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Curvy Kate Fitting Event

A group of 10 girls (including myself) were wined and dined over some healthy discussion whilst wearing lingerie on a cold winter night… Sounds like the beginning of an interesting story but it was indeed the Curvy Kate fitting event.

The event took place on 15th November where we invited a group of girls to come the the Curvy Kate HQ to talk about our past, present and future collections. By the time all the girls arrived the room was already set up with food and wine (hence the wine and dine) as well as samples of the collections in their sizes.

All the girls got a chance to introduce themselves and state their sizes for the room to hear… (I recall someone comparing it to an ‘AA’ meeting hmmmm) Amongst the girls we had myself (Marketing Assistant), Adriana the Production Manager and Charlotte the Design and Production Assistant.

On each seat laid the AW11 and SS12 brochures for everyone to have a look through and familiarise themselves with the collections, they were also given a piece of paper asking them to bear certain things in mind like the fit of the bra, the comfort and the support while they tried them on.

We started with the Curvy Kate best-seller… Princess, which was used as the basis for the Daily Boost and the new CK Swimwear collection… The sight of  all of us in the same bra was quite interesting to say the least… We got some good feedback about this bra which was expected as it is one of our best-sellers… We compared it to the feedback we get on our Social media sights which was that the ribbons makes the cups a little tight on top or small… but in this case it was fine on most of the girls.

The second bra we tried was the Lottie, which became a favourite from the AW11 collection, most of the girls were pleasantly surprised by the fit and shape… for some the shape was too different to the showgirl ranges but it was a clear favourite from their reactions.

We then moved on to the showgirl ranges and tried the Tease me in wine… This looked gorgeous on everyone and I don’t think it has the potential to look bad on anyone but then it is a personal favourite! The fit worked really well with all sizes but some of the girls found it a little full on because it does give an amazing lift! Let’s just say the ‘girls’ won’t be forgotten in this!

We then ended on the Tempt Me, which was the set we’ve had the most feedback about on all our social media sites and probably the main reason we had the fitting event. With all the feedback it seemed obvious that it does come up two cup sizes smaller in the cup and needs some attention but over all every one loved the new colour-way and still wants to buy it despite the fit! However, we would definitely be paying the much needed attention to our plunging styles for the future.

After lusting over the AW12 collection (Above) we ended with a sneak preview of the AW12 collection which was just photo shoot with the Winner from the Australian Star in a Bra, who did a fantastic job and made it look effortless.  There was alot of Ohhhhhh’s and Ahhhhh’s and questions about when this collection will be available… Sadly it is not out until the July 2012! Just about half a year or so to wait girls!

There was a lot of interest in the Daily Boost which will be available in White and Nude for SS12 and Black for AW12, the next favourite was the Fleurty which was introduced in the SS12 in a Powder blue and coral colour-way and our new seam-free mould bra which will be available for AW12… A lot of exciting new additions to the Curvy Kate collections to come!

Lastly we asked the girls if there was anything in particular missing for the D plus girl or something they would like to see… thankfully most of the things they suggested we are already in progress of making them… I’ll give you some hints… Something without Straps??? and Something that makes you feel very sexy in the bedroom??? Any ideas??? Watch this space!!!

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Interview with Curvy Kate’s Design and Production Assistant

As we are in the middle of designing our AW12 collection for Curvy Kate, I thought I would interview the person who is probably the most involved in it all… Charlotte Davies, Curvy Kate’s new Design and Production Assistant!

So Charlotte you’ve been working for Curvy Kate for about 3-4 months now, and you joined us in the middle of designing the collection  for AW12… how has it been so far? and was it fun just jumping straight into designing?

It has been brilliant, it is really interesting working for such a nice company, everyone is so friendly and you really feel like you are making a good product. It is also a bit of an eye opener too because it  is so fast paced! you really have to be on the ball haha

Yes you have to work so far in advance sometimes… well all the time really! Did you always wanted to work in the Lingerie Industry?

I always wanted to work in Fashion, I wouldn’t say I really found my passion for lingerie until I was at college. We were always encouraged to find a niche, and I really clicked with the technical side of fashion design so wanted to find something that pushed me on that side of things. When I found the degree at DMU I really started paying attention to lingerie, and found that it is such an interesting and personal thing to design. It balances both the importance of fit and design so beautifully. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now!

Awww I love that you say it’s a personal thing… It means it’s something you put your heart and soul into. Would you say you get attached in designs?

I think you have to learn to be quite objective – obviously, any design you initially make is very imprinted with your own style but it also has to appeal to the widest range of people possible! That is why we conduct design meetings, to ensure that it isn’t just me who likes it, haha. But in a way, yes, you do feel quite proud when something gets produced that is your design. The most important thing is that it makes your customers feel fantastic, not my satisfaction at seeing my original design is being produced, so if we have to change it to make sure our customers love it then I’m fine with that!

It must really be amazing to see your designs used and hear how much customers love them. What do you use for inspiration?

I use loads of things, I mean, obviously I look at catwalk trends and trend prediction but you can’t let that rule your life! I love to watch films for inspiration, or go to a museum. My graduate collection was inspired by some victorian medical instruments I found! But at the same time, you have to be commercial so you have to marry this with current things so quite often I look at celebrities and music videos too. All these things combined can give you confirmation that you are moving in the right direction.

Without giving away too much… how would you describe the AW12 collection?

It is such a beautiful AW collection! Very sexy, with lots of strong colours. Some really exciting new products too….

Thanks a lot Charlotte… I can’t wait for the collection to come out, I already have some personal favourites that I just cannot live without!  I have to continue adding to my ever growing addiction of Curvy Kate!


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Vote Lizzie Haines as the next plus size Model of the Year!

100percentpeople are hosting their Plus size awards and our very own Lizzie Haines has been nominated.

So we need to call on the public for your support in voting for our Lizzie to not only be crowned Queen of Curves after she won this year’s Star in a Bra 2011 but to also be crowned Plus Size Model of the Year.

We all know from our Models that we like to promote a curvy, healthy figure and with that in mind I would like to touch on the subject of being curvy and being plus sized.

Curvy can come in all sizes from being a tiny size 8 to being a voluptuous size 18! It’s all about proportions and how your body is shaped… If you have an ‘hour-glass’ figure where your waist is the smaller than your hips and shoulders then you are considered to be ‘curvy’.

With that in mind the term Plus Sized means someone of size or someone above the average size… in the fashion industry anyone above a size 10-12 can easily be considered as ‘Plus Sized’. So as far as the term goes we have to consider that in the fashion/lingerie world our gorgeous curvy Lizzie can also be called a Plus Size model!

Although Lizzie is only a size 14, she still represents a far more realistic view of the average size… than many other Models in the fashion/lingerie industry. So we call on all our Curvy Kate fans to vote for Lizzie Haines as the next Plus Sized Model of the year! To vote please click on the link below!

Remember you can vote every 12 hours so remember to keep coming back to show your support! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates!

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