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Behind the scene’s at the Shirley Allum’s Fitting Event!

Yesterday our very own Hannah Houston took a journey to Dorset to give a hand at a fitting event held by the Shirley Allum’s store.

Situated opposite the famous Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, she was greeted by the picturesque landscape of cobbles streets, fresh air and greenery!

The event started off well with the sun shining through encouraging everyone to pop in and see what was happening… Although this shop sells a mixture of clothes and lingerie, everyone is usually drawn to the lingerie department because of the group of specialised fitters in at hand including the owner Shirley Allum (pictured on the left). Shirley Allum’s store is known for holding their fitting events including Mastectomy fittings throughout the year with the Woman’s Institute so there was no doubt that we expected this event to be a success.

A mixture of 18 – 70 year olds entered the shop ready and willing to be fitted and find out about Curvy Kate and what their true sizes were. With the percentage of women still wearing the wrong size bra at 80% it was great to see the eagerness to be fitted. The event unfold throughout the day with more and more women leaving with a different size than what they came in wearing but a better understanding of their shape and size.

Curvy Kate was well represented at the fitting event as our Marketing Manager, Hannah was one of the specialist fitters helping out as customers kept piling in. Each customer was offered the opportunity to get fitted and those who left with a Curvy Kate purchase also left with a Curvy Kate bag and a better understanding of how a bra should feel and fit.

Hannah comments on her experience ‘It was a fantastic day, there was a lot of energy throughout the day and it’s such an experience seeing people reaction when you tell them there new size. We need more events like this to educate women on the importance of being fitted the big difference it can have on your shape. It was also great to get some direct feedback from everyone about our products and see how it fits a range of sizes and age groups.”

With the vast range of Curvy Kate bras sold at the event there were also some clear favourites bought throughout the day; these were the Princess collection, Elegance in Ivory and the Emily in grape.  The showgirl collection also proved to be a hit and everyone really appreiciated the bold bright colours and the fit!

We would like to say a Big thank you to the team at the Shirley Allum’s Store for giving Curvy Kate the opportunity to take part! Click here to visit their website

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Introducing Curvy Kate Star Store!

We love all our amazing retailers here at Curvy Kate, and we want to give them a chance to shine!

We’ve had many retailers who’ve hosted fitting events, had Curvy Kate days or even make special wrapping for every Curvy Kate bra making the purchase even more special, and we wanted a way to show our appreciation by making all our Curvy Kate fans aware, if it wasn’t for our retailers we would not be able to reach all of you!

So we will branding one of our Curvy Kate retailers as our ‘Star Store’ each week on Facebook as a personal ‘thank you’  for going that extra mile to promote curvy confidence!

There will be a new one each week so keep an eye out for them on Facebook!

Store Locator


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Simple Yours Exclusive!

As one of our most dedicated retailers we were pleased when it was requested for us to make an exclusive collection for Simple Yours to add to their online Autumn/Winter collection.

One of our continuity range and best sellers on Curvy Kate as well as Simply Yours is the Portia set which consist of the classic Curvy Kate Criss Cross detailing with the flirty bows.

We have design a new colourway of Raspberry and Navy (pictured) in the  staple piece and have extended the back sizes included back sizes 42 and 44 to meet the demand of larger back sizes on Simply Yours!

As a big bust brand we understand the need for a full range of pretty and colourful sets for the curvier woman, as the high street lack  in providing fun and flirty supportive bras above a G cup.

Part of the JD Williams group, e-tailer Simply Yours offers lingerie in sizes from 28-50, A-JJ cup and although they previously stocked the Curvy Kate Portia bra and Showgirl ranges, they took the AW11 season as an opportunity for an exclusive piece from the large-cup specialist brand. The  popularity of the set has seen this exclusive set on the front cover of the latest Simply Yours magazine and the landing page of their website!

Simply Yours commented: ‘We are delighted to stock the Curvy Kate range and also team up with the brand to offer an online exclusive. We love the Curvy Kate collection and know our customers do too.’

Curvy Kate Managing Director, Steve Hudson said:  “Simply Yours was one of our first retailers in 2009 and we have always shared similar philosophies to offer fun, well fitted and fashionable lingerie to the fuller figure. We are delighted with the exclusive colour way that has been produced and are pleased to be working with one of our top retailers.’

The new exclusive Portia bra will retail for £27 for the bra and from £12 for the brief.

View the Curvy Kate collection available at SImply Yours.

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In honour of Simply Yours…

Today we are honouring the UK’s leading direct home shopping company… Simply Yours.

Most big busted girls are fully aware of Simply Yours and their huge selection of brand name lingerie, as well as their fabulous collaboration with aunty Gok and his fantastic controlwear collection, but for those of you who are not aware… shame on you!

Simply Yours brings gorgeous lingerie to girls with curves… they range from a 30 – 50 back and A –JJ cups covering the widest spectrum in ‘bra land’. They are known for stocking big brands like Panache, Freya, Fantasie and our very own Curvy Kate range. (Plus many more – see below)

As well as stocking various styles in lingerie, Simply Yours also stocks a fantastic range in swimwear, shape wear, hosiery, nightwear, baby dolls, fancy dress and clothes (just to name a few) for curvier girls.

With a fun and vibrant website which was designed in a girlie comic book fashion with bright colours and talk boxes sectioning the different options, Simply Yours have successfully made online shopping fun.

They have also added special features such as their fitting guide, buyer’s tips with exclusive videos and style guides to help their customers along their journey of discovery… (discovering how a well fitted bra can make a huge difference).

In addition to this amazing website, Simply Yours also works together with their four sister sites Viva La Diva – the woman’s right to shoes (Yes please), Jacamo – no ordinary men’s wear collection, Simply Be – for plus sizes (14 – 32) and Velvet Affair – for sexy lingerie and adult toys. Covering all areas, all sites put together means there is something for everyone.

The Curvy Kate team would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Simply Yours for being the official sponsors of this year’s STAR IN A BRA 2011.

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In honour of Curvy Kate…

Brafitteria an independent shop in Poland celebrated a Curvy Kate Day whereby customers got all the exclusives on the fit and features of our Curvy Kate range.

Each month a different brand is selected to be reviewed at this store. This fantastic event informs customers about the benefits of the brands and their ranges.

Last month Curvy Kate was celebrated and customers got a one to one session on everything Curvy Kate!

The fitting specialist informed their customers about every detail of our collection including the fit, the difference in shape and what styles are recommended for difference body shapes.

Customers were also educated about how well fitted lingerie can dramatically change your silhouette and in many cases; help improve your posture and confidence.

Brafitteria also offers their customer special packaging for their Curvy Kate lingerie as an extra luxury so their customers feel treated and pampered by their purchases.

We think it looks fabulous! What do you think? Would you like fancy packaging with your purchase?

Ul Limanowskiego 4
58-300 Walbrzych

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Spreading the Curvy Word Down Under.

So Australia was one of the first countries to be selling the gorgeous ranges of Curvy Kate and the feed back has been amazing. I took a trip out there this month to talk to the retailers and press about the product and see exactly what they thought of the brand.


I touch down in Sydney a little weary after the 24 hour flight but there is no time to sit and enjoy the bright sunshine as we have magazines to see. After a quick bag drop and freshen up, Kirrily our Australian Distributor and I our on our way to the first appointment.

The brand has had a fantastic reaction from the Australian press but we’re keen to keep the momentum going, first stop – ACP magazines. Although all is currently a bit hush hush we think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag – we’ll be launching the Star in a Bra competition in Australia this July. We met with the lovely Belinda, the Editor of Take5 magazine who loved the idea of the competition and all the gorgeous ranges. Previously an editor in the UK, Belinda really understood the philosophies of the brand and was keen to help raise awareness in Australia. We also had time to speak to Cosmo, who are big natural shape fighters in Australia. They are already trying to use a great mix of models in all their shoots and have featured the Curvy Kate range in the past.

After a day of coffees and catch up, we headed back to our hotel at Darling Harbour to watch the sunset before preparing for day two.


Thursday morning and afer an early start, due to jetlag I first headed for a swim and then down to the taxi rank to head over to Pacific magazines. After waiting for nearly 30 minutes, I thought I’d set off walking in the sun, as Sydney morning traffic was not helping my time keeping. Visiting a few of the magazines at Pac mags, such as New Idea and Marie Claire once again the feedback seemed to be really positive and the new ranges were going down really well.

As I had worked so hard all morning (!) I treated myself to a little trip to Bondi beach – for swimwear research of course! In the meantime Kirrily had been catching up with one of our biggest Australian retailers, Debras in Sydney who offers a specialist fitting service. Another big fan of the range!


After a morning coffee at Darling Harbour and a quick swim I was raring to go – today, I was visiting a few of our top retailers. One who really stood out, was She Lingerie a chain store in the Central Business District. She has stocked the range of Curvy Kate for the last season and has just received their latest order of Princess Pink – gorgeous.

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Pretty in Boudoir Pink

You can tell Kathy at Boudoir Pink was originally in marketing, as her store, Boudoir Pink in Ulverston doesn’t miss a trick. The store is a haven of goodies with stockings, suspenders, tights, small cups and of course a delicious collection of D+ cups.

Boudoir Pink opened 4 years ago in the picturesque town of Ulverston in the Lake District and Kathy says she has always had a passion for lingerie and will not let a customer buy a bra without being fitted. She is adamant about this and can spot a badly fitting bra a mile off.

She has a huge range of customers, especially as they are the sole lingerie boutique in the town, so she sells lingerie from A to K cups with her youngest customer being 11 years old and her most mature being 90!

‘Our customers particularly like the Showgirl collection as it’s great for younger girls but also gives the older customer an amazing uplift.’

Kathy, Owner

The store was buzzing on our visit with such a mix of clientele. The Showgirl range really stood out though and has been a big hit with all her customers. You can find out more about Kathy and Boudoir Pink by visiting the local website, Discover the Lakes. Why not check out their Christmas night and pick up some goodies just in time for Christmas on 23rd December? Call Kathy for more details on 01229 588880.

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Garstang Chic continues to grow

You may remember my first visit to Chic in Garstang several months ago. Being a Preston girl myself I like to see how my home land is getting on and I’m pleased to say things at Chic seem to develop with each visit.

The store is still looking gorgeous and offers a brilliant range of styles, with the Princess and Emily collection by Curvy Kate. Due to the great results from all the in store fittings, owner Gill regularly takes part in events to show women how they can find the right fit themselves.  For some events she is even booked up a year in advance!

The original shop was developed 17 years ago and Gill took over 4 years ago, modernising the original rules. Her aim is to offer each customer a unique and original fitting service, so they go away happy with a whole new shape to flaunt.

She fits each customer free of charge and has taken part in a fitting course so that she knows exactly the right product for you. If you’re in the Preston area, make sure you head here first for all your big bra needs!

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Shirley C offers a pretty site

Shirley C, owner of self named store has always has a passion for lingerie and you can tell this through every detail of the gorgeous store in the Lake District. Opened now for 3 years, Shirley has recently extended into the second half of the building providing a friendly, calm and tranquil shopping atmosphere.

As with most of our retailers, Shirley is a fit-a-holic, making sure each customer knows her correct bra size. Although based close by to Lake Windemere, Shirley has customer from all around the globe – including Australia!

There are a huge range of customers who walk through the doors and Shirley provides a huge mic of bra essentials, including nursing bras, maternity bras and sports bras but also stocks some more glamorous pieces. There is a big collection from the Curvy Kate range, with continuity pieces to the racy Showgirl sets.

‘Curvy Kate really is ticking a box locally –our customers love it!’

Shirley C, Owner

The store really is beautiful with the traditional slate outside and really worth a look. If you don’t have time to pop to the Lakes, why not check out the new website when it launches in January 2011.

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Turning heads in Turnbulls

I particularly loved my visit to Turnbulls in Carlisle as they offered such a unique form of customer service. Walking in I saw pile upon pile of box lined up at the side of the store, methodically marked with brand, colour, style and every other detail possible.

This store really impressed me as it stopped customers from choosing bras for themselves and made sure every single customer was fitted before they left with the wrong product.

The business has been running for a whopping 50 years but current owners Alison and Shelia took over 30 years ago, so they know a thing or two about how a bra should fit. The store has 7 staff members all at hand to offer a personal service and to find the perfect bra for you.

Although they tend to sell larger cup sizes, they sell bras right across the board – from the mature market to the younger market, no one in Carlisle is forgotten. They also offer swimwear all year around, as they are trusted by all their customers.

The customer base doesn’t end there though and with the online retail site, they find customers come from as far as France and Australia. They have regular customers who will drive from all areas of England to be fitted by this talented team.

The service really is all about the customer and I’m so pleased Curvy Kate is involved with such a prestigious and respected store.

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New spot for Eden Rose

So on the last leg of the day one Gary (AWG Brands) and I headed to Eden Rose in Rawtenstall, Gary’s home town.  Originally located just off the main street for 11 years, owners Rebecca and Samantha moved the store to the main drag just four weeks ago but the results speak for themselves.

Eden Rose is a gorgeous new shop, with great fittings and a really open atmosphere. In the sweet town, regular customers travel to find the best ranges of lingerie and swimwear and the client base has now grown to further a field.

The passionate owners ran a store opening last month and are looking forward to the busy Christmas period. Their age market is fairly wide and the pair generally stick to the basics from the Curvy Kate range, with best sellers being Princess, Angel and Portia.

I’m sure this store will continue with the success they’ve had in the past and we wish them all the luck for their future. Thanks for inviting us to see your gorgeous new shop!

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Love your Fit in Bury

So time to visit the buzzing town of Bury. Well, truth be told, I’ve actually visited this store before as it has such a huge collection of D+ lingerie. Straight away you’ll notice the friendly staff, ready to fulfil all your lingerie needs and secondly the huge collection of Curvy Kate!

The store is crammed with all your favourites, including Thrill Me, Tease Me, princess, Ella and many more and with the best selling sizes being a 32G/H, the customer is just perfect for our bras.

Seeing as the store has only been open for 2 years it has already built up a fabulous following and as the city is taking part in a rejuvenating project, more shoppers than ever are flocking to Bury.

They have also won several awards for their store and great fitting service. Take a look at the Best of Bury website to see more information on the area and watch the fab youtube video put together by owner Carol Jolly – who would love to get your boobs in the right bra!

There are some sneaky discounts too, so make sure you check out the store for some big bra bargains!

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Je Suis…in Love!

I met Karen owner of Je Suis in a very cold corner of the world – Hadfield. After winding down the old cobbled streets I came across this gorgeous shop with a handful of customers happily looking through the collection of plus size bras.

This is Karen’s second shop after the first was so successful in Ashton. Karen prides herself on finding the perfect bra for each individual customer and understands the problems involved in plus size lingerie.

Previously the shop in Hadfield was a corsetry shop, so Karen is having to remarket the new products to the existing customer and wants to offer something that is exciting and fresh. Her fitting expertise help though and new customers are coming through the door each week.

Karen wears Curvy Kate herself and wouldn’t sell any product unless it offered her customer everything they needed – fit, function and a great look.

‘I tried Curvy Kate and was really pleased, as I also wear a D+ cup. I was frustrated with the lack of choice but these ranges offer me something different.’

She continued ‘The Tease Me range has done particularly well this season and looks set to sell well over the Christmas period and I can’t wait to fit the plunge available next season.’

Karen never uses a tape measure and has a strict ‘no tape measures allowed’ policy. All her staff are fitting specialist though, so head down if you are in the Ashton or Hadfield area and get your boobs in the right bra.

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Something Yummy at Vanilla Fudge in Cheadle

What a great little store, offering a selection of great brands including the gorgeous Curvy Kate collection. The favourite choice bought by the curvy Cheadle girls was the Portia and the Princess range, not leaving the Showgirl collection far behind.

Owner Lucy set up Vanilla Fudge 7 years ago and the shop has gone from strength to strength with a huge mix of clientele. We even caught a few men buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones and watch the lingerie get expertly wrapped by Nikki, who helps Lucy run the shop.

There average customer is a 32 to 34 DD and they actively fit each customer to make sure they are getting exactly what they need. Vanilla Fudge seems to be at the heart of the actiovities in the community, supporting local charities and raising money. Their latest venture to be involved in was the launch of the lingerie calendar making customers and staff the models. This raised and huge amount of money for the Harley Slack Fund and the British Red Cross. You can still buy your calendars today, so head down to the store and pick one up for the bargain price of £10 – great deal! It’s all for a good cause…

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What Lyes Beneath

Erica has been running What Lyes Beneath in Bramhall for 5 years and is managing the business and offering her expert fitting advice, while looking for new business opportunities in close by town of Knutsford, just 30 minutes away.

The Curvy Kate range has been a success in Branhall with the Showgirl collection proving particularly popular. Tease Me Purple and the Thrill me Bra have been snapped up by customers looking for something that offers great support, while still being stylish and fashionable.

What Lyes Beneath is continually involved in PR events in the local area, with just last week Erica dressing models in her gorgeous lingerie collection for fabulous Charity, The 5* Scanner Appeal.

Although Erica is heavily pregnant she is still hands on with all sides of the company and is looking forward to a busy festive period.

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Puure Class from Angie in Lymm

Well my first stop on route was Lymm, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. With a gorgeous canal running through the small village and what’s even better is the beautiful lingerie store, come bridal shop placed just off the main street.

Owner Angie, owns and managers Puure Lingerie with the help of her team (and I must add (new) husband Danny) who we had the pleasure of meeting. After just two days holiday from her honeymoon Angie met me on the shop floor to give me a quick tour and talk me through the reasons why she ended up in the quaint town on Lymm.

Angie was originally a Bra technologist for high street retailers Marks and Spencers and Matalan, so knows a thing or two about how a bra should fit, shape and look on the bust. She is strict with brands she stocks and will only sell brands she knows will offer the correct support.

Luckily for us, Curvy Kate has ticked all the right boxes and has been flying out to women in the local area. The Thrill Me collection was the first to hit the town but orders for more styles has now been placed and Angie is looking forward to fitting more customers in the brand.

‘Although I sell bridal wear, lingerie is still my passion and the two fit together very nicely. I am obsessed with fit and can tell straight away if a brand isn’t right. I’m really impressed with the fit of Curvy Kate and have found no faults with the ranges.’

Angie, Owner

Although Puure only moved to the area in May 2010, after Angie’s 20 years in the industry the store has soon built up a reputation and the catchment for girls with curves is growing month on month. Since her move from Liverpool in May, customers are coming from further a field to see just how great the products are.

The local area has a brilliant support group with monthly village events; including the yearly duck race and the village calendar, making money for charity. With all the local support and the indepth knowledge from Angie and the team, it’s no wonder Puure looks set for success.

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Curvy Kate hits home!

..well, my home that is!

Originally born and bred in bonny Preston I couldn’t resist going to see the first store to stock Curvy Kate in my local area. Chic Lingerie in Garstang have received a great response to the brand and currently boasts the Emily and Princess ranges as their favourites in the collection. Chic has a brilliant reputation in the area, particularly loved for their fitting expertise, which is making the women of Preston shape up in the boob department.

Chic Lingerie - Garstang

Perfect Fitters

A recent UK wide survey on over 250,000 women proved that the North West had the biggest boobs in the UK, being an impressive 34E. So it seems owner of Chic Lingerie, Gill and Emily, store assistant (above right ) must have quite a job on their hands – excuse the pun – Especially as it still seems over 70% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra! So if you’re in the area and you think you’d like to see how good you could look in Curvy Kate, why not go and get fitted. Curvy Kate encourage every woman to get fitted before buying any bra to improve comfort, posture, your shape and of course your confidence.

For retailers in your area why not check our locations page.

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