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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Sophie Morgan

And we’re on our final interview of this years UK competition…can you believe it?

Our tenth and final interview is with the beautiful Sophie Morgan.

Hi Sophie! So, you know the drill…tell our readers all about you!

Well my name is Sophie Morgan,  I’m 20 years old, 21 in August and I am an English student at Sussex University but I’m originally from Guernsey which is in between France and England, although unfortunately I don’t speak any French! I think a lot of people assume we do…people also get it confused with Jersey. We do still have our own cows, like Jersey – ours are white and brown all over with lovely eyelashes!

Yep, I thought that you would speak French AND that it was only Jersey that had their own cows, oops! What size do you wear?

Well I thought I was a 32G, but I’ve been measured recently at a 30H, so I think I’m somewhere between the two.

I think it’s quite common for people to be in between sizes, so you’re not alone! Where do you normally get fitted?

There is a great department store in Guernsey called Creaseys, and they’re great for fitting and they’ve been so lovely when it comes to me being in the competition. They’ve been posting links and I went it for a photo shoot – they’ve just been so helpful and wonderful.

They sound fantastic! So how does it feel to be through to the top ten, and how did you react?

Oh my gosh, I cried when I found out! I was at work at the time and so I didn’t get the email – it went live before I got the email, so I was refreshing all the time, and at first the top thirty girls were covered by adverts…and then I popped up! It was the most elating feeling ever, it was wonderful. And again with the top ten, it was unbelievable. I had no idea how I was doing, so to get through was just a relief and I was just so happy, as was my Mum.

Oh bless you! How have your loved ones reacted?

It makes me so happy to see her so proud. She’s a busty lady as well, and she’s always tried to convince me to embrace it. When you’re younger there are all these issues with body confidence and I had to get used to my figure, but having someone like my Mum around has really boosted my confidence, so she’s so proud and happy that I’m through. I have been so overwhelmed with the response with everyone. I imagined some people could be sceptical about it but everyone has just been amazing. I’ve had so much support from friends and family and everyone who have been getting other to vote all around the world…and having the Guernsey press support me so much and to take a real interest, is just so cool! My boyfriend actually convinced me to enter and he took the photos for me, and he’s just so laid back with everything and he supports me with whatever I want to do…I thought he’d find it a little strange but he doesn’t! I think he gets a little tired hearing from other people about his girlfriend but really he’s just so laid back, he’s wonderful.

Wow, it sounds like you have a really supportive team behind you! How did you feel before the shoot?

So nervous! I was also so excited, especially after looking at yesterdays photos and seeing how wonderful everyone looked, but it’s very different being in front of the camera and it’s not something I’m really used to. I’m into photography myself so I’m used to being behind the camera instead of in front, so it was quite scary. But by the end of it, it was amazing and I could have carried on all day.

And after?

Really good. Really really good! It just takes time getting used to it above all else, and it’s always going to be difficult because you’re always going to look at and pick out things that you find wrong with yourself – everyone is their own worst critic. But everyone is just so happy and relaxed, it’s kind of impossible to feel uncomfortable here.

Well I’m glad we’re doing something right! What were the worst and best parts of the shoot?

Teaching myself to smile! I have real problems about my teeth and I’m really self conscious of them…but when you see the pictures on the camera, you look very different to how it is in real life and the problem is me getting over my own issues and it’s definitely worth it, I wonder what all the fuss was about! And the best? Well the sweets and chocolate were amazing! But no, the best thing was meeting Lizzie – she was such an inspiration for me, and just being able to meet all the other girls and everyone at Curvy Kate has been so wonderful. And of course, being made to feel so special!

Do you have problems finding clothes and lingerie to fit your curves?

Absolutely. Luckily now it’s getting easier to find bras that actually are attractive like Curvy Kate, there are brands out there catering for us but I still struggle with clothing. Strapless clothing is almost impossible. And backless! And I think it’s such a shame there aren’t more items out there catering for us. And with clothes, if you have something that just flows over your boobs, it can be so unflattering and clothes these days are designed for much more athletic figures and there needs to be more popular brands and designers taking into account the different body shapes and sizes. Every woman is unique and it should be celebrated and brands could make a much better effort when it comes to curves.

Definitely! Why did you decide to enter?

After looking at the competitions over the last few years…I didn’t have the confidence to enter last year but I’ve changed and grown up and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve become more confident and now I feel if I’m going to do something like this, then why not? If you don’t enter and try, you’ll never know. When I was travelling in India I got very poorly with a bug and lost about two stone and it made me realise I wasn’t meant to be that small. I’ve got my curves back and it wasn’t healthy, and I didn’t feel like me. So I’ve gained the weight and the confidence and I feel like I should again.

Glad to hear you’re healthy again and that you’ve got your beautiful curves back. Do you have any advice for people considering entering?

Just do it, absolutely! And don’t look back. I was nervous and scared, and everyone is at some point but there’s no reason to be. If you do it, you’ll just feel amazing about yourself and everyone deserves to feel that way, so just do it.

Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

I really like the Tease Me, especially the one I wore in my entry shots and the blue that I wore today. And the red version coming out! It’s so beautiful. I also love the Lottie, I really do love it.

I am counting down the days for that set to come out! For you, what would be the best part about winning?

Well the lingerie and the trip to the Paris show would be nice! But actually it would be quite sentimental for me. Just with everything that’s happened so far with the competition, I’ve had young girls come up to me and say that they love what I’m standing for. And you know, it’s not just about lingerie and photo shoot – it’s so much more than that. It’s about the people who have been in the same position and had the same hang ups, for those people to recognise you and feel I’m doing something for them. I’ve had girls talk to me and people smiling on the bus at me all because of the competition and it’s so overwhelming, and to just be a part of that would be wonderful. To be that person who makes a difference, even if it’s to one person. And girls should be able to get together and feel good about themselves and others and although this is a competition, everyone supports each other and that’s really good.

Good for you Sophie. And what do you think about companies using ‘normal’ girls as models?

It’s amazing. It shouldn’t be amazing, it should just be normal and happen all the time, but it is amazing to us because we don’t see it on a regular basis and I think the more we can persuade companies and the media to do it, the better.

I couldn’t agree more. The last question and don’t hate me for it! Why do you think you should win?

All of the girls are so beautiful and all deserve to win, when it comes down to it we all have a one in ten chance and whatever happens, I will be happy! But I do believe that I have the passion, the confidence and the brains not just to model Curvy Kate, but to live and breathe everything that it stands for. The last few weeks have been tumultuous but so, so positive, and i have learnt a lot about myself and the things I want to stand for. Because of the competition, people have been listening to what I have to say, reading the things I write and actually acknowledging that we NEED society to present more varied body types to women and young girls. We need this shift in social mindset so that we can bring forth a generation of strong, confident women, with the guts to take the power back from the media and the fashion industry who have made us feel so unworthy, and stand up and be counted!

Having experienced really low times because of my self-image in the past, coming out of it to find myself here, in my pants, laughing and smiling and showing off my body to the world, has been one of the most positive things I have ever done…I just want the opportunity to be involved in anything that can make other women and young girls like me feel the same way, and realise that beauty is all about how you feel..not how you look!

Good luck Sophie!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!


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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Abby Russell

Can you believe it, we’re onto our penultimate interview…how did that happen?!

This time we speak to the delightful Abby Russel!

Hi Abby!


So, once again, why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

My name is Abby Russel, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Scotland although I’m currently studying musical theatre at PPA in Guildford.

So that would explain all the singing and dancing and doing the splits! What size are you, and were you refitted here at the shoot?

I’m a 30HH and no, I knew my size beforehand.

Where do you normally get fitted?

Good old Bravissimo back home in Aberdeen, Scotland!

Good old Bravissimo! Have you ever modelled before?

Nope, this is my first time! I suppose the only other experience would be my acting head shots, and that’s just a range of facial expressions!

Have you always been a curvy girl?

Yeah, it actually runs in our family. My Mum is a curvy girl, and my cousin Alex is the same bra size as me but she’s also really petite so she looks huge up top! So yeah, I’ve always had that curvy image and surrounded by curvy women in my life.

An impressive gene pool then! So how have your loved ones reacted?

They’ve all been so excited and I’ve had some really nice comments when I got through, from people I’ve not spoken to in years from the school and the like, people saying I was an inspiration. It’s been so nice to hear and such a comfort. And then there were the boys, with all their joking around, but that’s to be expected and hey, thanks to them for the support! My Dad has even been great, getting everyone at his work to vote for me! But you know it’s a different message, even thought I am in my underwear, it’s a positive one, so everyone has just been great and is really proud of me.

Ah, boys never get over it! And how did YOU react?

I was so excited, and I was with my flat mate, refreshing the page every minute just waiting. I’d just gotten out of the shower so I was freezing cold and wet!

That doesn’t sound fun! So how does it feel to be a part of the top ten?

It’s so cool you know, there were so many people entering this year and I just can’t stop thinking ‘wow, I made it through’, it’s just one of those experiences where me and the other girls are thinking we’re so glad we went for it. I can’t really get over it. You know for the judges and the public to vote for me? That’s awesome. You forget that when it comes to the public, absolute strangers want to show their support and vote for me, it’s so cool!

Yep, it was our busiest year yet, so it’s quite an achievement to get through! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Well before I was pretty nervous about getting behind the camera, and I didn’t really know what I was doing! But once I got here it was fine! I felt really comfortable and I’m really pleased with myself. I’m quite proud with how I’ve coped with it all – considering how nervous I was – and I’d definitely come back and do it all again.

Well hopefully you will get that chance again! Have you struggled in the past with finding clothes and lingerie for your curves?

Ugh, yes! It was such a revelation, when I found Bravissimo I just started singing “oh they stock my size, yeah!”, because you know, it’s such a pain especially because of all the dancing I do – I have to wear a sports bra 24/7, and some of the other girls will complain because they’re a D cup and I just want to shout “you don’t even know what it’s like!”. And I do have a lot of back and shoulder problems, again made worse by the dancing so it’s kind of hard, but it’s the way that I am and I can’t change things!

A sports bra all day every day? How do you cope?! So why did you decide to enter the competition?

Well it was really my Mum who pointed it out to me. I’ve always had her as a really positive role model for me and she really encouraged me to just go for it, and she’s always told me to be true to myself. So she convinced me to do it, and this past year I’ve really come to terms with myself and how I look, so it seemed the right time to enter. There’s a song by Beyonce called ‘Flaws and All’, and it’s so true.

Sounds like you have a great role model there, do you have any advice for people considering entering Star In A Bra?

Definitely go for it, because you never know what’s going to happen. And the thing is, when you look at yourself you kind of downplay how beautiful you are, and it kind of takes outsiders to show you how beautiful you are, and how inspiring you can be, but sometimes we all need that boost. And you’ve got to think, not everyone would put themselves up for something like this, so the fact that you’re even considering it…just do it! It’s totally worth it.

Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

I loved the blue Thrill Me I wore in my entry pictures, that’s a favourite, and I really love Caribbean Curves, because I LOVE a bit of leopard print.

I loved those entry pictures, the blue really suits you! What are your thoughts on companies like Curvy Kate using customers like yourself as models?

I love it because when you’re looking at the catalogue, you see it and you see the products and you can imagine how it’ll actually look on you. That’s what normal girls look like and it really grinds my gears with the whole size zero debate. Yes, some people are that size naturally, but the majority aren’t and I want to see girls who look like me modelling the products I want to buy.

That’s what we like to hear! What would be the best part about winning? You can say the free underwear!

The free underwear, big time! It gets so expensive, so that would be a good clause! No, but it’d be great just to be a representative of curvy women, it’d be really cool to be a part of that. I’ve always been a curvy girl and I love it, and I want other women to feel that way about themselves.

And so they should! So what does it mean to you to be a part of Star In A Bra?

I feel really proud of myself, you know? I think back to two years ago, even last year, and I never would have done something like this and there is no way that today I would have been so confident and comfortable with myself. But you know what? Today I am. I’ve grown up and learned to love myself and it’s so nice, and it’s nice for other people to notice it about me.

Good for you Abby. Just one last question, the nasty one! Why do you think you should win?

I should win because I have great hair!

That’s very true, I’m very jealous!

Only joking! Seriously though, I think I should win because I want to be a representative for curvy women in society because I feel really confident with myself, and even though we all have flaws, they all make us different and they’re just a part of who we are. They make us unique and you should embrace that, and your curves. It means you’ll enjoy life more. And my motto is embrace your curves and embrace life!

Good luck Abby!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Hattie Bland

And before you’ve even had a morning tea break, it’s onto the third interview of the day! We’ll have earned a tea after all of these.

Coming up, we speak to the stunning Hattie Bland!

Good morning Hattie! So, you know what to do…lets start with you telling your readers all about you…

Hello again! I’m Hattie, I’m 20 and from Huntingdon and I work in HR. I thought I was a 34F…

Ah, we got our hands on you and now you’re a different size?

Yep, I’m now a 32G!

Have you always been quite busty?

Well when I was about 12 I was already a C cup, so I have always had quite big boobs, and I’ve always struggled to find bras that are pretty. I mean, you go to some shops and they might have a lot in your size but more often than no they’re just awful – they don’t make you look sexy at all, so with Curvy Kate out there it’s fabulous!

That’s what we like to hear! So tell us about you entering…why you entered, how you reacted when you found out you got in…

Well I mean I entered as a bit of fun and really didn’t think I’d get through, so when I found out I was in the top thirty I was ecstatic. I almost cried, and so did my Mum bless her! And then getting through to the top ten? I did try quite hard to get through with campaigning for votes. Before I didn’t realise quite how much I wanted it, but I was so SO happy when I did and to be here is just such an experience. I’ve had so much fun, it’s been great.

And how did I react? I screamed, basically! I was at work at the time, and just ran into the lunch room saying ‘oh my God’ over and over. I was so happy! And then I rang my Mum and had to sit in my car and try and contain myself. I couldn’t believe it – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and SUCH a confidence boost, so I’m just so happy.

Bless your Mum! How have your loved ones reacted?

Well my Mum initially did my photos, which she loved. I’ve never seen her so excited before, and my Dad has been great and just all my friends and family; I’ve had so much support from everyone on Facebook, everyone has just been fantastic and so supportive. Mum and Dad have especially been great, they’re so proud. Even my Grandad has signed up to Facebook just to vote for me, and he’s in his 80’s!

That’s amazing! So how did you feel before and after the shoot?

This morning I was really just so nervous, trying to eat my breakfast was quite hard! But then I got here and everyone was so welcoming and I instantly felt so much better just getting stuck into everything. I found it quite hard to sleep last night, it was like Christmas. And now I feel so amazing. It’s been such a massive confidence boost, and after today I feel incredible, although quite tired! It’s a long day but a really good one, but I feel so privileged to be here and a part of it.

Honestly it never gets old hearing people talk so fondly about the competition, it’s such a comfort. What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

The worst part…there wasn’t really one, that’s a hard question! Probably the poses; standing in the same position for a long time and holding your stomach in, it kills your back a bit! I mean, I can’t really say there’s been a ‘worst part’ because it’s all been really enjoyable, but the posing and being in a constrained position in a bit hard. The pictures all look really natural and easy but when you’re actually doing it, it’s really hard work!

And the best part? Oh my goodness, the whole day! Wearing the absolutely gorgeous underwear and meeting the lovely girls and all you lot at Curvy Kate…it’s just been an incredible, once in a life time experience.

Yeah, I don’t envy you with the posing there! My cheeks would hurt as well from all the big smiles! Do you have any favourite sets after today?

The Emily in black is absolutely gorgeous. When I first saw it I didn’t know whether I’d like it as I’m used to moulded cups, but I tried it and I’m in love. I also loved the Tempt Me in pink, it’s lovely and I love the thong.

You can’t beat the Emily. And I definitely want to go home with that colour Tempt Me, a favourite of mine. So what do you think about companies such as Curvy Kate using their customers as models?

I think it’s really great because it promotes good body images and it takes people away from feeling bad about themselves. It lets women know they can eat what they want and enjoy their food but still look beautiful and not have to worry about their figure. The average catwalk model is not what normal women on the high street look like and Curvy Kate really capture the average woman. They’re making women feel better about themselves and the competition is showing us these gorgeous women that just have normal figures, it’s great.

Do you have any advice for people thinking of entering next year? Or our US/Australian competitions?

I think the biggest piece of advice I have is to just be yourself and be confident – don’t worry if you have a bit of flab here and there or what your boobs look like, because each and everyone of us is absolutely beautiful and you should flaunt it. Even if you’re having doubts, definitely just enter because you never know where it’ll go; you could even up at the photo shoot or even winning. Just be yourself and flaunt it!

Those are some good words of advice! What does it mean to you to be a part of the competition?

It means so much to me. When I first uploaded my photos I just did it for fun and I didn’t think much more of it…but now I’m here it means the world to me. It’s become a huge part of my life and I’m never going to have an opportunity like this in my life. So yeah, it does mean a lot to me and to win would just be incredible!

And what would be the best part about winning? You can say the free lingerie…

Of course the free underwear! But seriously, being able to model for such an amazing company and to be able to show everyone out there that you can look curvy and fabulous. I just think the whole experience would be incredible and the confidence boost would be amazing.

Just one last question Hattie, and I bet you’re going to be glad to see the back of this one! Why do you think you should win?

I think I should win because I feel I can represent the average woman with curves and big boobs, and show the world that they’re sexy and beautiful. I can prove you don’t have to be mega skinny to be a model – you CAN have massive boobs and beautiful curves and still be beautiful, whilst still wearing gorgeous underwear!

Good luck Hattie!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Jade Emery

We haven’t even finished our breakfasts and we’re onto the second interview of the day…that’s dedication!

Next up we hear from the lovely Jade Emery!

Hi Jade! So yo’re probably quite sick of this question…why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

Hi I’m Jade! I’m 22 and a student at the Arts University in Bournemouth studying Make-up, but I only have a few more weeks left at Uni! I’m going to be so sad to finish, have loved it! I am orginally from a small town called Ilfracombe in North Devon. I’m a typical country girl, love the countryside and everything it has to offer. When I’m home my two most favourite things to do are horse riding and days down the beach.

A girl after my own heart! You had to do the same train journey as me then and leave sunny Bournemouth although luckily it’s stopped raining here, finally! What sizes do you wear, and were you refitted at the shoot?

I’m a size 14 and wear a size 34G, and nope – I’m still the same size!

Where do you normally get fitted?

The only place I have been fitted was Marks and Spencer – a long long time ago – and I’m pretty sure they told me I was a crazy size!

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Marks and Spencer sizing! So, how does it feel to be a part of the top ten?

It is just so surreal! I still cant believe it, have had a permanant smile on my face for the last few weeks!

That’s the nicest thing to hear! How have your loved ones reacted to the good news?

They have been absolutly amazing, I’ve had so much support and so many lovely comments, it means a lot to know how many good people I have in my life. At first my Mum was a little bit unsure of the whole thing, now she’s taken over my Facebook homepage with pictures of me, telling every person shes ever met to vote for me!

Aw bless her! We can imagine it can be a bit daunting at first to think her daughters pictures are going to be all over the internet, but now she sounds like your number one fan, bless her! And how did YOU react?

When I found out I just skipped around the house calling everyone I could think off!

Hopefully your phone bill won’t be too bad! So how did you feel before and after the shoot?

Before the shoot I had a three hour train journey and the whole journey I was shaking and for some reason was really really nervous! But as soon as I walked onto set I was welcombed by hugs and smiles, straight into hair and make-up and was instantly at ease. After the shoot I felt on top of the world and so chuffed at what I had just been part off. Such a great day!

Ah I know that train journey all too well! I’m so sad it’s over so quickly, we should definitely be allowed more time at the shoots to just hang out. What were the best and worst parts of the shoot? Hopefully nothing too horrendous…

The best part was trying something that I have never done before and meeting loads of lovely people! The goody bags were just the icing on top of the cake, I felt so spoilt. Worst part of the day was having to leave and go home.

I’m always sad at the end of the day, so God only knows what you girls must feel like! I’m always really jealous of your goody bags too! DO you have problems with sizing when it comes to clothing and lingerie?

Definitely, especially clothes! I find they can be such an issue – tops and dresses always come up tighter around my bust and can ristrict me from many outfits! I do feel that with having a bigger bust it is hard to find pretty tops and dresses that don’t give off the wrong impression with my cleavege so I tend to cover up more.

I don’t think you’re alone there – we don’t always want to have a cleavage on show, but it can be pretty hard to hide! So why did you decide to enter?

I was going through a bit of a rough patch with my body confidence. An ex boyfriend had told me that I needed to change and generally made me feel bad about how I looked, so as soon as I saw the advert I thought ‘that’s perfect and just what I needed!’ I was NOT expecting to get into the top 30 at all!

I think your ex is a bit infamous now…and ever though what he said to you was horrible and wrong, at least you’ve benefited from it by entering the competition and getting this far, that’ll teach him! Do you have any advice for people wanting to enter next year?

Just go for it! Make a night of it, get your friends together, have a pamper night and just have fun with it. It will definatly show through in your photos!

Good advice! Do you have any favourite Curvy Kate sets?


I do love the Tease me in blue which I wore for one of my shots! But my true favourite is Fleurty which I got to try on set and took home!

The Fleurty is my new favourite, it’s SO beautiful…you have good taste! What would be the best part about winning?

The confidence boost I would get with winning would be out of this world! And getting to be part of the Curvy Kate family 

So it sounds like you’re pretty passionate about the competition, what does it mean to you to be a part of it? It’s been bigger and more popular than ever, so it’s certainly an achievement to get this far!

It makes me feel so special and I am so grateful to have been a part of it!

And we’re grateful to have you here Jade! How do you feel about companies such as Curvy Kate using girls like yourself – the customer – to model and represent them?

I think it’s such a positive. And moving forward with the times – women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Why not show it through brands like Curvy Kate?

Just one last question Jade, and I’m afraid it’s the one everyone hates me for, sorry! Why do you think you should win?

I feel that I represent a shape that isn’t so common in the world of underwear models! So if women can relate to me and my curves and feel that I represent the brand well, then it would be a dream to model for curvy kate and carry on being a role model.

Good luck Jade!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Alice Rose Rayman

Another day of interviews, another day closer to the end of voting! Still haven’t made up your mind? We have five more interviews for you, to help sway you.

Starting us off today is the gorgeous Alice Rose Rayman!

Hi Alice! So, you know what to do…start by telling our readers all about you!

Well my name is Alice Rose Rayman, I’m 22 years old and I come from Epsom Downs – it’s a tiny little place. I’m a size 32K up top, size 12 down below and I work part time at Marks And Spencer and part time as a freelance drama assistant.

Our first K cup! Where do you normally get fitted?

I have a lovely little shop in Banstead high street called D’Braz and I swear to you, they are amazing! The girls in there are amazing. In fact it was a girl called Louise who works there sent me the link to enter Star In A Bra and I thought ‘sod it, I’m going to do it!’

We like the sounds of this shop! Have you always had a big bra size?

I’ve been steadily on the up since I was about 13, 14. I started off at a healthy C cup and they just kept going…I have just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger! I don’t think they’re ever going to stop! I’ve been a K cup for about a year now, and I think it’s only fair I stop at a K!

You are a stereotypical problem size, and an extreme one at that! It must be really hard to dress for your curves?

Clothes shopping is just awful because I’m a size 12 in the bottom, and a 32 back isn’t even that bag, but I sometimes wear a size 16 just to fit my boobs in…but then everything is baggy around the waist – body con is a no no! I’m so out of proportion although being tall means it doesn’t seem quite as extreme.

That must be a nightmare. Your bra size definitely is quite extreme, have you ever considered a reduction?

Yeah, this time last year actually. I was really really down about it as I’d just been measured as a K cup, and after I was measured I just had a bit of a break down, I left crying! The girls at the shop were great; they tried so hard to help me, and the bras I was trying weren’t bad bras, but I didn’t feel sexy or like me. I’d see other girls in these gorgeous sets and clothes that actually fit them and I’d feel so low about myself, but then the shop started stocking Curvy Kate. So whilst I’ve only known about Curvy Kate for a year I think you guys are like Jesus to me! I’ve spent years paying out a LOT of money for bras I’ve hated, but now I’ve found you and it’s like ‘hallelujah!’ a brand that fits and that I actually WANT to wear! You lot are saviours, and it’s put all thoughts of a breast reduction out of my mind. As has the competition really. I’ve had messages from women all over the world telling me I’ve given them the confidence to be proud of what they’ve got and that’s what this (the competition) and Curvy Kate is all about. And if it’s as far as I go, then I’m more than happy. And you know what? Yeah I’ve got a bit of a belly, but I love cake and nothing is going to stop that!

That’s so amazing to hear, sounds like you’ve come full circle. And I really hope you and everyone who enters Star In A Bra do have such positive influences on women, you’re all brilliant role models. So, since we’re your saviours (don’t let our heads get too big now…) do you have any favourite Curvy Kate sets?

Definitely Princess, and I like Portia and the Romance and Emily after today. Since I found Curvy Kate you’ve added more bras that go up to a K cup so I could kiss you! I like the Showgirl range but obviously they’re not in my size, but I definitely don’t need any more padding so that’s not a bad thing! But to have that much choice within one brand is unheard of.

Good choices! What are your thoughts on Curvy Kate turning to their customers, like yourself, to model for them?

In this day and age it’s great for anyone to support natural bodies and curves. I mean I have friends wearing a size 6 and that’s just their natural size…it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, companies should just support and show bodies that are natural and brutal, none of this cosmetic surgery stuff! Regardless of size, we’re all beautiful so it’s great for a company to show that – and it’s so empowering to be in this room with all these stunners saying “this is me, in my underwear, and you’re going to love it.”

So, how does it feel to be a part of the top ten? And how did you and your loved ones react when you found out you’d gotten through?

Well I didn’t even tell anyone that I was entering in the first place, and then when I got through to the top thirty I just announced it on Facebook! I was at work the day top ten got announced, and my boyfriend called me and started winding me up by saying I hadn’t gotten through…then he started reading out the names and left me until last! I started screaming and ran out to the front of the shop – there were a lot of very confused customers! When he pretended that I hadn’t gotten through, my heart sank – it was then that I realised I really wanted to be a part of it.

The support has been great, from absolutely everyone. A lot of people in the past have told me to go for something like this, and I’m so glad I did. It’s made me realise you’ve got to embrace what you’ve got and learn to love it, it’s really been unbelievable, especially as I never thought I’d make it through.

To celebrate, me and my boyfriend went down to Brighton and ate our weight in Ben’s cookies. I think I had about 9, my new favourite thing! It was so much fun and got me so excited for the shoot.

Think we need to get them to sponsor next years competition…so how were you feeling before the shoot and now that it’s finished?

Before the shoot I was really excited, but also so nervous as I’ve not done anything like this. I’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model for tips, but I’m not sure it’s worked, Curvy Kate want smiley girls any ways so I don’t have to ‘smize’! I don’t like my teeth either so I was a bit apprehensive but I look back at the pictures and think ‘wow, I can’t believe that’s me!’. I’m quite sad it’s over as I just wanted the day to go on and on but it’s nice to watch everyone else and support them. I’ve really enjoyed just hanging out with everyone and getting to know everyone. It’s so surreal, we’re all just hanging out in our pants, but here it’s totally normal…I love it!

You soon get used to us constantly being in our smalls! So, worst part of the day?

It made me realise how awful my posture is! All I kept being told was to stretch my body out and after looking at the pictures I realised I really don’t! I have quite a short torso, so can look a bit stumpy, so I really should! But that’s not even a bad thing, it’s just made me realise how bad it really is! Maybe I need a metal rod in my back, or I should just tie a plank of wood to me!

Watch out for splinters! And with K cup boobs, we’re pretty sure you’re allowed posture problems! What was the best part?

Oh I just don’t know! How good it makes you feel to look at the pictures…and in the mirror when you’ve had your hair and make up done…just all these little things. The excuse to be girly and pampered! The whole day has been so fun, and at the end of it to think ‘damn, I look good’, and I’m proud to say so!

Good for you Alice! What does it mean to you to be a part of the competition?

It’s just amazing to be a part of it. I’m here with the four other girls and the Curvy Kate team and we’ve had such a laugh. Getting to the top thirty was awesome, but to get to the top ten is something else. It means a lot, especially since last year and thinking about a reduction…it’s made me feel like I don’t want to change, the competition is so amazing. I entered on a whim, not thinking I’d get anywhere and already I feel so empowered. I have so much more confidence and it’s done so much for me already…getting this far is enough for me but to win it would be brilliant.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone considering entering?

Just 100% do it. If you have the smallest thought about it, then just go for it. Don’t worry about you or anyone else. Everyone is lovely and normal, we all have different hang ups and insecurities yet here we all are, in one room, in our pants, celebrating our selves. So don’t second guess it, just do it! The confidence boost alone is worth it.

It really sounds as if it’s done wonders for you…if you were to win, what would be the best part? You can say the free lingerie…

Well of course! And travelling for the shows. I think probably just all the little perks that you just don’t expect…being in the competition is enough so everything else is a bonus. And the chance to represent women everywhere and for a company that’s done so much for me.

Just one last question Alice – the one everyone hates me for! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I think people should vote for me because I hope they can see the progress that I and the other girls have made. That they can see you don’t have to starve yourselves to be beautiful, that you should be proud of your bodies, regardless of your worries or your boobs or the lingerie you wear. Curvy Kate have shown me that even at a K cup I can feel sexy, I’m always showing people my bras now! I hope people vote for me thinking that I can show people and specifically girls my age that being proud of your body is a good thing and should be normal but at the same time any of the girls here could do that. So if you vote for me, great, and if you don’t, I won’t mind! Saying that, I have got the biggest boobs, which I think is a bit of a land mark! But I’m proud to have got this far and to have gone a full circle with how I feel about myself so yeah, vote for me!

Good luck Alice!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Rachael Holmes

It’s already our fifth interview of the day…how did we get through so many so quickly?!

This time we speak to the adorable Rachael Holmes!

Hi Rachael…you know what to do by now…tell our readers all about you!

Hiya! I’m Rachael and I’m a 20 year old Maths student from Exeter, but I’m originally from Crowthorne, Berkshire! I’m a typical student who loves nothing more than a boozy afternoon in a sunny pub garden with all my fabulous friends (after a hard day of lectures, of course). I also love to play netball and was a youth coach for 2 ½ years before I came to uni. I’m hardworking, outgoing and always up for a giggle!

Can’t beat an afternoon spent in a pub garden! And we’re not even students any more, oops! What sizes do you wear?

I wear a 32F, size 10/12 knickers and clothing, depending on which shop you choose to believe…Up until January I was wearing a 34DD, until a bra fitter friend of mine pointed out I was barking up completely the wrong tree. I then bought a 32E, but got measured for the shoot and found out I’m actually a 32F! Who knew?!

That’s quite a jump in sizes! I think people are always surprised when they find out their true size. Where do you normally get fitted?

I have had too many fittings to remember, only one of them was any good – Bravissimo, Reading. I no longer trust anyone else! I won’t name and shame, but department stores are the worst!

Tell me about it, it shouldn’t be so hard to get fitted on the high street! So, how does it feel to be in the top ten?

Amazing and terrifying! I never ever thought I would be in this position. My Gran wants a picture of me in my underwear to frame and show her friends! How bizarre. I’m really happy that I’ve got this far, I’ve never been as confident about my figure as I am now and I’ve got you guys to thank!

Bless her! And we’re really glad to hear that’s how you feel about yourself Rachael, and so you should, looking like that! Aside from Gran wanting a picture of you in your smalls, how have your loved ones reacted?

My best friend screamed the house down, my boyfriend’s chuffed at the prospect of telling everyone he’s dating a model, and my Dad is really proud. Growing up I was always the person who absolutely refused to have her photo taken, so I think my mum is still just bloody surprised!

Hah, I think my Mum would be the same! It sounds like you have a really lovely lot to support you. So how did YOU react?

I thought the only people who would vote for me would be my friends and family, which was fine because I wasn’t expecting to get anywhere. When I saw my face on the top 10 page I think I went into shock!

What do you think about companies such as Curvy Kate looking to their customers as models?

I love it and I don’t understand why more companies don’t do it. Personally I’m much more likely to throw my money at a brand who uses models I can relate to, especially for lingerie. It annoys me when sites like Asos use models for D+ ranges who are clearly anything but. How does that give a good representation of how things look and fit?!

We couldn’t agree with you more! Do you have any favourite Curvy Kate sets? Very jealous you got to model two of our autumn/winter sets, the Entice Me and the new Tease Me!

My favourite sets are Tempt Me and Entice. Not just for the names!

Good choices! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Before the shoot, I was actually quite calm. My biggest worry was getting lost or missing my train and not turning up at all! I’d never ever done anything like this before, so I guess I didn’t know what I should be getting worked up about. Once I got there I just got swept up in it all and didn’t really have time to worry! After the shoot I was a bit bummed to leave, knowing I’d probably not see any of the girls again. It was such a fun day, but really exhausting too.

We’ll have to have a reunion! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

Best part was meeting all the other girls, gossiping and the amazing goody bags! The worst part was knowing what to do in front of the camera! It was a very different experience going from standing in my bedroom in my pants with my best friend behind the camera, to standing in a studio in my pants with a dozen virtual strangers watching! But everyone was really helpful and encouraging, and it was great once I got into it.

Well if that’s the worst part of the shoot then it can’t be that bad! Do you struggle to find clothing and lingerie to dress your curves?

The problem I’ve always had with lingerie sizing is finding something I’d actually want to wear. I don’t like buying bras without trying them on, and ranges of D+ bras in shops have always tended to be a bit granny-esque. Probably why I refused to throw away my DDs for so long! That’s why I was so chuffed when Bravissimo opened a store in Reading; I love their lingerie and swimwear. With clothing, dresses are the worst for me. I’ve got big boobs, a small waist and wide hips, and unfortunately I happen to be a devoted Topshop fan. If it fits my waist, it’s straining across my chest and if it fits my chest it’s gaping at the waist. I just can’t win.

Story of my life right there. Why did you decide to enter?

Why not? I thought, worst scenario, a room full of judges a hundred miles away who I have never met, and will never meet, will see me in my underwear. That’s fine, not much different from going to the beach in a bikini. Best scenario, I get to say I was picked over hundreds of other women! So I just went for it. I didn’t start worrying until I made the top 30 and everyone on Facebook, and at Uni, had to see the pictures. But I’ve only had positive comments so far, so that’s a relief!

That’s really lovely to hear Rachael. Do you have any advice for people thinking of entering?

DO IT! Enlist a friend you love and trust, pick some flattering undies and don’t worry about what other people will think. Those who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care.

We’re going to have to remember that one! What does it mean to you to be a part of the competition?

It means that I can finally accept and love my curves, that I’m not perfect but I’m good enough the way I am.

And what would be the best part of winning?

The confidence of knowing that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, and that people are supporting me all the way. And of course working with the Curvy Kate team again!

Just one last question Rachael, but you’re going to hate me for it..! Why do you think you should win?

I like to think I’m a fun loving, easy going girl, and I don’t take myself too seriously! I’m so excited at the prospect of representing one of my favourite brands, and I would absolutely love every minute of it if I were given the opportunity. But to be honest all the girls I shot with were gorgeous and fab, and any one of us deserves to win it!

Good luck Rachael!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Jesse James

And onto our next interview of the day!

This time we hear from the beautiful Jesse James.

Hi Jess! You’ll be used to this by now…why don’t you start by telling everyone all about you, again!

I’m Jess, my friends call me Jesse James, (yes, my actual full name) I’m 20, and I’m an alternative make up artist in London! I wear a 30HH bra and about a size 10/12.

You weren’t refitted at the shoot, but where do you normally get fitted?

My friend forced me to Bravissimo when she found out I was wearing a 34 FF – she was horrified.

I’m not surprised she was horrified! Do you struggle when it comes to finding bras in your size, and clothing to fit your shape?

I wasn’t aware that there are people out there that don’t have problems with sizing! I used to dread shopping for lingerie and swimwear. The last time I went abroad and needed a bikini I bought a size 22 top and a size 10 bottoms – the girl behind the till looked at me rather strangely when I went to pay…It is a shame that there are so many retailers out there not catering for modern day women, who are generally curvier. I’m not even talking about larger sizing, I’m talking about the depth of curve in a woman’s body and being able to find a shirt that will button up over the chest and still define the waist. Brands like Curvy Kate are changing that, and Bravissimo clothing line Pepperberry is working towards more accessible clothing for the curvier woman – I’m just waiting for it to become a norm rather than a specialist type product. 

I know, I think I’ve become so jaded by shopping that I can’t imagine there are people who can walk into a shop and wear whatever they like! So, how does it feel to be part of the top ten?

Surreal. It hasn’t sunk in and I’m not sure that it ever will. You never expect to enter a competition based around your aesthetic and personal values to stir feelings inside complete strangers to vote for you. It’s very humbling, to think that others can relate to you.

I can imagine it’s pretty overwhelming to think that complete strangers vote for you. Your friends and have family are one thing, but for people who you’ve never met to pick you to represent them…that’s quite an honour! How did your loved ones react when they found out you were through?

Most of my friends laughed! Is that a good thing? I didn’t tell any of my close friends and family that I had entered until I reached the top ten, and it shocked them because it’s not something that I would ordinarily do. I think they found it funny because I’m not your typical lingerie model, and it would make a real impact if a pale faced, computer game addict won a lingerie modelling competition.

Well you stand as much of a chance as anyone of our top ten, but maybe those traits will work in your favour?! And how did YOU react when you found out you’d gotten through?

I didn’t! Not really, not until the a few days before the shoot. I got the e-mail through telling me I was through to the top ten and it just didn’t register until others were talking about it on Facebook. That’s when I really had to process it…

Well we’re glad it eventually sunk in! How did you feel before the shoot? And after?

Well I was relatively calm and collected travelling to the shoot until I walked through the door to see the studio, the lights, the cameras and all the underwear lined up. That’s when I felt like a rabbit in head lights and all my confidence decided to walk back out the door. If it wasn’t for the Curvy Kate team and all their positive energy, I don’t think I would have made it into the first set of underwear. The photographer, Alison, made the whole process much easier as well. She was direct, told us all exactly what to do and was very laid back about our nerves. After the whirlwind of photographs I sat down and suddenly felt not only a sense of relief, but a sense of empowerment. I felt sexier and I felt confident. I glanced over to the next beauty having her shots taken and I saw exactly the same feelings in her come and go. I think every single one of us have left that shoot feeling more confident and more beautiful. Who would have thought standing in a room full of people in your underwear could do that?

That’s really lovely to hear Jess, and hopefully it will encourage more people to enter? I always say I’m not sure I can do it, but seeing all you lovely lot afterwards makes me think that once you get over that initial fear, it’s actually really enjoyable. What was the best part of the shoot? And the worst? Hopefully nothing too bad..!

Best part was most definitely meeting all the other girls and sharing our experiences. I really felt a sense of unity by the end of the day and it was clear that everyone was there to support each other. The worst part was realising that my every day posture is so bad! Whilst having my photos taken I was told to put my shoulders down and stand up straight at least twenty times! That was the lack of confidence showing, and in every day life I’m usually hunched so I don’t look as if I’m sticking my chest out. But I’m determined to stand up straight from now on!

Well if you take nothing else away from the shoot, a better posture isn’t the worst thing! So it sounds like you’re a real Curvy Kate fan, do you have a favourite set?

Emily! It’s so delicate and feminine and sexy, but not too revealing and in my opinion, a timeless classic. Obviously I love it in black, but the purple is nice too.

You can’t beat the Emily! What are your thoughts on companies like Curvy Kate veering away from models and using ‘normal’ girls like yourself?

My answer lies within the question – NORMAL! The women that model for Curvy Kate are the norm – more retailers should start thinking about what their customers want, what consumers want to see on the high street. Curvy Kate are pioneers of real beauty!

It’s always tricky using terms like ‘normal’ and ‘real’ because unless any of us are actually robots, all women are both those things, but I think it is important to highlight companies giving those a chance at modelling who might not have that kind of opportunity. Why did you decide to enter this year’s competition?

Well I entered because I was actually considering a breast reduction last year. My confidence was at an all time low, I hated shopping for underwear and the unwanted attention from men didn’t make me feel any better- it made me feel worse. My mum had bought me a Curvy Kate bra which fit me perfectly but at first I didn’t even look at it, I just thought ‘get it on, put your clothes on and don’t look in the mirror’. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror that I realised that not only was it a nice bra, it made me look good. So I found the Curvy Kate website in search of more underwear and there it was; Star in a Bra, all these women united and celebrating their curves. I looked at them all – these beautiful, proud women – and I felt empowered, I felt proud! So the breast reduction went out the window and I promised myself that this year I would enter and show the world what Curvy Kate has done for me.

You know you’re not the first Star In A Bra contestant to consider a reduction and I doubt you’ll be the last, but it sounds like Curvy Kate and Star In A Bra have had a pretty big impact on your view of yourself…do you have any advice for people considering enter the competition next year (or even our current and upcoming US and Australian competitions!)?

Look at all of us in the competition this year and think about where we have come from, who we are and what we stand for – I’m sure it’s the same way you think and feel. I’m sure we have all had hang ups about our bodies in the past and I can promise every one considering to enter the competition that it will only help you on your journey to feeling confident in your own skin. None of us in the competition will have to win to feel like we’ve done something positive for ourselves and other women out there.

Hear hear! For you, what would be the best part of winning, what does it mean to you? You can say the free underwear…

I think knowing that the general public relate to me and share the same values as I do when it comes to body image, and knowing that people don’t need to see conventional beauty to feel beautiful themselves. I really do feel like I’m part of something much bigger than myself and all the other girls in the competition. After all, modelling isn’t about the model in the photos – it’s about the feelings the images stir within those that were intended to see them, and how that effects they way they perceive the world we live in. If I have contributed even only slightly to the way people think about body image from being in this competition – then I’m happy.

Good for you Jess. Right, just one last question, I think everyone is going to be sick of me asking this! Why do you think you should win this years Star In A Bra?

I would like to think that if I win Star In A Bra 2012, I will be standing for a wider cross section of women who feel less confident about themselves. I would like to show the world that you don’t have to fit a certain demographic to be considered beautiful. I’m ghostly pale, a little bit funny looking and I dye my hair green when I feel like it. But hey, I’m just your average girl with the same insecurities as all of you, and I’d like to think that women from all backgrounds could look at me and think ‘hey, I could do that’. I want my struggle with body image to give other women the confidence to get into their underwear and feel proud!

Good luck Jesse!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!


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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Madeleine Havell

It’s our second interview of the day and it’s only 10am…aren’t we good to you? Only our beautiful contestants could get us up at this time on a Saturday!

Our second interview of the day comes courtesy of the wonderful Madeleine Havell!

Hi Madeleine! As if you need telling…let our readers know even more about you!

I’m a Bristol based actress (though I grew up near Southampton & my family are in Leicester, so if you’re from any of those areas, please vote for me too!) and I’ve done film, commercials, theatre – I could never pick my favourite though, it’s always whatever I’m working on at the time! I live with my boyfriend of nearly 4 years and would love to say I’m a Nigella-style domestic goddess … But I’m not … I’m hoping that one day it’ll begin to come naturally! I LOVE shoes … and chocolate … But doesn’t that go for lots of women?! I play netball for a local club -Bradley Stoke netball club – and am coming up to my 4th season playing now. It’s the best fun, I love the training, the matches & of course the social element! In fact the whole club has been really excited & supportive of me.

So many of this years contestants play netball, think we need to get a Curvy Kate team sorted! You were refitted at the shoot, weren’t you? What size do you wear?

I’m a dress size 16 and wore a 36E bra and I was refitted as a 34F, which was a surprise as my whole underwear drawer is full of 36E’s – so I desperately need to win as I need a new set of Curvy Kate bras!

That’s as good a reason as any to win! Where do you normally get fitted!

A local independent lingerie retailer – I won’t mention names as when I got fitted, the lady put me in a 34 but I didn’t like the look at the back where the bra digs in and she told me that she wasn’t there to measure that and if I wanted to change that then I’d just have to get down the gym more often! She did look like she’d been measuring bras for 30 years so I didn’t dare argue!

Woah – that’s so rude! We all get a bit of digging in every once in a while, and there’s no need to be horrible about it. And don’t you go and lose any of those curves! How does it feel to be a part of the top ten?

It feels amazing! I’m so proud to be grouped with all the gorgeous girls in the Top 30, let alone to have made it to the Top 10!

How did you react when you heard the good news?

I was so excited! I never expected to make the Top 10 or even the Top 30! I was at work so I didn’t check Facebook on the day the Top 10 was announced. I was in the supermarket when I heard my phone going, with my Mum’s special ring tone (the Happy Days theme tune of course!) and I thought she was just calling to see if I’d gotten through, but bless her she’d been sat on Facebook clicking refresh and was calling to say I’d made it! I was the last picture in the Top 10 so as she was scrolling down she thought I didn’t make the Top 10, so we were so chuffed that I did!

Aw bless her! So aside from your lovely Mum, how have your other loved ones reacted?

They’ve all been so proud and supportive of me & have been introducing their friends to Curvy Kate as well.

That’s what we like to hear! So how did you feel before and after the shoot?

I felt really excited before the shoot, I’d had some emails with a couple of the girls before so we had friendly faces to meet on the day and of course I was really looking forward to meeting the gorgeous Lizzie Haines & trying on all the fab Curvy Kate lingerie! I was a bit nervous about the ‘competition’ element, but it didn’t feel like that at all on the day. Everyone was really lovely & of course I felt fab after as I got to take home my goody bag!

I will admit, you were very good not to peek at your goody bag and keep it a surprise until the end – I know how hard it was for you! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot? Hopefully nothing too horrible…

Best part? The whole day! I couldn’t pick a specific, it’s always nice to get your hair and make up done and of course it’s great fun trying on lots of new lingerie. Worst part of the day? I had to leave early because of my train, so I didn’t feel I had as much time with all the girls as I would have liked.

I know, the days are so busy, I just wish we could have a day for shooting and then a day to just hang out! Do you have any problems getting clothing and lingerie in your size?

I’m pretty much bang on a size 16 so I don’t have sizing problems, but I have to make sure I dress well to suit my size & shape. I don’t have lingerie issues, but I do always buy knickers in a size bigger just so they’re more flattering and don’t cut in.

Snap! I don’t even care what the label says, as long as I’m comfy. So why did you decide to enter?

Well I’d thought for the last couple of years about entering but I never really had the guts to – it does mean that all of your friends and family see you in your underwear plastered all over Facebook! I have finally reached a point in my life and have a much more ‘take me as I am’ attitude now than I ever had before. It just felt like the right time to go for it, if not now, then when?!

Good for you! Do you have any advice for people considering entering? Maybe they’ll adopt your view on life…

Be confident, if I can do it so can you! Make sure you relax for your shots, make each shot a little different to show flexibility and enjoy yourself!

Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set? Maybe one you wore at the shoot?

My favourites are Tempt Me in Black/Coral, the Elegance in Black is really chic & I loved the Ruffle Rio bikini that I wore too!

You and I have very similar tastes! At that bikini seemed to be a huge hit with everyone…it’s going on my wish list! What does it mean to you to be a part of the competition?

It means to me that I’ve finally accepted my figure for what I am, coming from all the body issues I had growing up right into my early 20’s, I’m so proud to be where I am now. And I know this will sound cheesy, but to be voted in to the Top 10 by the public, shows that they believe in me in too! I don’t think 5 years ago there would have been a size 16 in the final, but the fact I am shows that opinion is changing, and that it doesn’t matter what size you are as long as you have confidence & believe in yourself.

That really is so lovely to hear. As women we all beat ourselves up over our looks, and it shouldn’t be that way. You should be proud of where you are and hopefully those body issues are well and truly gone! What do you think of companies like Curvy Kate using their customers as models?

It’s brilliant, I think it’s high time the tides change. As a average sized woman myself, I want to see the clothes I’m buying on other ‘normal’ women! If I could make every woman who’s ever doubted themselves feel as fab as I did on the day of the Curvy Kate shoot, then I would … And if I won, I’d make it my mission!

We’re going to hold you to that! What would be the best part about winning? You can say the free lingerie…

Crikey, I don’t want to think about it too much as I don’t want to build my hopes up! The shoots, working with the team, wearing all the Curvy Kate underwear…and I think my boyfriend would secretly love going out with the face of Curvy Kate!

He’d be like the cat that got the cream! The last, dreaded question – don’t hate me! Why do you think you should win this years Star In A Bra?

I would absolutely love to win Star In A Bra! As the biggest girl in the Top 10, it shows that it really doesn’t matter what size you are, you can still rock it with the best of them! Being the face of Curvy Kate for the year would be an amazing experience, to be the face of a brand that stands for the normal woman in the street and actually wants to showcase our curves would make me so proud. I feel I really embody the Curvy Kate values & would make a great role model.

Good luck Madeleine!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Star In A Bra UK Top Ten – Charlotte Upton

It wouldn’t be Star In A Bra without interviews with our beautiful entrants. These take place at the photo shoot and it lets the public get a real insight into who they’re voting for – there’s only so much you can tell from a photo!

And with just a few days left to vote it made sense to post these fantastic interviews on our blog. Whether you can’t make up your mind on who to vote for, or have been waiting to hear what the girls have to say about their experiences, they’re finally here!

We start our interviews with the lovely Charlotte Upton…

Hi Charlotte! You know the drill by now, tell our readers all about you…

So I’m a northern gal with a varied history – I’ve got a background in dancing and singing (and yes, I can do the splits…helps me hit those high notes!) I tried the secretarial look for a while – how many of us wanted to be or had a girl (or boy) crush on Miss Money penny?! – and have now moved into Marketing, it helps me expend some of my creative juices. Outside of work I love the standard music, fashion, home cooked Sunday lunch, and of course time with my closest friends. I’m not a standard girlie girl and enjoy a beer with the boys and watching the rugby, however, I am very proud of my female attributes and I love to feel feminine, sassy and flirtatious, even if I don’t conform to the stereotypical girlie girl. I have 30HH boobies, melons, jugs, puppies or whatever you want to call them! I wear a juicy size 12 Knicky, knacky Noo’s – that’s what my mum used to call my knickers!

We’re going to have to start using some of those nicknames! Do you find it hard to find clothes and lingerie for your curves?

Yes, I do find it difficult to find lingerie and clothing that work for me. Not too long ago, I used to fib myself into thinking I was a 30FF and a size 8 and would try and squeeze into bra’s and clothes that didn’t fit! I had so many lumps and bumps underneath my clothes, all my tops were riding up and I felt so uncomfortable thinking I was going to pop out of my bra at any moment! I’ve now got to that point in my life where I’m embracing my curves and large boobies and enjoying buying a size 12 and a 30HH and feel great! It’s amazing how different you feel (and look) in a well-fitted bra, a positive attitude and simply being comfortable in your own body.

We couldn’t agree more, but trying to pretend you were a 30FF? Ouch! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

My sister and my step-mum had spotted the competition on Facebook and thought that with my curves and 30HH boobies, this would be a great opportunity. I couldn’t quite believe that I could enter a modelling competition and be my normal size 12, along with all my lumps and bumps! – It’s still not sunk in, but I’m so glad I entered!

Go sister and step Mum! How did your family react when you’d gotten through?

Well I thought I’d ask them personally…so here’s EXACTLY what they thought!

“Ohhhh, surprised but not shocked! Charlotte has a gorgeous curvaceous figure and she’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside…She’s already a winner to us! Just proud she’s in the running… A great role model to her lil’ sis and hopefully all the beautiful curvy young girls out there!” – Step Mum

“Well….. I’ve always thought Char was a gorgeous girl with her beautiful curves and so this was a great opportunity to show them off.… I’m so proud that she has made it through to the final 10, and well deserved in my opinion. Char is definitely my Curvy Kate and would be a great advocate for the brand!” Pete – (Boyfriend, Promoter & Chauffeur)

“I’m proud of her…And happy for her too… One of the loveliest people I know (well I would say that wouldn’t I? Nonetheless it’s true), so enjoy the moment and go girl!” – Dad

And how did YOU react?”

Well I was at work at the time and had to force myself to get on with my work instead of refreshing the Facebook page every 10 seconds! When I saw I was in the final 10 I literally skipped and ran round the office waving my arms shouting “I did it….I did it… !” It was a sight, that’s for sure! But one of the best moments of my life!

Aw, that’s so lovely to hear! So how did you feel before and after the shoot?

So before the shoot I felt proud, positive, happy with myself, my image and my puppies… And now I’m just fit to burst!

Sounds like you’ve enjoyed yourself! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

For me the best part of the shoot was just being there, being part of it and feeling sexy…. Worst part? Having to get dressed and go home!

Well if that’s the worst part then we’re obviously doing something right! Everyone gets so used to hanging out in their smalls, at the end it’s like “really? I have to put CLOTHES on?!”. Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

I absolutely love the ‘Tease me’ set – It’s so sexy and fun and makes you feel fabulous! (And that’s exactly what I want from my sets).

A personal favourite of mine! What do you think about companies like Curvy Kate looking to their customers for models?

It’s brilliant! Everyone is unique, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes so no matter who you are or whether you a size 6 or 16, when you put on a bra you should feel proud of your curves and feel sexy… and that’s why the Curvy Kate brand is so fantastic because it gives you that energy and confidence to show them off and feel comfortable and happy with your own body. I think it’s incredible that the Curvy Kate gives real women this opportunity and I would hope that I could represent and epitomize the Curvy Kate values and its inspirational message!

Hear hear! How does it feel to be a part of the top ten?

Wow, wow and wow…very privileged indeed ! All the girls are gorgeous and all deserve to win… It’s such a fab competition with the focus being on curvy ladies… I guess we’re all role models for young girls so it doesn’t get to feel more important than that!

Here’s hoping you do all have a positive impact on the way women see themselves. What does it mean to you to be a part of a competition like this?

Words can’t quite describe how amazing I feel right now. I feel so proud, privileged and honoured to be part of this fab competition. It’s been an absolute dream and I’ve loved being a part of it. Making it into the Curvy Kate final 10 has really shown me to believe in myself and give anything a go! I feel like I could conquer the world right now and I’m determined to take this new found confidence into every part of my life. After all, we only have one life, so enjoy every moment!

And for you, what would be the best part of winning?

Just knowing that I’m modelling, modelling for a brand I believe in, that I’m happy to be part of and most of all, being able to just be me…and a new underwear drawer of course!

Always a perk of the job! Do you have any advice for people considering entering either next year, or to the American and Australian competitions?

If you are thinking about it, DO IT… Be proud and enter in the spirit of positivity…Love your curves and don’t be afraid to use them!

Nicely put! Just one last question, and I bet you’ll be glad to see the back of this one…why do you think you should win?

Because Curvy Kate works for me…and I’d love to work for Curvy Kate! Seriously though, this is a tough question…well, I’m a girl with a dream to model but I’ve never felt like I had the right figure or face so never had the confidence to put myself forward for anything. Curvy Kate is just perfect for me, I can be myself and love my body, and support all other gorgeous ladies out there to feel brilliant about theirs too! I would love to work with the Curvy Kate brand and tell the world about their wonderful positive message of being comfortable in your own skin and loving your body!

Good luck Charlotte!

To cast your vote, simply head over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page, and our Star In A Bra application…easy peasy!

Remember that unlike the top 30, you now only have ONE vote to use…so use it wisely!

Voting runs until midnight on Tuesday the 1st of May, so don’t leave it too late! And whilst you’re at it, why not convince all your Facebook friends to vote too? We’re sure the girls will appreciate it!

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Curvy Kate featured on the Wendy Williams Show

We’re so excited to share that this week Curvy Kate made a special appearance on The Wendy Williams Show with Bra fitting expert Jene Luciani, author of The Bra Book.

In a bid to rid viewers of their ‘bra-blems’ for her 32H model Jene chose Curvy Kate to fit and support the model’s fuller bust.

Bra La Mode founder and Lingerie Briefs contributor Moira Nelson was selected to model the Curvy Kate Portia bra, and with the help of Jene and Curvy Kate, her 32H assets are saved from the ‘quadraboob’ effect (image on left) that a poorly made and poor fitting bra can create.

Moira posted on Twitter:

The show successfully managed to increase awareness of fitting and bra sizes, with a focus on how a bigger bust needn’t limit your right to look and feel gorgeous in your lingerie.

Jene reported, quite rightly, that despite being a 32H, Moira doesn’t want to be restricted to older or frumpy style bras. Jene claimed: ‘She doesn’t want a granny bra’. Well that’s where Curvy Kate came to the rescue! Offering a gorgeous shape, amazing uplift and utmost comfort which comes hand-in-hand with our fun and fashionable designs, we ensure that our ranges suit, fit and flatter all the way up to a K cup.

The show’s recognition of the brand’s great fit and the awareness of a correct fit to its American audience couldn’t come at a better time as we’ve has just launched on huge US online retailer Bare Necessities, and the first USA Star in a Bra competition is now in full swing, with submissions now open until midnight on Sunday 29th April (NYT).

Our gorgeous curvy customers can enter to be the new face and body of the brand on the Curvy Kate Facebook page here:

To see a video of Curvy Kate’s appearance on the Wendy Williams Show, check out Jene Luciani’s Youtube channel:

Star In A Bra USA – Laura Butler wants YOU to enter!

Carrying on from our blog post with Lizzie, we also spoke to to Laura Butler.

The beautiful Laura was a winner in our first EVER Star In A Bra competition, five years ago – we’re feeling a little old! Although She’s gone on to be one of our main models and we’re not looked back since. Laura is instantly recognisable as one of the faces of Curvy Kate; in fact, a lot of people assume she’s actually called Kate!

Here’s what Laura has to say about herself, Star In A Bra and why you should enter…

“Hello! I’m Laura and I’m a teacher of Psychology (International Baccalaureate and A-level) and also a dance teacher. I have danced since I was 3 years old and started working as a professional showgirl at 18 years old. It was around this time that I began modelling for Curvy Kate as part of the first Star in a Bra competition and this was a few years previous to me wanting to be a teacher…I had never wanted to teach so had never thought that modelling would get in the way and fortunately for me it hasn’t despite my students knowing.

I am a Size 10-14 (UK) in clothes, it just depends on where I buy them, I never buy a certain size I just see what fits me. I am not and doubt I ever will be a fan of shopping – it makes me frustrated! I would prefer to walk around in my underwear so I suppose modelling lingerie was always going to be for me!

My passions are dance and psychology with a slice of danger on the side. I love the fear of doing something scary but my biggest fear is failure which is why I tend to do a lot and keep myself busy.

My Star In A Bra experience was amazing – it was the first Star In A Bra competition, so it wasn’t as well-known as it is today so because there was no expectations it was scary as I didn’t have anyone to turn to, like you all have now! I am not a shy girl so confidence was never something I was lacking but Star In A Bra seemed to cement that confidence and it really shines through now in all I do. I didn’t expect anything to come of entering Star In A Bra, but I was in the final so was happy about. When I met all the Curvy Kate staff we all just seemed to click and I believed in the product so much it became a match made in heaven! (Well that’s how I felt!)  From the day I entered to now (4/5 years on) my feelings haven’t changed. I still love all of the staff and my love for the products just increases year on year. I think of Curvy Kate as an extension of my family.

I love modelling for Curvy Kate. I do not do it often and am not sure how long they will want me – especially with all of the Star In A Bra competitions – but I will continue to enjoy it. The shoots are great and we (the Curvy Kate team and models) have such a good time, there is nothing not to like. Being a Curvy Kate girl is indescribable. I feel so proud to say that I am and I always will do, it makes me happy.

Modelling for someone like Curvy Kate is a great way to make a small change to the modelling world! It makes your confidence soar and gives you something to talk about when you are older. It is an extraordinary thing to do so if you want something extraordinary in your life and then go for this. I think people should enter because everyone should do something extraordinary in their life and this ticks all the boxes – I should know as I have ticked them!

If you do want to enter, I would recommend it to women who are thick skinned, confident or want to improve their confidence to take part. Star In A Bra can take its toll on you so be prepared to have butterflies throughout the competition – it is a roller coaster.

Be confident, let fate play its part (remember it is a public vote), stay strong and without fail DO NOT be tempted to publicly bad mouth other entries. We are all women, let’s champion each and every individual. Also as it’s on a public forum be aware and prepared for those that may say a bad word against you – remember it is generally jealousy so take it on the chin. Be true to yourself, work on your strengths while building on your weaknesses, remind yourself that Curvy Kate is for DD+ and that means as long as you fit in their bras then you are a Curvy Kate girl whether you are a Size 0 or a size 22 (UK)!”

Thanks Laura!

It’s quite strange to think that Laura entered the first EVER competition and is still a huge part of the Curvy Kate family…and here we are, having launched the competition in Australia last year and American this year! It won’t be long before Curvy Kate rules the world!

We really hope both Lizzie and Laura’s stories have inspired some of you to take the plunge and enter.

Head over to our Curvy Kate USA Facebook page and application to get entering, you only have a few days left!

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Star In A Bra USA – Lizzie Haines wants YOU to enter!

We’re in the final voting stage of Star In A Bra UK, but there’s still time to enter the US competition!

There’s only a few days left – midnight on Sunday to be precise! – but that’s plenty of time. But maybe you need a bit of encouragement? Lets face it – it’s quite daunting to enter the competition, especially as this is the first ever American competition. So we thought we’d speak to two of our previous winners to get some words of wisdom and try and convince you to shake off those inhibitions and get snapping.

First up, we hear from last years winner Lizzie Haines!

“I’m Lizzie and I won the UK’s ‘Star in a Bra’ competition in 2011. I’m now 31, oozing confidence and feeling more than blessed at the year I’ve just had. I’m quite short in height and a UK14 dress size which would ordinarily strike me out of the modelling world but not in the case of Curvy Kate. I was gifted the opportunity to strut my stuff and become part of a really great team. I work for myself and am always making connections and networking but I think this new relationship may have been my best yet!

My blog and website can probably tell you the most about me, I’m a photographer at the core with lots of other creative interests stemming from that. And now I can add model to the resume too!

When I entered Star In A Bra I had no expectations about going on to win but once the whole thing got going the momentum carried me off and I had the time of my life. As nerve wracking as it was I enjoyed every part of the process and I have had a blast modelling for the company. Putting yourself out on the line and feeling vulnerable in the hands of the public can be daunting but as long as you remember to have fun with it, hold on to the confidence you found in order to enter and really make the most of it, you will always benefit from the experience. I would recommend this competition to such a wide variety of people. For starters, any one who wears a D cup or above, and i hate to say it, but in America this is a lot more of you than you think it is!! I’m excited that Curvy Kate may also be able to offer their fitting advice and skills to an even wider audience!

Being a Curvy Kate girl is like being part of a family…you’ve got a great group of people around you who are looking out for you, supporting you and who have your back at every turn. It’s also SO MUCH FUN! I can’t emphasize this enough. Plus, and this should never be under played…we get a lot of free underwear! My favorite ever Curvy Kate set is the LOTTIE. It’s so supportive and so pretty…what a combination! And now they are mirroring that engineering in the new GIA which is due out this year with different embroidery details and fantastic new colors I can’t wait to get my hands on them all!

If you fancy entering the competition when it launches in the US then I say go for it! There may be reservations and nerves, but these will never be challenged if you don’t pave the way. Granted, if you have a job that may make life difficult I would think seriously before taking the plunge but if the decision to enter is yours to own, don’t even hesitate!! Strip off to your lingerie, have a glass of wine and enjoy taking some photos. If you haven’t even done that before then you’ll have a giggle doing it now, you’ll be amazed at how liberating it is. Other than that my advice is to re iterate the point about having fun. For some this may be a way in to modelling, it may just be an excuse to be reckless and others may have a lack of confidence that needs a boost…no one reason is any more poignant than the last but only one girl will win. Enter for your own reasons, don’t lose sight of them, and live your life like you mean it.

Good luck. xxx”

If you’ve been following the Curvy Kate blog and Star In A Bra UK competition, you’ll see that Lizzie has been a judge in this years competition and went along to our photo shoot, she’s a busy lady and we love having her on the team!

Head over to our Curvy Kate USA Facebook page and application to get entering.

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Behind the Scenes: Top 10 SIAB Photo Shoot

It’s the final voting stages so lets re-visit the photo-shoot and see what really happened behind the scenes of this year’s Star in a Bra. It’s hard enough trying to choose a girl from just a photo so hopefully this will give you a small idea of their personality and what each model really got up to behind their curvy figure and composed smile.

We asked each girl to come in wearing very little make-up and nothing that can mark their skin (i.e. belts or elasticated waist) this made it easier to send them straight into hair and make -up. The shoot was divided into two days of curve flaunting fun and food as each girl got to unveil their new look and pose for the camera.

For the first day we had Victoria, Harriet, Alice, Charlotte and Jessie.

For the second day we had Madeleine, Rachel, Abby, Sophie and Jade.

We also had last year’s Star in a Bra winner Lizzie Haines and curve loving blogger Becky Mount for both days… both eager to show off their Curvy Kate goodies too! 10 girls and two curvy fantantics equal a really fun two days, full of laughter and some even funnier shots!

Each and every girl came in with bags of confidence and excitement awaiting the days ahead. They were whisked away straight into hair and make-up to begin their transformation bringing them one step closer to flaunting those gorgeous figures ‘Curvy Kate Style’.

With Fletcher working on hair and Louisa on make up, these gorgeous girlies were well taken care of! Each bra star was asked what style of hair and make up they liked which was used as inspiration on their look… don’t they all look stunning! Who knew hair could go that big?

After they were all ‘dolls up’ and ready to for the spot light it was time to get them down to their smalls and fitted into their Curvy Kate sets! Most of the girls were re-fitted at the shoot leaving them not only with a memorable day but a new bra size too! Some were even astonished to find out they were three cup sizes bigger than they originally thought; going from a 36DD to 34FF.  They each had four sets to model ranging from gorgeous everyday essentials, sexy showgirl and tantalising swimwear.

After every curvy goddess had their moment in front the camera, it was time to record them on video. Each model was asked a few questions like their reason’s for entering and why you should vote for them… Check out the video below for their answers and a sneak peak at what behind the scenes really look like.

The girls were later given their goodie bags full of a number a girlie items and a few random ones too… the girls we all so excited we had to get their reactions on camera! They all received a bag, chain and bag holder from Accessories Direct, chocolate hamper from Cadburys Direct, So…? Perfume from So…? Fragrance, Gucci Guilty Intense from The Perfume Shop, £50 worth in spa vouchers from Spa Breaks, a Jazz apple and apple cutter from Jazz Apples, a Curvy Kate set of their choice and a Best Magazine. Best will be covering the Star in a Bra competition this year with a special piece on this year’s winner!

After all the excitement of the photo shoot and the goodie bags, the girls were all on a high so the fun continued back stage with pillow fighting, splits, food, ukulele playing and of course some singing! By the end of the two days each girl had rock out in full Curvy Kate style adding the unique ingredient in all our models – FUN!

So now you’ve seen what they really got up to behind the scenes you can get a better idea of who you would like to win but choose wisely as you only get one vote this round. Good Luck to all ten girls you all are amazing and look stunning in your smalls!

To vote for your winner and see more images of the girls check out the Curvy Kate Facebook Page.

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The Curvy Kate Song!

It’s the night before the final stage of voting for this years UK Star In A Bra, and we can’t sleep.

Do you know why?

Because we have the Curvy Kate song in our head!

Our finalist Abby Russel had a surprise for us at this years shoot when she wrote (and performed) a song all about the competition on her trusty ukulele!

We think it stands a serious chance of getting to number one.

So, do you want to see some of our beautiful contestants (and two members of the Curvy Kate team) have a little sing-a-long and a dance to the best song you’ll ever hear? Of course you do! Take it away Abby…

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