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Congratulations Katie Bizzak! North American Star in a Bra 2013!

Over 600 hopefuls battled it out to grab a hold of the North American Star in a Bra 2013 title and now the public have spoken. Clinical Nursing student, Katie Bizzak from Pennsylvania has now been crowned as the new face and body of Curvy Kate. I caught up with her to get a lowdown of her Star in a Bra experience…

katie b

Take us back to that moment when you found out you had won Star in a Bra 2013. What was your first reaction and how did you cope with such overwhelming news?

I was just about to do my final simulation in nursing clinical, it was my turn and I knew the results were going to be posted in any second. As I’m trying to smuggle my phone in class, I kept refreshing the screen to see who the winner was going to be. My phone is so slow that the results wouldn’t come up. It was after 12pm now and it was my turn to go into the simulation room and save a (dummy/mannequin) patient with heart failure. As I was getting up my phone buzzed and it was a message from the other contestant, Chelsea, saying “congrats girl!” Then, my Facebook just started blowing up with messages from the other contestants and my friends saying I had won! I looked over at my friend Ashley and just grabbed her hand with this look of shock on my face. She screamed, “did you win?!” and I was in too much shock to even get any words out. My entire clinical group then ran over to me, tackled me, and we all started crying- my instructor included haha. We were all screaming so loudly that the other faculty came flying into the classroom because they thought “someone was choking.” haha, it was only the best moment of my entire life and just thinking back to it gives me the chills.


How did your friends and family take the great news that you had been crowned curve queen?

As soon as I found out I called my mom and she instantly started crying and telling me how proud she was! I could only talk to her for a second and then I had to try and contain myself since it was my turn in the simulation lab. The next half hour of me trying to save a patient programmed to have heart failure was the longest half hour of my life. I just wanted to get out of that room and tell everyone who had been supporting me from day one!

What did you do to rally so many votes which secured your win?

I was just blessed to be born in such an amazing little town of Kane, Pennsylvania (about 4,000 people in our community.) I never realized the support and love that I have here. The amount of people from my community that went out of their way to share the word with their friends, the messages I received about how proud I was making the town, and just simply not criticizing me for what I was doing was absolutely amazing. This whole experience so far has been so humbling. Also, my friends have been great. A few of my friends from high school sent my link to their clubs/sororities/fraternities they belonged to in college. My roommate the past two years handed out flyers for people to vote for me. My nursing class at IUP are all very close and they were rooting for me since day one. My lovely Alpha Tau Delta sisters all voted for me and spread the word with any of the organizations they were in. Everyone really just came together and went out of their ways, without me asking, in order to make me the new Curvy Kate. I can’t thank everyone enough.

What was your motivation for entering Star in a Bra and what kept you going during the competition?

My inspiration for entering the contest started with my friend who was going to rehab for her eating disorders. I knew I had to enter for her because this cookie cutter image of beauty that the media has instilled into our heads, at such a young age, needs to change. However, my inspiration for being so determined to win was for my town. I wanted to make them proud, my grandma- she wanted me to win so badly because lately all she has been receiving is bad news, along with my friend suffering with anorexia and bulimia. I told her that if I beat all of North America in the competition that I would help her beat this disease and that it was possible.

katie 2

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months and as Star in a Bra?

My trip to the UK!!! It’s always been a dream of mine to go there, and I never in a million years thought I was going to be able to go over there on a MODELING CONTRACT! What!?!

What piece of advice would you give to other women who would like to enter Star in a Bra in the future?

Just be true to yourself and give it all you have. You have nothing to lose, and only everything to gain. I entered the competition with only about two hours left to submit my photos. If you are nervous about entering, talk to a friend or message me about your concerns (my best friend Kelley was pushing me to enter from the very beginning and helped give me the courage to enter my pictures.) Yes, it sounds so scary to put yourself out there for all to judge, but I promise you, I have only received positive comments since the start. You will be amazed by how many people will message you and tell you that you are their role model or that they are looking up to you. It’s truly amazing.

Wow, what an amazing girl! We’re so pleased to welcome Katie to the Curvy Kate family! Congratulations again to her. xoxo

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Model for Curvy Kate – We need your curves!

Star in a Bra North America launches 3rd September!

Next week sees the launch of our long awaited Star in a Bra North American competition. Last year, for the first time the USA were given the chance to flaunt their curves and show us just how good they looked in lingerie and this year the competition is open to Canadians too!

After our fifth successful competition in the UK, finishing early May  – we’re having slight withdrawal symptoms from Star in a Bra fun so can’t wait to see all the gorgeous lingerie and swimwear photos you have to send in. To enter the Star in a Bra competition you have to be D plus, curvy, confident and absolutely NO modelling experience is necessary. So smile, have fun and show us your personality!

Dates to remember!

The winner takes away an international modelling contract, will join our other non-professional models and work with the brand and the BIG PLUS, will win a year’s worth of sexy smalls.

We’re not looking for one type of woman; we’re banishing ideas about what the so called ‘norm’ should be and are championing diversity in the modelling industry. So if you can fit in our bras – you can model for us!

For more details check out our facebook and don’t forget to join in our countdown – one week to go! Model for Curvy Kate and show the world your curves!

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Uniting curvy women across the world!

Hey lovely readers, Happy 2013! *blows kisses*

I hope you’ve all recovered from the festivities and all its glory!

There’s good news and then there’s great news! The good news is, the celebration of curves joyfully continues….the great news is, Curvy Kate have begun a worldwide revolution which sees women around the globe championing their curves! Curvy Kate is taking over!

Curvy Kate have merged their existing Facebook pages for the New Year, bringing together Curvy Kate USA, Curvy Kate Australia and Curvy Kate France with the original Curvy Kate Facebook page, which now sees over 41,000 fans!

Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra competition runs mainly on Facebook which means the next contest will be even bigger and better as it will globally reach tens of thousands. If you didn’t know already, there are also popular design competitions Curvy Kate run on Facebook, handing the power over to you!

Don’t miss out of any curvy goodness so remember to ‘like’ the Curvy Kate Facebook page and follow Curvy Kate on Twitter! We would definitely love to hear where in the world you are embracing those curves!

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USA Day 10 – Win a piece by Robyn Rhodes Jewellery!

I have fallen head over heels for Robyn Rhodes Jewellery! Can you blame me? Take a look on their website, at the beautiful pieces they produce!

Robyn Rhodes is an innovative jewellery designer whose range includes uniquely designed earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets as well as stunning bridal jewellery that will keep everyone’s eyes fixed on you.

The brand was launched in 2001 and has since been creating exclusively designed jewellery inspired by the fusion of stone and chain.

One lucky winner (who I envy already) will be getting their hands on some Robyn Rhodes Jewellery, a brand worn by Hollywood’s elite including Jessica Elba, Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria-Parker, Scarlett Johansson – to name a few.

To enter and win click here!

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USA Day 9 – Win a Jose Eber Infrared Blowdryer!

The phenomenal Beverley Hills based hairstylist Jose Eber is giving away, to one of our special competition winners, a quality professional Infrared Blowdryer!

The winner will undoubtedly make heads turn after grabbing a hold of this infrared blowdryer from one of the most recognised names in hair styling. Great product benefits include; a wide and narrow nozzle attachment for greater styling, an innovative infrared light which helps decrease drying time as well as a lifetime product warranty.

Why not check out some of our favourite hairstyles on our Pintrest page!

To enter the ‘Have a Curvy Christmas!’ competition and win click here!

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USA Day 8 – Win a $100 Bare Necessities voucher!

Bare Necessities is the largest online speciality retailer of intimate apparel and underwear, stocking items for both women and men. Everything from bras, shape wear, nightwear, sexy lingerie to swimwear and boxers.

$100 voucher to spend on Bare Necessities is the fantastic prize the winner of today’s competition will receive – Pretty cool prize if you ask me!

Need to get a hold of some gorgeous Curvy Kate lingerie? Look no further…. Bare Necessities is a Curvy Kate retailer so go ahead and get Curvy this Christmas!

To enter the competition and grab this fab prize click here!

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USA Day 7 – Win a skincare Quench Kit from Skyn Iceland!

Skyn Iceland provides “Solutions for Stressed Skin” sourcing natural ingredients from Iceland and the Arctic region. Wonderful botanicals like Butterfly Bush, Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil, Arctic Thyme as well as one of the purest waters in the world, Glacial water being included in the products.

This skincare brand is offering today’s Curvy Kate competition winner, a Quench Kit which includes:

Skyn Iceland – What a refreshing brand!

I know after all my Christmas partying my skin will be in need of some TLC!

To enter the Christmas competition and be in with a chance to win click here!

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USA Day 6 – Win a $80 gift voucher from LASplash Cosmetics

In my opinion, you can never have too many cosmetics, that’s why I think it’s fantastic that LASplash Cosmetics are giving $80 to the winner of today’s ‘Have a Curvy Christmas!‘ competition! Fancy that!

LASplash Cosmetics will have you sorted with a variety of products for eyes, lips, face, nails and even beauty tools and accessories. What I love about the site is the Application and Tips section shown under each product, it’s always nice to get advice from professionals on makeup.

Remember the more you share with your friends on Facebook, the more chance you will have at winning! Share 10 or more times and you will gain 1 more entry! Just like that!

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USA Day 5 – Win a Jane Marvel Bag!

Jane Marvel is giving the winner of today’s competition, an opportunity to pick a bag out of an amazing selection of totes and handbags. I can imagine the winner being spoilt for choice with this one!

The brand produces fun, fashionable and fast bags for all occasions.

There is a handbag I love called Leslie Flapover which is also a crossbody, so it’s perfect for workwear to nightwear, with a choice of prints; Leopard, Lattice, Pantone Stripe or Zebra. The prize winner can choose this same bag and also receive a Gift Set of 3 Cosmetics bags or alternatively choose one of the below:

I’m a bit of a bag-a-holic so this prize is very desirable especially as a Christmas gift. Hmm I may have to send the links to my boyfriend as part of my ever-growing Christmas wishlist!

Hurry you have until midnight to enter and win! Click here!

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USA Day 4 – Win a Thairapy 365 Digital Curling Iron!

Today’s winning prize is a Digital Curling Iron from Thairapy 365. The product defies traditional curling irons by setting the stage with an innovative design that delivers natural looking curls.

Curls and waves can be a winner with Christmas parties and all the upcoming festive celebrations so this is  a timely prize, I’m sure.

FYI, there are some great vlogs on Youtube giving tips and advice on using this hairstyling tool – a good product to check out!

To enter competition and win click here!

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USA Day 3 – Win a Booty Parlor Gift Set!

Booty Parlor is one of America’s premier sexy lifestyle brands, producing a range of products to equip a woman to look sexy and feel desired.

The winner of today’s competition will win a complete Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Gloss collection (that’s 6 lip glosses + 1 breath mist) and a Flirty Little Secret Firming Cream with Pheromones. Not only that but also a copy of Dana B. Myers’ book – “The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks to a Sexier You“.

It’s time to get even sexier girls!

To enter and win click here!

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USA Day 2 – Win a Glamorosa Dress Courtesy of Simply Be!

Simply Be are offering the winner of today’s competition a free item from Glamorosa!

The wonderful Glamorsa brand provides a voluptuous range and has been designed to fit the bigger bust. Excellent for us Curvy Kate girls!

The products are shaped with an underbust band that gives a comfortable and flattering fit. The Curvy Kate Smoothie bra will fit amazingly well under the Glamorosa Jersey Voluptuous Fit dress – a dress that caught my eye as I browsed the collections. I absolutely love The Smoothie bra from Curvy Kate and I think it’s great that finally, there is a smooth bra that goes up to a J cup!

Click here to enter and win!

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USA Day 1 – Win Haughty Cosmetics!


Okay, I’m not just shouting out random phrases!  I’m just excited about this cosmetic brand and prize….so much so, I have already selected out the names of the lip glosses I would love to have as part of my lip gloss obsession…. I mean collection!

Haughty Cosmetics are offering a pack of Lip Glosses and a Make Up Brush set (retail value $190) to one lucky winner.

To enter the ‘Have a Curvy Christmas’ competition click here to be in with a chance!

Check them out now! They stock a variety of Perfect Finish Lip Glosses as well as quality make up brushes.

The chosen winner of Curvy Kate’s Christmas competition, will be all geared up for those upcoming festive parties!

Pucker up ladies!!

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Star in a Bra so far! With Krista Cousins

Last week first ever US Star in a Bra winner Krista Cousins embarked on her first ever trade show: Curve NY. We caught up with Krista to hear about her first ever job as Curvy Kate ambassador, and how she’s faring as America’s Bra Star!

Hi Krista, we heard you stole the show at Curve NY! How has your Star in a Bra journey fared so far?

It’s been great! Very exciting but still a bit unreal that sometimes I wonder if the excitement will ever wear off (I hope not!?) It’s been less than two months since I’ve won so really I’m eager to see what’s to come…

What’s the best thing about being a Bra Star?

The best thing is that my body type is appreciated and not ridiculed as in some other modeling. Also it’s so cool to really represent and stand for something, I’m sort of a symbol in that way and it makes me feel proud. Also everyone at Curvy Kate is superbly nice sometimes I wonder if they are robots with personalities programmed to “nice”!

How did it feel when you saw yourself in your Star in a Bra pics online and/or the catalogue?

I was so nervous and swore up and down that the pictures didn’t look like me at all! However I finally “opened my eyes” so to speak and it was so cool especially when I saw myself in a huge (maybe 10ft?) banner.

How was your first trade show? Can you tell us a bit about it?

It was exhausting and fun! The trade show was a lingerie and swimwear expo where companies showcase their goods to buyers to carry them in their stores (so hopefully more Curvy Kate in stores all over the USA!). It was no contest in that our booth was best looking and I’m definitely not just saying that. Imagine walking into an expo and seeing a booth covered in pink and purple ribbons, colorful flowers, pretty glass beads, it would definitely catch your eye. My role, of course, was the model! In order to give the best representation possible of the lingerie and swimwear, the client gets to look through the brochures, touch samples and also I would come out and model each item in the catalogue with each page turn. It was very fun but obviously not easy at first being in heels and constantly changing (I embarrassingly came out with my underwear insides out 3 times) but I really got the hang of it and everyone even the clients were laid back and nice to talk to.

Would you say that a correct fitting bra has affected you?

Definitely! Since it hasnt been too long since I won and I’ve been busy, I have been wearing bras that aren’t the right fit but when I was wearing the Curvy Kate sets I felt much better and it reminded me of how good it feels to wear the proper fit, even your posture is better!

How does it feel to be a role model for curvy girls in your country and worldwide?

Awesome! A woman in Australia contacted me through my blog asking for advice on taking her pictures to get noticed by the judges and I stressed the importance of being yourself and not trying to look super sexy or something like that but rather tap into her true self and she made it to the top 20! I’m so proud of her. Anyway, it makes me feel great because I want more girls to be ok with being themselves, it devastates me to hear them tear themselves apart: personalities, bodies and all. I want them to stop blaming themselves for who they are but instead become confident in blaming the media and clothing manufacturers for not celebrating their normal, natural and healthy bodies.

Are you looking forward to your next Curvy Kate shoot?

A thousand times YES! I’ve never been to Europe and London is such an intriguing city. I might try to stay a little extra to explore. I’m super nervous to model along side Sophie, Laura and Lauren etc. as they are so stunning!

Which are your favourite sets from the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

Obviously Entice, I’ve said it so many times but I really love it! I also am excited about Smoothie coming out as its a great everyday bra and works so well with everything you own but still isn’t boring. Ive also got my eyes on Gia in red and blush, still suitable for every day but very pretty and different.

Can you tell us three random facts about you?

1. I’m a huge nerd! I love video games, cartoons, the internet, school, comics etc
2. I love to dress in costume and never buy costumes but rather make my own for most halloweens, it’s my specialty.
3. When I was a kid I would only eat cereal with warm milk.

What message would you give girls who wanted to apply next year?

As cliche as it sounds- be yourself! Being a Curvy Kate girl is about sticking to your guns, smiles all around and accepting who you are. Be confident in your beauty and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. Just look at yourself and who you want to be and the judges and the public will see that too! Even if you don’t make it, you’ve proven to yourself what you can do and your opportunity will never be over as long as you keep believing in your beautiful self!

We couldn’t agree more, Krista! We can’t wait to see you in London.