefs with light mesh slimming panel. Great shaping piece for bodycon dresses - gives a smooth silhoette.


Benefits: Deep padded plunge, foam lined cups for extra fit with matching lace detailing on briefs and thong. Perfect for those v-neck dresses and plunging necklines .


Benefits: Padded Balcony bra with an unbeatable lift, matching pin striped briefs and thong. For those day-to-night LBDs, the Ritzy is your match.


Benefits: Balcony bra with a strengthening laminated lower cup, embroidery on top of cups for added sass. Offers unbeatable fit up to a K cup so great for supporting heavier busts.

Who’s to say you can’t be a bit adventurous under your Little Black Dress, if you’re feeling a bit more daring then don’t be afraid to wear some colour underneath!

Creative Director of 3 Colours Rule, Flavilla Fongang, shares her advice on shopping for a Little Black Dress for your body shape. Have a watch here…

Are we still in size denial?

Hello lovely readers!

I read an interesting article on Lingerie Insight this week which talks about women being in size denial about their boobs. I believe this is the case for many women, it may be because we genuinely do not understand how bras should fit and never see it as a most-urgent thing to find out about. I for one, lived in denial and would literally squeal at the idea of being bigger than a G cup. I used to wear much bigger back bands and just accept the fact that my day to day would consist of waking up, eating, going to work…oh and sparing a few minutes to scoop my boobs back into place. *covers face*

That all changed the day I got properly fitted and realised that my shoulders didn’t need to hurt because 80% of support should come from the underband and only 20% from the straps. Wow…this certainly was a relief for me! Honestly it took a little while to embrace the letter of the alphabet my boob-size landed on however the correct bra size is so much more important. Getting in the right bra will support you correctly, help improve your posture as well as possibly reducing any shoulder and back pain.


Last week the Curvy Kate team went to bra fit at Hearst Magazines which looks looks after titles like Best (hear what they have to say after being fitted), Prima, Cosmo, Reveal and so many other great mags. This week the team went to do the same with the ladies at Stylist magazine, Emerald Street and Shortlist. Not one of these ladies was in the right size bra. A common sentence we kept hearing was “I didn’t think my boobs were that big!” so does this back the article on Lingerie Insight and the findings of Bluebella?…seems so!

Like I mentioned, I was literally ‘Exhibit A’ of size denial haha but thankfully I have overcome that. Whether you have smaller boobs or bigger boobs, always be sure you know your size and you’re in the right size.

If you haven’t watched this bra fittings guide video, check it out! :)

SHE DID IT! Lizzie Chops for Copp(aFeel!)

The beautiful Star in a Bra 2011 winner, Lizzie Adams (formerly Haines) has finally shaved off all her luscious locks for breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel! Lizzie took the plunge on Valentine’s Day to promote the message of loving yourself and your boobs. CoppaFeel! encourage people to check their boobs regularly to get to know how your boobs should feel so if for any reason you notice abnormalities you can quickly seek further advice.

Eek! Here she is…

lizzie comparrison

Lizzie is one brave lady, most of us would have been shaking in our boots at the thought of having to shave all our hair off but everyone at Curvy Kate is extremely proud and supportive of this wonderful charitable gesture. The hair she had chopped off will go to Little Princess which is a charity who provide real hair wigs for kids who have lost their hair to cancer.


You can view more images here.

If you would like to help Lizzie reach her £10,000 target , you can still donate here - www.justgiving.com/chopforcopp or text  CHOP87 £(amount) to 70070. Thank you and well done again Lizzie!

Valentine’s Day Lingerie…with a twist!

However you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, it always helps when you feel sexy and fabulous from the inside out! As the month of LOVE is here, why not treat yourself to some gorgeous lingerie from our Spring/Summer 2014 collection!

Here are some of my faves from the season, not all your typical Valentine’s Day lingerie but these sets will hopefully have you head over heels in love with our new ranges. No better time to love and celebrate your curves!

Carmen rose mix padded balcony longline bra with matching short or thong option. Complete the look with the deep waist suspender belt. Available in sizes 28-38 D-J cup and 8-20. Buy now at Figleaves.

RoxieDare Blush
L: Roxie black/sherbet padded plunge. Buy now at Very. R: Dare blush sheer unpadded plunge. Buy now at Brastop. Both available in sizes 28-38 D-J cups and 8-20.
Princess Tigerlilly (2)
Princess tigerlily available in sizes D-K cups, 28-40 and 42-44 D-G cups and 8-22. Buy now at Figleaves
Group Portia Eden Dreamcatcher
L-R: Portia lime/rose, Eden rose/print and Dreamcatcher rose all available in D-K cups 28-40 and 8-20. Grab yours from Brastop!
Lola Ivory GoldRitzy
L-R: Lola ivory bra and briefs, Lola ivory babydoll and thong. Available in 28-40 D-K cups and 8-20. Ritzy black/almond balconette bra and briefs, Ritzy black/almond babydoll and thong. 28-38 D-J cups and 8-20. Buy all from Amazon.

Happy shopping! Tweet us (@CurvyKate) to let us know which special bits you get!

Play Matchmaker – Spin to WIN!

Test your luck on our Matchmaker and you could WIN some fabulous prizes, including Curvy Kate sets and an amazing bag from the Lagom!


Click here to play. Good luck!

Countdown to Lizzie’s head shave for CoppaFeel!…

For those who don’t know, tell us once again what you’re doing and why?

On Valentine’s Day of this year, I am shaving off for my long dark hair for the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! I’m doing it for various reasons really…I’m doing it because I know women affected by breast cancer, I’m doing it because I’m encouraged by doing charity work, I’m doing it because about seven years ago I cut my ponytail off for charity and raised a lot of money, I’m doing it because it’s the least I can do really. I’m young, healthy and have the energy to see through the fundraising involved. I feel good doing it and I’m happy to be a part of something so important.

You’ve been completing challenges in the lead up to your head shave and Curvy Kate Facebook fans have been voting on which task you should take. I have to take my hat off to you because I’m not sure I could have done them all as well as you. What has been the hardest challenge yet?

They’ve all been really different and when I had to eat three pickled eggs I nearly vomited but it was over quite quickly so I guess I would have to say the challenge where I had to sing all day was the toughest! I’m used to acting like a total prat most of the time but this was consistently hard. Hard to hold a conversation, get anything done, go to the shops etc. It was just completely ridiculous.

The 14th February is the big day, why Valentine’s Day?

It all came together quite nicely really for it to fall on Valentine’s. When thinking about the event we thought it tied in nicely with the breast cancer awareness colour scheme. It’s all about taking care of yourself and loving your boobs! Curvy Kate and CoppaFeel! are body positive and always encouraging you to love your body…and what else is Valentine’s Day for?! Pink cocktails are beyond perfect. People always need an excuse for a different night out on Valentines. It’s a Friday so we can get people out and celebrating…and it also works out well for me business wise so that I have some sort of hair style back before my busy period starts!

Yes wedding season will be here before you know it and I’m sure many brides will be excited to have you as their photographer! Is the head shave event open to the public to see?

It is indeed open to the public, although beware, there is a £5 entry fee if you want to watch! The event will take place downstairs at Manhattan 34 in Leicester’s cultural quarter. We will be set up from 6pm onwards but the actual shaving will be at 8.30pm sharp!

What do your friends and family think of you shaving off your gorgeous locks?

Generally they’re very proud of me. The support I have had during fund-raising has been overwhelming and I couldn’t have asked for more from them. Some of them think I’m entirely bonkers and my husband is not at all looking forward to us having the same hair cut but he still supports my motives and is appreciative of what I’m able to do.

Other than the amazing job you’re doing to raise funds, what else do you hope to achieve by doing this?

First and foremost – awareness. CoppaFeel! are a breast cancer AWARENESS charity. They encourage people to identify any problems before it goes past the point of no return and that means that we all need to be checking our breasts regularly in order to do so. All these challenges, silly videos and events I have been doing are raising money for the charity to continue their good work but they have also been raising awareness in all those who see them.

How can people donate?

People can donate on line at www.justgiving.com/chopforcopp or they can text “CHOP87 £1” to 70070 to donate a quick quid that will be added on to their bill. It’s that simple!

I’d like to say thank you to Curvy Kate for supporting me throughout and everyone who has donated and helped me along the way. I’m actually really really nervous about the big event now and if anyone is able to donate just a small amount to the cause it will make it all the more worthwhile. Thank you! x

Christmas Pairs – Match & WIN!

It’s that wonderful festive time of year and to celebrate, Curvy Kate are giving you the chance to WIN lingerie from the Christmas collection as well as an exclusive Curvy Kate tote bag! All you have to do is head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page and play the game of Christmas Pairs. Click start to begin, you will have to uncover the Curvy Kate models’ faces and match them correctly to their bra size in the fastest time. After you have done this your time will appear on the stopwatch and your place on the leaderboard will be revealed! You can keep playing over and over to try and beat your last score and to make it to the top of the leaderboard!

The competition ends on Tuesday 17th December 2013 and the person at the top of the leaderboard will grab the top prizes. Not forgetting the runners up, the top 30 people with the highest scores will also receive a tote bag! You have to be in in to win it so get clicking! xoxo

And the winner of the UK Blogger comp is…Big Cup Little Cup!

Congratulations to Sian and Charley of Big Cup Little Cup who secured their win by gaining the most votes in the UK blogger competition. Now they’ve grabbed such fantastic prizes – a cut and blow dry at Pimps & Pinups, 2 tickets to The Lingerie Awards and a bag full of treats from The Vintage Cosmetic Company!

Take a look at their winning video…

Well done to them both! xoxo

Congratulations Katie Bizzak! North American Star in a Bra 2013!

Over 600 hopefuls battled it out to grab a hold of the North American Star in a Bra 2013 title and now the public have spoken. Clinical Nursing student, Katie Bizzak from Pennsylvania has now been crowned as the new face and body of Curvy Kate. I caught up with her to get a lowdown of her Star in a Bra experience…

katie b

Take us back to that moment when you found out you had won Star in a Bra 2013. What was your first reaction and how did you cope with such overwhelming news?

I was just about to do my final simulation in nursing clinical, it was my turn and I knew the results were going to be posted in any second. As I’m trying to smuggle my phone in class, I kept refreshing the screen to see who the winner was going to be. My phone is so slow that the results wouldn’t come up. It was after 12pm now and it was my turn to go into the simulation room and save a (dummy/mannequin) patient with heart failure. As I was getting up my phone buzzed and it was a message from the other contestant, Chelsea, saying “congrats girl!” Then, my Facebook just started blowing up with messages from the other contestants and my friends saying I had won! I looked over at my friend Ashley and just grabbed her hand with this look of shock on my face. She screamed, “did you win?!” and I was in too much shock to even get any words out. My entire clinical group then ran over to me, tackled me, and we all started crying- my instructor included haha. We were all screaming so loudly that the other faculty came flying into the classroom because they thought “someone was choking.” haha, it was only the best moment of my entire life and just thinking back to it gives me the chills.


How did your friends and family take the great news that you had been crowned curve queen?

As soon as I found out I called my mom and she instantly started crying and telling me how proud she was! I could only talk to her for a second and then I had to try and contain myself since it was my turn in the simulation lab. The next half hour of me trying to save a patient programmed to have heart failure was the longest half hour of my life. I just wanted to get out of that room and tell everyone who had been supporting me from day one!

What did you do to rally so many votes which secured your win?

I was just blessed to be born in such an amazing little town of Kane, Pennsylvania (about 4,000 people in our community.) I never realized the support and love that I have here. The amount of people from my community that went out of their way to share the word with their friends, the messages I received about how proud I was making the town, and just simply not criticizing me for what I was doing was absolutely amazing. This whole experience so far has been so humbling. Also, my friends have been great. A few of my friends from high school sent my link to their clubs/sororities/fraternities they belonged to in college. My roommate the past two years handed out flyers for people to vote for me. My nursing class at IUP are all very close and they were rooting for me since day one. My lovely Alpha Tau Delta sisters all voted for me and spread the word with any of the organizations they were in. Everyone really just came together and went out of their ways, without me asking, in order to make me the new Curvy Kate. I can’t thank everyone enough.

What was your motivation for entering Star in a Bra and what kept you going during the competition?

My inspiration for entering the contest started with my friend who was going to rehab for her eating disorders. I knew I had to enter for her because this cookie cutter image of beauty that the media has instilled into our heads, at such a young age, needs to change. However, my inspiration for being so determined to win was for my town. I wanted to make them proud, my grandma- she wanted me to win so badly because lately all she has been receiving is bad news, along with my friend suffering with anorexia and bulimia. I told her that if I beat all of North America in the competition that I would help her beat this disease and that it was possible.

katie 2

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months and as Star in a Bra?

My trip to the UK!!! It’s always been a dream of mine to go there, and I never in a million years thought I was going to be able to go over there on a MODELING CONTRACT! What!?!

What piece of advice would you give to other women who would like to enter Star in a Bra in the future?

Just be true to yourself and give it all you have. You have nothing to lose, and only everything to gain. I entered the competition with only about two hours left to submit my photos. If you are nervous about entering, talk to a friend or message me about your concerns (my best friend Kelley was pushing me to enter from the very beginning and helped give me the courage to enter my pictures.) Yes, it sounds so scary to put yourself out there for all to judge, but I promise you, I have only received positive comments since the start. You will be amazed by how many people will message you and tell you that you are their role model or that they are looking up to you. It’s truly amazing.

Wow, what an amazing girl! We’re so pleased to welcome Katie to the Curvy Kate family! Congratulations again to her. xoxo

UK Blogger Comp – Vote for your favourite 15 second review!

We’re running a really cool and exciting competition which was open for bloggers around the UK! We’re giving away the opportunity to win two tickets to the Lingerie Awards 2013, where we have been nominated for three awards (*fingers crossed*), as well as an amazing Pimps and Pinups cut and blow dry in London not to mention a bag full of treats from The Vintage Cosmetic Company!

Over the past couple of weeks bloggers have been uploading to Instagram and Twitter a fun and quirky 15 second video reviewing a Curvy Kate bra, for their chance of getting their mitts on the prizes!

In no particular order are our favourite 5 videos below. Now it’s up to you to decide on the one you think deserves to win, by commenting below or liking the individual videos on the Curvy Kate Instagram page. Click the images below to be directed to the videos.

1. Do it Momma

Do it Momma

2. Big Cup Little Cup

Sian and Charley

3. Pretty Big Butterflies

Hollie B

4. The Lovely lace

Sofia Bambina

5. The Wardrobe Challenge

Fatty's Challenge

Comment below to vote for 1,2,3,4 or 5. The comments and Instagram likes will be added together to get a lucky winner!

Good luck to the top 5! x

Star in a Bra Chops for CoppaFeel!

Star in a Bra 2011 winner, Lizzie Adams, has set the bar high in her fundraising hopes and has bravely vowed to shave her head on Valentine’s Day 2014 for Breast Cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! In the lead up to the event she will be urging the public to love their boobs and donate to the charity in an attempt to reach an extraordinary yet achievable target of £10,000!


Oh she is no stranger to fundraising, Lizzie cut her long hair to a short bob in 2005 after her father was affected by cancer and managed to raise an impressive £3,500. With her hair longer than ever, she has now pledged to go one better and shave her head entirely after seeing the work of CoppaFeel! at the Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show last month.

Lizzie said, “It’s as much about awareness and keeping it in the public eye as it is fundraising. Curvy Kate is working with CoppaFeel! on several great things next year and as an ambassador for the brand I want to support the good work that they will be doing, along with the amazing efforts of CoppaFeel!”

We’ll be supporting Lizzie with CoppaFeel!, she has three months to reach her target and will be doing all she can along the way to get as many people behind her as possible. Between now and Valentine’s Day 2014, you’ll be able to set her different whacky tasks and dares on our Facebook page whilst following her progress.

Lizzie will be shaving her head in the new Curvy Kate CoppaFeel! Smoothie bra which goes on sales next year. The bra includes the CoppaFeel! signature hand print and boob checking messages inside the cups as a reminder that each time you wear the bra, you should check your boobs! View a previous post on this here.

Meanwhile plans are well underway to make her actual hair-chop event on Valentine’s evening, something to remember with big prizes up for grabs, specially designed cocktails, entertainment and an entry fee if you want to see the main event! The night will be hosted by Manhattan 34 in Leicester’s cultural quarter. More details will be given shortly on our Facebook page if you would like to attend.

If you would like to help her reach £10k by donating just £1. Text CHOP87 £1 to 70070 or visit her Just Giving page. Thank you! xox

Curvy Kate NYC Blogger Event 2013!

Whilst in New York for the Star in a Bra Top 5 photoshoot, we had the great pleasure of meeting with several wonderful lingerie, plus-size fashion and style bloggers.


A few of the lovely ladies who attended.

We met at Fontana’s Bar in Manhattan which was a great location for us to discuss the Curvy Kate brand, who we are and what we believe as well as talks on our latest collections and a cheeky sneak peek of Autumn/Winter 2014.

Our beautiful Star in a Bra winner from last year’s USA competition, Krista Cousins was there flaunting her gorgeous curves in eye-catching lingerie which was very well received.

Top Left: Keenan and Cecily with Krista             Above right: Kelly B, Alissa and Beck with Krista

The night ended with drinks and lots of laughter which concluded a great night. We’ll definitely be back in New York soon! xoxo

Star In A Bra North America Final Five: Katie Bizzack


So by now you would have seen the pictures and the videos of our beautiful final five at their exclusive photo shoot in New York. How amazing do they look?!

Before voting comes to an end, we thought you’d want to get to know a bit more about our gorgeous top five. You’ve already heard a little about them in their top twenty interviews, bet let’s find out how they got on at the shoot…

First up we speak to Katie Bizzack!

Hey Katie! So, how did the shoot go?!

The shoot went amazing! I absolutely adore all of the girls that made it into the top 5 and the Curvy Kate team. I have never met a group of people that were more supportive and fun to be around.

I’m gutted I wasn’t there! It sounds like you all had an amazing time though and I LOVE all the photos. How did you feel before the shoot? Were you nervous?


Was I nervous?! You can answer this question yourself by going to the group YouTube video and watching me during the interview. I crack up every time I watch it! It honestly looks like I am two seconds away from tears and passing out as my mind kept going blank during every single question. I wish I could go back and redo all of them.

Before the shoot I was beyond excited. Getting my hair and makeup done professionally has always been a dream of mine and when it was my turn to get all dolled up I could barely contain myself! I felt famous sitting there in my big, fluffy Curvy Kate robe (that I have worn every night since the shoot) with the cameras rolling as I got pampered. I only got nervous when questions started flying my way during the interview and when I realized I had no idea how to pose like a model ( I was absolutely clueless up there!).

Well you looked pretty good to us so you were doing something right! And how did you feel after?

After the shoot, I couldn’t contain myself. I was calling my entire phone list, posting on every social network, and just beyond ecstatic.

Here’s hoping your phone bill isn’t too horrendous after that! So I heard you were refitted at the shoot…

Boy oh boy, was I ever refitted! Thank goodness! I came in to the photo-shoot wearing a 34 DD and was refitted into a 28 HH. I’m embarrassed to even admit that I was so far off on my bra size. No wonder I have back problems!

Wow, I think that could well be our biggest refit ever…congratulations on your new size! Did you have a favourite set from the shoot? 

My favorite set was the Carmen Rose Mix that I was so lucky to wear! All of the sets were gorgeous, but my absolute favorite was that one. I felt like a mermaid!

I’m counting down the days until that set is out, it’s SO pretty and you looked phenomenal in it. So what were the best and worst parts of the day?

The worst part was definitely, definitely, by far the interview! Oh my goodness. They had to “de-shine” my face with makeup right afterwards because I think I was sweating the entire time! I didn’t think it would be that nerve-racking being asked questions with a camera directly in my face and all four girls circled around me staring at me. Just thinking about it makes me feel nervous!

The best part was meeting Rebecca, Jaime, Elisha, and Chelsea. They were all so sweet, supportive, and had so many interesting stories to tell! I wish we all had more time together.

katie_1I love that you’re all so supportive of each other and don’t worry, you’re not alone about hating the interview; most people do! Is there anything you’d do differently?

I would practice my poses in the mirror before going, maybe watch a few “how to” videos, and also film myself as a friend asked me the interview questions before going, as many of the girls told me they did.

That’s a really good idea! Remind me to do that next time I have to do an interview. Do you have any advice – apart from that! – for anyone considering entering the competition in the future?

Do it, do it, do it! It has been the experience of a lifetime. It has been so humbling to wake up nearly every morning with a message from someone I know or someone random telling me how much I inspire them and how amazing this company is and how I am helping them love and accept their bodies. A dance studio in my hometown actually reached out to me and is having me come in to talk to her dance studio over my Christmas break about positive body image. So far I have inspired many people and it truly is the best feeling in the world to know I have made an impact on others.

It must be great to know that you’re helping women out there feel better about themselves, which is what Curvy Kate is all about. Do you think it’s important that companies represent their customers?

I think it is extremely important! This company represents the majority of the girls out there. Why wouldn’t companies use a variety of different sized models – skinny, curvy, tall, short, etc. – to show off their product?! We are all out there, so use us! It is amazing that Curvy Kate uses their consumers as their models.

I think these days the tables are definitely turning and customers do want to see women they can relate to modelling clothes, and I’d like to think Star In A Bra is a big part of that. What do you think it means to be a Curvy Kate girl?

It means to be a confident girl, who shines on both the inside and out, who loves her body, and wants to help change other girl’s vision of themselves!

And how does it feel to be a Curvy Kate girl?

I am honored to be a part of the competition because I am able to share my views. I believe that true beauty lies within the uniqueness of each individual, and I would love to inspire every girl, regardless of her body type, to feel confident in her own skin!

Just one last question Katie – the horrible one! Why do you think people should vote for you to win the competition?

I would love for people to vote for me because I stand for something more than just a curvy girl who wants to show off a product. I am doing this competition to inspire a young girl I grew up with back home. She was diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia in 8th grade. That is the time in young girls’ lives when they are carefree, going to dances, having sleepovers, flirting, and the only thing they are worried about is if their boyfriend of that week will text them. I want to show her that all body types are beautiful! Every single one of them. There isn’t this “cookie cutter image” out there that you need to fill in order to be considered beautiful. Beauty comes from within, and I want her, and all other girls, to see that. Help me pass on this message around the world by voting for me. Even if I only help one girl to realize she is beautiful just the way she is, it is all worth it.

Good luck Katie!

To vote for Katie, please head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page but hurry, voting ends soon! And remember you have just one vote this time, so make it count.

Star In A Bra North America Final Five: Elisha Perez


And we’re straight into our second interview with our fabulous final five…this time with Elisha Perez!

So Elisha, how’d the shoot go?!

The shoot went well! It was such a great experience and still seems a be surreal to me.  From the moment I arrived everyone was so warm and welcoming.  I had such anticipation and excitement and I was so looking forward to meeting everyone.  I’ve never had a photo shoot, let alone in my underwear!  This was very dream like for me. I was welcomed with open arms and immediately felt I was in good company. My anxiety started to subside.

Well that’s good to her, although I think I’d be just as anxious. So I take it you were feeling quite nervous…

I was more nervous answering the interview questions on camera then I was wearing just sexy Curvy Kate around a room full of strangers! After spending time chatting it up with everyone, I felt like they were all family (not that I hang about in just my underwear with family…but maybe I should!). With the interview on camera I had a head full of wonderful responses but my nerves got the best of me and I went blank! The horror! My mind was ready but the words would escape me.  It was pretty entertaining.

I’m not use to being the “subject” of a photograph, I’m the one usually snapping the pictures. So that was a little harder for me. By the time I warmed up, my time was up! I obviously need practice being in pictures.

Everyone says that the day goes SO quickly though, and it certainly all takes some getting used to. It’s funny that people find the interviews the most nerve-wracking part, not getting photographed in their underwear! Did you have any favourites from the day?


It’s really hard to pick a favorite there are SOOO many pretty sets! I really loved the the Romance in Plum and Watermelon, the Portia in Watermelon and plum, which I was lucky enough to wear. My my number 1 would be the Tease Me (that’s a hot one!)…it’s a show stopper! There’s no way any woman wearing that set wouldn’t feel sexy and confident! There are too many pretty ones to just pick one! You look and feel sexy in all of them! I want them ALL! (No really, I do!).

Tease Me is one of my favourites too! So were you refitted at the shoot?

I was refitted and I’m in between sizes – I’m a 30FF or a 32F (depending on the cut).  Before the shoot I was wearing a few sizes, I was wearing a 32 F when I could find one I liked, and several 34 DDs.

Nothing too drastic then. So what were the best and worst parts of the day? Hopefully nothing too horrible..!

The best? Meeting Hannah and the staff, having the opportunity to meet and chat with the other top 5 finalists (I love them all!) but at the very top of that list was actually trying on a few of the lovely Curvy Kate sets! The are AMAZING! I didn’t want to take them off or leave them behind!  I was thrilled to find out that the robes we had on we got to keep along with those fantastic Body Gossip tee-shits!

The worst? Leaving everyone behind; I really had wished I was able to hang out, maybe party it up a little with the other girls and the Curvy Kate crew.

Maybe there should be a reunion next time they hop across the pond?! And how did you feel before and after the shoot?

Before the shoot, I was excited and a little nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect and really hoped that there was nothing but good energy there. Whilst it is a competition, I didn’t want to feel that “pressure” of having to compete in person. I don’t mind competition generally – but my head and heart were in a different place. I felt like we had all accomplished something and we were there to represent all shapes and sizes. So I had hoped the others were coming from a similar place, especially never having modeling experience. I was delighted when I met the other women, it was apparent we were all feeling the same way – that “is this really happening, am i really here? Pinch me.”.

Afterwards I was still high from all the excitement I must have talked a mile a minute the entire 45 mins home and then another 45 mins to my friends when I went to pick up my daughter Ava (who couldn’t wait to hear all about the “boobie wrapper contest”). I’m still buzzing and cant help but smile ear to ear! What an amazing adventure!

Maybe we should rename Star In A Bra?! Is there anything you’d do differently?

There are 3 things I would have done differently (had I known).

1. I would have reviewed and practiced my interview questions over – not just in my head but out loud, and maybe even recorded them at home.

2.  I would have brought a favorite song or something to listen to – to get me in a more relaxed mode when taking my photos.  Along with maybe posing in front of a mirror at home, the staff was great and they had some photos on the all we were able to use as a guide (that helped).  As I mentioned above by the time I started to relax and “get into my groove” my time was up!

3. I would have taken the following day off from work so I could have spent more time with the other girls and partied for the night (or at least have dinner together!).

elisha_2That’s all pretty good advice for anyone considering entering any future competitions, anything else to add?

Just go for it! You have nothing to lose! This has been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done for myself an experience you’ll never forget, from your original submission to the very end.

So how does it feel to a part of the competition this year?

It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of something honoring woman and their curves, large, small and in between. I still can’t get over the fact that I entered! And to make it into the top 5! INCREDIBLE! I’m so happy I went for it! Before this contest I was really struggling with feeling good about myself.  My condition left me with little self-esteem and the surgery itself was so major that I was still mourning the loss of a major part of me. The reason I entered was to turn a negative into a positive and to start seeing myself as my daughter does (beautiful).  This has been a huge confidence booster and has helped to keep me focused on my continued health, in my mind body and spirit.  My body may change, I may be smaller or larger at times, but I’ll ALWAYS be me, and being ME was what got me here.  I’ve gotten several emails from woman all over the world thanking me for sharing my story and being an inspiration.  I’ve been so moved by the support of my friends, family and people I don’t even know, cheering me on.  it’s keeping me grounded and I’m happy to be healthy enough to be a part of something so wonderful.

That’s really great to hear Elisha. Do you think it’s important companies like Curvy Kate look to use their customers to represent their products?

I wish MORE companies represented the majority of their clientele, I would LOVE to see it and I’d be more inclined to support such companies.  Let’s face it, most of us are not like the super models selling the product. When it comes to purchasing a bra, for most busty women, it’s a headache and something we try to avoid (at least I did).  Seeing a model with a similar shape and build wearing the garment is an invitation to shop that brand more often with out the stress of wondering if it would look the same/similar on me. It’s like getting a referral from a friend you trust, because you trust the image, the brand and what they represent.

That’s what we aim for! What do you think makes a Curvy Kate girl?

In my opinion, being a Curvy Kate girl means embracing your body no mater the size and loving the skin you are in. Beauty isn’t limited to just one type or another, it’s a mindset.  So set your mind to loving yourself just as you are, because you are beautiful.

Good for you Elisha! Just one last question…why do you think people should vote for you to win? 

I think people should vote for me because they can identify with me on some level –  I’m genuine, I’m fun (and can be quite the clown – as you saw in my silly videos), I’m comfortable with who I am and the curves I’m blessed with.  I’d make them proud!  How wonderful would it be if all women of all ages felt they had some sort of representation in the media; this is the perfect opportunity to try something different. I am your everyday woman, curves and all.

Good luck Elisha!

To vote for Elisha, please head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page but hurry, voting ends soon! And remember you have just one vote this time, so make it count.


Star In A Bra North America Final Five: Jaime Anglin

final 5

How are we already pass the half way mark with our final five interviews? Can’t we just interviewing our models ALL the time?! The blog is going to be a quieter place without them!

Next up we hear from Jaime Anglin about her experience.

Hey Jaime! So, Katie is still winning with the size jump, but I hear you were refitted at the shoot too…

Yes, I was refitted.  I thought I was a 34DD and I was refitted as a 32F.  So, quite a difference!  But the thing is, there really isn’t a place around where I live to get properly fitted.  You can go to a department store or other chain store, and they will only fit you so you can wear one of their bras.  Most stores around me do not go above a DD in cup size, and there is also this misconception that the band should be loose, which doesn’t make sense.  Therefore, I am thankful that I have now been properly fitted so I can buy the right size. Or better yet, if I win, I can have a whole new collection of properly fitting bras!

This is the problem, it isn’t easy to get refitted. I know there are few places near me I’d trust to fit me, how awful is that? But I like the idea of a whole new collection! Are there any sets from the shoot you fell in love with?

jaime_1I can’t just choose one!  I wore two different sets and I absolutely loved each one I was wearing equally, for different reasons.  I loved the Starlet set, because first of all, the name was so fitting, wearing Starlet for the Star in a Bra contest.  The petrol color was so rich and deep and it looked great against my skin tone.  I loved the little star charms it has on the bra and panties, just the right touch and more than just your everyday bow.  The set was so soft and comfortable and the bra itself was very supportive and gave me a great shape.  I also loved the purple and watermelon Romance set because purple is my favorite color.  I loved the contrast of the two colors and the lace detail and embroidery was lovely and delicate.  It made me feel so elegant.

The Starlet is my absolute favourite from the current collection, I like to call it my mermaid bra! So how did you feel before the shoot?

Before the shoot, I was nervous, but excited, and full of anticipation.  I couldn’t wait to get there to meet everyone and see where we were shooting.  I was curious what sets I would wear and what the other girls would look like in person.

And after?

After, I felt like I just went through a whirlwind! We did so much in such a short amount of time, so many things that are normally out of my comfort zone (like being interviewed on camera) and not part of my usual routine (like parading around in my underwear).  But I was so proud of myself for doing them!  I mean, I hang out with two kids all day, so a day in the life of a glamorous model was a little surreal.  So incredibly fun, but definitely like something out of a dream.  I was thinking, did all that really just happen? Amazing.

That does sound like quite a change of routine! And it’s always nice to get pampered.  So the shoot went well we take it?!

The shoot went great!  It was so nice to finally meet the other contestants and the Curvy Kate staff. The bra and underwear sets I got to wear for my shoot were absolutely gorgeous. It was so fun to get my hair and make up done and smile for the camera.

What were the best and worst parts of the day?

The best part was by far my eye make up.  It was ah-mazing and truly a work of art. It was like this gold glitter eye shadow, it was so glamorous and sparkly; I absolutely loved it. It actually made me feel like a superhero, with eyes so piercing, I could cut through steel walls with my stare!  The worst part was not having enough time to visit with the other girls.  We were constantly moving from one thing to the next; fitting, hair and make up, wardrobe, interview, photo shoot, make fun videos, group photos, change, clean up, then we were done for the day.  It all went by so fast!

All the hair and make up looks amazing, I always sneak into the chair when shoots are quiet and make them work their magic on me. It’s a real shame you didn’t all have more time together, people never realise quite how quickly the day goes. Is there anything you’d do differently?

I don’t think so.  I did everything to the best of my ability and the experience was wonderful.  I am so grateful I had the chance to be a part of it.

That’s so lovely to hear. Were you nervous?

Yes, of course I was a little nervous at first.  I really wasn’t nervous about being in my underwear, but more nervous for the photo shoot itself.  I wanted to do a good job.  I was a little stiff when we first started and wasn’t sure how to pose.  But after a few minutes I relaxed.  The photographer gave me some pointers and was great at giving me direction.  After I changed out of my first set and got into my second set, she explained to me what positions look the most flattering which was very helpful.  It’s all about being natural and having fun with it.

It certainly doesn’t show – the pictures look great. What do you think it means to be a Curvy Kate girl?

Being a Curvy Kate girl means being comfortable in your own skin and being confident enough to flaunt it.  It means knowing that you are a unique individual and you are beautiful just the way you are.  It’s knowing that you can be a positive influence to others and that you have so much to offer.

jaime_2Think that’s the nail on the head! Do you think it’s important for companies like Curvy Kate to use their customers to model their collections?

I think it is wonderful what Curvy Kate is doing to represent their customers. Yes, more companies, especially in the fashion industry, should follow suit.  It would be great if more of a variety of shapes and sizes were represented in different clothing lines and other products as well in commercials, magazines, and on billboards.  It is so important, especially for young girls, to see healthy images of women in the media. People want to see someone who looks like them and Curvy Kate makes certain that their models show a variety of different body types.

I think it’s healthy that more companies seem to be coming on board with the idea of using their customers, it’s so great to see. Have you got any advice for anyone thinking of entering next year?

I’d say go for it!  Life is too short, so why not do something that scares you, but is exciting at the same time?  You really do have nothing to lose, and you could gain some remarkable experiences you would never get the chance to be involved in otherwise.

And how does it feel to be a part of Star In A Bra North America 2013?

It feels amazing.  It kind of feels like I have a part time job now campaigning and marketing myself trying to rally votes.  It’s been fun and has been overwhelming (in a good way) the amount of family, friends, and local community members that have come together to support me.  They are all very excited for me, are rooting for me and stand behind me 100%.  It means so much to me to have their support.

It’s a tough job, that’s for sure, but worth it. Just one last question Jaime…the horrid one! Why do you think people should vote for you to win the competition?

People should vote for me to win because I know what its like to struggle to find a bra that both fits properly and is cute, so I know that I will be passionate about the brand.  I also whole-heartedly agree with Curvy Kate’s philosophy on positive body image and I would love the chance to be able to empower women to appreciate their body and love it just the way it is.  I have two daughters and I would like to show them when they are older what mommy did by representing such a wonderful company and having confidence in herself.  Traveling for photo shoots, meeting and interacting with new people at trade shows, and just being a part of such a revolutionary marketing campaign would truly be the opportunity of a lifetime, and I would love it if people would vote for me to help get me there.

Good luck Jaime! 

To vote for Jaime, please head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page but hurry, voting ends soon! And remember you have just one vote this time, so make it count.

Star In A Bra North America Final Five: Rebecca Payton



We’re onto our penultimate interview of Star In A Bra North America, where did the time go? Still, it’s the last day of voting so we don’t want to keep you waiting…

Next we hear from Rebecca Payton.

Hey Rebecca! So, how did the shoot go?

The shoot went great! I enjoyed meeting all of the girls, and having girl talk about how excited we were. I also enjoyed meeting the Curvy Kate staff, what an amazing bunch of people all in one space!

The photos look amazing! You all look stunning. We’re guessing you didn’t get refitted…

I was not refitted because I am fortunate enough to be a bra fitter and know what size I wear! I feel so blessed to have been picked up in the bra industry so young because many women go their whole lives without wearing the right size bra.  I hope I can help change that statistic! I stayed in a 32F or 30FF before and after the shoot, and I like to wear around a medium or large in undies to keep them nice and comfy.

We have an expert on our hands! Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set from the day?

One of my favorite sets is Gia because I was wearing it some of my photos, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the lace detail on the upper part of the cup and how it matches the lace detail on the under wear!  LiviRae Lingerie also sells Gia and we go through that bra like hot cakes!

rebecca_2I LOVE the Gia, I’m wearing mine right now! So were you nervous before the shoot?

I was extremely nervous because Curvy Kate is such a wonderful brand and I wanted to make a good impression in person, in the interview, and in the pictures!

Don’t worry, all of you managed that. What were the best and worst parts about the day? Hopefully nothing too horrible…

The best part of the shoot was definitely working it out in front of the camera in the beautiful Curvy Kate set! The second best part was meeting everyone, which was so amazing so I have to include it!  The worst part of the shoot was having to be done so soon! We were having such a good time, we ran out of time!

I know, time goes so quickly at shoots, so frustrating. Especially as it’s just the one day. So tell us about your experience, would you do anything differently?

The whole experience was very surreal, so before the shoot I could not contain my nerves! They were bubbling over with excitement, and then after it was all over it finally hit me what had just happened when I got back to the hotel room!  I felt that a new chapter of this competition had started and it was time to get busy because I could have more days like this in the future, and who wouldn’t want that?

I don’t think I would do anything differently because then it wouldn’t portray how I truly am on the spot or in real life.

Have you got any advice for anyone thinking of entering any future Star In A Bra competitions? And how does it feel to be a part of Star In A Bra this year?

The advice I would give the girls entering next year is to take advantage of the moment and don’t forget it! You just need to be yourself because they already picked you and clearly love who you are! Last but not least don’t forget to smile!

I feel completely honored and awe struck that I am involved in a competition that represents a brand that changes the lives of women every day.  If someone would have told me that I would be participating in this competition even 2 months ago I would of thought that they were crazy, but the support that I have received has made me even more confident that I can influence someone to feel beautiful on a global scale.

Never underestimate the importance of a smile! What do you think makes a Curvy Kate girl?

To be a Curvy Kate girl is to be a representation of not just a single woman but every woman.  Someone who helps women persevere in their desire to look pretty in lingerie no matter what size you are.  To me a Curvy Kate girl is classy and understanding of the message that Curvy Kate is trying to push forward into the world!

rebecca_1I like that description. Being a bra fitter no doubt you come across women of all shapes and sizes, do you think it’s important that companies like Curvy Kate represent their customers with their models?

I think that it is essential for companies to represent their clients like Curvy Kate does because that is how people are going to look in your clothes.  Curvy Kate has really broken boundaries in an industry that seems almost impermeable.  They have revolutionized the lives of women, who see how beautiful they too can look in a gorgeous bra.  This kind of confidence boosting carries over into women’s daily lives, and if everyone promoted this kind of behavior we would have many more self-confident beauties ruling the world!

Fingers crossed that’s how it goes! Just one last question Rebecca – why do you think people should vote for you to win the competition?

I hope people would vote for me because I understand parts of the bra world, and would love to help promote Curvy Kate on an even larger scale.  Education is so important in bra fit, and if I could help spread the word more than I already do it would be tremendous!  My passion would never fizzle for making the world more confident.  I am a fun loving, people person and I would do my absolute best to represent such a wonderful brand! Vote for Rebecca!

To vote for Rebecca, please head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page but hurry, voting ends soon! And remember you have just one vote this time, so make it count.

Star In A Bra North America Final Five: Chelsea Garcia

It’s the final day of voting, and we’re onto the final interview of the competition! Time really has flown by and we can’t wait to see who the winner is.

Without further ado, let’s hear from Chelsea Garcia.

Hey Chelsea! So, tell us about the photo shoot…

I could not have asked for a better reason to visit New York for the first time. The hotel we stayed in was just gorgeous and everyone was so friendly, right down to the cab drivers! The photo shoot its self was fantastic it was so nice to finally meet all the Curvy Kate staff I had been talking to for weeks. I was so excited and nervous to be late, I showed up 30 min before I was suppose to be there, and everybody was still standing in the foyer waiting for the studio space to be prepared.. honestly I am habitually early for things, I despise being late. It’s one of my pet peeves.

Very jealous that you all get to go to New York! What were the best and worst parts of the photo shoot?

One of the best things about the shoot was being able to meet and talk to all of the other girls. Since the competition started there was this veil of mystery shrouding the other contestants and I was very eager to meet them, I really dont think it became REAL for me until that happen. Another great aspect of it was the hair and makeup! Ive never had mine done professionally before and it made me feel special.. and fancy haha. And who can forget the fitting?! Oh my goodness.. I have NEVER in my 28 years on this planet worn a bra that fit me SO WELL! It was eye opening, jaw dropping and confidence lifting! Exactly how you want to feel before you are about to step in front of a camera in your undies. I was the first there and first to shoot.. so a bit nervous but my fearlessness was mounting and I knew I just had to go for it.

chelsea_2I would say the worst part of the whole thing was that I wasnt able to stay until everyone was done shooting, I had to leave to the airport for my flight that evening. That and the interview! My stomach was doing cartwheels! I rarely get nervous like that so I just had to focus on not repeating adjectives when answering questions!

I love that even though it’s a competition, you all got on so well…people assume it’s going to be this competitive environment and it really isn’t. How did you feel when you finally got to the studio, were you nervous at all?

Right before the shoot I had to give my self a lil pep talk in the mirror. There had been so much anticipation leading up to this very moment. Anticipation, excitement, disbelief… I had to remind my self it was now or never. It was time to bring it.

After the shoot there was a huge sense of relief. I knew I had done my very best, so I felt accomplished and satisfied with what had just transpired. But also a little sad that it was all over. And regretful I hadn’t booked my flight for the next day so I would have had more time to hang out and get to know the other girls. It was so much fun and an experience of a life time.

I think there needs to be a Star In A Bra reunion! Did you have a favourite set from the day?

I absolutely LOVE the Rosie! It was the first set I tried on and I just fell in love, its so pretty and sexy and just amazing! However I also love the color of the Dream catcher…and I just think its so appropriate that is the set Im featured in, because this is absolutely a dream to be caught.

I’ve yet to try the Dreamcatcher as it’s a new style, but I love that petrol blue colour they’re using. Would you change anything?

If I could get a re do on anything…I would give myself more time to just kind of relax and take everything in.

And how about any advice for anyone thinking of entering the competition in the future?

Just GO for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, its an amazing experience regardless of the outcome. I am a rather confident person for the most part, but ever since this competition I have just been so sure of myself in everything. Which is a wonderful and empowering feeling.

It’s great that you all have the same advice, hopefully it’s going to rub off on people that are a little hesitant. So to you, what do you think makes a Curvy Kate girl?

chelsea_1To be a Curvy Kate girl means more than just being a lingerie model, you are a spokesperson – a role model – for positive body image and loving your body. Being confident and kind. Saying unabashedly this is me I’m a woman; and I am beautiful just the way I am.

I think its so improtant, its kind of baffling to me that more companies dont care to represent their customers. It is such a great thing that Curvy Kate knows exactly who they are and what they believe in as a company, they also know their customers and listen to what they want, and how they feel.

Yes to all those things! How have you found the competition this year?

This whole competition has been a whirl wind! Its been fun, exciting, nerve racking and confidence boosting. I’m so glad I entered (not that there was any chance I wouldn’t). I feel like I have it written all over my face…it’s like everywhere I go I’m just exuding this glow, an inner confidence. And I have the competition to thank for that.

A little bird told me you were another finalist that got refitted at the shoot…

This is kinda funny…sooo when I entered I sized myself to what I thought was my correct size, I came up with a 32 F. What I’ve been wearing my entire adult life has been a 36 DD or sometimes a 36 D if it was like a t-shirt bra. Getting fitted at the shoot we decided I was a 32 GG. So yes…I’m all over the place.

Well if there was ever a reason for a whole new lingerie collection! Just one last question…why do you think people should vote for you?

The other day I received a message from my boy friends cousin, she was telling me what an inspiration I have been for her seeing my pictures up, how she has always been ashamed of her body and always thought she needed to be a stick figure to be considered beautiful. This made me cry. No body should have to feel this way. But so many young girls and women do. It is time for this to change, and it needs to change drastically. If I can be any part of a movement towards women loving them selves more and accepting who they are, I want to do that. I know that working for Curvy Kate could be a great platform for that change. And I think people should vote for me because I can be the perfect addition to the beautiful, confident women who they already have on staff.

Good luck Chelsea!

To vote for Chelsea, please head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page but hurry, voting ends soon! And remember you have just one vote this time, so make it count.

Behind the Scenes at the Top 5 shoot in New York!

It’s nearly that time when we find out who the special girl is who has grabbed the Star in a Bra crown for this year’s North American competition! The wait will soon be over as the winner will be announced this Thursday 21st November…keep those eyes peeled on the Curvy Kate Facebook page to find out!

There’s still time to vote for your favorite girl. Here are our gorgeous Top 5 finalists.

From L-R: Rebecca Payton, Jaime Anglin, Chelsea Garcia, Elisha Perez and Katie Bizzak

Here are some behind the scenes images which were taken at the shoot.



Watch the behind the scenes video of the girls here!

Top 5 rocking their Body Gossip Tees! Get your body confidence slogan T-shirt here!

Voting closes at midnight (EST) tomorrow 19th November, vote for your fave here!

Cosmopolitan’s First Ever Lingerie Show!

Last Monday Cosmo hosted their first ever lingerie show to support breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel! The glamorous event at One Marylebone in London saw several hundred guests pack the fashion show auditorium and exhibition spaces where lingerie brands including Curvy Kate, showcased latest collections.


There were mouth-watering canapés, complimentary cocktails, hair styling, vintage makeovers and a free nail bar! Definitely my idea of a good time!

IMG_0082 IMG_0085

As well as showing off our gorgeous collections at our stand and on our live model Laura, we also asked the women of the night to tell us what they love about their bodies for their chance to win £200 worth of Curvy Kate lingerie. Once again the #BodyLove competition heard from so many women who were happy to express their special love for themselves.


Above: Stylist and ‘Catwalk to Curvy’ Cosmo columnist, Laura Puddy

With two exciting lingerie  fashion shows and the general buzz of the evening, it couldn’t get any better….well it did! Our Star in a Bra 2013 UK winner, Lotte Williams graced the catwalk show with her gorgeous curves in Autumn/Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2014 Curvy Kate pieces as well as an exclusive look in to the Curvy Kate Coppafeel! bra which will be released in 2014 in aid of the breast cancer charity.




Above, From Top to bottom: Lotte in the Curvy Kate Starlet, Tease Me and Gia

Kristina Rihanoff from Strictly Come Dancing also made a surprise appearance on the runway as well as a music performance treat by X Factor’s Diana Vickers.

After the shows we went back upstairs to the Curvy Kate stand where we continued to hear more wonderful #BodyLove stories as well as getting as many guests as possible correctly bra fitted! All of the women we fitted that night were in the wrong size bra however after a little help from the Curvy Kate team, they left with a totally new bra size which is always a great feeling!

Thanks to Figleaves.com for partnering up with us to give away a coupon code which entitled women to a free matching brief with every Curvy Kate bra bought.

The first ever Cosmo Lingerie Show was fab and I encourage you to go to it next year if you’re in London! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages. :) x

Photo credits: Do It Momma