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Meet Our Past Winners…. Lotte Williams

In the lead up to the launch of the entry stage for Star in a Bra I will be posting a whole host of interviews from different people involved in the competition, including past winners and the judging panel, so keep your christmassy eyes peeled as there will be one every day from today…

First up it’s 2013’s UK winner, Lotte….

1) Hi Lotte, before we start why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what year you were in Star in a Bra?

I’m 24 and living the dream in London! When I’m not parading around in my undies with Curvy Kate I’m interviewing celebrities on red carpets and writing showbiz news stories. I joined the CK family back in 2013 when I won star in a bra that year.


2) Why did you enter?

I’ve always been comfortable in front of the camera and at the time I was working in a lingerie boutique selling Curvy Kate underwear! My mum persuaded me to enter the competition and initially I decided to go ahead with it for the experience. I could never have imagined just how many doors it would open for me.

3) How did it feel when you won?

It’s genuinely a moment I will remember forever. I just couldn’t believe it and felt such a mixture of emotions. Once I’d stopped crying with happiness down the phone to my mum the excitement hit me.

4) Tell us a highlight from your time working with Curvy Kate.

I absolutely loved having the opportunity to work with Cosmopolitan magazine. The shoot was so much fun and having my photos in the magazine was so exciting! I also got to walk in their first ever lingerie catwalk show which was such an amazing experience.


5) What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering?

Do it, do it, do it. What have you got to lose? You never know what could happen and sending off those photos was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. It might feel a bit scary at first but with all the support from everyone around you, you’ll become very comfortable very quickly.

6) Can you give some entry tips with regard to pictures and modelling etc?

I’d say go natural. Minimal make up and simple hair will mean that people get to see the real you and that will work in your favour. Practice taking photos of yourself first and then when you feel comfortable enough get your friends or partner to take some photos of you too. Do something different- there have been quite a few SIAB competitions now so you need to make sure you stand out.

7) And finally, what’s your favourite piece from the S/S 15 collection and why?

I think it would have to be Madagascar. I absolutely loved wearing it at the shoot in Ibiza and I was most happy with that snap! I love sheer underwear and the soft, zebra print on top of that is such a pretty touch.


What a great gal, check in tomorrow to hear from the gorgeous Katie Bizzak….

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10 Things to Remember When Taking Your Star in a Bra Entry Photos…


Here is a quick list of 10 useful tips to remember when taking your entry photographs…

1) Take your time.

Don’t rush, take your time getting your posing, lighting and lingerie right. We want to see you at your best so spend time taking lots of photos, that way you will have lots choice at the end to pick your favourite ones to send to us.

2) Change your up your lingerie.

You are required to send 3 full length images in lingerie or swimwear, try and mix up what you wear to give yourself the best chance of being noticed. The more variety you show, the more likely you are to be picked out. It also gives you the chance to show you can model different types of lingerie/swimwear, e.g. Babydolls, bikinis, soft-cup bras, t-shirt bra etc. None of these have to be Curvy Kate but if you do have some then let us see it!

3) If you have a good camera, use it!

The images don’t have to be professional quality but a good quality image can make a huge difference. Nowadays most phones have decent cameras so photos taken on these should be fine, you just need to make sure they’re clear, not grainy and you are perfectly visible.

4) De-clutter….Choose a plain back ground.

You don’t know how many times we receive images of girls stood in a cluttered room or with people in the back ground etc. Just choose a plain back-drop so that all the attention is on you rather than what is behind you.

5) Send us images that meet our requirements.

We require 5 images, 2 head shots (close face pictures) and 3 full length body shots that must all be in lingerie or swimwear. Please take and send images that fit this requirement. Every year without fail we receive hundreds of entries with only full length pictures, only head shots, group shots with friends, fully clothed shots, upside down photos and the list goes on. There needs to be 5 photos, 2 of which are head shots and the rest full length lingerie/swimwear shots, that it all :) .

6) Make sure we can actually see you.

Your photos are designed to show the best of you so try to take your photos in good natural light and failing that at least in a brightly lit room. We want to see all your features and your curvy figure so don’t hide out in the dark.

7) Give us your best pose.

If you’ve never modelled before then I advise you look on the Curvy Kate website and at their brochures (link). Look at how the models hold their bodies and how they pose. Try and replicate them as this is what you will be doing if you are successful in being put through. Practise in front of a mirror beforehand so see how your body looks and how to make the most of your curves!

8) Smile!!

I know you’re modelling lingerie and you want to look sexy but we think the sexiest thing a woman can wear is her smile. We want to see your personality shine through and for you to look like you’re actually enjoying yourself. Make us want to know more about you because of your confident and friendly appearance and remember if you are selected to be in the top 25 it is these images that will be used to gain votes. The more likeable and approachable you look the more votes you’ll get!

9) Send us your images just as they are.

Editing of photographs is not allowed, we want to see you for exactly what you are – a confident and curvy woman who’s ready to flaunt her figure. So take your snaps and don’t change a thing.

10) And finally…..Enjoy yourself!

Have fun with your pictures, get your girlfriends round, open a bottle of wine and get some great snaps of you being you. These are the ones we really look forward to seeing, the ones that scream ‘I’m having an amazing time, I’m curvy and confident and I don’t take life too seriously’. Go for it!

If you follow these simple rules then you should come out ‘picture perfect’…we can’t wait to see you entries. Good Luck! x

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10 Things to Consider Before Entering Star in a Bra.

Hello! So, if you read my previous blog post you’ll know how amazing the competition can be, but there are also a lot of things that need to be considered before you enter. Now I know a lot of the things I’m about to say will seem obvious and like total common sense but I think it is really important that each of these factors is thought about thoroughly before proceeding with your entry….

1) First and foremost, are you ok with people seeing pictures of you in your bra and knickers? I know this sounds daft but really think about it. EVERYONE will see and when I say everyone I mean- your grandparents, the man you serve in the pub you work at, your best friend’s dad and your boss. Are you ok with this? Does it bother you? If it does then maybe this isn’t the competition for you….

2) Not only will everyone you know see your images but these pictures will forever be on the internet… You only have to type in Chantelle Crabb and this comes up…


See what I mean? Be ready for that. (Not sure who that old women is.)

3) This also throws up the issue of job prospects. Are you in a career at the moment that may not take kindly to one of their employees posing in lingerie? Do you plan on a change of career in the future that may be jeopardised due to you involvement in the competition? Please think this through as the images cannot be erased from the internet once they are up….

4)Another group of people to consider are your friends and family and if you have a partner, them too. Are these people happy with you taking part? Do they agree with the brand message and what it is you are trying to prove? The competition is an amazing experience but not worth fighting with loved ones over.

5) Do you actually think you can model? I know it sounds silly but this is what the competition essentially boils down to- modelling. Are you going to be confident in front of the camera? Are you able to model with ease and take direction from a photographer? If you think YES then get applying!

6) Are you prepared to have to work hard to earn your votes? You need to be ready to get serious on social networking – every minute is spent plugging yourself, joining groups and societies and making pages for people to follow. It’s a hugely important part of the process and without it you don’t have much chance of going through, so if you’re not prepared to put in the hard work then Star in a Bra probably isn’t for you.


7) From all this social engagement you have to be ready for the feedback and it’s not always friendly, most of the time it is, but not always. There are a lot of people in the world who will hide behind their keyboard and say really hurtful and spiteful things. You need to remember to rise above this and take all the lovely comments and well wishes on board instead, as these are the comments that truly matter.

8) I know this sounds obvious too but getting into the next round isn’t a given. Over 900 women entered in 2013 (and we’re predicting a huge increase this year) which needed to be whittled down to just 30. So many gorgeous girls entered but they couldn’t all go through. If you aren’t successful then don’t be disheartened, the Curvy Kate team have a really tough job and it’s no reflection on you as a person.

9) Make sure you read the terms and conditions. Are you happy with everything in there? Can you make it to all the dates specified? Are you within the age restrictions? If you say ‘no’ to any of these questions then it may be time to rethink your application. (Visit


10) Lastly, make sure you take as much from the experience as possible. Even if you don’t get through and just upload your pictures, this can be a huge confidence boost and something you should be immensely proud of.

So that’s everything. I know they make me sound like a killjoy but they are realistic and valid points that you must consider before entering. Please don’t let me put you off as the competition is an amazing experience and so so so much fun (I should know), it can be life changing and even plucking up the courage just to send pictures at all can make a huge difference to your confidence. So if you feel like you’re ready to flaunt your figure, try your hand at modelling, and make a difference then go for it! Good luck girls!

Chantelle x

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My Star in a Bra Story…

So as I said previously, in the run up to the launch of Curvy Kate’s new 2015 worldwide model search, I will be blogging about all things ‘Star in a bra’, including my own personal journey through the competition, so here goes…


I was first introduced to Star in a Bra by 2012 finalist, Charlotte Upton. We went to school together and so naturally I had her as a friend on Facebook. I was browsing one day (procrastinating from Uni work I suspect) when I came across her plea for votes in a lingerie modelling competition, being the nosey parker I am, I investigated. What I found was so inspiring; a group of girls that were so happy in their own skin and confident in flaunting their curves but also a brand that 100% supported this. I was hooked, and from that moment on I promised myself that I would enter the next year.

Well 2013 came around and my lovely other half, Sam, had just jetted off on a 4 month travelling trip around the world (I definitely wasn’t jealous) and I was in my 3rd year of Uni in Northumbria (I definitely was jealous). So as a typical (and pretty lonely) student I spent all my time on social media, so I couldn’t possibly have missed all the Star in a Bra build-up on Facebook. I was so excited because I had wanted to do something just for myself and the competition turned out to be the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.

I remember the day I took my photos vividly. I took myself off to my bedroom, stripped down to my smalls and got snapping. I didn’t tell anyone about my idea of entering until after I had done it so I had to take the pictures myself, it was surprisingly fun though, choosing what sets to wear and finding the best light to take the pictures in, I had a blast! After taking what felt like a million photos I scrolled through and picked out what I felt were the best 5- the ones that stood out because they showed my figure and my personality. I felt slightly panicked as I uploaded them to the website, the not knowing what could happen was daunting, I could easily not be picked at all but I could also go through and actually have a shot…the suspense almost killed me!

Chantelle Crabb, 22, Newcastle

One of My Full Length Entry Photos

Chantelle Crabb, 22, Newcastle2

One of My Head Shots For Entry


Once my pictures were uploaded, then the waiting game began. I had to wait until the entry period closed and then also wait for the Curvy Kate team to decide who they were going to put through to the final 30. Not knowing was really tough, and also not knowing anything about who else had entered or how many competitors was so frustrating.

It was in this waiting time that I broke the news to my family and friends that I had entered the competition. Sam was amazingly supportive, he called while he was in Australia and I told him all about it. It was great to know he was behind me 100% and even promised to get everyone he met in the backpacking hostels to vote for me if I got through! The next person I told was my mum, she knew I was pretty confident in myself so it came as no shock to her and after I told her about Curvy Kate’s message she was all for it. My dad was the tricky one…he’s the typical over protective father and when he heard the words ‘Lingerie’ and ‘Modelling’ in the same sentence he automatically assumed I’d be on page 3 with everything hanging out. He wasn’t happy but once I showed him some of the content from previous years and explained what Curvy Kate stood for he soon came round to the idea and began to see it more as a celebration of curves and women than a sleazy glamour campaign. I was very lucky to have such a supportive network around me of people who praised what I was doing rather than shaming it.

Top 30:

A week went by and the results were due to be out, I wasn’t sure when so I went on Facebook to check and low and behold, there I was. My picture in the final 30 line-up! I screamed and then my flat mate screamed it was an amazing feeling and my confidence was boosted 10 fold!!! I posted a message on Facebook to let everyone know I’d been selected and to get ready to start voting. This is where the hard work began. Rallying for votes was tough, it was nice at first with everyone congratulating you and saying they’ll vote but as time went on I began to feel a bit of a pest. My Facebook and Instagram were covered; there was nothing about anything other than Star in a Bra. I even got Twitter in an attempt to use this as tool to gain votes. It was relentless, and pretty tiring. I sent every single one of my Facebook friends a direct message with details of how to vote and continued to pester until the top 30 voting closed.

Top 10:

Now the waiting began again, it was only a few days as the votes were counted and I was at home in Yorkshire when the result were due to go live. Just as I fired up my laptop to check, Ia text came through on my phone.. “You’re in the top 10 mate!!! Well done!!”, My good friend Ellie had beaten me to it… all I could do was shout- “MUM I’M THROUGH!!”, we jumped about and we had a drink to celebrate. I was through and going to the top 10 photoshoot; I was ecstatic. The photoshoot took place the next week in London so I booked my trains and got ready for the shoot by having my hair coloured and by getting a spray tan. The team had asked us to research what kind of hair and make-up we would like so I chose bouncy curls and smokey eyes…I was so excited.

The Photoshoot:

The day came around and I boarded the train in my loosest clothes (so as not to leave marks) with freshly washed hair and not a scrap of make-up on. I was ready for my make-over! On the journey down I worried about how I would pose and what I’d have to do but I also worried about what the other girls would be like, I was scared it would be bitchy and competitive but I had no reason to worry. I arrived at 10am and was greeted by the lovely Curvy Kate team and lead into a small room where I would be having my hair and make-up done. A couple of the other girls we’re already there and they were so friendly. The makeover then commenced and within a couple of hours I was transformed. Cue: modelling time. I had never been in front of the camera other than to have one of those ‘photoshoots’ you have with a friend and then pay a small fortune to have them printed out so I didn’t really know what I was doing. I think at the beginning, I must have looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, but I soon relaxed in to and felt at ease and I actually started to enjoy myself.  The group shots were the best though, all us curvy and confident girls lined up was amazing to see. After the shoot was finished we were all gifted with the set we had shot in and given a big fluffy Curvy Kate dressing gown to take home. It was a lovely souvenir and a great reminder of a truly fantastic day.


Behind the Scene Shot of Me Posing


The Final Voting stage:

I received the pictures from the day via email and if I’m totally honest I wasn’t happy with all of them. I felt they didn’t show my figure in a very flattering way and that my hair was too big but I tried to pushed this out of my mind and focus on the fact you’re your own worst critic and listen to the people who said I looked good. The voting went live a few days later and the effort for votes increased, I contacted local press where I was featured in 3 newspapers, I sent more messages to my Facebook friends (who couldn’t fathom why they were voting again) and I joined groups and societies on social media trying to rally up the votes. I was tired of doing it but knew if I gave up there would be no chance of me winning so I kept at it. Finally the last day of voting came round and the lines were closed. It felt very strange to not know where you were in the running and that it was totally out of your hands with nothing else you could do to change the outcome.



Group Shot1

The winner:

A few days later the day the winner was to be announced arrived. I was petrified and my stomach kept doing flips. I was in university and everyone in my tutor group kept asking how I’d done and if I knew yet, the suspense was awful.  My computer wasn’t working and as 12:00 came I refreshed the screen and as it loaded slowly, Lotte’s picture came into view. My heart sank. I won’t lie,  I was initially really disappointed as I obviously would have liked to have won however as the page loaded some more my own image came into view with ‘3rd’ underneath. This lifted my spirits and I felt immediately better, I could tell people that I hadn’t won but that I had placed as a runner up. I was over the moon with this and then I felt so happy for Lotte as she really was a worthy winner and a natural born model. Plus my time with Curvy Kate was far from over….


Working at Moda Trade Show after coming 3rd


Working the Debenham’s Model Mate’s Campaign with My Future Boss Hannah

If someone had told me before I entered the competition that I wouldn’t only have an amazing time but also gain a career out of it I’d have laughed in their face but looking back on my time in Star in a Bra shows anything can happen. I didn’t win but I gained some great friends, a whole heap of confidence, job opportunities while I was at still at Uni and ultimately my job now as PR and Marketing assistant. It was a one off experience, and something that has genuinely made a huge difference to my life and how I view myself.

If you want to enter Star in a Bra then click the link….go on, do it, it could change your life too.

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Star in a Bra Blog Posts….

Hello everyone,

I hope I’m finding you all well and that you’re all getting yourself into the Christmas spirit. We certainly are here at CK HQ, we’ve had Mariah blaring out since 9am!

Anyway as you all probably know now, our Star in a Bra website is all up and running and we are getting closer and closer to the opening of the entry stage (18 days to wait to be precise!). So as it is almost upon us I thought I would post a few blogs about different things surrounding the competition including my time in the competition, advice I’d give to people entering and also all the interviews I have carried out with past winners, contestants and 2015’s judges.

So first up it’s ‘My Star in a Bra Story’……

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My Christmas Picks….

Now there is no escaping it. Christmas is upon us. So in the festive spirit  I thought I could put together a couple of pieces that I think will be amazing for this time of year, so here’s goes…

  1. Tease Me – Black/Gold:


As you all know from the previous blog-post, ‘Tease Me’ is one of Curvy Kate’s most iconic pieces and I love them all. However I feel that this season’s colour way really is perfect for Christmas. The gold and black complement each other giving the piece a rich, warm feel. Meaning that I think this is the perfect set to be given as a gift, it’s sexy yet sophisticated and I know I’d be more than happy to find this tantalising set in my stocking.

Tease me is available in the Balcony bra and can be accompanied by either the frilly thong or suspender short. All can be purchased at and

  1. Jewel – Ruby/Spice:

Jewel Bra

As a new range in the Curvy Kate family, Jewel is an eastern inspired balcony bra with plenty of dramatic embroidery details and although the inspiration from this piece has come from far-flung lands, Jewel cannot help but make me feel festive. With the gorgeous Ruby colour-way with a hint of spice (perfect to warm you up on those cold nights) I think Jewel encapsulates Christmas and the sparkle and luxury it brings with it.

Jewel is the perfect piece to treat yourself with this season, a ready-made fabulously festive fashion piece available in balcony bra, thong and full brief.

All of these pieces are available to buy at, and

  1. Smoothie – Wild Blush:


The new and improved Smoothie set is not only totally gorgeous but also amazing as an occasion-wear solution. The smoothing effect of the moulded t-shirt bra and lifting and shaping that the high-waisted brief gives is great for slipping on under your favourite party dress. So grab your set early doors ready for all those Christmas dos!

The Smoothie set offers a moulded balcony bra, high-waisted shaper brief and invisible thong and short.

All pieces available at: and John Lewis.


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It’s been a busy old week!

Hello Lovelies,

Wow! It’s been madness the last couple of weeks, so apologies that the blog posts have got a bit AWOL. I’ll give you a quick update on what has been going on in the world of Curvy Kate.

Firstly we held our Blogger Event last Friday at a cute little café called The Canvas in Shoreditch, it’s run by the body positive charity ‘Body Gossip’ (who Curvy Kate have been involved with a lot in the past) and features blank white walls where customers can write answers to their thought provoking questions. Lots of fun!

The night was a great success where we showcased our S/S15 collection, drank wine, ate cheese, danced to Beyonce and even revealed some very exciting news that will happening next year…. follow @dearscantilly for more details (it’s all very mysterious). Here are some pictures from the evening:




We have also got some more amazing news…. Curvy Kate are award winners again! The team attended the UK lingerie awards on Wednesday and returned with a gong for ‘Marketing strategy of the year’ for the My Ultimate Uplift campaign. Such fantastic news and a real testament to the team and all their hard work. CK are on a roll! Thank you to everyone for their continued support….it looks like 2015 is going to be our year!

awards 1



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Star in a Bra Website launch…..

It’s getting towards that time again, Star in a Bra is set to launch come January and here at CK HQ we cannot contain our excitement! It’s predicted to be the biggest and best year yet as we are now taking the competition WORLDWIDE! What an amazing way to promote diversity! So, due to the scale of this year’s search we decided that Star in a Bra deserved its own special place on the web where all things Star in a Bra can be posted, shared and viewed. Enter:

The Homepage

The Homepage

The new platform is due to be launched on Monday 1st December and will include lots of Star in a Bra content and news such as previous competition blog posts, information about the judges, a ‘sign up’ setting where you can be reminded when to enter and all sorts of tips and tricks in the FAQs section. This arena will be used to promote and raise awareness of the competition, encouraging curvy girls to enter in the lead up to the entry stage, however, come January 5th the website’s ‘Enter’ button will go live and the competition will begin. The site will then continue to be socially interactive as voters click through to to choose their winner.

Visit now to test it out!

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We only went and won…AGAIN!


So as you may have seen on social media over the weekend, Curvy Kate attended the British Plus-size awards. It was a fantastic evening made even better as we came away with two amazing awards (it’s been quite a week for Curvy Kate!!). We were presented with the ‘Best Lingerie Brand’ and ‘Best Lingerie Blog’ and were ecstatic to be awarded both, if not a little surprised about the blog one! We were up against the fabulous Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and gorgeous Caroline from Curvy Wordy both of which we love dearly and follow avidly (if you’ve never see there work then click on the links so see two mega babes strutting their stuff).

Anyway as these awards were voted for by the public, I just wanted to say a really big thank you for everyone’s continued support, it really is amazing and we wouldn’t be here with out you all, so thank you thank you thank you!

Here are some snaps from the evening…


Me, Hannah and Charlotte all ready to go..


Me, Lucie (from and Hannah


Hollie (from, Katie (from and our very own Charlotte


All the gang



Me and the blog award :)


Hannah and plus-size model, Olivia Campbell


Hannah and the utterly gorgeous Haley Hasselhoff


One of my faves from the night, Hannah and the scrumptious Elena Davies (from Frivolous Mrs D) and gorgeous Becky Barnes (from


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We Only Went and WON!!!

Hello Lovely People,

You may have heard via social media that Curvy Kate attended the Draper’s awards last night, and not only did we leave having had an amazing time but we also left with an magnificent award! Hurray!


We were awarded ‘Womenswear Brand of the Year’ which is a really prestigious award and a huge achievement for our, still relatively young, brand,  especially seeing as the competition was so tough with brands including Adini, Almost famous, Fantasie and last year’s winners Seasalt in our category. We feel shocked yet so privileged and amazingly grateful to have been presented with this award and it just goes to show that over the last couple of years Curvy Kate have really come into their own due to sheer determination and ambition. Curvy Kate’s Managing Director, Steve Hudson says;

“We were surprised but absolutely delighted to win this award. We have such a passionate and hard working team and it has been a particularly frantic year at Curvy Kate. The Drapers award is fantastic recognition for everyone’s great work and a real boost for the team.”

However this is not all, hard work does pay off but we would be nowhere without the incredible support from our customers and fans. They are amazing and continue to spread Curvy Kate’s feel good message day in and day out and because of them we are finally being recognised as one of the main competitors in the lingerie field. It is this support that has gotten us to where we are today and without our customers we would be nothing, so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Now here are a few snaps from the evening…

Drapers 3

Steve and Hannah with the Award

Drapers 2

Steve looking dapper with the Award


All the Winners!

Drapers 4

The Curvy Kate team with Draper’s and Presenter Jack Whitehall

Drapers 1

Hannah getting a cheeky selfie with Jack Whitehall after being presented with the Award.

An amazing night had by all and yet again THANK YOU to all our fans for making it possible. We love you!!! xxx

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Give us a follow!

Hi Lovely Ladies…

Curvy Kate PR now has a Twitter account….Please follow @CurvyKatePR for daily tweets, Curvy Kate fun and sneak peeks at what goes on behind the scenes in the Curvy Kate office!

Thanks all! xxx

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Vote for Us in the UK Lingerie Awards…


As I have mentioned before, Curvy Kate have been nominated for the ‘Lingerie Brand of the Year’ award with the UK Lingerie Awards. The public voting has just gone live so if you think we are worthy winners then please do get behind us by clicking VOTE now.

UKLA_2014_white                 Group Shot

The winners will be announced on the 4th December at the annual award ceremony, so if you believe in our brand then let’s make this a year to remember and take home this fantastic award!!

Thank you!



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Taking the plunge with Curvy Kate….

I love a good plunge bra so I’m going to take you through this season’s collection and highlight our pieces that lend themselves to those low-cut necklines.

Plunge bras are always a popular choice as they allow women to wear a slightly more revealing tops without having to compromise on the lift and support. Win:Win, and with such a wide range of colours and styles you ladies are spoilt for choice!



This gorgeous little number is ticking all the right boxes. Gorgeous colourway? Check. Tempting metallic embroidery? Check. Superb fit and shaping. Check. What more could a girl want?!…Availability in up to a J Cup? Oh yeah that too!

Buy yours: Figleaves



The first of our padded plunges from this collection, the Lovestruck bra gives fantastic lift and a wondrous cleavage, so fab for that gorgeous party dress. The padded cups also offer a great shape making breasts appear more rounded and youthful. The fun and vibrant colourway makes this geometric piece a must for your lingerie drawer.

Buy yours:



The floral beauty is feminine and cute with the scalloped edge really flattering the figure. The in-house designed laminated cups give a gorgeous appearance but also unparalleled support and lift. The piece is available in A/W colourway Ruby and a continuity Black that will be available season after season so you don’t have to lose out of this fab piece.

Buy yours: Littlewoods



The second of our padded plunges, Roxie is set to get pulses racing and with a cami style available too it makes this range irresistible. The alluring night colourway with silver lace overlay is unusual yet glamourous and like every other Curvy Kate product the fit and support are second to none.

Buy yours: Amazon



A firm favourite of mine, Firecracker screams fiery fun. The playful print in contrasting prime colours is poppy and playful and will liven up any dull lingerie drawer. The plunging cups are laminated like Daisie and have been designed again with fit at the forefront. The exciting top cup embroidery finish this piece perfectly.

Check out Star In a Bra USA finalist, Rebecca Winters reviewing Firecracker here:

Buy yours: John Lewis

So there are our plunges. Which one is your favourite? Do plunge bras work for you? Do any of you owe one of these beauties?  Let us know in the comment box below!


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The Perfect Date Night Solutions….

Hello Lovely Ladies!

I’ve decided to put together a little post for you of the best Curvy Kate Date-Night solutions. These pieces are bound to knock your other half’s sock off and even if you’re not quite at the stage for your beau to see your under garments then these sets are still sure to make you feel fabulous and ooze confidence….

Carmen: Wow them!


Well this little number is bound to get pulses racing. With its padded cups and balcony shape, Carmen will make sure your bust is shaped and boosted beautifully. The long-line design is also a rarity in fuller bust bras and gives the wearer fabulous support and an accentuated curvy figure by nipping in that waist. Finish this magnificent ensemble with the matching brief or thong and stunningly seductive suspender belt for added sex appeal.

Get yours at: Figleaves, Amazon

Smoothie: Show them your curves…



The Smoothie set is a fab new addition and with the high-waist shaper brief it makes for the perfect under-garment piece. Get yourself into that figure hugging dress and let smoothie shape, lift and accentuate each and every curve. The wild print and diamante drop details make this shapewear an irresistible purchase being both practical and gorgeous….Remember: This isn’t just shapewear, this is Curvy Kate shapewear.

Get yours at: Amazon,

Daisie: Pretty and Supported…


Now if you’re heading out on a slightly more adventurous date than dinner and drinks, the Daisie is the perfect accompaniment. With soft, laminated cups the support is unparalleled and the plunging neck line allows this piece to be worn with anything. So be it bowling or ballroom dancing, the Daisie will not only provide breath-taking shape and spectacular lift but also look great should your special someone get a sneaky peek.

Get yours at: Simply Be, Littlewoods

So that’s the round up! What’s your favourite piece for date night? Does your lingerie give you confidence? What set is your go-to feel good set? Let us know in the comments below!





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Give us your feedback on Luxe for your chance to WIN….

Hey Ladies, so if you’ve read my previous blog post; ‘My Ultimate Uplift- What makes you feel fabulous’, then you’ll know all about our amazing campaign in conjunction with the launch of our new strapless bra. If you didn’t read it….well maybe go do that now otherwise this whole post will make zero sense!

Anyway, the Luxe strapless has been out for just over a month now and the response to the piece has been overwhelming. and have been the first to stock the set and they are soon to be followed by Bravissimo, who will be stocking the bra in every size as of January 2015 after a spectacular ‘fit-a-thon’ where this sizing and fit were named as a resounding success which is very exciting news. You soon won’t be able to get away from the Luxe!


This is all well and good but now the bra has been released and all the winners from the #MyUltimateUplift competition have been awarded their prizes for their feel-good comments, we wondered what to do next…. Well, enter the #MyUltimateUplift feedback forum. The site has now been transformed from a positivity arena to a feedback platform where women can leave reviews and share comments about their new Luxe purchase or prize. And that’s not all! We’re giving all review entrants the chance to win £150 of Debenhams vouchers as the best post will be selected in December (just in time to splash the cash for Christmas- Hurray!)

23-10-2014 14-38-27

So if you’ve managed to get your hands on the fabulous Luxe then head to the #MyUltimateUplift website and report back to us with your thoughts for the chance to win. Equally, if you haven’t tried the bra yet, what are you waiting for!? Go try and tell us exactly what you think! Good Luck!

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Autumn/Winter 2015 Shoot….Behind the Scenes.

Hello Lovelies, so as you may have seen on twitter and Instagram, our A/W15 photo-shoot took place this weekend. It was my first shoot and something I was really excited about being part of. However it was equally very strange as it was shot at Tower Bridge studios in London’s Wapping which is where my top 10 Star in a Bra shoot happened….so I was back where it all began! Very bizarre!

The shoot was an amazing weekend filled with laughter, lingerie and L-named models (Laura, Lauren and Lotte – The question is, will we keep up the tradition after next year’s Star in a Bra?) and even though time was tight we managed to get all the shots and the final pictures have come out fab…We can’t wait for you all to see them!

In the meantime here are some behind the scenes pics from our fun-filled weekend….


Day 1: The beautiful Lotte in hair and make-up


Day 1: A quick catch up before we begin to shoot…


Day 1: Lauren showing off her fab figure in Luxe

Lotte selfie

Day 1: Lotte looking impossibly gorgeous after the first day of shooting


Day 2: Lauren all finished in hair and make-up and ready to start posing


Day 2: Hair and Make-up again


Day 2: Laura’s here! Hurray!


Day 2: Selfie with the Models

Day 2: That's a wrap! A/W15 shoot finished!

Day 2: That’s a wrap! A/W15 shoot finished!

So that’s everything, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what it is we get up to on our shoots and I cannot wait for you all to see the new brochure and collection….It’s AMAZING!!

Chao for now!

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Beautiful Babydolls…


I’ve got to a point where I feel that a few pieces of our Autumn/Winter Collection need some love so I’ve decided that today I’m going to tell all you fabulous curvies out there about our 3 stunning babydolls that are available to purchase this season.

Now, I for one have struggled in the past to find something sexy and cute to wear that looks great and actually feels great – enhancing my bust with great support and flattering my shape. So here is the low down on the new styles, their key features and where you can buy these sexy little numbers…



This was Curvy Kate’s first ever babydoll that was launched in A/W 2013 in a luxurious black and gold colour-way. Since then, this fab piece has made an appearance each season, Ivory in S/S 14 (perfect for wedding season) and this time around the popular colour of Boysenberry is what adorns the cups of the beautiful new Lola babydoll for A/W14. The piece now features a black satin overlay on the cups, an addition from previous seasons but one that I think only enhances the shape and overall finish of the set. The piece still offers the same black embroidery details over a pop of the colourful Boysenberry. Lola has a balcony shape, modelled on the ever popular Daily Boost range – so if you love that range then this is the babydoll for you, comfort and sex appeal, we must be dreaming! Lola flatters by giving lift and shape and skimming the figure with a luxurious mesh and satin trimmed A-line skirt. Complete the look with the embroidered thong with bow detailing (which is super cute) or full and flattering brief with black satin panels (equally as gorgeous). Oh and because we love you so much this sexy little number is available from a 28-40 and D-K cups….Hurray!!!



So I know I shouldn’t have my favourites but….I LOVE RITZY. I think the shape and pinstripe overlay make this piece one to die for. In only its second season, Ritzy has transformed from Black and Almond to a hot red colour way typical of its namesake – Ruby and Spice. This new style shouts sassy seduction and the shape and length are supremely flattering. The balcony style bra has top-cup embroidery and a contrasting pin-stripe detail that continues into the light and flowing A-line skirt with a tiny diamante central detail which adds a touch of glamour, and who doesn’t want a touch of glamour?! The thigh-skimming Ritzy babydoll is available in up to a J-cup and is complemented by the split seam shorts and a panelled thong, both of which ooze masses of sex appeal. So what are you waiting for?! Go get yours now.

Roxie Camisole:


This is a cute one. The first ever camisole by Curvy Kate has been launched this season and is like nothing we’ve ever produced before. The already popular Roxie plunge bra that was launched last season has seen a revamp and colour update to a sophisticated Night and Silver combination and a small and floaty A-line skirt has been added to create a gorgeous silhouette. The navy plunging 3-part cups are covered by a unique lace overlay that is eye-catching and geometric. The piece is then completed with a light mesh skirt, with back opening, that is shorter in length adding a real cute element to this one-off piece. Perfect for a night in, this piece can be teamed with matching brief or thong and as it’s available in up to a J-cup, it’s a real crowd pleaser. Get yourself one to glam up your lingerie drawer.

So, they’re the three fab pieces that we have to offer all you curvy ladies who want support, coverage and to feel sexy and confident while flaunting those curves. A list of prices and where to find them are below…


Lola – RRP: £40

Ritzy – RRP: £40

Roxie Cami – RRP: £37

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We’ve been Nominated…Can We Count On Your Vote?

So, here at Curvy Kate HQ we’ve had some good news…. We’ve been nominated for 5 different awards! Hurray! We are totally over the moon as it just goes to show that the last 5 years of hard work, fab lingerie and spreading the feel-good message have all been worth it.

Our nominations have come from some of the biggest names in the award arena such as Draper’s and the British Plus size awards so it’s a really exciting time for us. The only thing left for us to do is ask for your votes….So, please vote and help us win!!

Below are the category nominations and the link to wear to vote, so if you think we’re worthy winners then get clicking!

Prima High Street Fashion Awards: Lingerie category

03-10-2014 12-09-15

Prima magazine are hosting their famous High Street Fashion Awards for the 20th year running this November. With Categories such as ‘Retailer of the year’ and ‘Best Celebrity Collaboration’, competition is rife as the brands try their hardest to gain votes. The awards are chosen by the customers so their opinions are really valued.

The voted for this category is now closed but keep your eyes peeled for the winners…..

Draper’s Awards: Womenswear Brand of the Year 2014.


The Draper’s awards are entering their 24th year of running and with a glamorous evening of fashion planned with plenty of celebrity appearences, it’s tipped to be the best yet. In the last 24 years, Draper’s have managed to build a reputation as being one of the most prestigious awards a brand or retailer can be credited with. It’s because of this, that we feel so privileged to have been selected as one of the nominees. Go team Curvy Kate!

To vote, click the link and vote on the right-hand side of the page:

British Plus Size Awards: Best Designer, Best Lingerie Brand and Best Lingerie Blog.


The British Plus size awards are only on the second year of running but with the rise in awareness for the plus-size industry and celebrity endorsement from inspirational women such as Gemma Collins, the awards are going from strength to strength. As Curvy Kate cater for the fuller busted lady, we’re really excited to be part of the awards (and I’m especially excited as the blog has been nominated too- Yay!) So if you think our brand and products are fabulous and if you’re an avid Curvy Kate blog follower, then give us your vote by clicking the link below:

Finally, Curvy Kate are also hoping to be shortlisted for the UK lingerie awards hosted by Lingerie Insight.


We have been put forward for the following categories:

  • New Designer of the Year 2014
  • Fuller Bust Brand of the Year 2014
  • Lingerie Brand of the Year 2014
  • Marketing Strategy of the Year 2014 – for #MyUltimateUplift

It would be great to gain recognition in these areas from such a prestigious award ceremony so we’ll keep you posted on any news!

Let us know your thoughts; do you think we’re worthy winners? What awards do you think we deserve to win and why? What is it you love about Curvy Kate?

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A Curvy Classic…


‘Tease me’ is a Curvy Kate classic. Since their launch in 2009, CK have featured the sexy balcony set in almost every single season, each time giving it a revamp and colour update. As ‘Tease me’ (now renamed just ‘Tease’) will be available to purchase again in S/S 15, we thought we’d take you through the Curvy Kate archives and share the history of everyone’s favourite balcony bra.


It all began in 2009 with the small but stunning ‘Showgirl’ range….You may notice the shape is very different from the piece we have now.

ss 2010 2

ss 2010

2010’s S/S range included ‘Lemon’ and ‘Coral’ colourways.

aw 2010

aw 2010 2

Autumn 2010’s collection brought with it ‘Emerald’ and ‘Purple’ sets.

aw 2011

aw 11

With S/S 2011 lacking an appearence of ‘Tease me’, we’re on to A/W 2011 where the colourways were ‘Silver’ and ‘Wine’.

ss 12

Tease Me Pink Ivory ss12

Spring/Summer 2012 brought pastels into the colour pallette with ‘Blue and Ivory’ and ‘Pink and Ivory’.


This A/W 2012 piece really spiced things up with it’s hot red colourway!

Tease me ss13

Spring/Summer 13’s piece was a bright and bold purple set.

aw 14

After a break from ‘Tease me’ for a couple of seasons, the Curvy Kate favourite is back in a sumptuous ‘Gold and Black’ set for Autumn/Winter 2014. Get yours now at Figleaves.


Last but not least we our newest colourway – ‘Black and Blush’ for Spring/Summer 2015 that will be available to purchase from January, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Hurray!

What a fabulous piece, as I’m sure you’ll agree! Tease me has been a huge part of Curvy Kate’s success and keeps the customers and your boobs happy season after season. Here’s to ‘Tease me’, a Curvy Kate classic.

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Two mums trying to change perceptions of perfection by travelling down their road of self-love…


Now I don’t know if I’m slightly behind-hand on the whole ‘Love your lines’ campaign, or if I was just hiding under a rock somewhere when all the hype was about but either way, I have only just stumbled across it, and you know what? I think it’s AMAZING, something to be truly celebrated.

#Loveyourlines was started on Instagram by two anonymous mums whose aim must have been to change people’s opinions about their bodies and stretch marks, encouraging people to come forward and embrace their imperfections….You may be on to a winner there girls!

So with stretch marks being the ‘problem’ these ladies wanted to change the opinion of, I did some research. An article in The Telegraph recently stated that stretch marks ‘are likely to appear on anyone whose body shape has changed’. So in my experience that means… everybody. Every single person in the whole wide world.

I’m sure there will be people who don’t have them (my mum – *shakes fist*) and that’s fine but for the people who do (me), we shouldn’t shy away from them and we shouldn’t hide them away. Our stretch marks tell a story of the journey our bodies have been on, pregnancy, puberty, weight-loss and weight-gain. So why do we hate them so?

My thoughts are that we have become far too used to seeing air-brushed models in magazines and putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves through thinking that that is the norm. Smooth, hair free and bronzed bodies are not the norm- or at least not the only one. Fleshy, lumpy, bumpy, curvy, gorgeous bodies are and that’s why here at Curvy Kate we never use professional models. We only hire women that Curvy Kate shoppers can relate to; we want them to see the lingerie on girls that are just like them. We want them to feel comfortable and for them to see the lingerie on a curvy figure like theirs.

So you know what I say? Eff the ‘norm’ and embrace what you’ve got and who you are. Love every little ‘imperfection’ as that is what makes you you! Have a look at some of the pictures and comments below and I guarantee you won’t look at your stretch marks in the same way again….

Love your lines 1

“I am a 44 year old. One single birth and 1 set of twins. I struggle to this day with my belly but I am proud of the road this body has travelled. I’ve read through several of the posts and I’m adding my pic to this page to give someone else courage… Be PROUD.. Be STRONG and Be HAPPY.”



“I have been thin my entire life struggling to gain weight so that I wouldn’t be teased for being a “toothpick.” I finally reached 115 lbs at the age of 18 when I got pregnant. During my pregnancy my weight went up to about 158 lbs. My lines appeared in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I was devastated! 2 kids and 2 C-sections later I was very self-conscious about my stomach because of the lines. I thought they were ugly and that people would think I was disgusting because of them. I even shied away from men because I was certain that no one would want a woman who had stretch marks all the way across the midsection. I started to see that I wasn’t the only one and that other women were just as ashamed. It took years and now at 27 I’m in a place where I realize I am not perfect. I know these lines are symbolic of me being a woman, a woman who has gone through life. A woman who has done the most beautiful thing known to man and that is creating life. These lines were made from LOVE. I’m definitely not ashamed of that!”



“Mom of 1 beautiful goofy boy. My sons dad ran out on us when I was 7 months pregnant and never came back. I had to work 2 jobs to afford everything and it was the hardest yet most rewarding time of my life. I gave birth to my son with no man to hold my hand. And I did everything from feedings and diaper changes to paying all the bills. Today I’m in a wonderfully healthy relationship with someone who loves my stretch marks and thinks I’m beautiful. Moral of this story is, you can’t win a battle without getting some scars. These are mine, and I wear them proud!”

How empowering! Go follow Loveyourlines on Instagram and if you have the confidence levels of these beautiful women then send them a post and remember to enter our annual competition ‘Star in a bra’ that will be running from early next year. We want to see your gorgeous, body-confident selves rocking the camera, imperfections and all.

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