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Behind the scene’s at the Shirley Allum’s Fitting Event!

Yesterday our very own Hannah Houston took a journey to Dorset to give a hand at a fitting event held by the Shirley Allum’s store.

Situated opposite the famous Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, she was greeted by the picturesque landscape of cobbles streets, fresh air and greenery!

The event started off well with the sun shining through encouraging everyone to pop in and see what was happening… Although this shop sells a mixture of clothes and lingerie, everyone is usually drawn to the lingerie department because of the group of specialised fitters in at hand including the owner Shirley Allum (pictured on the left). Shirley Allum’s store is known for holding their fitting events including Mastectomy fittings throughout the year with the Woman’s Institute so there was no doubt that we expected this event to be a success.

A mixture of 18 – 70 year olds entered the shop ready and willing to be fitted and find out about Curvy Kate and what their true sizes were. With the percentage of women still wearing the wrong size bra at 80% it was great to see the eagerness to be fitted. The event unfold throughout the day with more and more women leaving with a different size than what they came in wearing but a better understanding of their shape and size.

Curvy Kate was well represented at the fitting event as our Marketing Manager, Hannah was one of the specialist fitters helping out as customers kept piling in. Each customer was offered the opportunity to get fitted and those who left with a Curvy Kate purchase also left with a Curvy Kate bag and a better understanding of how a bra should feel and fit.

Hannah comments on her experience ‘It was a fantastic day, there was a lot of energy throughout the day and it’s such an experience seeing people reaction when you tell them there new size. We need more events like this to educate women on the importance of being fitted the big difference it can have on your shape. It was also great to get some direct feedback from everyone about our products and see how it fits a range of sizes and age groups.”

With the vast range of Curvy Kate bras sold at the event there were also some clear favourites bought throughout the day; these were the Princess collection, Elegance in Ivory and the Emily in grape.  The showgirl collection also proved to be a hit and everyone really appreiciated the bold bright colours and the fit!

We would like to say a Big thank you to the team at the Shirley Allum’s Store for giving Curvy Kate the opportunity to take part! Click here to visit their website

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Introducing Curvy Kate Star Store!

We love all our amazing retailers here at Curvy Kate, and we want to give them a chance to shine!

We’ve had many retailers who’ve hosted fitting events, had Curvy Kate days or even make special wrapping for every Curvy Kate bra making the purchase even more special, and we wanted a way to show our appreciation by making all our Curvy Kate fans aware, if it wasn’t for our retailers we would not be able to reach all of you!

So we will branding one of our Curvy Kate retailers as our ‘Star Store’ each week on Facebook as a personal ‘thank you’  for going that extra mile to promote curvy confidence!

There will be a new one each week so keep an eye out for them on Facebook!

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