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Star In A Bra top thirty – Ellie Williams

Slightly behind schedule, we have our last interview with the top thirty, courtesy of the lovely Ellie Williams!

Good afternoon Ellie! Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name’s Ellie Williams, I’m 18 and I come from Winchester in Hampshire. I am a sixth form student at my local sixth form college and I’m currently studying REALLY hard so I can get my grades to go off to uni. I study Chemistry, Biology, Maths, French and General Studies; I know, it’s a lot! Hopefully I’ll get the grades I need in my A-Levels and then I’ll be going off to uni to study Biology.

I have always been curvy, I remember going for my first bra fitting aged 12 and when I was told that I had size 32E boobs, I cried! But over the years I have definitely learnt to embrace them. I am currently a healthy dress size 12 and wear a size 32FF bra.

What else can I say about myself? My passion is music. I have been singing professionally from the age of 9, mostly classical singing but musicals are my guilty pleasure. The first musical I performed in was West Side Story and since then I haven’t looked back! Dancing, singing and acting on stage is so exhilarating and one day I would love to be able to do it professionally. But one of my favourite things to do is just chill out with my friends. We all get on so well and the laughter never stops when we’re all together. They are amazing and their support for me and how I look over the years has been phenomenal, especially at moments when I haven’t been confident with the way I look.

I come from a mixed race background, though no one ever believes me: my Dad is Jamaican and my Mum is Scottish; so we eat a lot of interesting food in my house. Jerk chicken and tatties is a favourite.

I have two twin brothers aged 15 who are both very talented young men. The youngest is a very talented musician who is currently working on an album with an upcoming rap artist and the other is pursuing a career in fashion photography. Theo, the photographer, loves having me as a sister because I am more than happy to jump in front of the camera and let him practice shooting a model whenever he needs one.

Sounds like you’ve got a pretty creative family! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I had to pluck up a lot of courage to enter this competition, not because I don’t believe in myself but because I was quite worried that the photos that I submitted of myself would somehow get round my college and I had no idea how I would be perceived if everyone saw them. Luckily everyone has been so supportive of me and proud that I’m representing us bigger girls. There are quite a lot of full-time models in my college (you know the usual 6 foot tall, size 4, beautiful) but I don’t believe that is all models should be. Models should represent all women, not just the women the fashion industry want to see. Women are meant to have boobs and hips and that is exactly what Curvy Kate believes. I went to an all girls school for my secondary school and the amount of girls who had eating disorders is shocking. I really feel that campaigns like Star In A Bra can work towards changing this and inspiring confidence in every type of woman, as it did for me. We should learn to embrace our natural shapes, along with all the lumps and bumps that come with it.

We couldn’t agree more! Just one last question but unfortunately it’s the nasty one…why do you think people should vote for you?

This is such a mean question! I think people should vote for whoever they feel stands most strongly for the Curvy Kate brand. If I happen to be this person for someone then I am so grateful for their vote. Though any of the entrants for this competition will be deserving winners of the Star in a Bra title. I would just love the chance to inspire confidence in a woman who doesn’t have confidence in themself. I am never going to be skinny or tall, I was never meant to be that but that’s ok. I have learnt to accept my body for what it is with all its flaws and to have the ability to do that to someone else would be incredible. I hope you all vote for me, it would mean more to me than you could imagine, so please go ahead and vote for me!

Good luck Ellie!

And so that’s that! All thirty beautiful contestants have been interviewed and featured on our blog…now all that’s left to do is to vote!

Remember, you have three votes to use, but don’t wait too long – voting finishes on April the third.

It’s easier than ever to vote, just visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Good luck everyone!

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Top 30 Regional Map

Well, our top thirty interviews are up and you’ve got just a few days of voting left…but what if you’re still not sure on who to vote for?

This is where our handy map comes in!

View Star in a Bra top 30 Finalists in a larger map

We’ve pin-pointed roughly where each contestant lives, so you can vote for any girls in your local area. Not only that, but each pin will take you to the individual girls voting page – clever, huh?!

Please note that all the pins are placed in a random area of the girls home town – they have absolutely no link to the contestants address’ (we don’t even know those!) so everyone is completely safe. Even if the pins do lead to a residential address, they don’t belong to any contestants, so don’t worry.

Good luck ladies!

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Stephanie Francis

We’re so close to the end of the interviews! Are you going to miss them? We are!

Our third interview of the day is with the lovely Stephanie Francis.

Good afternoon Stephanie! Why don’t you start by telling our readers all about you?

Well, what can I say? I am 19 years old and I am currently at the start of my adventure which you call life. I live in South East London and I’m currently studying Chemistry, Maths and Sociology. I wear size 12/14 and I am a size 34E. Surprisingly, the women in my family always joke about my bust size as they say they were less fortunate than me.

I enjoy various types of music, food and reality shows and love meeting people. One rule I live by is “don’t judge a book by its cover” because you never know what wonderful surprises you may miss out on that are hidden within.

That’s a good life motto! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I have recently returned from the tropical island of Jamaica, where curvy women are appreciated, whether they are small, medium or large. When I returned and I saw the competition I thought it would be a great opportunity to share that feeling of being appreciated regardless of your size or shape. Although I was VERY unsure about entering the competition as I was a little uncertain what people would think. It was my mum who encouraged me to enter as she has always been proud of her womanly curves and I thank her now as I realise that having curves can truly be celebrated.

Bless her – what a supportive Mum you have! Just one last question – the mean one! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I am a 21st century girl, who understands what it’s like to be a curvy woman in these times and the challenges that are faced on a day to day basis. I believe I can motivate and inspire people to feel confident to wear, different colours and trends that they may have previously steered away from and I would encourage them to be more adventurous in their choices of underwear.

Good luck Stephanie!

So has Stephanie won your vote, or are you still undecided? We’re at the end of our interviews so it’s time to get voting!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Heather Porter

Our second interview of the day comes courtesy of the lovely Heather Porter.

Good morning Heather! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

I have only just celebrated my 27th birthday, which feels a bit daunting because I swear I still feel like a spring chicken and look like I’m in my late teens sometimes! Not always a great thing when it comes to getting my awful ID out for proof, but I’m hoping it will help me out when I’m old! So I am originally from Bournemouth and have grown up here, which I love although since leaving college I have travelled and worked abroad in places like Majorca and Cyprus and have just spent the last year travelling and working in Australia (which was amazing!) so defiantly one of my passions is travelling, which has generally happened on a spontaneous moment! I think my friends and family are hoping this is the year I will settle down!

I have trained and studied as a Beauty Therapist at college, which then took me to University in Cardiff and since then I have been really lucky to work in some lovely spas, particularly at St Davids spa in Cardiff, La Residencia in Majorca and am currently working at Limewood Hotel in the New Forest! I absolutely love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s a great job to certainly feel less stressed then most jobs and a great way to really help people and certainly meet some characters, all while enjoying the amazing surroundings!

Another Bournemouth girl, my home town! Maybe we’ll get you to work your magic on the Curvy Kate team, we could do with a bit of pampering! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

A few years ago I saw the competition advertised and immediately thought it was a lovely idea to use every day women and to encourage women to embrace their natural curves, however it was something I never felt particularly confident about with my shape and never really have so it seemed a bit of an impossible task to enter though I was determined to do it someday! So after probably quite a few years of the yo-yo diets – where I have been smaller then a bit bigger – I finally became happy with ME! Thanks to my amazing year in Australia I have gained a bundle of confidence and a little bit more maturity and decided that with the huge encouragement that you want to see all the’ lumps and bumps’ I thought this was the year, and I’m glad I did it! So got my big sis to take the pics and here I am.

What a good big sister! Just one last question Heather, the nasty one! Why do you think people should vote for you?

Well not an easy question to ask for people to vote for me, so to keep it short and sweet…hopefully I can be the one to stand for the Curvy Kate Philosophy! Although if you are looking at this you will see there are many different beautiful women out there, and any one of us can be the next Curvy Kate!

Good luck Heather!

So has Heather won your vote, or are you still undecided? With only a handful of interviews left and plenty of time to vote, why not wait to read all of our blogs?

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Marie Therese

So we’re officially on the last day of interviews…I can’t quite believe we’ve managed to fit thirty individual blogs in with our beautiful semi-finalists!

We start today by hearing from the lovely Marie Therese.

Good morning Marie Therese! Why don’t you start by telling our readers all about you?

Hi everyone I’m Marie Therese I’m 22. I graduated university not too long ago in psychology (don’t worry I can’t read minds like Derren Brown… not yet anyway…). At the moment I’m balancing studying and working in retail sector which I love. Now about me…from a Caribbean background, to say I like food it’s a bit of an understatement and to say I don’t have a sweet tooth is definitely far from the truth – I love anything to do with chocolate, ice cream, homemade pies and the list is endless. This is why I love the Curvy Kate brand as you can have your cake and it eat as it’s about promoting those healthy curves, rather than striving for stick thin size 0, which my bum determines never to be, therefore I’ve learnt to embrace it.

Good for you! I think the whole Curvy Kate office has a sweet tooth as well, oops! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

It was actually my very own mum who had seen the competition advertised early in January and told me to go for it. My initial reaction was that I couldn’t possible pose in my undies for all to see, I mean I don’t even stand for longer than I have to in the bathroom mirrors. Over the month I thought about it…then a little voice in my head (not the crazy one) kept saying just go for it, do something impulsive and out of your comfort zone. I have always loved the Curvy Kate’s promotion of REAL woman in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, hair colour… Curvy Kate promotes a healthy view of women, than the usual stick thin supermodel look, but that is far from the ONLY look which Curvy Kate showcases. Therefore, the YOLO motto- ‘you only live once’ came to mind when entering the competition, from taking the photos, to loading them on Facebook and pressing that submit button (which was all too scary). The day I found out I had made the top 30 made this situation all too real, I had to look online myself to believe it was true, I was shocked but it was a confidence boost that someone had felt that my pictures could represent this brand and other women from all different backgrounds.

Well we’re glad you decided to face your fears and enter! Just only last question…why do you think people should vote for you?

A picture is worth 1000 words, so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking….this is me laid bare, all insecurities for everyone to see, which any woman knows is pretty daunting. I want to help women feel good about faulting those curves and not having to hide those wobbly bits…we’re only human. I’m never going to be a size 0 and I’ve stopped trying to strive to the ideal size, now and again I feel the pressure but I like my food way to much to say no to the last slice of chocolate cake or not to have dessert! Therefore I’ll have my cake and enjoy it. For every woman that thought if I would lose a stone or get down to this ‘ideal’ weight I would be so much happier (which has passed through my head on more than one occasion), the truth is to learn to accept yourself now, this is YOU, love all your wobbly bits and love your body, everyone is beautifully different in their own way (shown my just looking at the 29 women in this competition).

I mean is we were all 6 ft 2 Amazonian supermodels, things would be quite boring…for a fact I’m sure cake would be banned from every menu (sad times ). So I say embrace our womanly assets be happy, healthy and hot. (Three important H’s) and if you feel that I represent the brand please vote for me!

Good luck Marie Therese!

So has Marie Therese won your vote? With only a couple of interviews left, why not wait and read all of them before that tricky job of using up your votes?

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we hear from Heather Porter.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Sophie Morgan

We’re onto our fourth and final interview of the day now, and after that we have just one more day of interviews…the blog won’t know what’s hit it!

This time we speak to the lovely Sophie Morgan.

Good afternoon Sophie! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

Good afternoon! My name is Sophie, I wear a 32G, I am a vegetarian, and I come from the beautiful little Channel Island of Guernsey (which many people seem to think is either mythical, or a part of France!) I’m in my second year of studying English at Sussex University, so I spend my time between Brighton and Guernsey, where I work as much as possible to fund my globetrotting aspirations! I don’t take myself too seriously, I love having fun, but I know my own mind and how stand up for what I believe in. I like cocktails with my best friends, long, sunny days spent on the beach, cliff walking, bike rides with my boyfriend that culminate in ice cream, being the little spoon, curling up with a film when it’s raining outside, swimming in the sea, reading, exploring new places, and staying up late baking cookies. I believe in the power of words. I believe that less is more. And most importantly, I believe that we need a REVOLUTION to turn society on it’s head and begin to empower women through the media, instead of making them doubt themselves! Because just like many of the other girls, I grew up feeling very self conscious about my body. My boobs started to grow when I was about 12 and very quickly they became obvious, and difficult to hide in an unflattering school uniform! I was teased endlessly to the point of desperation. Luckily I grew up surrounded by beautiful, funny, strong women like my mum and my sister, who always told me to believe in my own strength and beauty regardless of how anybody else made me feel. They taught me to always consider how I would feel in other people’s shoes, and to remember that the layers of a person go down so much further than just their appearance.

We’ll support you on that revolution! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I started wearing Curvy Kate bras a few years ago, and as soon as I heard about their ethos and the way they chose their models, I was attracted to the brand and the competition. So when I came back from India a few months ago after being very, very ill and losing just under two stone, I had a revelation. My body looked totally different, my boobs felt sad and empty, and my boyfriend would complain when we cuddled that my bones were sticking into him! It made me fully realise that I am SUPPOSED to be curvy, and I look best when I am! It is a myth that everybody is supposed to have a ‘normal’ body shape – we are all different! What is right and healthy for some people would be under, or overweight for others and I really think we need to turn around the way we think about our bodies. Curvy women are so vastly unrepresented in the media that it almost seems as if we are the minority…but this couldn’t be further from the truth. We NEED brands like Curvy Kate to stand up and demand a varied portrayal of women in every shape and size. There is nothing standardised about beauty, nor about women in general. Every single one of us is unique, yet the media tells us we should all be the same – skinny, tall, tanned, angular, flawless – it just doesn’t equate to reality.

Anyway, I started eating strictly healthy, wholesome food, exercising more, and really taking care of myself, not only to get better but to figure out what my body was supposed to feel like again. I’m definitely curvy again now, but in a healthy and happier way and I finally like I’ve settled back into my own skin. I don’t feel worried about eating a little cheesecake and drinking wine every now and then, or dieting or killing myself over losing weight because I am healthy and curvy all at the same time! So I threw on my favourite sets, threw away my inhibitions and entered!

Sounds like you’ve been in the wars on your mission to feel good about yourself, but we’re glad you’re healthy again and loving your curves, just like we all should! Why do you think people should vote for you?

When I was younger I can’t remember society ever telling me to celebrate my differences, instead of feeling shy and insecure about them. When I first saw Lizzie who won last year, I felt elated. Finally here was a beautiful, happy, curvy woman who was proud of her body and was being recognised everywhere for being so! I think that as long as you are healthy and happy – don’t conform! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your body or your shape or your boobs! Make people recognise your mind as well as the way you look! As curvy women we are made to feel like that each glass of wine or piece of chocolate is making us undesirable. But it’s not true! Live your life the way you want, eat healthily, exercise, treat yourself when you want to, make yourself happy! Life is too short to worry about what everyone else is doing. I believe ALL women should be proud of their bodies, be they skinny or curvy – whatever – and I guess that’s why people should vote for me – because I so passionately want the opportunity to make a difference and to be an inspiration to every other young girl and every woman who doesn’t feel strong or confident with herself yet!

Good luck Sophie!

Has Sophie won your vote? With just one day of interviews left, why not wait and read what all of our contestants have to say? Although it might make voting a bit harder!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Come back tomorrow for our last interviews!

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Rachael Kirby

Slightly behind schedule, our second interview of the day comes from the lovely Rachael Kirby!

Good afternoon Rachael! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

My name is Rachael Kirby and I’m 40, yikes! I live in Solihull with my husband Neil and my two beautiful sons Daniel 14 (15 in April) and Ben 13. My eldest son Daniel has Autism and serious learning difficulties which make daily life challenging and sometimes difficult, yet he is my drive and strength that help me face all kinds of obstacles. I left school at 16 and went straight into hairdressing. I didn’t have that much confidence at first but it was amazing to give it to other people and see how much you can change there lives just by doing there hair.

I am also an self published author of a sci-fi romance novel. I am at the moment working on the sequel and another book at the same time so things can get confusing some times but writing is my escape and I love it. There is nothing like being in another world for a few hours to re charge your batteries and to be some one else for a while.

I am a big animal lover I have four jack Russell dogs much to my husbands annoyance! They are Tilly, Jake, Honey and my baby, Henry.

At school I was never the gorgeous, blonde, tall girl the boys used to follow. My friends always got lots of attention and I was the small chubby girl with brown hair who sat in the corner and was invisible. Never had as much as one chat up line in my life. My husband was my first serious boyfriend – we met at 17 and married at 24. I had Daniel at 25 and Ben at 27. I have always been in between sizes; in one shop I’m a D another a DD, then an E. I’d like to find my natural size and to feel comfortable, I’m sure I have worn the wrong size for years that’s why they look like two squashed melons! To have the right size is so important not only for your health but for your image and confidence.

We couldn’t agree more – the right size can make all the difference. Why did you decide to enter the competition?

Due to Daniel’s problems over the years I am no longer the shy girl who sat in the corner. Daniel needs someone to stand up for him so in that respect I face people head on and am very direct if I have to be. Daniels condition is not really accepted in the community and people tend to steer away or criticise what they don’t understand with this in mind it’s the same with body types – if you don’t look like the girl in the magazine then you’re not beautiful. Someone needs to stand up and say “I am beautiful because I’m me.” Women have the right to be themselves no matter what shape or size they are. To see a curvy girl in a magazine is wonderful as these are real people and beautiful confident women which is why I feel i could represent Curvy Kate in a open and honest way. To give women the chance to do some thing for themselves and to feel good.

I am a very hard working and driven person and when I do some thing I give it my all. Nothing would make me prouder to be part of that and to see my children proud of me would be the icing on the cake. This would be one of the most worth while things I ever did.

When you reach 40, you start to look back on your life and think if all my dreams and goals were going to come true they would have by now. Then fate steps in and takes you completely by surprise to do some thing so totally inspirational and worth while, you can hardly believe it. I think this is one of those times so maybe now is my time to shine.

Well said Rachael! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and it’s heartbreaking to think you and your family face so much adversity because of your son but it seems to have brought you out of your shell. Just one more question Rachael! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I represent all the 40 year old mums out there who all do the hardest job in the world and barely have a minute for themselves. To those who have lost a bit of confidence and feel a little uncomfortable with there bodies. I say “You are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are. You are unique and individual to be able to wear gorgeous under wear and represent Curvy Kate and feel fantastic is a real boost. No matter how old you are take some time for yourself life begins at 40 so bring it on!”

Good luck Rachael!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.


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Star In A Bra top thirty – Dominique Wells

It’s our penultimate day of interviews with our top thirty, which means we only have eight left! I want to say a huge thank you to all our brilliant top thirty for getting back to me so quickly, and with such great answers, although it is making voting harder! As usual we’ll be posting throughout the next two days, so keep coming back to the blog!

We start yet another sunny day with the beautiful Dominique Wells.

Good morning Dominique! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

Hi everybody! I’m Dominique Wells, 23 years old and a proud 36F. I have a degree in journalism and in my spare time I enjoy ballroom and Latin-American dancing.

Wow, sounds like you’re pretty active Dominique? Why did you decide to enter the competition?

It’s great to see more curvy figures in the media and I think this competition is inspirational for lots of women; I’ve certainly been inspired to take part.

That’s really lovely to hear – we want to promote a healthy and happy body image with Curvy Kate and Star In A Bra, so if it inspires people then I suppose we’re doing something right! Just one last question…why do you think people should vote for you?

Vote for me because I represent the average woman and I think I’m a great role model for girls everywhere. Don’t be ashamed of your fuller bust!

Good luck Dominique!

Has Dominique won your vote? Still not sure? With just seven interviews left and plenty of time to vote you certainly don’t have to panic.

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we hear from Rachael Kirby!

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Jo Hickman

Our fourth and final interview of the day comes from the lovely Jo Hickman!

Good afternoon Jo! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

My name is Jo, I’m 19  and I’m a student at Derby University where I’m training to be a primary school teacher. I’m size 16 and G cup. I have never been really confident about my body but my friends, family and boyfriend all tell me I have a good figure so I’m starting to take it on board and get more confident!

And so they should! Sounds like you have a nice supportive team around you though. Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I decided to enter the competition because people tell me I have a lovely curvy figure but I never really believed them, then I saw Star In A Bra on the Curvy Kate website and thought I may as well have a go, and its a good job I did!

It certainly is Jo! Just one last question and it’s the mean one, woops! Maybe I should change them for next year?! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I think people should vote for me because I’m the UK average size, and just like any other woman! I embrace my curves and I’m not afraid to show it. Every girl that has got through is beautiful though, and those who didn’t!

Good luck Jo!

So, has Jo won your vote, or are you still undecided? Don’t panic! We have a few more interviews left for you and plenty of time to vote.

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Come back tomorrow to read four more interviews!

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Stephanie Middleton

We’re sitting down to lunch and carrying on with our  mini interviews, aren’t we good to you?!

Our third interview of the day comes from Stephanie Middleton.

Good afternoon Stephanie! Why don’t you start by telling our readers a little about you?

I’m currently at Uni studying Lingerie design but home for me is Oxford. I’m 22 but it has been said that I’m a bit of a granny – it’s probably due to my need of early nights (I always have lots of uni work!), an abnormal love for cups of tea and slight obsession with baking – chocolate brownies are a specialty! I’m a natural sort of girl so on the occasions I do go out I love spending time getting ready with my girl-friends doing hair, make up and putting on a pair of high heels! Equally I’m just as happy to spend time at home with my family as it always ends up with us all in fits of laughter!

I’m with you on the granny tag – sounds like me! Maybe we should get you to bake some of these brownies for Curvy Kate?! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I considered entering last year and chickened out at the last minute and regretted it. So this time round I pulled in the help of my best friend – it started of with an air of sensibility but as always we both ended up giggling the whole way through! I’ve worked as a bra fitter and hearing the issues women have and their lack of confidence (for no real reason) makes me want to show women – and just as importantly, younger girls that you don’t have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful! Love what you’ve got and flaunt it!

That’s the way photos SHOULD be taken! Just one last question, although it is the one everyone is hating me for – oops! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I would love for people to have the confidence in voting for me. I’ve been bigger and I’ve been smaller but right now I’m happy with my size and I would love to be able to encourage a comfortable body image. When you’ve got gorgeous underwear it’s impossible not to feel sexy – no matter what your shape or size! So always remember it would be rude to leave the last biscuit all lonely in the barrel!

Good luck Stephanie!

Has Stephanie won your vote? With only a few more interviews left why not wait until you’ve heard from all of our beautiful top thirty before voting?

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we hear from Jo Hickman.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Amy Coulstock

Our second interview of the day comes courtesy of Amy Coulstock!

Good morning Amy! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

I’m Amy, I’m 21 and I’m from South East of London. I’m a size 32E and dress size 12, I have been through phases of watching what I eat to slim down, but then I decided I eating chocolate was far more satisfying than wearing clothes that are a size smaller!! After hopping my way through different jobs and courses at college from coffee shop to beauty therapist I’m now settled and have been working as a part time nanny for nearly a year now, which more than satisfies my creative side with all the paper and pva glue we get through every day!

I’m extremely girly and if it comes in pink, I’ve either got it or I want it! My bedroom still looks like that of a 5 year old despite my attempts to add a more mature touch, oops! People tend to think I’m quite shy as I’m not often the one to be talking loudly in front of others, but that’s just my normal personality, I’m more of a listener than a talker. Saying that, one of my biggest irritations is when people try to ‘bring me out of my shell’, argh!

I really love quiet time to myself when I drag out my entire craft chest and sit for hours at a time hand making cards for my friends & family. In general I just love the simple things in life, like duvet days, picnics in the park and going for coffee with my mum.

Sounds like you’re really creative Amy so your job as a nanny sounds perfect! We expect you to be constantly covered in glitter. Why did you decide to enter?

I’ve known about the Star in a Bra search for a few years now and I was always tempted me to enter each time the competition opened every year but didn’t feel quite good enough about myself at the time. I have always admired underwear models as they are very feminine and elegant, but my 5”5, size 12 self has always seemed miles apart from the likes of the professionals.

However the Curvy Kate requirements are aimed at the nations real women, and give people the chance to feel beautiful in your own right, which is exactly how it has made me feel so far and to be handpicked for the top 30 is absolutely amazing, I’m so thrilled it feels like a dream?!

Well we’re glad you’ve finally entered Amy! We have one last question for you, and I’m afraid it’s the ‘nasty’ one, sorry! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I don’t really know why people should vote for me? I’m just a normal down to earth girly girl who would absolutely love to be given such a fabulous opportunity. Being chosen for top 30 amongst so many other beauties is already a huge confidence boost to which I am forever grateful; I’ll definitely be telling that to my grand kids when I’m older! I’m not perfect, but I’m certainly proud to have a lovely curvy body shape especially as it is becoming increasingly popular and has created many idols for women over the generations, from Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian to maybe… Amy Coulstock?!

Good luck Amy!

So has Amy won your vote, or are you still undecided? We have a few days left of interviews and about a week to go until voting closes, so don’t panic!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we hear from Stephanie Middleton.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Charlotte Upton

Good morning everyone! Well it’s bright and early on a Monday morning and we’re back with another interview! We’re over half way through these mini blogs with our top thirty now, but you still have plenty of time to read them all AND get your votes in.

To start us off today we hear from Charlotte Upton!

Good morning Charlotte! Why don’t you tell us all about you?

Well I’m a young ‘gal’ from the North who has historically fought against and not embraced my curves, but over the years and after some (lots) of kind encouragment I find myself here?! Blimey, it’s so unreal, and leaps and bounds away from my corporate marketing day job, what a difference! I’m so happy to be here and I’m sure its the same story for most the ladies in the competition, but how hard is it to find a good comfortable home for your 30HH puppies?! That search that has led me right here.

That must have been some search! But we’re glad it brought you along to Star In A Bra! Why did you decide to enter?

So, we all used to play dress up when we were younger, right? Well, I was always a model, wearing high heels and ‘struttin my stuff’, as much as a 4 year old can strut! I used to dream of being a model, but unfortunately as I grew so did eveything and there ‘aint no room’ on the catwalk for curves ! So how perfect is this? An opportunity to be a model AND a chance to show my curves with such positivity, and show the younger generations that curves are classy, cool and captivating.

They sure are! We may have to use those three ‘c’s’ more often Charlotte! One last question, and it’s the nasty one that everyone hates me for – oops! Why do you think people should vote for you?

Well, as I said before, its taken a while to love my curves…but I got here! Competitions and publicity such as the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra competition definitely helps ladies like us grow with our confidence. I’d love to think that if I won it would inspire others who are struggling with their body images to embrace their curves, and of course show the world that just because we don’t have the high street proportions we don’t have to sacrifice style over practicality – we don’t need to hide ourselves away! It’s about time curves became the norm!

Good luck Charlotte!

Has Charlotte won your vote? Remember there are just a few interviews left, so don’t vote JUST yet if you’re still undecided!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we hear from Amy Coulstock.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Katie Ward

Our roast is the oven and we’re just about getting over losing an hour of sleep, so it must mean it’s time for another interview! This time around it’s the adorable Katie Ward.

Good afternoon Katie! Why don’t you start by telling our readers all about you?

Hi! I’m Kate, 28 years old from Leamington Spa, 5’8 and roughly a size 12-14 and I wear a 30 G. With the help of the Princes Trust I have started my own business ‘Madhatters Craft Studio’ I encourage people to paint tea pots! I work from my own little shed, come have a nosey!

About me… in short! I love nail varnish, especially red! My favorite ice cream flavour is vanilla (boring I know) and I am an awful cook. I drive a black Mini Cooper, I have named him Max! I would like to follow the trend of the other entrants and say I play netball… but I don’t.
I have a rather indestructible thick fringe and have done since I was 4.
When I laugh loud, I sometimes snort and I don’t take myself too seriously.

We’re kind of glad you don’t play netball…we were starting to feel left out! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

As some of you may have read, my mum has very recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am sure you have heard it time and time again but when something life changing like cancer rears it ugly head it really makes you stop and think.

And thats what it did. I saw the competition advertised on Twitter and thought ‘why not’! if I ever have to go through something as nasty as Breast Cancer I would miss these lovely ‘bad boys’ if I had to loose them, therefore I thought get them out and show off my Curvy Kate bra So here I am.

Your poor Mum, send her our love. Going through something like that really is tough but in a way it has a silver lining – you decided to enter Star In A Bra! We’re sure she’s very proud of you. One last question! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I couldn’t tell you why you should vote for me over the other gorgeous 29! I will however promise that I still won’t learn to play netball but more importantly I will embrace the brand and what it stands for, I will have fun in whatever they may have in store for me. I am excited to be selected in the top 30 and I am proud to be a curvy girlie, besides, my name is Kate how very apt!

Good luck Katie!

So, has Katie won your vote? We’ve got a lot of interviews left to go and plenty of time to vote, so don’t panic just yet!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we speak to Narissa Chan.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Jane Blackhall

And on to the second interview on this sunny Sunday…we’re going to have a break in a minute to start cooking a delicious roast, got to keep those curves intact!

This time we hear from the stunning Jane Blackhall.

Good morning Jane! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

My name is Jane, I’m 23 years old, and I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I would say my friends know me as a colorful person and a bit of a clown, I love nothing more than spending time with them; catching up, laughing, taking pictures, going on adventures, drinking far too much coffee – and on some occasions- wine! My bra size is 28H. I’ve had fairly large knockers from as long as I can remember…well from about the age of 14; where they unexpectedly sprouted out of nowhere and seemed on their own continuous mission of growth until the age of around 19! The story of my nick name of ‘Melons’, to a few of my close friends, began here.

I really enjoyed sports when I was younger and ballet from a young age into my late teens, but it was always a struggle to find the right fitting bra. It used to be such a large undertaking for my mum to take me lingerie shopping and find something that fitted and supported me properly, sometimes even travelling to a different city for the search. As I’ve gotten older I feel that there has been a wider variety out there for girls with the combination of a large bust and a small back size and I am thankful to companies like Curvy Kate for recognizing this need. The shopping trip is a lot easier now but I would still like to see more shop rails stocking brands like Curvy Kate that start at size 28 and cater for the truly wide variety of curvaceous women out there.

We’d like to see more Curvy Kate out there too! A lot of people don’t even understand that a 28 back size exists, and you’re a great example to show case that. They also think ‘H’ is a ridiculously large cup size and although it kind of is, it’s all relative to back size! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

Life is too short, and to steal a line from Bob Marley on this one “don’t worry, be happy”. I had reservations about entering the competition this year. On the entry deadline day, with the inspirational words and encouragement from a few friends in mind, I thought to myself “why not?! Get that camera out, take a few pics and see what you think.”
I love fashion – my biggest vice being shoes- irresistible! And like most women and girls, I read those glossy magazines whose pages are full to the brim, not with big bosoms, but with pictures and ad campaign after ad campaign featuring stick like woman. I would love to represent women out there who don’t conform to that shape or size and are 100% natural.

I think we’re going to have to listen to a lot more Bob Marley after that…Curvy Kate theme tune perhaps?! One last question Jane – why do you think people should vote for you?

It is hard to talk about yourself. All I can hope for is that people like my pictures and my smile and vote for me. I’d love to represent the Curvy Kate brand. What could be more fun than promoting an issue I believe in; whilst getting to run around in gorgeous bras- that fit, may I add! – and nice knickers with a big smile on your face!

Good luck Jane!

So, has Jane won your vote? Still not sure? Don’t worry, we’re not even half way through our interviews!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we speak to Katie Ward.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Jade Emery

Well it may be a Sunday, and we lost an hours sleep (boo!), but we’re still dedicated to blogging here at Curvy Kate! The weather is still lovely and we still have beautiful contestants to interview, so can you blame us?!

Starting us off today is the lovely Jade Emery.

Hi Jade! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you?

Hello my name is Jade Emery, I’m 22 years old and a student at the Bournemouth Arts University studying a Degree in Make-up, which I am loving! I am originally from a small sea side town in North Devon which is great living by the beautiful countryside. I am a proper down to earth country girl that enjoys the simple things in life. I’ve never really been that much into sport however when it comes to horse riding I would ride everyday if I could! I have been a keen rider ever since I was five years old, its the one thing that truly makes me happy no matter what!

Sounds like you lead a pretty active lifestyle, and I’m from Bournemouth as well! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

Back when the competition opened I ended up splitting from my former boyfriend. Long story short, he thought I was a little too big and have put on weight in the last two years and suggested that I try and lose weight before the next time we met up…. well I knew exactly what to say to that!

As a teenager I was never the biggest fan of my curves, having larger breasts than most girls my age seemed to attract a lot of unwanted attention, and at times contemplated a breast reduction! However since then I have grown up, seen the light and have learned to love my curves and cant be doing with anyone that don’t love me for me! Life’s too short!

If by fate the same day splitting from my boyfriend I opened a magazine to Curvy Kate’s star in a bra … “Are you DD+ and curvy?”…just thought why the hell not! I had a well needed night of pampering, did my hair and make-up and just generally had a feel good night taking the photos, which I really enjoyed. I never contemplated that I would actually make it into the top 30, it has really made my year! I cant even put into words what its done for me.

We’re so glad to hear that, and I bet your ex is absolutely kicking himself now, because you look amazing. One last question and it is the mean one – sorry! Why should people vote for you?

I would be lying if I said that hearing what my ex boyfriend said didn’t put a bit of a dent in my self confidence, but after getting into the top 30 I have found the confidence coming back that I have lost. Would be amazing if people voted to help me get to the top 10, so many women put up with men that don’t encourage them to embrace their curves and need to make them realise just how gorgeous they are. So I want to show all the curvy ladies out there that you can love your curves, there’s nothing to be ashamed of or anything to hide!

Good luck Jade!

Has Jade won your vote? We still have a lot more interviews to get through, so don’t panic just yet!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we speak to Jane Blackhall.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Amy Stewart

And it’s our fourth and final interview of the day, this time with the gorgeous Amy Stewart!

Good afternoon Amy! Why don’t you tell us about you?

I am a 25 year old hairdresser, I really enjoy my job as I get to be creative all day! I am also into keeping fit by going to the gym as much as possible, my favourite class is Body Combat. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my mum and my sister… Our lazy shopping sundays are my favourite! I am just a normal young woman who works full time and enjoys weekends with my friends.

Ah shopping…we can ALL relate to that! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

I decided to enter the Curvy Kate competition because I love their underwear and when I saw the competition in Best magazine, with some encouragement from my mum and sister I decided to go for it and enter. Because I am petite I never thought I would be able to enter any type of modelling competition, but because this was open to anybody without experience it was just perfect. I feel very excited about the competition and am proud of myself for entering!

You should be proud of yourself – I’m not sure I could do it! And being petite doesn’t matter to us, we love that Star In A Bra has women entering of every shape and size…it’s what Curvy Kate is about! Just one last question for you Amy and sadly it’s the mean one, don’t hate me! Why do you think people should vote for you?

I think people should vote for me because I never thought I could enter this competition, let alone get through to the top 30. I am a normal, natural young woman and I would like to think I could represent all the petite ladies out there. But I am just happy to have made it into the top 30…thank you Curvy Kate!

Good luck Amy!

Has Amy won your vote? We still have a lot more interviews to get through, so don’t panic just yet!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Come back tomorrow to see our next four contestants!

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Elizabeth Clarke

Well it’s lunch time and I’m working from the comfort of my sunny garden from a laptop…work doesn’t seem so bad when you get to work on your tan! Our third interview of the day comes from Lizzie (Elizabeth!) Clarke.

Hi Elizabeth…or should that be Lizzie?! Why don’t you tell our readers about yourself?

Hello everybody, my name is Lizzy and I am a big-boobed lady! It has been 15 years since my last C cup bra. But big boobs aren’t a shameful addiction, they’re a blessing! I’m currently a 28/30 GG and have finally learnt to love them even if, at 29, they’re not quite as buoyant as they once were!

I earn my bra buying money as a Structural Engineer designing buildings and bouncing about on site. I’ve never done any kind of modelling unless you count trying to look lady like in high vis and a hard hat.

I think that’s a first as far as models ‘normal’ jobs go! I don’t think I’d be very good at the job, I’d end up putting the hard hats on my boobs…oops! Why did you decide to enter the competition?

To be honest I’m not completely sure why! Perhaps it was seeing Lizzie Haines and thinking “Wow! She looks gorgeous and …. Hang on a sec… she looks a little bit like me?!” Perhaps it’s because I was feeling a little jaded reading about “curvy” size 4’s. Or perhaps I just went temporarily insane in which case…how do I make it permanent!

But seriously, as I write this I’m sitting in Waterloo station watching the crowds. I see tall ladies, short ladies, slim ladies, larger ladies, apple shapes, pear shapes, hour glass shapes and every other physical shape you can think of. So if I wasn’t sure why I entered Star in a Bra at the start, I know now the reason that I’m glad I did; Curvy Kate is helping the world see that every single one of us deserves to feel good about themselves, and the chance to help promote that happiness is quite simply fantastic.

That’s very kind of you to say Lizzie, thank you! If it IS a little bit madness, lets hope it stays. One more question Lizzie! Why do you think people should vote for you?

This is where I have to fight that incredibly English urge to come over all embarrassed and self-deprecating. I’m in amongst some utterly gorgeous women and I’m a little bit in awe of them! To attempt to set myself apart is a little tricky so I’ll tell you why I think having someone like me win something like this is important.

Working in construction I am in a world dominated by men and the pressure to conform is subtle but there. Whilst I can think like a man, I am definitely a woman. I like beautiful clothes, sparkly things and wearing gorgeous underwear. This may sound a bit pretentious but I would love the chance to show women like me that you don’t have to hide away your femininity, that you definitely don’t have to “man up” and that you can be one of the boys AND still be very much one of the girls. Because lets face it ladies, we are awesome and can do anything we want.

Good luck Lizzie!

Has Elizabeth got your vote? Don’t forget all our other contestants! There are 30 and we’re on interview 13…

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to the application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Next up we hear from Amy Stewart.

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Jesse James

Our second interview of the day comes courtesy of Jesse James (yes, that is her real name!).

Good afternoon Jess! Why don’t you tell the readers all about yourself?

Well my name’s Jess, I’m 20, I live in London and I don’t know where to start! I’m a make-up artist for Illamasqua; partially because I’m creative and I love doing make up – but I started out in cosmetics because I wanted to make people look and feel good, because I didn’t look or feel good. After being bullied during most of my school years for the way I looked, the music I listened to and the clothes I wore – I felt like I needed to help boost other peoples confidence to make myself feel better. And I never realised until recently that what I was doing actually had a great positive impact on women’s lives. Just from putting a bit of lippy and a blush on I was helping people feel better about themselves – and you can’t get better job satisfaction than having 20 women cuddling you and thanking you for making their day that much better.

The bullying started with my boobs back in first school. I was the first girl at school to need a bra and the other kids made me believe that it was weird, that it was ‘unnatural’ and that I was a freak- so naturally it became something I was ashamed of from a very young age. It wasn’t until my first bra fitting that I not only stopped being ashamed of my boobs, but I actually felt proud of my body (well some of it anyway – I was a teenager…) and I actually stopped wearing baggy clothes and I stopped hiding my face under my fringe and I wore DRESSES! I wore bold clothes, figure hugging cothes, eccentric clothes and it was so liberating! For the first time I stopped worrying about what other people thought and concentrated on what I wanted to show the world in myself.

That sounds like a really rewarding job, AND fun, playing with all that gorgeous make up day in day out. Why did you decide to enter Star In A Bra? Perhaps to show those awful bullies that you’re proud of your figure?

Just over a year ago I seriously considered a breast reduction. Although I had previously learned to love my assets, they had not stopped growing and finding underwear was becoming a horrible and depressing task, let alone the unwanted attention I was getting – it made me feel uneasy. My mum had bought me a Curvy Kate Bra a couple of months ago prior to this and I adored it, but I just thought it was a one off fluke that there was a bra out there in the world that fit me . Then one day after taking my bra off I went to the web to look for the company, and that’s when I came across Star In A Bra. I was bowled over by all of these beautiful, large breasted, confident and happy women celebrating the same thing: their natural beauty and what they could do with it in a good bra. I felt inspired, I felt empowered and I reached this kind of epiphany that we are all beautiful – it’s just accepting what that beauty is and what you do with it. I thought stuff the breast reduction, and I thought it was about time I did something to make myself feel more confident about my body – what better way than to show the world what Curvy Kate has done for me? So I promised myself that this would be the year!

Well we’re glad you decided to enter and that Curvy Kate has done so much for you! One last question and sadly it’s the nasty one (I think everyone hates me for this!). Why should people vote for you?

I guess it’s because ultimately I would like to stir the same feelings in others that I felt when looking at the people who entered last year. Yes I’m a little different. I mostly wear black , I have piercings and I can’t think of anything worse than getting a tan, but we are all beautiful, and we are all fundamentally the same. I would like to think that if I was a representative for Curvy Kate, other girls and women would look at me and feel empowered, feel accepted and feel confident in their skin and learn to love their curves and who they are, whoever they are. I want people to dare to be different, and refuse to be everybody. I want people to see the confidence a good bra has given me and can give others. Love yourself for who you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Good luck Jesse!

Has Jess won you over? She’s only our tenth interview out of thirty and you have until the 3rd of April to vote, so don’t worry about voting just yet, we have a lot more contestants to hear from!

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to the application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Well that’s all from us for today, we’re going to go enjoy the beautiful sunshine, but don’t forget that we’ll be posting eight interviews over the weekend with more from our glorious top thirty. Aren’t we good to you?

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Star In A Bra top thirty – Abby Russel

Well after Lizzie’s brilliant PR post, we’re back on track with our interviews!We’ll be publishing two today and then tomorrow we’ll be back to four a day. Phew! No rest here at Curvy Kate and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our first interview of the day is with the delightful Abby Russel!

Hi Abby! So, why don’t we start by you telling the readers a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Abby. I’m a 20 year old Musical Theatre student living and training in Guildford and I wear a 30 HH. I hope that you will not only see me wearing ‘Curvy Kate’ but also performing on a West End stage!
That would be amazing! Curvy Kate will certainly be there to cheer you on! So, why did you decide to enter the competition?

My mother found out about the competition and sent the details to me. I have had some lovely compliments lately in dance classes from fellow students and friends about my curvy figure and some have even said I inspire them as I totally embrace my natural curves and am so comfortable and confident with myself. So when I read over the details of Star in a Bra, I thought “yeah…I’m going to go for that!”

Good for you! That must be such a compliment to have people telling you that you inspire them? It’s great to hear you’re so comfortable in your own skin. Only one question left Abby, but it’s the mean one! Why do you think people should vote for you?

Well I would love to represent the modern curvy women of today and be an ambassador for the Curvy Kate brand, which encourages you to embrace your natural curves. I also believe that my inner qualities of being loving, compassionate, principled, determined and honest also shine through and add to my confidence and contentment with myself and I hope that people see that in my photographs and vote for me.

Good luck Abby!

Has Abby won your vote? We still have a lot more interviews to go, so if you haven’t quite made up your mind, why not wait and read the rest of our interviews?

You have three votes to use, and to cast your vote visit the Star In A Bra website or go to the application on the Curvy Kate Facebook page.

Come back soon as we speak to Jesse James next.

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PR tips from Lizzie Haines

We’re deviating away from the interviews today slightly, and going off schedule! Well, that’s not strictly true – there’ll be two interviews later on today, but our model Lizzie Haines has something to say.

Now that Star In A Bra has gone to the public vote, we want to help our girls as much as we can when it comes to getting votes. It’s a pretty daunting prospect for anyone, and who knows that better than a previous Star In A Bra winner?!

That’s why Lizzie has been kind enough to put together yet another wonderful blog post offering some very good advice. So without further ado, take it away Lizzie!

“So…you entered Curvy Kate’s ‘Star in a Bra’ competition in your undercrackers and suddenly you find yourself being announced as part of the top 30! First and foremost, congratulations! We had a record amount of entries this year with a plethora of beautiful, curvy, vivacious women and it was so, so hard to choose.

We want you to know that we are proud of all of you and that as our top 30 you represent the varied cross section of our entrants… we are here to shout about how wonderful you are.

But what now for you? Well, all your mates (and more) are going to see you in your pants, and you know why? Because you look downright hot in them, so don’t falter, don’t worry and most of all, don’t shy away, now is your time to shine!

I’m here to tell you a little bit about rallying votes, gaining support and surviving it all with your head held high and a smile from ear to ear.

Our competition relies on the public, not only to vote, but to invest in you and in the brand too. Some of you may have worked in PR before, others may not so I’m going to start with the complete basics. PR = Public Relations. Point in case, you need to relate with the public! All the popular social networking sites are the best place to start, but I’m here to tell you that Facebook will only take you so far.

These are my top ten tips for taking your campaign to a wider audience:

1 – BE YOURSELF – I can’t stress enough how important this is, if only for your own sanity! As you know, Curvy Kate are looking for a naturally beautiful curvy girl but your personality is just as important so make sure it shines through and that you don’t ever lose sight of who you are. There is no one better to promote you, than you.

2 – HAVE FUN – This is so, so important for you and us! We want to see you enjoying yourselves! Curvy Kate is a fun and enthusiastic brand and none of the team want to see you breaking your back or driving yourself in to the ground in order to reach the top. This is not a job (yet!) and it’s no bad thing to remind your self of that and to enjoy it at every chance you get.

3 – BE AMBITIOUS, NOT RUTHLESS – We want you all to succeed otherwise you wouldn’t have been chosen but there are ways and means to go about that. Concentrate on you and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing…no one appreciates someone who puts others down to make themselves look better. Just do the best that you can and strive for your own goals, you may even make some friends a long the way, I know I’ve made some for life.

4 – GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT – If you take your story out to the public you’re going to be bombarded with questions and enquiries as to your motivation and reason behind entering, what you did before now, what you’d do if you won etc. There is no harm in knowing your story and making it poignant and relevant to you. As highlighted above, you need to connect, and if people see you and like what they see, they’ll want to know more.

5 – PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE – You’ve done the hard part, now get out there and shout about it! I was initially so worried that living in a small town would be dreadful for gossip and whispers in the pub but I went out and chatted about it, I was proud of what I did and I answered everyone’s questions. You are not the world’s first lingerie model, if people think it’s strange, refer to point 4 and tell them your story. The more you talk about it, blog about it, tweet about it, shout about it…the more people will know about the competition and you. Approach local people about supporting your campaign, make posters, organise an event, anything you can in order to make it more widespread. It may be hard at first but don’t be afraid to be proud of yourself. Be brave and put yourself out there. The more you talk about it the more comfortable you will become. A really good way to do this is through a blog. If you take the time to create a blog and talk about your experience in the competition, you’ll be surprised at how many more people connect with you that way than if you just throw links at them. I wrote about different stages of the competition and the whole experience on my own website and my business gained from the experience too. I was open and honest and fun in my approach which is something I try to work and live by. I’m not saying the world needs to know everything there is to know about you from birth to now yet there is no harm in opening up a little bit and letting people know what you’re about.

6 – GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR FRIENDS – Friends are there to support you and help you, and if you can encourage them to aid your campaign you’ll have the best team you could ever wish for.

7 – DO NOT SPAM – This is very important. Facebook* is your number one tool for gathering votes but no one likes a spammer! By all means spam your mates, they deserve it, but if you are targeting businesses or groups be very careful and sensitive in your approach. When you are selling anything, the number one place to start is by identifying your target audience, which in this case is most probably other curvy women, and men! I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. There are hoards of facebook groups dedicated to the worship of curves and lingerie…however, they are likely to have some sort of awareness of the competition already as it is relevant to them and if they get 30 girls posting a direct link to their voting page on their wall every day it’s likely to piss them off more than endear them to you. Find a group you can actually connect with, interact, blog about them, blog about you and make a connection. This competition is all about connections and we welcome the ones you can make and maintain. It’s a question of common sense and decency that is quite often lost when it comes to freedom of speech on the internet!

8 – THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – I may have outlined above that your main target audience is other curvy women, but they are not the only people who can and will vote for you. Think bigger and be creative about it! Gaining support in your local community is a great place to start, approach local press and radio stations about supporting your campaign and go from there. I went to my local football team, I had their man pundit on side who got me on the radio, I had it announced at the game and I was featured on their fan sites too…in blue undies no less, I know my allegiance! If you have a niche, a hobby or something about you that you think makes you different, use it. Run with it and see where it goes. Spread the word through different channels that will get you seen and where ever possible link it back to your personal blog etc so people can connect with YOU. I even took my CK bag to New York and paraded it in Times Square!

9 – SAY YES – OK, so don’t say yes to EVERYTHING, I don’t want any of you getting in trouble, but saying yes to things you wouldn’t ordinarily do can lead to fun shenanigans and more opportunities to get seen. Did your local small bra shop put you up to the challenge? Then say yes to being their live window model for an afternoon! Has a local photographer asked you to be a model for them? Then say yes and cross promote each other! The world is your PR oyster so go out there and get creative.

10 – RISE ABOVE IT – *Facebook as we have learned over the years is your friend and your enemy. You are now public domain and you can expect that a lot of people will have their opinions on that. It can be both encouraging and discouraging and with millions of users you are unfortunately at the mercy of both good and bad people. I am here to reassure you that the good far outweighs the bad and I implore you to rise above any negative commentary. I believe out of all the comments I received my favourite would have to be, “The only place I want to see a short, fat stocky bird with no neck is on my Christmas dinner table.” It’s original if nothing else and if you don’t see the funny side you’ll only cry! Besides, following this I got a marriage proposal so who’s worried?! It’s also important to note that you will be inundated with friend requests (mostly men!) and while you may view this as a way to gather extra votes, they attention can often be unwelcome. Importantly, facebook will also ban you for spamming. Personal profiles have a friend limit and also a limit on how quickly friends are added. Facebook too monitor spam and don’t allow it. Just remember your story, why you did this, and that you are truly beautiful.
First things first…change that profile picture so every one knows you have made it!

I really hope this all helps make the experience a little more fun, rewarding and also not too stressful!
Good luck with your campaigns ladies, we’ll be seeing ten of you very soon! x”

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