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What it’s REALLY like to be a Star in a Bra…

As most of you know (and if you don’t, you do now so get snapping!) our UK Star in a Bra competition closes today. It’s been another whirlwind of a competition with all previous entry records being smashed – we’re well on over a thousand entries now!

For those of you who still need a bit of persuasion, or for those of you who have entered and would like a bit more of an insight into what it’s like to be a Bra Star and what the job involves, we’ve put together a summary and some snaps for you! We hope you all enjoy and good luck!

Catalogue Photoshoots:

Our shoots are a very fun place to be, relaxed and very loud. We usually start off with a big breakfast followed by hair and make up, followed by shooting, messing around and screaming. The other models are really lovely and friendly so it’s like a meet-up of friends!

Our girls get glammed up for the Autumn/Winter 2012 photo shoot

This is why we use our customers as models. Who needs professional pouters anyway?!

Trade Shows and Exhibitions:

This is our gorgeous winner from last year, Lizzie Haines. Yesterday she took part in a live Facebook chat with Best Magazine, and when asked what made her enter last year’s competition, she replied:

“Well….for me it was an act of defiance if I’m honest. After a life of love/hate for my body, reaching 30 really changed my perspective on things and I thought “yeah, I could do that!” and so I went for it. I never expected to win though!”


This year, Lizzie attended the UK lingerie trade show, Moda, where hundreds of brands display their wares from the upcoming season to their buyers. It’s quite a big responsibility to represent the brand, model the products gracefully and keep up our oh-so-important reputation.

Lizzie at Moda with our Sales Manager, Seema. Again, upholding that professional reputation I mentioned earlier…

Kidding aside, we’d like to think we’re a fun bunch who don’t take ourselves too seriously. Lizzie really speaks for and represents Curvy Kate so perfectly as she’s such a fun-loving, happy and spirited young madam who’s always up for a laugh. She’s a pleasure to work with and be around and we love her!

Moda and the other trade shows (in Paris, New York and Vegas to name but a few!) are an opportunity to show off our gorgeous collections to potential business partners but as a brand we’re fun and young-minded so that’s what we love to portray with our models!

Lizzie and resident Curvy Kate blogger Becky Mount can’t wait to get their hands on the new ‘Smoothie’ bra…

We love our models! Mwah!

Some of the Curvy Kate team at Moda

You’ll be required to work with these crazy people. I hope that concept alone doesn’t put you off...

As well as the Moda show in Birmingham we display at trade shows all over the World, from Paris to New York. Depending on availability we take a model to each show to flaunt our products and their curves to traders and the media!

We take a model each year to the Paris trade show Salon International

Working very hard in Paris…

Our model Lauren Colfer working equally as hard in New York, New York

But it’s not all play, sight-seeing and no work as our girls are required at the stand in the trade show

…as Lauren demonstrates beautifully!

Media and Press:

Our models have been featured in various published media, from blogs to advertising, trade publications, magazines and newspapers (and many more!) so be prepared to see your face and body on the internet. You will be on search engines, in mags and so on. Lizzie Haines was even in the Daily Mail last year when she was crowned Plus Size Model of the Year – with her own feature which would have been viewed by thousands upon thousands of readers.

We’re so proud of our girls spreading the word about beautoful curves and body confidence

Lauren was featured in More! Magazine

If you think you’ve got what it takes to fill Lizzie’s boots, (or rather, fill her bra…) we want to see your pictures! Remember; if you haven’t entered yet you’ve got until midnight tonight to get your pictures uploaded.

Just remember and make sure:

• You have 5 images uploaded
• You have 2 head shots and you have 3 full length body shots taken in lingerie or swimwear
• The photos aren’t blurred or edited in any way
• You have filled in all you details
• All images are appropriate!

Get on over to the Star in a Bra app on the Curvy Kate Facebook page to enter or check your entry!

Star in a Bra Growing Rapidly

Since Curvy Kate started hosting the ‘Star in a Bra‘ competition they have seen substantial growth and quality models which have been used over and over again in numerous campaigns.

The brand has always pride themselves on only using real women as models in their advertising campaigns and ‘so said, so done’ with the help of the Star in a Bra search. They scour the nation in search of a curvy women who are above a D cup and eludes confidence.

Their last model found through the UK Star in a Bra search 2011 is a perfect example of the brands ethos living through… size 14 Lizzie Haines from Uppingham has model for the brand in two seasons and has seen herself fronting advertising campaigns in magazines as well as exhibitions.

The competition took flight last year and ventured to Australia, continue the search for a model ‘down under’ to front the main UK campaign with Lizzie and pass models Laura and Lauren.

The competition is set to see a very exciting year with the growth in entries already forecasted to exceed last year’s with the grow in fans on the companies Facebook Page increasing their reach up to 400,000 friends of fans. The competition is set to continue it’s venture in Australia for a second year and would soon see the likes of other expansions to be announce soon. Stay Tuned!

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Lizzie Wins Plus Size Model of the Year!

Curvy Kate’s newest recruit, Lizzie Haines has won Plus Size Model of the Year 2011 with beating celebs and other well-known models to the esteemed title.

Flaunting a shapely size 14 figure, Lizzie won the public’s support through her confidence and desire for new challenges by proving just how gorgeous real curves look in lingerie. Making her first modelling debut this year, Lizzie was crowned queen of curves in the celebrated Star in a Bra competition hosted by your’s truly…Curvy Kate. Whittled down from over 400 shapely hopefuls, Lizzie was named the face and bust of the brand for 2011.

Launching for the first time this year the ‘Plus Size’ awards accumulating over 64,000 votes in just under a month. Kathryn Whatton, Managing Director of 100percentpeople comments on Lizzie’s victory ‘We at 100percentpeople was pleased to announce that Lizzie Haines, who was in the lead from virtually day one, has won the 2011 Plus Size Model Award.  It is good to see that this young woman is not only a model but also a  budding entrepreneur.

This 30 year old  budding entrepreneur and freelancer, runs her own business and website called Do It Momma! Lizzie tells us about why she created the growing blog “‘Do it Momma’ came about as a way to combine everything I hold a creative interest in.  The main focus is textiles, photography and food yet I hope to build a creative outlet that will lead to other things and spark the imaginations of many.”

Lizzie has recently taken part in the AW12 photo-shoot with Curvy Kate; she can be seen modelling the SS12 collection can be seen on She will also be on the judging panel for this year’s Star in a bra competition 2012, which is due to launch on 23rd Febuary 2012!

Congrats Lizzie we could not have been prouder!

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Curvy Kate’s year in Highlights!

Curvy Kate has had a very interesting year with 400% growth in the last year alone. This big bra company boomed in sales as well as fans in the last year due to various trade shows, promotional activity and of course their unique designs for the D plus market.

Over the year they’ve seen new additions to the collection, new models through the Star in a Bra search, added a few well-known retailers and won an amazing award.

The Brand if know for celebrating curves and ‘real women’ and has taking this philsophy throughout the year starting with their annual ‘Star in a Bra’ competition where they scourer the whole of the UK and Ireland to find a Curvy Girl who was confident enough to flaunt her figure in lingerie. This is where they found their gorgeous model Lizzie Haines, a confident and very ambitious woman whose taken fly with the competition… after winning Star in a Bra 2011; Lizzie has go on to modelling for Curvy Kate for both the SS12 catalogue with runner up Emma Donaghy and the AW12 which was recently shoot in November with new Model Julia McLean.

Lizzie Haines will soon be taking part in a photoshoot with My Daily and participating in the February Trade Shows in Birmingham. She is also campaigning herself to win the ‘Plus Size Model of the Year’ award through








Curvy Kate has also successfully launched the Star in a Bra competition in Australia this year!  The competition proved to be just as popular as it is here in the UK; with Julia McLean being crowned the queen of curves to represent curvy girls down under. Julia was flown over to the UK to take part in the photo shoot for the AW12 catalogue and was dubbed ‘natural’ as she had no problem being in front the camera… Her photos were all amazing and is currently being used in the 12 days of Christmas campaign.

Along with these exciting images; we saw the launch of Curvy Kate’s new swimwear range, introducing the supportive yet stylist Rio Ruffle in Jade/Purple, Caribbean Curves in Purple Animal print and Bondi Breeze in Black/Pink. The swimwear was well received by all and will be available from next year (2012)… Although I cannot confirm where these will be I’m sure we will all be able to get our hands on them.

The range has also seen the Daily Boost and Fleurty added to the collections… These have already become favourites by many fans and retailers… The Daily Boost is Curvy Kate’s first design for a basic continuity range based on the best-seller Princess shape…  It will be available in Nude and White for SS12 and black in the AW12 collection. The Fluerty was added to the showgirl range following the popularity of the Tease me and Thrill me collections… this was launched in sweet summer shades of powder blue and coral and would be available for SS12.

Throughout the year Curvy Kate has successfully marketed there way thought the recession making a name and a way for themselves… They were nominated for three awards in the UK lingerie awards and came our winning the ‘Fuller Bust brand of the Year’ award adding some more substance to the brand.

The fuller bust brand has seen success in every area increasing in fans to employees and gaining an impressive list of influential retailers all stocking their collections. Retailers added this year are online giants ASOS, Next, Debenhams, YoursFigleavesLittlewoods, Fenwick (Brent Cross), Bravissimo (Various Locations) and Menarys.

Overall it’s been an eventful year for Curvy Kate and they are ending it with a ‘bang’ hosting the 12 days of Christmas campaign. I’m sure we have all seen the amazing Lizzie, Laura, Lauren and Julia singing the Christmas carol ’12 days of Christmas’ looking gorgeous as ever in the new AW12 collections. (See Below for the Video link)

There are amazing prizes up for grabs each day until the 12th December, anyone can enter through the Curvy Kate Facebook page by simply entering their name and e-mail address. There is a different prize to be won each day from top brands like Soap and Glory, the Perfume Shop, Simply Yours, and to name a few…

Curvy Kate 12 day\’s of Christmas!


Vote Lizzie Haines as the next plus size Model of the Year!

100percentpeople are hosting their Plus size awards and our very own Lizzie Haines has been nominated.

So we need to call on the public for your support in voting for our Lizzie to not only be crowned Queen of Curves after she won this year’s Star in a Bra 2011 but to also be crowned Plus Size Model of the Year.

We all know from our Models that we like to promote a curvy, healthy figure and with that in mind I would like to touch on the subject of being curvy and being plus sized.

Curvy can come in all sizes from being a tiny size 8 to being a voluptuous size 18! It’s all about proportions and how your body is shaped… If you have an ‘hour-glass’ figure where your waist is the smaller than your hips and shoulders then you are considered to be ‘curvy’.

With that in mind the term Plus Sized means someone of size or someone above the average size… in the fashion industry anyone above a size 10-12 can easily be considered as ‘Plus Sized’. So as far as the term goes we have to consider that in the fashion/lingerie world our gorgeous curvy Lizzie can also be called a Plus Size model!

Although Lizzie is only a size 14, she still represents a far more realistic view of the average size… than many other Models in the fashion/lingerie industry. So we call on all our Curvy Kate fans to vote for Lizzie Haines as the next Plus Sized Model of the year! To vote please click on the link below!

Remember you can vote every 12 hours so remember to keep coming back to show your support! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates!

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Interview with Lizzie Haines at MODA in Birmingham

I had an opportunity to go to MODA in Birmingham to see what Curvy Kate gets up to at trade shows and gain a wider understanding of the industry.

While there I also got to see you Star In A Bra Winner for 2011 – Lizze Haines, who know looks very much in her comfort zone and seems to be having a lot of fun.

It was hard grabbing her for a quick  interview, so had to improvise and do it in-between her working and changing into different sets – here’s how we got on eventually…

So Lizzie how has it been since winning Star in a Bra 2011?

It has been amazing so far, can believe I’m actually here in my smalls modelling in front of people I don’t know. It’s a lot of fun though and was initially way out of my comfort zone when I started but after time it became easier to do. It hasn’t changed my life drastically,  I still get to be me but just me with two days extra added to my diary!

I see your modelling the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection, what do you think? Any favourites?

I love them and I’m not just saying that because I work for the company (lol), but I think there’s something for everyone and the colours are amazing. I have two favourites which I would be asking for as soon as they arrive at Curvy Kate  HQ and that’s the Daily Boost which fits amazing and look fantastic under my clothes, so happy your doing an everyday bra as well as fun/sexy/girlie styles. I also love Fleurty bra it’s looks so good on and it’s very flattering.

I can wait for them to come out myself, already got my eye on the delivery schedule! What about our new addition swimwear? Favourites?

Love love love them! I’m so happy to see nice swimwear that fits and is supportive! Will be making a list of all the ones I want… I have the most exciting lingerie drawer. My personal favourite is the Rio Ruffle, love the colour and the detailing on the back.

So what’s your favourite moment been since winning?

Again I have two favourite moments, the first one was definitely have my first ever Curvy Kate photo shoot with Emma, it was so good see here again and having her there made me less nervous because it was the first time for both of us. The other would be going to Paris for my first trade show, it’s was very tiring but a lot of fun.

How was your first photoshoot with Emma?

It was a lot of fun… a little different to the Star in a Bra photoshoot as we had to do some interesting poses lol but it was a really nice environment and got to meet the other SIAB models. The only thing I had to get accustom to was the enormous hair and the amount of make up I had to wear – obviously these were for print but it was a lot!

I love your the enormous hair look! So are you happy with the final result now that the catalogue is all printed and there’s no turning back?

I’m happy with the majority of them, there’s one in particular I do not like so much but that’s probably because i’m overly critical about myself as we all are.

How do you feel being a curvy model amongst all the other models at the trade shows?

It was a bit uncomfortable in Paris for my first ever MODA trade show because I didn’t feel part of the ‘model group’ as such so it took getting use to but now I’m more confident that ever and I doesn’t bother me as I’ve learn to embrace my body and I shouldn’t let that get to me because the whole point of the competition in the first place was to promote curvier models to the public.

It’s easier here at Birmingham because I’m across from Speedo Sculpture and they had models that were curvier than the norm so its great, I’m having fun!



I’m glad to hear your having fun, and it’s amazing what your doing because you should be proud of your body – you look amazing! So how do you feel flaunting your figure not online  but in front of people now?

It was odd to begin with but had to come to terms that they are all professionals in the industry and they have come to see lingerie on a model and no one is scrutinising me.

Have you kept in contact with any of the girls in Star in a Bra top 10?

Yes I have made some amazing friend through this competition that I would keep for a lifetime plus more… I’m in close contact with most of them like Emma, Georgina and Sophia… and I talk to everyone else on Facebook… They are all so supportive!

So last question as you have to run and try another set… How is it working with the Curvy Kate team?

It’s amazing they are all really fun and they make me feel comfortable!

That’s really nice to hear… okay I will let you run off and get back to work but that’s for your time!

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Curvy Kate hits a Hat Trick!

Curvy Kate has been nominated for not one, not two but three awards in this year’s UK Lingerie Awards and we want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who nominated us!

We are finalist in the following categories:

–          Best Marketing Campaign


Curvy Kates ‘Star in a Bra’ campaign was nominated for Best Marketing campaign of the year, the nationwide curve search is currently taking place in Australia looking for the first curvy bra star down under. We will be up against the La Senza (Cup Size Choir) and Lascivious (Rankin Campaign)

–          Full Bust brand

Curvy Kate has grown over the years and has now expanded their sizes to D – K cups (‘D’ cups will be available by end of August). This change will see the addition of some new lines, including the new Swimwear collection which will be available for Spring/Summer 12. We are up against Gorgeous by Debenhams and Miss Mandalay!

–          Lingerie Brand

Curvy Kate is now stocked in over 300 stores nationwide including top retailers like Bravissimo, Simply Yours, ASOS, Next and Debenhams – (from August)! This Curvy brand will be taking on La Perla and Triumph for a chance to win Lingerie brand of the year!

We are so excited to be nominated and were thrilled to find out that we were the only brand to be nominated as finalist in THREE categories!!! We will find out the results and if we won any of the categories above in September so will keep you posted!!!

Figures cross, keep an eye on Facebook for updates!


Searching for a Bra Star down under!

The Curvy Kate D plus model search is taking flight to international waters and scouring the nation down under to find the new face and body of the brand.

Curvy Kate ventured out to Australia to share their love of big bras and curvy girls after the overwhelming response in the UK. The brand was loved by shapely figures and the curvy shops down under started stocking the range from July 2009.

As Australia was the first country outside the UK to stock the Curvy Kate range, it was only natural for the brand to expand over there in more ways than one. With recently crowned winner Lizzie Haines flying the flag for the UK curvy girls, the full figured brand has decided to take on the second biggest market to find a new shapely model to represent the Australian real woman.


With growing popularity in Australia, Curvy Kate is now being sold in over 150 stores nationwide and has received press coverage in top magazines like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Take 5. There is no doubt that the competition will take the nation by storm.

The Star in a Bra competition will be launched on the 29th June 2011 through the Australian Curvy Kate Facebook page. Take 5 one of the biggest selling weekly woman’s magazine in Australia will be the official sponsors of the competition.

The entrants will be whittled down to the top 20 by selected judges and would have to gather votes from the public. The public vote will then see the top 5 take part in a professional photoshoot with Take 5 magazine whereby their new images will be displayed in the magazine and the final voting stage for the winner will begin.

The winner will:

–           Be crowned the face and body of Curvy Kate Australia

–          Win a year’s contract with top Australian modelling agency, Bella Management.

–          An all-expense paid trip to the UK to take part in the marketing campaign for Curvy Kate

–          And of course some gorgeous Curvy Kate lingerie!

So get your camera’s out and get ready to snap up the judges vote to win! For tips and suggestion check out our previous blog post

Keep an eye on the competition and spread the curvy word by checking out our Australian Facebook page!


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Sneak peak of what Lizzie’s been up to so far…

After winning the Star in a Bra competition and gaining the majority of votes we wanted to update you on what your winner’s been up to over the past few months.

Lizzie Haines wowed the public with her gorgeous curves and her killer charm earning the title queen of Curves as this year’s Star in a Bra champion.

After the news was given to Lizzie she had but a few days to take it all in and get started. She was joined by gorgeous runner up Emma Donaghy for their first ever Curvy Kate shoot. Both girls got all dolls up again from top to toe with big hair and high heel shoes to showcase their curvy assets in the brand new SS12 Curvy Kate collection.

They definitely rocked the new collection and produced some amazing images which would all be revealed next year, but as promise we’ll show you a sneak peak of what’s to come.


This isn’t the only photoshoot our new curvy ambassador had since winning SIAB 2011; she also conducted her own Curvy Kate photoshoot with some new models with sexy…. ermmmmm moustaches! lol

During the voting stages Lizzie dared the presenters of GEM106 that if she won the competition they too will have to strip off down to their smalls for all their listeners and Facebook fans to see.
Be aware some of these images would have you laughing hysterically on the floor…



Nice underwear guys… maybe next year you two can enter Star in a Bra…

Our gorgeous Lizzie has also taken our brand to international waters and shared some of her holiday snaps with us. Look out New York… Lizzie Haines is on a Curvy mission to let the world know who Curvy Kate are… we are so proud!



Loving the image from Philly with the Philly Cheese Steak… nice touch!

Can you guess from the images above where Lizzie was spotted with her Curvy Kate bag?

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