Pop into Coppafeel’s Pop-up Shop and find out #whatnormalfeelslike…

Written by Chantelle Crabb on Sep 19, 2014


So now we have you all clued up on Coppafeel! and what it is that they’re all about, here at Curvy Kate we decided that it would be a good idea to spread the word about their newest campaign. #whatnormalfeelslike was launched by Coppafeel! this week and to celebrate they have organised a pop-up store that encourages women (and men) to come in, have fun and talk about boobs. After visiting the store…we’re sold!

19-09-2014 17-22-41

The idea for #whatnormalfeelslike came about after Kris (Coppafeel! founder) had carried out some insightful research. She found that many women, when asked to describe their boobs, would use words such as ‘big’ or ‘saggy’ rather than how they physically felt. So Kris now aims to make every women know, and be able to describe, what their boobs feel like normally. By changing the vocabulary used around boobs, they can change society’s views on them and ultimately get more people checking!

19-09-2014 17-25-38

The #whatnormalfeelslike campaign images are hard hitting, intelligent but fun and have been designed to desensitise people and the media to boobs. Photographed by iconic British photographer Rankin, the photos show that breasts are a body part like any other and should be looked after, understood and respected in the same way. By making people less sensitive to breasts can make people much more inclined to check themselves, understand symptoms and that is isn’t embarrassing to check yourself- its smart.

So in celebration of this amazing campaign, Coppafeel! have a pop-up event running from the 18th-21st September on Dray walk, Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL. The store will showcase the campaign images in a gallery format as well as offering free manicures, some tasty food by The Urban Kitchen and an opportunity for all visitors to step in the boob booth, bear all and receive a goody bag to say thank you!

IMG_5749 IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5752 IMG_5753 IMG_5754 IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5759 IMG_5760 IMG_5762

So what are you waiting for…get to Coppafeel’s pop up store, have a laugh, bear your boobs and most importantly get to know #whatnormalfeelslike.

Go on! Coppa’ feel with Coppafeel!


If you haven’t heard about Coppafeel! yet then where have you been?! They are an amazing breast cancer awareness charity made possible by one of the most inspirational women there is- Kris Hellenga.


Inspiration: Kris Hallenga, founder and CEO of Coppafeel!

Kris was sadly diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2008, aged only 23. After a visit to the GP to have her ‘lumpy’ breasts examined Kris was told it was just ‘hormonal changes’. Mind at rest Kris embarked on a travelling adventure, but when she returned and her issue had not resolved itself, she decided to visit the GP for a second time. Sadly, this time the news wasn’t so welcome. Kris had been misdiagnosed, and by now the cancer was so bad that it had spread to her spine and it was too late for a cure. In that moment Kris knew something had to change, this couldn’t happen again to somebody else, people shouldn’t be dying from breast cancer due to it not being detected early enough. So with this thought in mind Kris channelled all her fear and anger into making a difference. Coppafeel! was founded as she wanted to spread the message that ‘If you know your boobs then you’ll know when something is wrong’.


Kris (who is still living with cancer but is doing well) and her team now spend their time devoted to encouraging women (and men) all over to take the time to get to know their own breast tissue, how it feels and how it looks, because ultimately knowing this could save your life. In an ideal world breast cancer would not be a killer – everyone would detect an issue early enough to be cured through regular checking.


Coppafeel! boobs with celebrity supporter- Fearne Cotton.

So here at Curvy Kate we support Coppafeel wholeheartedly. So much so that we even collaborated with them to create an amazing bra that not only looks beautiful but also encourages women to check themselves through messages printed on the inner cups. Get yours now at Figleaves.com and £1 for ever bra sold goes to the charity!

CoppaFeel4           CoppaFeel!_smoothie_bra_short

The amaing Coppafeel! bra!

It’s such a simple and important message- CHECK YOUR BOOBS. So go on, coppa’ feel and get to know your boobs, who knows it could save your life.

My Ultimate Uplift….What makes you feel fabulous?


If you’re already a Curvy Kate follower you then may have heard we’ve just launched our first ever strapless bra! Hurray! The Luxe is a gorgeous bra, but not only that, it’s also an incredible piece of engineering too as it is available in up to a gravity defying J-cup! We can hear it now- busty women across the world rejoicing as they mentally begin to plan their new wardrobes.

uu pic

So to mark this monumental occasion we decided to start a campaign, something that would reflect the same feeling of being uplifted as you feel when wearing the Luxe, enter: “My Ultimate Uplift”. A website where women can visit and share what it is that makes them feel truly uplifted and completely happy. It’s a confidence boosting, happy arena but there is also an incentive… every day until the end of the month we are giving away a brand new Luxe to the curvaceous lovely with the best post.

We’ve had a huge response with lots of winners as the campaign website has been inundated with people tweeting and posting what it is that makes them totally happy and what pulls them up when they’re feeling down. Here are just a few…


“Without doubt my best friends are my ultimate uplift! They have completely transformed the way I feel about myself. I spent much of my childhood/teenage years trying to fit myself into other people’s expectations and image, but my true friends have made me feel like myself and helped me to accept and love me for who I am.” – Laura Thursby

“My Ultimate Uplift is dancing— in the kitchen cooking, in my bedroom getting ready, on the train waiting for my stop, or out on the town with friends, it always brightens my mood and makes me feel alive!” – Deirdre


Here’s Plus-size blogger Elena. Her idea of heaven is “Cats, Cakes and Crochet”. What a brilliant combination of uplifts!

So why don’t you join in? What makes you beam from ear to ear? What makes you feel completely elated? Tell us using #myultimateuplift via twitter or on the campaign website….. and who knows, you could be the next proud owner of the amazing Luxe! Good luck!

Drapers awards 2014: We’re in the final, can we count on your vote?

Hello lovely people!

We’ve had some great news this week at Curvy Kate HQ. The Drapers awards have shortlisted us as one of the final six for the ‘Womenswear Brand of the Year’ category! Hurray!

We’d love to have the chance of winning as the Drapers awards are prestigious within the world of fashion, recognising the best brands, designers and businesses within the industry.

So here comes the plug….If you think we’re worthy of winning then head over to www.drapersonline.com and give us your vote. The voting opened yesterday (08/09/14) and will run until 09/10/14, so you have a whole month to cast your vote and share with your friends and family! Find where to vote on the right hand-side of the page, click ‘Curvy Kate’ and ‘Vote’ and you’re all done!

Thanks so much from the Curvy Kate team xxx


Curvy Kate’s boob and bra-fit myth buster!


As we had such a fab weekend at Plus North spreading the Curvy Kate philosophy and changing the lives of women through well fitted lingerie, here at CK head quarters we thought it would be fun to bust some myths and tell some un-known truths with regard to bra-fitting and boobs in general, so here goes….

1)    Boob exercises keep you pert!


Sorry ladies. We hate to break it to you, but after a visit from Dr Jenny from Portsmouth University (she’s has a PHD in boobs…what a great gal!), we were put in our place and told that no matter how many dumbbells you lift or reps you complete, if the elasticity in your breasts has gone then it isn’t coming back. Sorry!

2)    Tighten your straps to give your breasts support.


It is actually the back band that provides the most support so tighten this up instead of your straps! The back band makes up for a whopping 80% of the support that your bra provides. This is why it is so important to have a well-fitted, firm back band. It shouldn’t ride up, rub or be loose in anyway. We always like to describe your boobs as balls on strings that won’t stop bouncing- put a shelf underneath those balls and they’ll stay still and in place. Your back band is the equivalent of the shelf- let’s stop those puppies moving!

Bad fit back             Good Fit Back

Two images showing the difference between an badly fitted back band which rides up and a firm, well fitted back back that lies horizonally across, providing optimum support.

3)    Fatty tissue in your breasts is what makes them so heavy.


Yet again Dr Jenny busts another myth that we would have thought to be true. Fatty tissue is in fact lighter that glandular tissue (milk ducts etc.), meaning if you are prone to losing weight from your breasts when losing weight in general then you are more likely to have lighter breasts and in theory, less sag due to the lack of weight pulling down on the skin.

4)    Put moisturiser on your boobs to stop the sag!


To a certain extent this can work. Just like the skin on your face, moisturising can help with the suppleness and tautness, meaning the longevity of the elasticity in the skin may be prolonged.

5)    Wearing the wrong size bra can cause headaches.


Again, to a certain extent this is true. The bra will not directly cause headaches but wearing the wrong size bra can indirectly affect your brain’s wellbeing through side-effects. For example, if your straps are providing the majority of support because your back band is too big, this can cause tension build-up in the shoulders and then this can then be translated into a tension headache.

So that’s the round up, I hope you’ve all learnt something new! Let us know if you have and also if anyone has been fitted recently, let us know if you feel better for it.

Tell us in the comments below or even on twitter: @CurvyKatePR/@CurvyKate using the hashtag- #CKbrafitting

Plus North: What a fantastic weekend!

The Curvy Kate team had a fabulous time last weekend in Leeds for the annual plus-size event- Plus North. Two days full of body-loving bloggers, fabulous fashion, fun bra-related games and lots of feeling up boobs- really, what’s not to like?!

The event kicked off with a huge turn out of fashion-savvy ladies at Baracoa bar in Leeds, and within minutes of the doors opening the Curvy Kate stand was inundated with women, all of whom were after fashionable, well- fitted lingerie. A queue formed for fittings and we started to take women into the crowded but excitable fitting room to check their bras.What we found was that nearly every woman was wearing the wrong size (all too big in the back and too small in the cup, which is something of a regular occurence at our fitting events where we find almost 80% of women are in the wrong size).  To resolve this, we began to fit them in bra sizes that these women would never have dreamed of picking up 10 minutes earlier. The results: every woman re-emerged looking and feeling fabulous about their ‘brand new boobs’.


The ladies at Plus North grabbing a bargain from our big box of knickers!

One of the plus-northers that visited the stand arrived a 40D and left a 38F. She explained how her old bra had hurt her, rubbed her, left red marks, made dints in her shoulders and made her hate how her breasts looked. None of these things should ever happen if you are wearing a correctly fitted bra. After being fitted by the Curvy Kate team and going down a whole back size and up 3 cup sizes, she was amazed and totally over the moon. Her boobs looked more youthful and shapely and they were lifted; exposing an amazing (and tiny) waist. She also stood taller with her shoulders back, no-longer slumped under the weight of supporting her breasts through the straps alone. She looked incredible. This just goes to show the importance of a well- fitted bra, and the story above happened over and over throughout the weekend, each time a woman leaving with a big smile on her face.

The fabulous women of Plus North- great group shot!

The fabulous women of Plus North- great group shot!



Blogger- Nancy, ecstatic with her ‘brand new boobs’!


So overall the weekend was fantastic, the Cuvry Kate team met so many amazing people, had lots of laughs while playing fun games such as ‘guess the bra size’ and genuinely changed the lives of some women by truly practicing the Curvy Kate motto of making all curvy girls feel fabulous about their figures. Which is awesome.Like I said-what’s not to like?! Here’s to next year’s Plus North!

Say Hello to our new PR and Marketing Assistant: Chantelle Crabb…

Hello Curvy Kate fans! I thought I’d say a quick hello and introduce myself, I’m Chantelle Crabb, the new PR and Marketing assistant here at HQ. I’ll be the one keeping you in the loop about what’s going in the world of Curvy Kate. Now you may recognise my name or face if you are an avid follower as I was a contestant in 2013’s Star in a Bra (which was the best experience ever so I urge you all to enter next year- watch this space) and if you don’t know who I am then ‘Hello’ and welcome to the blog!

Well that’s a little fact about me so I thought I would continue the theme and let you get to know me through a list of 10 fun facts that make me, well, me!

1) I’m a Yorkshire girl born and bred so naturally Yorkshire puddings are my favourite food.

2) My nick name is Crabbers.

3) I love Harry Potter – I’ve read (and listened to) them more than I care to remember.

4) I have completed a half marathon (all the while listening to Harry Potter audiobooks- see I told you I love it!)

5) I wear a 30GG bra (If anyone cares it’s going to be you guys!)

6) I have an obsession with pugs.

7) My favourite Curvy Kate set is Carmen in Black and Bosenberry (due out in October- eeekkk I can’t wait!)

8) My favourite song is ‘American Pie’ by Don Mclean.

9) I went to Northumbria University and studied Fashion Marketing.

10) And lastly, one of my life long dreams is to own complete set of cast iron Le Creuset pans (is that weird??).

So there’s everything that I think you need know, any questions just ask away! I can’t wait to get started on the blog and get to know you all!

Ciao for now!

Rise of the Smoothie

As one of the world’s largest moulded cups the Smoothie has become a brand hit and a well-loved favourite. For the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, the Smoothie has improved, incorporating a brand new tone on tone leopard print and J-clip accessory.

The Smoothie provides a smooth silhouette, perfect for bodycons, T-shirts, sweetheart necklines and great for occassion wear! (Yikes! It’ll be Christmas party season before we know it!)

Benefits and Features
– Moulded cups up to a J cup, perfect T-shirt bra
– Sweetheart neckline
– Crystal drop bow detail
– Two-tone leopard print design
– Fully adjustable bra straps
– High waisted shaping briefs, smooth seam short and thong options
– New J-clip converter for racer backs
– Available in Wild Ruby, Blush and Black

curvykate-smoothie-blush-print-moulded-bra-CK2411-shaper-brief-CK2415-pf curvykate-smoothie-wildblush-moulded-bra-SG2401-shaperbrief-SG2415-pb
Smoothie blush moulded bra with high waisted shaping briefs

My Ultimate Uplift

If you’re a Curvy Kate fan you most likely would have come across quite a bit of talk about the launch of the Luxe strapless multiway bra! This gravity-defying bra will be available up to a J cup, in black or biscotti! You’ll be able to get your mitts on the Luxe from the 10th September 2014 – it’ll be available to buy from Figleaves, Very, Debenhams and John Lewis online.


In the run up to the launch, Curvy Kate will be giving away a Luxe a day! All you’ll have to do is tell Curvy Kate what it is that picks you up, boosts your confidence and makes you smile? Click here to visit the website for more information.

uu pic

Join the converstation on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #MyUltimateUplift.

**Sneak Peek** Spring Summer 2015 Swimwear!


**Sneak Peek** Spring Summer 2015 Lingerie!


The CoppaFeel! Bra is finally here!

If you haven’t heard already, Curvy Kate have teamed up with Breast Cancer Awareness charity, CoppaFeel! to develop the Curvy Kate CoppaFeel! bra which as well as providing Curvy Kate’s feel-good fit, will also provoke the wearer to take time to check their boobs. Furthermore, £1 from every bra sold will be donated by Curvy Kate to the charity.

The thought provoking lingerie range, which Curvy Kate have designed and produced with the charity, combines fun and cheeky elements from both brands whilst encouraging the core message from CoppaFeel!, that ‘knowing your boobs could save your life!’ The CoppaFeel! signature hand print decorates the outer cup whilst boob checking messages flourish the insides of the cups, pushing the idea that every time you put on your bra, you should get to know your boobs.

Although the product is fashionable and fun, the core message of the Breast Cancer Charities’ campaign and their message are at the heart of this collaboration.

Boob cake

In true Curvy Kate style, we celebrated the launch with CoppaFeel! bra with cakes which went down a treat!

Get your CoppaFeel! Smoothie bra from Figleaves!

#CKBig5! – Curvy Kate’s Birthday Celebrations!

Last weekend Curvy Kate celebrated it’s 5th Birthday by giving away 100 lingerie sets and 4000 free briefs to their customers and fans! Curvy Kate staff were in 16 stores nationwide, to thank fans for their support over the last 5 years.

Here’s to another 5 years of fun, body celebrating and feel-good lingerie and swimwear!

#CKBloggers Event London!


Delicious boob-cakes made by Hmmm Cake.


Refreshing cocktails at The Owl & Pussycat, made for the lovely guests.


Curvy Kate Design team, Charlotte and Anneliese, discussing new collection and answering questions.


Group picture of some of the wonderful bloggers who attended.


3/4 of the winners of the ITV Lorraine’s Model Mates competition. Our new swimwear models!


The Model Mates quartlet and Star in a Bra 2012 finalist, Alice.


PR and Marketing girls with Design team, Becky Mount and lovely models.

Model Mates Live TV Strip!

If you’ve been following the journey of the Model Mates, you’ll know that these lovely ladies took the streets of London yesterday to flaunt their curves outside the Debenhams Oxford Circus store!

The eye-catching display was captured live on The Lorraine Show, with the amazing Mark Heyes presenting. Curvy Kate Swimwear launched in-store at Debenhams with Ellesha, Camilla, Rufaro and Charlotte as the new faces of the collection.

Live on the show was the ‘big reveal’ and the first time the girls all saw the swimwear image of themselves, in the window of Debenhams. It was such a surreal and emotional moment for the girls but I’m sure it is a memory that will live on with them. The images of the Model Mates can be seen in store at Debenhams Oxford Street as well as with several of our retailers. Also look out for the girls in next year’s Spring/Summer brochure!

Let’s meet our Model Mates…


Congratulations once again on winning Lorraine’s Model Mates competition, what was the first thing that crossed your mind when you were announced as the winners on live TV?

Thank you, it’s all only really starting to sink in now, we never even thought we would make it to the semi-finals let alone win it! It was surreal hearing our names announced as the winners! None of us can even remember what was going through our minds at that point. The whole experience happened so fast, but we are over the moon and so thankful to everyone that voted for us.Sarah

How was your trip to the Mediterranean? Tell us your highlights!

Our trip to the Mediterranean was amazing. None of us had been to Ibiza before so it’s something we all experienced together. Without a shadow of a doubt our highlight was the photo shoot itself, on the beautiful roof terrace of Hotel Es Vivie. We were wearing stunning swimwear and were made to feel so comfortable and supported throughout the day. We also had a lovely dinner whilst watching the sunset and a party night at Soul City where we danced the night away like we were in our early twenties again. These are memories we can cherish forever. We were so happy to be sharing this experience together as best friends!

What’s it like being part of the Curvy Kate family?

We love it! The Curvy Kate family really are just like our family now. We really couldn’t of wished for anything more. It truly feels like such an honour and we couldn’t be happier to be part of an amazing team. We all fitted in together like a “well fitted bikini” The Curvy Kate family are awesome, we are so lucky they made each of us feel so welcome and made us all feel special in different ways!

Do any of you want to pursue a career in modelling now you’re Curvy Kate swimwear stars?

We’re not sure if we would call ourselves stars, although we love how that sounds!! We would all love to pursue modelling if the opportunity arises. At ages ranging from 28-32 and two of us having children, never in a million years did we think this would be a possibility. Previously thinking that we are on the “larger side” or some of us too short for modelling, now we’ve experienced it we would love to! This experience has definitely given us a taste for more but if we could help represent curvy woman out there. We feel that as long as we can continue to be ourselves and embrace our body shapes, representing girls who have bigger boobs, bums and hips, then bring it on…

Tell us your favourite pieces from Curvy Kate’s current swimwear collection?

Charlotte: My favourite is the Marina bikini, it gave my bust a perfect lift and was so comfortable to wear, the colours beautiful and the bows give it that extra cute detail.

Ellesha: My favourite pieces have to be the Shockwave sunset that I was wearing on the shoot as I love the bright colours and pattern. Though I also love the seashell bikini that Camilla was wearing as I am obsessed with pink and I thought it was lovely and girly!

Rufaro: has to be Birds of Paradise for me! Flattering and works well with my body shape! Also it’s nice and bright!

Camilla: I loved the Seashell pink one it has a cute print, the halterneck and tie sides style was a perfect fit for me seeing as I’m the smallest of the group and was so comfy.

Okay let’s hear a bit more about you girls …Fess up! Who has the worst habit out of all of you and what is it?

Rufaro snores and Ellesha is too organised for her own good, she has major OCD.

Any embarrassing stories you can share with our readers?

Ellesha fell flat on her face in a club one night. She bounced, flashing her underwear in the process, but luckily as it was November she had tights on. She was running to Camilla’s aid after a girl had made her upset.

Falling over for each other, now that’s what I call friendship! Ha! There’s no need to worry about those embarrassing moments anymore, you girls all look stunning! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you and thank you again for everything and to our families, partners and friends for their support and to all the people who voted for us and made our dreams come true. We truly are very grateful.

UKFT Award Winners!


UKFT, in association with NatWest, hosted the 2014 Fashion & Textile Awards last night at the historic Tobacco Dock. Championing the creativity, leadership and innovation of UK fashion and textiles, these awards recognise the many achievements of the industry.

Curvy Kate grabbed gold by winning the award for Best Beachwear and Lingerie Brand!


The Curvy Kate team are more than thrilled by this great achievement! Go Curvy Kate! ^_^


Get Beach Confidence with the Perfect Fit!


Have you ever struggled to find great fitting swimwear? I know I have and it was never fun trying to find a bikini that I felt happy and confident in. I just wanted to share with you a few tips which should help you when considering pieces from Curvy Kate’s latest swimwear collection.

The Facts
– All of the Curvy Kate swimwear is sized in the exact same way as the lingerie e.g. 28F, 34J, 40D etc.
– The pieces in the collection have mainly been designed from the shapes and fit of Curvy Kate’s Spring/Summer 2014 lingerie.
– The collection runs from UK sizes 28-40 D-K cups however sizes may vary from style to style so check the product information at the back of the brochure or once you click an item you will find details on the right of the product on the Curvy Kate website.
– There are a variety of matching swimwear bottoms all available in UK sizes 8-20.

Now we know the facts let’s get started with our product comparisons!

First off we have the padded bikini tops which are lightly foamlined, providing a great shape, pulling you in from the sides and giving a supportive lift like that of the Daily Boost bra. The Jetset, Shockwave and Coral Reef padded bikini tops should all fit in this way – perfect for heavier busts. See the similarity in shape below.

Next up we have the fabulous moulded cups styles which as the name suggests, there are no seams in the cups for a smooth, rounded shape. If you’re a Curvy Kate Smoothie or Starlet fan then you may also like the Marina and Seashell moulded cup bikini below.

Curvy Kate’s plunge styles are perfect for providing great clevage as well as offering the support fuller busts tend to need. If you want to be a bit more daring then try halter neck bikini styles like the Coral Reef, Seashell or Shockwave which fit similarly to our plunges. If plunge bras don’t usually work for you, then you may want to consider the other fab style options mentioned here.

Swim halter

For a bit more coverage, the tankini styles would be your match, offering the same fit as the mesh bra styles like the Princess and Portia. The tankinis are long line with a drawstring on each side giving the option to adjust the length.

There we have it, fab-fitting swimwear made for your curves! No more shying away from swimwear shopping, get beach confident!

Please feel free to fire away any questions you may have below or tweet us! :)

Model Mates Winners Announced!


Congratulations to Ellesha, Camilla, Rufaro and Charlotte who were crowned the Model Mates winners on today’s Lorraine show! They have won a fabulous trip to the Mediterranean and will become the gorgeous new faces of Curvy Kate’s swimwear campaign!

A big well done to all the other lovely model mates who made it through to the final stages!

Check out some of the behind the scenes snaps at the finalists photoshoot last week. Click here to view album.

Vote for your Model Mates Winners!

The time has finally come to meet Lorraine’s three final groups of Model Mates, and for you to choose which of them should front a swimwear campaign for Curvy Kate!

Vote for your favourite now at itv.com/lorraine