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A day in the life of: Curvy Kate’s PR & Marketing Assistant

Hi lovely readers, I’m Cheryl. I’ve been working at Curvy Kate for around seven months now and loving it!

My lingerie love really started back with my first professional fitting. I’d always loved lingerie: to me, it symbolises femininity, self induldence and celebrating your body, but for so long I felt like by body was oddly shaped or ‘wrong’ since nothing really fitted me properly. I’d been fitted in a chain store so I thought I was in the right size, so I naturally felt that the problem lied with me. How wrong I was! I was refitted from a 34D to a 28FF and I’ve never looked back! Since I’m quite a ‘hard to find’ size, Curvy Kate are a saving grace for me!

I’ve been a huge fan of the brand for years and even though PR wasn’t necessarily something that I thought would be on the cards for me, when I saw an opportunity to work for Curvy Kate I thought it sounded right up my street. A job in the lingerie industry? What’s not to love?!

After not just one but THREE Star in a Bra competitions, I really was thrown into the action at the deep end, but I’ve learnt such an overwhelming amount in such a short space of time. I’m involved in lots of press engagement and am constantly finding more and more ways to get the Curvy Kate brand out to more busty ladies!

Reading magazines, newspapers, blogs and e-zines is a daily occurance. I try to keep up to date with all the Curvy Kate coverage both online and in print, as well as come up with new ideas and inspiration of what to do next! My desk has what can only be described as a mountain of the latest monthly and weekly glossies, woman’s weeklies, fashion journals and trade magazines, and I’ve read most of them cover to cover at least a few times.

The best thing about my job:

I get to work in such an incredible industry and with such amazing people. Team Curvy Kate are a different breed in themselves, and each and every one of them is the perfect mix between kooky, crazy, nuts, hard-working and passionate! We just love rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in new, exciting projects, challenging ourselves to new ventures and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the full bust lingerie world!

The worst thing about my job:

Seeing the production process pretty much from day one means that I see all of the new Curvy Kate designs and collections before most people on the planet, so I’ve got the longest wait between seeing it, wanting it, and owning it! Plus choosing the Star in a Bra top 30 is a bit of a nightmare – too many gorgeous girls to choose from!

10 pointless facts about me:

  1. My current obsession is Twitter. I have to check it multiple times a day or I feel like I’m missing out. I rode the Instagram and Pinterest trains for a while, but for me, Twitter is where it’s at.
  2. I’m currently in the process of hand-sewing a king-sized patchwork quilt. It’s taken me about six months and ended up costing way more than the cost of just buying one, but I’m a quarter of the way though. That’s right, at this rate it’s going to take me two years and a lot of lonely evenings and weekends to get it done, but it’ll be worth it in the end. So long as I do actually have the patience to finish it…
  3. My nails are always chipped.
  4. I own somewhere in the region of 60 bra sets. I know.
  5. My perfume of choice is Dolce & Gabbana ‘The One’. Yum!
  6. I’m obsessed with Youtube makeup and beauty vids and spend hours watching them, despite the fact I’m usually too lazy to wear makeup most days.
  7. I drive a black Peugeot 107. I love her and her name is Astrid, after a character from ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ because I think the car looks like Toothless but that’s a rubbish name for a car… it made sense at the time, I promise.
  8. Currently, I’m a 30FF (give or take, depending on the style).
  9. When I was 4 I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up. That didn’t happen.
  10. At the moment, my favourite places to shop for shoes is Office and Kurt Geiger, and for clothing is New Look, Forever 21 and Dorothy Perkins.

Top 5 favourite Curvy Kate sets:

Lottie in black/white, Emily in coral, Romance in black/red, Portia in white/pink and Tease Me in cherry/blush.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a bit of a fabric cup fiend, and they’re all I really wear every day. I couldn’t resist the Tease Me, however, for a touch of glam and stunning burlesque factor for the weekend or for any day I feel I need a bit of a pick me up!

Pure London

Pure London is a huge womanswear trade show in the heart of Kensington, and is one of the premier destinations for womenswear boutiques and fashion buyers to see the latest offerings from all sorts of brands from clothing to watches, hats, bags and accessories.

For the first time, Pure London have launched their ‘Pure Body’ section, where intimate apparel brands can showcase their wares to a whole new audience.

So this wasn’t just a first for Curvy Kate at Pure, but of intimate apparel as a whole, so it was great to be a part of something new!

Pure Body, the show’s first ever intimates section, boasts its very own catwalk, the best intimates brands in the industry exhibiting (Curvy Kate ofc!) and seminars and speeches from top lingerie tycoons, stylists, retailers and much, much more.

The Curvy Kate stand was a rainbow of exciting new ranges, designs and of course the ineffably beautiful Laura Butler.

Laura made her way around the show with this plaquard with the Curvy Kate booth number, and her curves got quite a fair bit of attention in this stunning Entice set in ivory.

Hello, Gia in seafoam!

Curvy Kate’s ‘Entice’ and ‘Thrill Me’ found their way onto the intimates catwalk, with the Entice starring in the ‘Vintage’ trend showreel and the ‘Thrill Me’ hotting up the ‘Lingerie’ section. Check out how gorgeous the Entice looks with this buttery silk kimono. Just stunning!

The event had such a lively, buzzing atmosphere, with music, celeb appearances, bands and trendy catwalks, but the best bit of all was without a doubt the free bubbles and canapes at the end of the day! Think miniature ice cream cones filled with gorgeous lemon mousse, duck pancakes, satay chicken skewers, miniature chocolate tarts… Ok, so we like food, in case you hadn’t guessed!

Our first Pure was a roaring success, particularly along with the launch of Pure Body, which although still a fairly  small section of the arena, was a fresh and exciting take on the world of trade shows, and with the inclusion of intimates within mainstream fashion, perhaps finally we can see lingerie as being accepted as a part of the fashion industry, not just an item of necessity to be hidden away in a drawer!

We can’t wait ’till next year, if only for the party food afterwards!

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Star in a Bra so far! With Krista Cousins

Last week first ever US Star in a Bra winner Krista Cousins embarked on her first ever trade show: Curve NY. We caught up with Krista to hear about her first ever job as Curvy Kate ambassador, and how she’s faring as America’s Bra Star!

Hi Krista, we heard you stole the show at Curve NY! How has your Star in a Bra journey fared so far?

It’s been great! Very exciting but still a bit unreal that sometimes I wonder if the excitement will ever wear off (I hope not!?) It’s been less than two months since I’ve won so really I’m eager to see what’s to come…

What’s the best thing about being a Bra Star?

The best thing is that my body type is appreciated and not ridiculed as in some other modeling. Also it’s so cool to really represent and stand for something, I’m sort of a symbol in that way and it makes me feel proud. Also everyone at Curvy Kate is superbly nice sometimes I wonder if they are robots with personalities programmed to “nice”!

How did it feel when you saw yourself in your Star in a Bra pics online and/or the catalogue?

I was so nervous and swore up and down that the pictures didn’t look like me at all! However I finally “opened my eyes” so to speak and it was so cool especially when I saw myself in a huge (maybe 10ft?) banner.

How was your first trade show? Can you tell us a bit about it?

It was exhausting and fun! The trade show was a lingerie and swimwear expo where companies showcase their goods to buyers to carry them in their stores (so hopefully more Curvy Kate in stores all over the USA!). It was no contest in that our booth was best looking and I’m definitely not just saying that. Imagine walking into an expo and seeing a booth covered in pink and purple ribbons, colorful flowers, pretty glass beads, it would definitely catch your eye. My role, of course, was the model! In order to give the best representation possible of the lingerie and swimwear, the client gets to look through the brochures, touch samples and also I would come out and model each item in the catalogue with each page turn. It was very fun but obviously not easy at first being in heels and constantly changing (I embarrassingly came out with my underwear insides out 3 times) but I really got the hang of it and everyone even the clients were laid back and nice to talk to.

Would you say that a correct fitting bra has affected you?

Definitely! Since it hasnt been too long since I won and I’ve been busy, I have been wearing bras that aren’t the right fit but when I was wearing the Curvy Kate sets I felt much better and it reminded me of how good it feels to wear the proper fit, even your posture is better!

How does it feel to be a role model for curvy girls in your country and worldwide?

Awesome! A woman in Australia contacted me through my blog asking for advice on taking her pictures to get noticed by the judges and I stressed the importance of being yourself and not trying to look super sexy or something like that but rather tap into her true self and she made it to the top 20! I’m so proud of her. Anyway, it makes me feel great because I want more girls to be ok with being themselves, it devastates me to hear them tear themselves apart: personalities, bodies and all. I want them to stop blaming themselves for who they are but instead become confident in blaming the media and clothing manufacturers for not celebrating their normal, natural and healthy bodies.

Are you looking forward to your next Curvy Kate shoot?

A thousand times YES! I’ve never been to Europe and London is such an intriguing city. I might try to stay a little extra to explore. I’m super nervous to model along side Sophie, Laura and Lauren etc. as they are so stunning!

Which are your favourite sets from the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2012 collection?

Obviously Entice, I’ve said it so many times but I really love it! I also am excited about Smoothie coming out as its a great everyday bra and works so well with everything you own but still isn’t boring. Ive also got my eyes on Gia in red and blush, still suitable for every day but very pretty and different.

Can you tell us three random facts about you?

1. I’m a huge nerd! I love video games, cartoons, the internet, school, comics etc
2. I love to dress in costume and never buy costumes but rather make my own for most halloweens, it’s my specialty.
3. When I was a kid I would only eat cereal with warm milk.

What message would you give girls who wanted to apply next year?

As cliche as it sounds- be yourself! Being a Curvy Kate girl is about sticking to your guns, smiles all around and accepting who you are. Be confident in your beauty and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. Just look at yourself and who you want to be and the judges and the public will see that too! Even if you don’t make it, you’ve proven to yourself what you can do and your opportunity will never be over as long as you keep believing in your beautiful self!

We couldn’t agree more, Krista! We can’t wait to see you in London.

Curvy Kate in Cosmopolitan!

The eagerly-awaited ‘Wild’ is approaching release date, with just a few weeks left until you can get your hands on a set!

None other than Curvy Kate favourites Cosmopolitan have picked up the story, and written an amazing ‘Cosmo Campus’ article about our involvement with award-winning and World-renouned Contour Design course at De Montfort University, and winner Nabila Omar.

Nabila’s ‘Anamalier’ set, which came complete with removable ruffle skirt for a bit of extra flirt factor.

To read more about Nabila Omar and her reaction to winning the ‘Create a Curvy Kate’ competition, check out this blog post where she describes her collection and claims ’full cup lingerie can be fun, playful and still perform the vital function needed to support a fuller bust’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

What do you think of the ‘Wild’? Is it on your Autumn lingerie lust list?

Sexy’s Back!

We’re not entirely sure when it went away, but I love a good JT reference as much as the next girl, so let’s go with it! We love this little lingerie feature that Reveal have put together, particularly our very own stunning Entice set!

Apparently women have started turning towards saucy lingerie to inject a bit of sex appeal into their lives, and despite it all being started off by what is essentially a bit of chick-lit, I find it rather liberating and it’s amazing to see so many people talking about the benefits of gorgeous lingerie! A set which is a little bit more special really can lift your mood as well as your bust so even if it’s just your own little secret why not invest in a bit of satin and lace today?

I personally haven’t read 50 Shades (the English Literature student within me would probably cry herself to sleep) but so many of the Team Curvy Kate girls have now that I’m starting to feel intregued. Is it really worth the hype? What do you think? I’m feeling left out…

If you want to ‘Christian Grey’ up your lingerie drawer, you can buy the Entice now from various retailers including Littlewoods, Very and Figleaves.

Curvy Kate at Moda!

Every lingerie enthusiast knows the place to be this month is Moda. Or more specifically, stand A31 at Moda! The Curvy Kate stand hosts what is – in my opinion – one of our best collections to date, with some incredible new releases which promise to have J cupped girls in racer back dresses, fabulous colour palettes and our fabulous second swimwear collection.

We see a return of many old favourites to join the exciting new releases, so prepare to fall in love all over again for Spring/Summer 2013

The Curvy Kate team were also showcasing the stunning new SS13 swimwear range, which takes all the best bits from the debut range from this year, throws in a dash of moulded cups, a pinch of polka dot and a generous helping of highly-requested new shapes (including a halter and high waist fold-over bikini brief!) to create what is something that we’re all so proud of here in the office and we can’t wait to get our hands on it next year!

Now, let’s get on to what you all want to see, an up close and personal sneak peek at the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I have to say, you’re in for a treat!

The jaw-dropping ‘Tease Me’ makes an appearance, and for next year it will be this delicious grape shade.

The ‘Tease Me’ has been a best-seller and well-loved set for years now, and is something that our fans all seem to love. Any busty girl will tell you how difficult it is to get sexy, supportive and stylish lingerie for bigger boobs, and the Tempt Me has satisfied that need for many seasons now, with exciting new shades released twice a year. The only problem is, that I’ve grown quite a collection of these bras now as I always want the latest colour! Oops!

The ‘Gia’ set, new from this season (Autumn/Winter 2012), makes a return for Spring 2013 in this stunning fashion colour ‘seafoam’. A hot shade for the summer season, I can just see myself wearing this under a summer dress with a cheeky bit straps in that gorgeous colour on show.

…although I have to say, I do have a soft spot for this pretty ‘blush’ shade for those of you who like to keep things simple and unseen. The best thing about this delicate peachy pink shade (available now!) is how it’s a great alternative to a ‘tan’ colour, plus it looks great on all skin tones.

The iconic ‘Portia’ set is a long-standing favourite for all Curvy Kates. the superb fit, pretty, delicate features and gorgeous pop of contrasting ribbon detail has kept the Portia in the Curvy Kate portfolio since day one.

The ‘Romance’ is a personal favourite of mine, so imagine my endless squeals when I heard it was being continued on for its fourth season. Potentially the best colour-way to date, this delectable ‘charcoal/seafoam’ combination is a real eye-catcher. and you only need to see it on the drop-dead gorgeous Lauren Colfer to see how amazing it will look on:

 Swit swoo!

We’ve still not got our hands on the amazing black Smoothie from this season (it’s released to stores and e-tailers from September) but we’ve already got our hearts set on the incredible new colours for next year! The stunning-yet-subtle leopard print is still there, but the style will be available in Curvy Kate’s signature hot pink and the ever-gorgeous ‘blush’ shade.

I find myself again in that tricky situation where I’m forced to decide between practical magic and eye-popping fashion shades! I may have to opt for both in the Smoothie’s case…

Another personal fave, the ‘Lottie’ will be back for its third season, and this time with Curvy Kate’s first EVER print! The daringly different graphic floral is so unique and eye-catching; so much so that this style just HAD to go on the catalogue cover!

Stealing the show for me is the fantastic ‘Desire’ set. It’s our first multiway and from squeezing myself into the sample size I know for a fact that it’s an absolute treat! I usually wear a 30FF but we’ve had some 32F’s in the office and considering the size wasn’t perfect this bra is just SO comfortable and practical. I never thought I’d see the day I could wear a halterneck dress, but it seems that may well be a possibility for next Summer!

If you’re a Tempt Me fan, then no doubt you’ll be excited to see this incredible ‘charcoal/raspberry’ addition to the collection. The perfect bra for wearing underneath a LBD on a night out, the Tempt Me really boosts your assets and your confidence for a divine shape, super uplift and a crackling cleavage. What’s not to love?

The Entice, which only arrived in Autumn/Winter 2012’s black and champagne a few short weeks ago, is now available in this stunning ‘ivory/champagne’ colourway for 2013. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for ladies who like their ‘nude’ bras to be something a little bit special, but also a fabulous option for brides. Someone prepare to take us down the aisle, quick!

For those of you eager to check out the new swimwear line, since the range is pretty large this season I’ve picked out my three favourites to show you: the Pebble, Horizon and Flirt bikinis.

The ‘Pebble’ set may well be my favourite of the lot. The gorgeously vintage styling, icy cool and fresh polka dot colour way and white, navy and lagoon colour-way makes for a perfect mix of pool-side cool. For ladies who have been yearning for a moulded bikini style up to a J cup, your prayers may well have been answered. This set is also available up to a K cup in the padded balcony style which is based on the best-selling Daily Boost bra.

I’m such a sucker for a ditsy floral print, especially anything that looks remotely like poppies! The ‘Flirt’ set comes in the classic padded balcony style, as well as this fashionable halterneck. The halter set is finished with a cute black frill all along the bottom. I challenge anyone to not make an impact on the sand in this bikini!

Ok, when I said the ‘Pebble’ bikini was my favourite, that might have been a lie. This ‘Horizon’ set, with its gorgeous pin-up chevron stripes in clean red and white is so ‘St Tropez’ it hurts. Red looks amazing on so many skin tones, but not so good with sun burn so one to be worn with a high SPF that’s for sure!

For more pics and information on the upcoming swimwear range, check out the Curvy Kate website.

We can’t believe that Moda is nearly over for another year! Do you have any favourite new styles you can’t wait to get your hands on?

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Curvy Kate Nominated for FOUR UK Lingerie Awards!

It’s not every day your lingerie brand gets nominated for not just one but FOUR UK Lingerie Awards. That makes us the most nominated lingerie brand of the whole competition! Not a bad feat by anyone’s standards I’m sure you’ll agree.

Last year we took home the much-coveted ‘Full Bust Brand of the Year’, which is now proudly sitting in our office for all to see. Winning a UK Lingerie Award gives all of us a real sense of achievement, and a true reflection of our pride in what we do to keep bigger boobs lifted, supported and feeling and looking gorgeous every day.

This year we’re hoping to add to our collection and are in the running for:

UK’s Favourite Lingerie Brand

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Full Bust Bra Brand of the Year

Lingerie Brand of the Year

First of all, on behalf of the whole team here at Curvy Kate I want to say a huge thank you to the lovely people at Lingerie Insight for putting on this amazing, one of a kind awards show; we can’t wait to get our dresses, heels (or suits and boots for the boys here!) and dance the night away. Last year was such a blast and we’re sure we’ll have an awesome night with or without a single award (but we’re hoping to smash all four, of course!)

Secondly, thank you all so much for voting for us to be nominated for the UK’s Favourite Lingerie Brand, perhaps our most honoured category, since it’s chosen by all our gorgeous fans who have proven that Curvy Kate have the best fans and are a brand to watch for the future!

Please keep everything crossed for us and we’ll report following the awards which are hosted in London on the 19th September.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Jehsika Peacock

It’s well and truly time for a huge mug of tea, and Racheal’s talk of a patisserie has got us craving something sweet and delicious!It’s the final interview of the morning, and we still can’t make our minds up on our favourite three girls. Thankfully, it’s not up to us who makes the top five – that’s your job! Have you voted yet?

Let’s hear about the stunning Jehsika Peacock.

Good morning, Jehsika! Could you tell us a bit more about you?

I am quirky and artistic, I love a challenge and am definitely a people person! My confidence oozes when I am striving to complete anything Ive started or any challenge I’m given!
Things that pass through my mind on a regular basis are such things as fashion, travelling, networking, gorgeous lingerie, health and wellbeing and my nursing studies of course!

You sound like a girl after my own heart! Why did you enter the competition?

I entered the competition because I grew up as ‘that girl.’ The one that was always bigger, bustier and curvier than the rest of the girls in school. Admittedly it was difficult until I found who I was as a person and became loud and proud about my body. I wanted to enter to get notice, help and support women with beautiful bodies and lead them in the way of how to flaunt it in the best range of lingerie. We have all experienced feeling out of place but Im here to prove to everyone busty is better and bigger is beautiful!

Sorry – it’s time for the question that every girl hates: why do you think people should vote for you?

If anyone out there has personnally experienced that unsure, nervous or insecure feeling about themselves or know someone who has, which Im positive we all do! Then I’m the lay to vote for! I want to prove to my town, Australia and the world how regular ladies can feel sexy and like a super star by following my lead and  getting out there.

Curvy Kate has provideme with the opportunity to represent all those ladies and I would like to grasp this opportunity with everything I have. I am extremely passionate about happy, healthy and curvy bodies and feel that everyone needs to have the confidence to feel this way.

We are all women with gorgeous curves that need to be showcased!


Do you think Jehsika deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Jehsika Peacock.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Racheal Koschenow

The sun is shining (for now) and we’re beaming over these gorgeous interviews. What beautiful ladies Australia’s Star in a Bra has unearthed! Can we have them all, please?

Next interview of the day is Racheal Koschenow.

Hiya Rach, please could you tell us a bit more about you?

I come from a well known state QLD, and a little town called Ipswich. I took on 3 years doing an apprenticeship and now I am finally a qualified chef, and a good one at that. :) I’m the oldest of three girls in my family, I come from a very unique background being Egyptian. I have lived in 3 different states moving around since I was a baby, its been a journey but an enjoyable one. My goal in life is to open up my own little patisserie cafe and hopefully move up in the world i want.

A chef? Chefs are our favourite people in the World! You’ll have to let us know when your cafe is open and we can pop by for a chocolate eclair! So, why did you enter the competition?

It interested me as soon as I seen the article, knowing not only skinny girls can do all this modelling and what not, but us plus size bigger busted girls. So i just thought i’d give it a go

Why do you think people should vote for you?

In all honest truth, i think if we have the balls to strut our stuff being plus size anyone deserves to win.

But in saying that people should vote for me because i deserve a chance.


Do you think Rachael deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Jehsika Peacock.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Stevie-lee Sutherland

Tomorrow will be a sad day when we’ll have no gorgeous interviews to wake up to, but an exciting day as it’s the last day to cast your votes for your top three girls from our Aussie Star in a Bra top 20!

Next up today is stunning Stevie-lee Sutherland.

Good morning from London! Could you tell us a bit more about you?

My name is Stevie-lee and I am a 21 year old country girl from Tamworth ( Country Music Capital ).
I come from a diverse cultural background, one grandfather is Welsh, the other is Aboriginal, one grandmother is Maori, the other is Australian and I am proud to be each of those. I am a shoe-obsessed, crazy cat lady, shopping fanatic and have a love for photography and being photographed. I am also a very family-orientated person and I would not be here today without the support of my wonderful parents and younger brother.

I was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope when I was 16, in simpler terms meaning i lost consciousness frequently. I then had to have someone with me 24/7 so my father became my carer and my mother had to get a second job to cover the medical expenses. My final school years were hard, I missed so much that I fell behind in everything and had to drop classes. I could no longer play sport, learn to drive and socialise with my friends. I lost everything i took for granted and as i slowly started to lose my naturally tan complexion and put on weight, I no longer wanted anything to do with anyone, did not want anyone to see me looking so horrible.

My Mother was always so comforting and supportive and helped me love my new look. I learnt to love my curves, my wobbly bits, my junk in the trunk :) Last year I had my loop monitor removed from my chest ( similar to a heart monitor, monitored the electricity of my heart ) which left a scar above my left breast. Not the slightest bit was i ashamed of the mark, i flaunted it, anyone who was disgusted in it was not worth my time. It was a constant reminder of my struggle and progress and not long after i stopped taking medication and visiting my doctors and with a positive attitude and outlook on life I am now, only one year later, almost perfectly healthy and happy.

I have started learning to drive again, go for walks of an afternoon and am looking forward to enrolling in University at the end of the year, hopefully one day will have a degree in Special Education, a dream I have always had. My life has just begun and I am going to cherish each and every day.

Wow that’s such an inspirational story! Good for you! Why did you enter the competition?

I entered the competition for the experience, the journey and the opportunites. I am now confident and proud of my body thanks to this competition.  My grandmother showed me the competition last year and told me to try out, at that stage I wasn’t proud of my body, this year i couldnt love it any more! I love Take 5 and as soon as i read that this competition had begun I HAD to enter. I HAD to show every woman that no matter what life has thrown at you, we are ALL beautiful and should be comfortable in our own skin, and should flaunt our curves and set a better example for our younger generations.

Finally, it’s the question that everyone cringes over… Why do you think people should vote for you?

People should vote for me because I love my curves and I love that Curvy Kate celebrates the curvy woman. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to represent a wonderful brand and be the ambassador for curvy women in Australia.


Do you think Stevie-lee deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up this morning we’ll hear from Racheal Koschenow.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Katherine Reynolds

It’s always sad when we get to the end of the day’s interviews, and what a day it has been! We really, really, REALLY can’t pick just three of these gorgeous girls… help!

Here to help us make our decisions is Katherine Reynolds.

Could you tell us a bit more about you?

I’m a girl who likes a little mischief, loves a lot of love, laughs at pretty much everything (sometimes at really inappropriate times), loses all willpower on gooey brownies, raises my half-full 
glass with a whole-hearted cheer, is someone’s reason to smile – and you are mine!

My Mum described me as: “When you were born you were blue and looked like a Shar Pei dog – far too much skin.” (OMG, MUM!) “I loved you darling, but lets say you’ve blossomed.”

My Dad described me as: “Oh, you’re like Cameron Diaz when she falls over all the time.” (Thanks Pops!)

My best friend described me as: “Passionate, loyal, a bit chaotic, thoughtful, makes a mean roast dinner.” (Much better, thank you Lexy!)

I’m an event producer by day (and often by night!) but in ‘my time’ I’m a big ambassador for loving life. I believe in filling each moment with memories and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This kind of lifestyle means I’m often seen dashing from one place to the next, and what comes with me every time? My body (and great supporting undies!) This competition is the THANK YOU it deserves.

No, THANK YOU for entering and helping make this competition what it is! Why did you enter the competition?

I have a confession: turning 30 was a bit scary. There may have even been tears. I wondered what I should be doing and where should I be. Fortunately my family made me this video to celebrate being fab at 30:

So then I decide that I was being completely irrational and set myself challenges. 30, to be exact. Yep, 30 challenges to complete while I’m 30!

One of them is to love myself on the inside and out: I want to shout to the whole world that we only have one body, let’s show it the same love we give to our best friend, after all it’s the one thing that sticks by you through it all.

Being curvy hasn’t held me back, in fact I love my body for what it’s helped me to achieve. Every part of my body could tell a story, and with each story comes a great pair of undies: From sports bras to period pants, from comfy day-wear to mischievous date-nights – having correctly fitting undies will get you further than you think!

You can achieve whatever your little heart wants to – reach for the stars… My stars are the Curvy Kate ones.

‘With each story comes a great pair of undies’ – absolute genius! Last but not least, it’s the question that everyone dreads… Why do you think people should vote for you?

We’re not competing against each other, we’re all real women here to fly the curvy flag, feel good about our figures and help boost what Curvy Kate stands for – to continue to have real people representing a great brand. To enter in the first place is such an achievement – high five ladies!

Sure, I’ve got body hang-ups – we all have – but I try not to let that get in the way. My thighs like to say hi to each other, I lie flat on my bed with a coat hanger down my jeans desperate for them to be pulled over the last bit of wobble, and yes, I can touch my nose with my tongue: No-one is perfect! What makes a person healthy, happy and “normal” is their ability to laugh at themselves, laugh with each other and laugh out loud, even when no-one is watching.

Now, I’m not watching… click “VOTE KATHERINE” and have a little giggle at the moment we just shared at letting our coat-hanger-down-our-jeans secret out of the bag!


Do you think Katherine deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Come back tomorrow for more interviews with our Aussie finalists!

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Jess Conner

When we said these interviews were meant to make choosing  your favourite girls a little easier, we didn’t know how much we’d end up falling in love with them all! I hope reading these won’t be too counter-productive, but hey, it’s still time well spent – who doesn’t want to read about pretty, inspirational girls on the internet?

Next up we have the very gorgeous Jess Conner.

Could you tell us a bit more about you?

Hi there – I am 22 years old and in fourth year at University of Melbourne studying Environmental Science and currently living in Melbourne; graduation is this year which is exciting! I am Australian but moved to Melbourne four years ago from England – loving it and am so happy to be with my family out here.

Fashion is a huge interest for me; many of my friends would happily say I have a heavy shopping addiction! Also love going out and socializing; it’s often difficult to focus completely on the studying… as I am sure other students can relate to! I enjoy exercising too, but only to a certain extent… if it’s raining then its chocolate on the sofa for me!

Why did you enter the competition?

I was out buying my lingerie and saw the advert in the shop window!!! I thought what a fantastic idea and immediately took the flier home, thinking why not give it a go! I must admit it was fun getting together with a friend to take the photos, we laughed so much getting them done I was worried they wouldn’t be good enough!

Until I found Curvy Kate I found it so difficult to buy bras to fit – now I am so comfortable all the time and the swimwear is amazing!! The Curvy Kate bikinis look great on the beach. Also being so tall is another thing that has made buying lingerie difficult – but the back sizes allow for that which I love.

Why do you think people should vote for you?

I think I can relate to a lot of other women out there when I say having a larger bust can be such a hassle!!! When I moved out here to Aus it took me a while to find Curvy Kate but once I found it that was it.. obsessed! I have now learned that the brand originates from the UK; if only I had discovered it while I was living there!

I really would love to be a part of the brand and show people how fabulous they look and how amazing they make you feel; I’m sure I could bring a fun personality to the amazing team already in place. Above all I love that the brand encourages women to flaunt their curves and have a great time doing it!


Do you think Jess deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Katherine Reynolds.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Nadine Toussaint

We’re more than half way through this morning’s interviews, and we’re so stunned at so many of these girls are not only absolutely stunning but amazing personalities and lovely to boot!

Let’s get to know some more of these Aussie babes, next up we have Nadine Toussaint.

Hi Nadine! Why don’t you go ahead and tell us a bit more about you?

About seven years ago we had to make a vision board at work (you know where you make a collage of everything you want in the future), and I stuck things on there that I thought were pretty unattainable: a picture of a chiropractor, places to travel overseas, a hot boyfriend (pretty sure it was David Beckham), an amazing mansion, and a hot car, pictures of friends, and a picture of a chick in a swimsuit (she was there for body inspiration!)…well, I’ve just realised that I have achieved MOST of those things! – the house and car will come later I’m sure, and while my boyfriend doesn’t resemble David Beckham, he is hot! :)

So just having had my 26th birthday and thinking hmmm what have I achieved so far in my life, I can answer with certainty: A LOT!

I’m just about to graduate as a chiropractor, and I couldn’t think of ANYTHING better to be! I’ll get to help people everyday and have fun doing it.

Travel is the best thing anyone can save their money for. My favourite places I’ve been are France and Italy (so far!) With travel comes food…which I love! I will never ‘diet’, I might watch what I eat occasionally, but I love food way too much sacrifice different bits of it. My favourite food is steak, if I could eat a restaurant quality steak once a week for the rest of my life I’d be happy!

I have an amazing and supportive bunch of friends who I love! My girlfriends are all intelligent and beautiful, and successful in their chosen career paths. I can’t forget to mention my family either, they’re so great that I’m really not looking forward to moving out when I finish uni!

Now, what else was on that vision board? Oh yeah- the chick in the bikini…well, I’m in a lingerie modelling competition right now and I never thought that would happen!

There’s one more thing I think I should be honest about…I’m a nerd. I love learning, I love reading, I love documentaries and biographical movies and I secretly lie in bed at night reading wikipedia on my phone clicking from link to link- 2hours I think is the record. Oh and I wont say no to a bit of Star Wars!

So that’s me!

Our favourite kind of curvy girl is a nerdy curvy girl, so you’re in! Why did you enter the competition?

I was thinking about this question a lot last night and I’ve decided that I entered for my boobs. Instead of telling you about how when I was younger I hated my nose, my bum, my thighs, my this and that (which yes as a female I did at one stage!!), I’m going to tell you that the one (two technically) thing I never had issues with was my boobs! They’ve always stuck by me (on me), given me some confidence, and they’re ageing like a good red wine. Now with the help of Curvy Kate they’ve never been better!

I also wanted to get other girls to think about the effects of a badly fitting bra: bad posture, and an unhappy spine!

Oops, it’s time for that difficult question…Why do you think people should vote for you?

Every girl in this competition deserves to win, just for entering. The hardest part is over- for me that was trying not to feel like a loser while taking photos of myself in my undies!

I think I’d represent Curvy Kate well because I’m honest, happy with my body, and love to have a bit of fun!


Do you think Nadine deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Jess Conner.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Cherine Exadactylos

I’m not sure if I can handle all this hotness on a Tuesday morning, but I’m enjoying myself so why not carry on?

Next we have the beautiful Cherine Exadactylos.

Could you tell us a bit more about you?

Hi everyone! My name is Cherine Exadactylos (yes I know it’s a bit of a tongue twister, but I promise if you say every letter you’ll get it right! Haha) I’m 21 years old of Greek Cypriot background and come from the awesome city of Melbourne! I’m currently in my third year studying Psychology and loving it, I’m hoping to continue on and work with young adults.

At first I’m actually quite shy, but given a couple minutes, I’m as bubbly as a bottle of champagne! I feel that being so bubbly and down to earth it allows me to get along with people much easier regardless of their age or background.

I also absolutely love bellydancing and I’m currently in my fourth year of that. There’s just something about it that allows you to relax and have fun, and we all need that in our lives. Aside from that I like all usual things, shopping, catching up with friends, nights out, nights in, you name it!

Most importantly though I believe I have the most supportive and loving family, I have a twin brother whom I look nothing alike! (chalk and cheese you might say), and of course my amazing parents, and extended family and my friends who have all in their own way helped me become the person I am today.

You sound like quite a personlaity! Why did you enter the competition?

I entered Star in a Bra this year because I decided that this year things would change in terms of how I felt about my body and myself and I wanted to show all the curvy girls out there that you don’t need to be stick thin to be a model.

For a very long time I wasn’t very confident or comfortable in my own skin. Seeing images of what media and society portrayed as beautiful seemed to distort my vision, and maturing at a young age I felt like I didn’t fit that image, but slowly I have learnt to absolutely love my curves! I find it disappointing that sizes higher than a size 10 are considered plus size.

I hope that things will change soon because portraying these images and stereotypes don’t contribute in a positive way to young women’s perceptions of themselves. There is no such thing as a perfect body, we all have our lumps and bumps and there is nothing wrong with that.

We’re glad you’ve plucked up the courage to enter this year – and look where your courage has gotten you! Why do you think people should vote for you?

Ohhh this is a hard one! I honestly think that all the girls who have made it to the top 20 are all gorgeous and would make fabulous ambassadors. But I think people should vote for me because I feel like I have a good understanding of what Curvy Kate is about and I know what it feels like to be young and have curves!

I understand how hard it is to find a good, supportive, comfortable bra and not want to be left walking out with a grandma looking bra that does absolutely nothing for my figure. After entering the competition and making the top 20 i actually had a friend tell me that seeing my entry photos gave her some confidence and inspiration to feel herself which really touched me.

As a Curvy Kate ambassador I would try my hardest to promote curves and a positive body image and show all women out there that they too can feel confident in their own skin.


Do you think Cherine deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Nadine Toussaint.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Margaret MacPherson

Well, isn’t this just the most glorious way to start the day? So many stunning, curvy, confident ladies this year! The competition is looking tough, but here (as always) to help you make your decision we have our finalist interviews to help you get to know the girls behind the (amazing!) photos.

Next up we hear from Margaret MacPherson.

Could you tell us a bit more about you?

My name is Margaret, I am 24 years old and currently live in beautiful Brisbane city, Queensland. I am currently working part-time as a marketing and events coordinator for an Aviation Company as well as plus modelling part-time. It has taken me a few years but I have finally made the perfect balance in my life. I have been modelling in the curve industry for almost two years and absolutely love it. I can honestly say nothing has helped my confidence and self esteem more that this role. I know people may look at this and think it’s strange, but ultimately I look at this job as a way of showing women how to embrace what they have and who they are. I love spending time with animals, enjoying lazy Sundays at the beach and take every opportunity I can to travel the world. I have been very lucky in my life to travel to various destinations, having amazing adventures with family and friends. I adore the people in my life and need to thank many of them for supporting me in entering this competition. I have a huge love of all foods and dream of writing a food blog/book sharing recipes from all over the world.

If that’s your dream, why don’t you just go for it and start it up? You never know where in the world it might take you. We’re ready and waiting to subscribe, it sounds like an amazing idea! So why did you enter the competition?

I love what this competition stands for, I also love that it is one of a kind. There are thousands of “modelling competitions” out there and I think it is essential for everyone to know how different this competition is. I believe it is about getting a message out there to women and young ladies not only to be confident with their body shape but also their bust size. I remember being in high school and literally overnight I had developed. Still being young all I could think about is how can I tape this up? As about 98% of the population, I have also had body issues when I was younger which can be incredibly confronting when you are at such a delicate age. I have now overcome these issues and embraced what I have been given, gorgeous natural curves. I entered this competition to spread the word to young girls and women alike to appreciate their different sizes. The first thing we need to remember is that confidence is the sexiest quality women can posses.

It’s that question that everyone finds a little difficult – sorry about that! Why do you think people should vote for you?

That’s a hard question to answer, what makes me a top choice above the other 19 beauties in this competition? I entered this competition in the hope to become an ambassador for Curvy Kate, I love the brand and the values it stands for. Being in the curve industry I understand how special it is to have support from a brand like Curvy Kate, and I believe I share the same values and beliefs. I am confident, positive and feel like an everyday Curvy Kate girl. I am absolutely delighted to be selected in the top 20 and want to thank everyone who has voted more me so far.


Do you think Margaret deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Cherine Exadactylos .

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Mindy Reading

Are you ready for more curve-loving action? Don’t worry, we still have a generous handful of gorgeous girls just dying to share their stories with you.

Next in line is gorgeous Mindy Reading.

Hello lovely lady, could you tell us a bit more about you?

I am a 2nd year Nursing Student at the University of Canberra, when I finish my Nursing degree I hope to then continue on and do Midwifery. I’ve always had a place for people in my life, I come from a large family with 4 older siblings and 14 nieces and nephews! So I’ve always enjoyed big events, birthdays, Christmas etc. This is also where my love for people came from, I hope when I finish my degree and get some experience up my sleeve to travel overseas and put my skills to good use with people who really need it.

What a kind-hearted girl you are! We love when our finalists have beauty and brains. Why did you enter the competition?

When I saw Julia win last year I was so happy that there was something out there that helped support a positive body image as well as supply well fitting bras to women who really needed it. I really wanted to enter that year but at the time I did not feel as though I could do it. Being very overweight my self esteem was at an all time low, I think it was this competition that really kicked off my weightloss journey. I remember talking to my mum about entering but never did, I said what I said about everything “i’ll do it next time, after I’ve lost a little weight”. Well, this time Star in a Bra came round and I had lost 30kgs, I’d gone from a size 18-20 (in bottoms) to a 14. I didnt have an excuse! Believe me, I’m no skinny mini, I still eat cake! I talked with my a few family members some said I shouldn’t do it, others told me to do it! With that I decided that I’d enter and if I didnt make it everyone would be none the wiser! and then I made Top 20! so there is a grand prize right there! I felt that I needed to enter this competition to share with Australia what Curvy Kate had done for me and many girls around the world!

Congratulations on your weight loss, you look fabulous! Why do you think people should vote for you?

Every girl who made the Top 20 and even the girls that didn’t make Top 20 deserve to win! I feel as though if you are wearing Curvy Kate and you feel absolutly gorgeous while wearing it then you are a Star in a Bra! I would LOVE to win Star in a Bra, I would LOVE to get peoples votes so I could continue to share Curvy Kate with Australia and the world.


Do you think Mindy deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Margaret MacPherson.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Olivia Brandle

You’ll all be glad to hear that despite the rain yesterday afternoon I braved the ‘English Summer’ and popped to Hyde Park to watch the Olympics on the big screens, and it only rained… a lot.

Not to worry, let’s get the sun shining with our gorgeous Star in a Bra Australia girls – who know much more than me about gorgeous weather!

Up next is the lovely Olivia Brandle.

Could you tell us a bit more about you?

I am fascinated by society and culture and am currently studying a dual degree in Arts/Social Sciences at the University of Queensland. This is my first year as I dabbled around in beauty therapy (I wanted to be a makeup artist) and Millinery (hat making/designing). Overcoming a decade of eating disorders and a fragile self esteem has made it possible to move on to helping others.

I really enjoy counseling others in times of need and seeing the drastic difference a compassionate observer can make. I am also a vegetarian and animal lover, so I guess I’m a fashion-loving hippy :) I started my own vegan product webpage, emailing hundreds of companies, to provide a comprehensive list of companies that don’t test on animals and separating them into vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free. I like to find happiness in all kinds of places, whether it’s something more frivolous, like finding a new vegan lipstick (or a flirty new curvy kate set), or reading an inspirational animal rescue story.

Why did you enter the competition?

I struggled from age 11 with self-destructive body issues until a short time after my 20th birthday. This year in particular has let me become comfortable and self accepting; it’s a great feeling embracing your body and accepting flaws. Who knew self acceptance was so freeing!

I believe I would make an excellent role model for girls and women of any age as I have a natural appearance and confidence that comes with self-acceptance. I have so much admiration for women who defiantly stand up for those who.

Curvy Kate is an excellent example of a company that has targeted a minority and given us options and support (both practical and pretty!). Curvy Kate is the most unique lingerie company I have come across as they not only have models with healthy figures, their sizes range from small to plus sized. They include girls outside the standard size range a beautiful selection of underwear that making them feel beautiful, as they should. With healthy women feeling the need to be thinner I think it is wonderful that there is finally a brand that caters to a range of sizes from tiny to larger, demonstrating body acceptance and beauty in all sizes.

In the past I felt condemned and discriminated against for being slightly larger (about an au 16) and I am the first to stand up to anyone who can’t appreciate beauty in numerous forms.

Why do you think people should vote for you?

I have a deep and personal understanding of body image issues and crying in changing rooms as a teenager because no clothes fit properly. Having a brand like Curvy Kate available when I was 14 would have made me feel a little less like the only person with underwear and clothing struggles. I have a vibrant personality and a genuine nature and I feel this shows through my photos and would represent Curvy Kate lingerie in a fun and positive way. If I have the chance to represent Curvy Kate I will ensure that any interviews would reflect not only my high views of the company but also my personal understanding of body image struggles in order to reach out to other women and show them that positive change is possible.


Do you think Olivia deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Mindy Reading.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Caitlin Judd

It’s our final interview of the day, and don’t we all just feel so much warmer and fuzzier inside? Such a stunning group of girls, and that’s only the first batch!

Last but by no means least we have the amazing Caitlin Judd.

Hello Caitlin, please could you tell us a bit more about you?

My name is Caitlin, I am 23 years old and I hail from the best city in the world – Melbourne! I am a Marketing Coordinator and I have spent the majority of the last two and half years studying and working over in Miami, Florida. I am a lover of art, dance, travelling, good food and wine and I am definitely not afraid to have my daily fix of chocolate!

I am excited to be a part of the Curvy Kate crusade and I feel strongly about women being portrayed in such a positive way, no matter what the arena.

well that’s what it’s all about! Why did you enter the competition?

There are a few reasons why I entered this competition. I think this is a unique experience and a fantastic opportunity for those that feel passionate about the brand and who want to represent regular women.

I love that Curvy Kate look to their customers to find the right models for their lingerie. I truly believe, from a personal (and marketing) point of view, consumers are able to relate better to a brand and a product when they can relate to the person wearing them! It can often be unrealistic using the same women, with the same body types to sell something that does in fact come in such a wide variety of sizes.

Also, purchasing DD+ bras can be a pain, and I live for the day when it is as easy as buying milk! In saying that, it has definitely improved over the last few years, especially with great online sites and boutique stores dedicated to busty women. I would eventually love to see the large department stores in Australia as well as other countries fully stock lingerie for busty women and encourage fittings. Having lived in the States, it’s even harder to find them over there. There are a few underwear chains that seem to think we can all squeeze in to the one size!

Us busty women are conquering the world, one cleavage at a time! Finally, why do you think people should vote for you?

All of the girls are absolute beauties and deserving of a win, but I would love people to vote for me because I believe I have a true understanding of what the Curvy Kate brand is all about.

As a Curvy Kate girl, I would make an effort to encourage positive body imagery among young women. I know many women that struggle with their bodies and I think one contributing factor is the media and brands that present us with stereotypes and an unrealistic expectation of what we all should look like. I feel strongly about clothing companies utilising real women with varied body types and we need to encourage and bring forward beautiful, smart, strong and healthy women (that don’t mind eating a big lunch!) to represent brands.

Oh, and I think we need a blondey to stand next to the two dark headed babes from the US & UK, Krista and Sophie!


Do you think Caitlin deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Sophie Shaw

My plans way not have been thwarted after all, as the clouds have started to divide and the sun is shining again! Let’s hope this holds up!

It has been such a busy day in Curvy Kate HQ, but we’ve always got time to hear from beautiful, inspirational ladies.

Next up is the stunning Sophie Shaw.

Hello lovely, please could you tell us a bit more about you?

Hi guys, my name is Sophie Shaw, I’m 21 years old and currently studying a Bachelor of Sports Journalism. I wear a 10G bra and I’m a very happy and confident size 12. If I was to describe myself in three words I’d say:  driven, opinionated and grounded. I’m a big believer in building a successful career, having freedom of speech and being independent. I’ve grown up in a family of six:  Mum, Dad and three older sisters – so it’s fair to say bras and boobs are not uncommon around my household!

My inspiration behind pursuing a career in Sports Journalism comes from both my passion for playing sport, and my love of news and current events. Being in front of a camera may also play a part! From the age of three I have participated in numerous amounts of sport, and still to this day I am a very competitive netballer- which explains my athletic body type. I love nothing more than heading to the MCG on a Friday night for a good game of footy, or looking after the most important man in my life – my 2 year old nephew :)

You sound like quite the busy bee! I’ve not played netbell since my school days, and it’s always something I’d love to try again! Why did you enter the competition?

 I’ve never been one to shy away from anything which is therefore why I entered myself in this competition – along with the wonderful support of my family and close friends. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m so confident in the body I’ve been given, as every woman has had their troubles. I went through my teenage years having extremely large breasts compared to others my age, and as many of my fellow contestants would know – you can try and hide them all you want but sometimes it’s just not possible. I developed what I call a ‘very womanly figure’ at about the age of 15 – large breasts, thin waist and big hips (the big bum came with that package too!). At the start I hated it, every girl wants to be thin and ‘perfect’ and society makes you feel you should be. But then I hit a stage when I realised that ‘thin’ is not perfect. Not one body type is perfect – and I started to pride myself on this curvaceous, athletic figure that I had been given. I was healthy and fit, and I still am.

So I entered this competition to highlight the need for more content, curvaceous and proud girls. I want more girls to feel it’s ok to say, “yes, I feel good and I look great!”

We have all had our issues but no one should ever feel the need to hide away. What world do we live in if one cannot simply admit they are happy with their physical characteristics without being classified as vain? I want to inspire more women – young and old, short tall lean or voluptuous  – to know that it is ok to really love yourself like I’ve learnt to.

Amen to that! Why do you think people should vote for you?

Throughout this process, I really hope that I’ve been able to send out a good message and one that can really resonate with people. I think you should vote for me simply because I’ve demonstrated such a passion for this cause. I want to help in promoting a happy and positive message, and I would truly be honoured to represent all the curvy bums, boobs, hips and everything else in between, around the world!


Do you think Monique deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Caitlin Judd.

Star in a Bra Australia top twenty: Monique McKenzie

Ahhh, at last we have blue skies again. These girls really are working their magic!

Next in line for today we have the amazing Monique McKenzie.

Hello Monique! Could you tell us a bit more about you?

Hey Curvy Kate girls!

This is Monique and I was lucky enough to make the Top 20 for Star in a bra :)

Im a 30 year old Sydney girl, working in banking, I also have 2 gorgeous dogs (husky and a labrador) and am blessed enough to have beautiful family and friends in my life

So about me… My favourite thing in the world to do is sup paddleboard yoga – i feel the most at peace in ocean!

I also love sewing, drawing and all things creative (I have a little bit of bohemian in me lol!) Im hoping to start my own swimwear line in the near future

I believe in focusing on the positives in life and enjoying myself no matter what Im doing. I guess I would say my motto in life is if your healthy, happy and confident the world is your oyster.. (and of course I absolutely love oysters yum!)

That sounds like quite an impressive life mantra, and one that we’d like to think we follow, too! Why did you enter the competition?

I entered Star in a Bra because I love everything Curvy Kate represents and stands for.

Ive always struggled to find clothes, bras, swimwear to fit and after I bought my first Curvy Kate bra 18 months ago I fell in love with the brand – it fit me and was so pretty!!

In the past I have had difficulty with my self confidence, I let outside factors and other people affect how I viewed myself. After some health issues and a big break up last year I began to fall into a downward spiral.. l I put on weight, felt rejected and was not myself.

Luckily enough I have amazing family and friends who were there for me and one day I just said to myself this is enough and focused all my energy into being the best me I could be… I lost 14kgs, worked on my self confidence and chose to be happy, healthy and confident – best decision Ive ever made!

This competion promotes health, inner and outer beauty and the magic of being a D+ woman and it was something I wanted to be a part of, I have to say Im loving every minute!

And before you think you’d gotten away with everyone’s least favourite question… Why do you think people should vote for you?

Well thats a tough one, all the girls are so beautiful inside and out. But I think people should vote for me because I and a real life Curvy Kate girl!

I how hard it is to have a larger bust.. you cant just go out for a run without a sports bra, crop top and a workout singlet, I know the struggle before I discovered curvy kate of just wanting pretty bras like everyone else and having to come home from the shops with a beige “grandma” style thick strapped bra because thats the only style thats fits and I know its not easy to finally see yourself as beautiful but I have Im comfortable and happy with my shape, my life and now my bras, and I would love to have the opportunity to represent such a wonderful group of women. :)


Do you think Monique deserves your vote? You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page.

Next up we’ll hear from Sophie Shaw.