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Where to find your Curvy Kate?

For all you Curvy Kate fans out there…

We have recently updated our store locator page so you know where to find your next Curvy Kate!

If you ever wondered where you can buy Curvy Kate bras from… then look no further.

Go on to and click on Store locator tab at the top right hand corner

You will see two options, one for the high street stores and one for online. If you’re looking to go into a store to try items on or you just feel like a shopping trip then have a look at the high street store locator and choose your country.

Curvy Kate is currently stocked in 31 different countries but not all countries are stocking in their shops.

See the list below for the 20 countries that do sell Curvy Kate in some shops!

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • New Jersey
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

After selecting your country press GO and you would see a list of shops that sell Curvy Kate


Simply click on the store you think is closest to you, if you are not sure where the store is located but you do know the area then have a look at the map


If you looking for the convenient of shopping in the confines of your own home or computer then after clicking on the Store Locator button, GO to ONLINE


Curvy Kate will soon be adding some exciting new additions to the online list, including Figleaves, ASOS and Debingham (online), they will all be stocking Curvy Kate bras in the next few days… Remember some of these online shops also post abroad… so if you can not find your country on the Curvy Kate stockist list then it might be worth looking at the online website!


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Congratulations to the 1st ever Australian Star in a Bra!

Big Congratulations to 19 year old Julia McLean from Brisbane, Australia! We are thrilled to have you as part of the Curvy Kate team and look forward to meeting you in London for the Photoshoot!

Curvy Julia decided to enter the ‘Star in a Bra‘ competition on a whim during her double degree in Law and Business at QUT. Not hoping for much but a bit of fun; she was pretty surprise that she succeed this far and would now be the first ever face of the Curvy Kate brand in Australia!

Julia battled over 200 applicants in the first stage and was voted into the top 20 by the Curvy Kate judges, Take 5 magazine and Bella Management.  She impress the judges with her curvy charm and personality. The second stage saw her battling 20 other bra stars to be in the top 5, gathering votes from family, friends and curvy fans everywhere!

Julie comments: ‘I think through this competition I’ve learned to put myself out there and challenge myself. I’ve taken this opportunity as a chance to really feel confident and good about myself.’

This curvy Aussie will be flown out to London in November to join the UK bra stars at her first official Curvy Kate shoot for the AW12 range.  We are so excited to see the outcome!

A massive congratulations to the other four finalist Mariko, Lydia, Anna and Bec! You all did brilliantly and we are so pleased you entered!










The UK version of Star in a Bra will commence in February 2012!

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Curvy Kate Wins Full Bust Brand Of The Year!

As most of you know the UK lingerie awards took place on Wednesday 7th September at the swanky venue, One Mayfair! The stunning location of what once was a church, made an excellent venue for the occasion hosting around 250 Lingerie professionals, all there in celebration of the outstanding achievements from each brand nominated for the efforts in the past year.

The Curvy Kate team were nominated in three categories – Lingerie Brand of the Year, Fuller Bust Brand of the Year and Best Marketing Campaign of the Year.

The excitement was buzzing in the office as everyone left to get ready in anticipation of a fantastic night out… and recognition of a job well done.

The anticipation around the table could only be described as  phenomenal, resulting in a lively roar from the table every time Curvy Kate was mentioned. The Brand won the well deserved title ‘Fuller Bust Brand of the Year’ for all their hard work, ensuring fuller figured woman are supplied with gorgeous, supportive sets above a D cup! They were up against Gorgeous by Debenhams and Miss Mandalay.

Some of the members who attended the event was Steve Hudson, the Managing Director and Founder of Curvy Kate, Hannah Houston, the PR and Marketing Manager, Seema Patel the Sales Manager and Andy Wrench and Gary Watson the UK agents representing Curvy Kate!

The other award winners are:

Lingerie Brand of the Year: La Perla

New Designer of the Year: Obey My Demand

Independent Directional Brand of the Year: Lascivious

Independent Retailer of the Year: Rigby & Peller

Bridal Brand of the Year: Myla

Best Marketing Campaign: La Senza (Cup Size Choir),

Ethical Brand of the Year: Sweetling Lingerie

Hosiery Brand of the Year: Wolford Tights

Full Bust Brand of the Year: Curvy Kate

Shapewear Brand of the Year: Made by Niki

Men’s Brand of the Year: Calvin Klein

Multiple Retailer of the Year: Agent Provocateur

Most Innovative Brand of the Year: Atsuko Kudo

Maternity Brand of the Year: Cake Lingerie

Post Surgery Brand of the Year: Jamu Australia

Sports Bra Brand of the Year: Shock Absorber

Swimwear brand of the Year: Maryan Mehlhorn

Online Retailer of the Year: Figleaves

Department Store of the Year: Selfridges

Lifetime Achievement Award: June Kenton

The young brand, Curvy Kate has seen success in many other areas including their innovative marketing campaign, ‘Star in a Bra’ championing real figures around the world. ‘Star in a Bra’ set sail to Australia this year with the winner  being announced next week, adding to the repertoire of accomplishments they’ve seen since their launch in 2009.


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Star in a Bra top 5 interview – Bec Davey

Good morning everyone! Last but not least, we hear from the beautiful Bec Davey today, the last of our finalist interviews. So without further ado…

Hi Bec! Why don’t you tell our readers all about yourself?

My name is Rebecca Davey – but everyone calls me Bec – I’m 18, I’m from Tasmania and I bar tend at a golf club. I love having fun with my friends and dancing, and for that we need a good supportive bra!

Too right we do! What dress size do you wear?

I’m a size 10 in dresses.

Bec modelling before the shoot…

It’s strange that people still thing that their bra size has to match their clothing size, which isn’t often the case, especially with cup sizes. What size do you wear, and were you refitted at the shoot? We have a bad habit of sending people away from the shoots with a new bra size!

Before the competition I was wearing a 12e  and in my photos I was wearing a 12DD, which was way too small! I got refitted at the shoot though, in Curvy Kate, and I’m a 10G/GG.

The same size as me! That’s quite a jump in sizes as well! Why did you decide to enter Star in a Bra?

My Mum reads Take 5 magazine every week, and she saw the competition and thought I should enter, although she forgot to tell me about it until the last week so I nearly ran out of time! At first I was thinking “yeah, this sounds great” but then I read the article and realised it had to be in my underwear! I thought about it again and again – I wasn’t so sure that I wanted pictures of myself in my underwear on Facebook etc, but I thought I’d give it ago, knowing that if I didn’t make the top 20 then no one would see my pictures any way! After I got through to the top 20 and then final 5 I felt so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there.

Good for you Bec, it can’t have been an easy decision but I bet you’re glad you did in the end! How does it feel to be part of the final 5?

It’s an unimaginable feeling! I’m so grateful to everyone who supported and voted for me.

How did you feel when you found out you’d made it through? It must have taken a while to sink in!

I was actually on holiday in Brisbane when I found out I was in the top 5 I was overwhelmed and ecstatic – I was smiling all day!

Well that was a holiday bonus! How have your loved ones reacted to the good news?

My family and friends have been great about it, very supportive. They’ve all encouraged me to give it a shot and and are so happy for me getting through.

That’s really lovely to hear, it’s so important to have support from those around you. Tell us all about the photo shoot, I was so sad I couldn’t be there!

I arrived at the photo shoot after only one hours sleep and a plane ride with butterflies in my stomach! I met all the girls and they were lovely. We were given food and drinks but I was way to nervous too eat much so I stuck to eating strawberries and grapes so I didnt bloat myself aswell! I was the last to have photos taken so by the time it was my turn I was a lot more relaxed.

You really must have been nervous! It must be terrifying, I couldn’t do it. But it sounds like your nerves eventually went away. How did you feel before and after the shoot?

As I said before I was nervous to get my gear off and pose infront of the camera. Everyone was so nice and made me feel relaxed. After the shoot I was so comfortable and wasn’t worried anymore at all!

That’s great to hear. I think everyone starts off being really nervous and scared but by the end of it, it’s hard to tear you all away from the camera! For you, what was the best part of the shoot?

Being photographed, and being made to feel like a super model. Oh, and getting a free set of lingerie of course!

And modelling at the shoot!

Everyone loves a freebie! And the worst?

Having people trying to film you with no make-up on!

Well I’m sure you don’t need the make-up but I’d be exactly the same! Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

I love the Thrill Me and Tease Me.

The Showgirl range seem to be a real hit with you Australian lovelies! I’m the same though, I’d be hard pushed to pick between a favourite between the two as well.  What do you love about Curvy Kate?

I love that they cater for the bigger breasted woman! There’s only a few lines out there that do but I can never find a bra that has a cup size big enough with a small enough sized band. And the fact that  Curvy Kate’s bras are pretty! Who said we can’t have larger bras that are pretty? I love that curvy Kate use healthy looking models that the everyday women can relate to.

You sound like a Curvy Kate girl already! Have you learned anything from the competition so far?

I’ve gained alot of confidence! I have also learned to be happy with your body and to love our beautiful curves.

Well said Bec. Now as you know this is the first year Star in a Bra has been in Australia, and hopefully it won’t be the last. Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone considering entering next year?

Do not hesitate – it is an amazing opportunity girls! Trust me, you will kick yourself later if you dont have a go!

What would be the best part of winning the competition?

A trip to London! I could never imagine I would be able to go to London before, let alone model there and now it may be just around the corner! And the modeling contract – what an opportunity! And I’m defiantly not complaining about the years supply of lingerie either…

Well who would?! My underwear drawer is looking a bit bare, maybe I should consider entering…as a curvy girl, what do you think are the pros and cons of having such a figure?

Growing up you get bagged out for being curvy, but as you get older, you find thinner girls would kill to have curves so you learn to embrace them and show them off. Curves help to fill out dresses a lot better too.

That’s very true, I think it’s all about learning to accept your body for what it is. It seems people can struggle with this, and the curvy vs. skinny debate seems to rage on as a result, what’s your take on it all?

Society is so obsessed with size! Your either too short, tall, skinny, big etc they’re never ever happy. The top 20 got bagged out for being “too skinny”; that’s the first time in my life I’ve been told I’m too skinny! I’m too “fat” and “short” to be a “normal runway model” but “too skinny” to be a “plus size model”. But being a curvy model suits me just fine.

I think you’re right, it shouldn’t matter whether we’re ‘too’ this or ‘too’ that, it shouldn’t be an issue. Last question Bec – why do you think you should win this years Star in a Bra?

This is a hard question to answer! I think I should win because I’d love to start a modeling career and this would be an amazing opportunity for me. I think I’d represent the brand well and I am proud to wear Curvy Kate!

Good luck Bec!

And that’s that – our top 5 finalists have all been interviewed, the pictures are up, Take 5 magazine is up, there’s nothing left but for you to get voting! We hope you enjoyed the interviews, I want to thank the girls for being brilliant at answering my huge list of questions as part of their curvy campaign to be this years Star in a Bra.

To vote for Bec, follow this link.

And to see all our contestants, head on over to the Curvy Kate Facebook page for everything on this years competition.

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Star in a Bra top 5 interview – Lydia Wilson

Our second interview of the day is with the lovely Lydia Wilson!

Hey Lydia, congratulations on making it into the top ten! Why don’t we start by having you tell our readers all about yourself?

My name is Lydia Wilson, I’m 24 and currently work in a bottleshop while studying Film and Television production at Uni. This year I decided to make some new years resolutions and stick to them. I was going to try new things and not let my fear or insecurities stop me. If I was scared to give something a go, then I was definitely doing it. So I started to learn to surf, try out for representative netball and step out of my comfort zone even for the little things. That’s when I stumbled across Curvy Kate on Facebook and their wonderful Star in a Bra competition, and I can honestly say I’m so glad that I entered. I’ve always been a huge advocate for real women in media. For me, seeing different sized curvy women in the Top 20 for Curvy Kate just shows that you can be Curvy at any size no matter whether you’re a 6 or a 22. And for me personally to be included in the top 20 made me so proud of myself for taking that scary step and entering photos of myself.

Lydia and one of her entering pictures.

Wow, that’s an amazing New Years resolution, and good on you for sticking with it – look where it got you! How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the final?
When I found out I was in the Top 5 I was driving home from the cinemas and I had to stop my car to check my text message. I had to read it twice before I realised I had gotten in and I couldn’t stop smiling. My Mum was ecstatic and really proud when I told her. Ever since she has been on the campaign trail helping me to get the Star in a Bra competition in the spotlight so I could get votes. My family has been so supportive and encouraging and I’m really lucky to have such a large family with a great support system. I’d be lost without them.

That’s so lovely to hear. It can always be a bit of a worry that loved ones are going to react negatively to the competition but sounds like you have all the support you need, and one very proud Mum! What size clothes and bra do you wear?
One of the more shocking things for me was when I went to visit the lovely Robyn at Arianne on Edward in Brisbane. She re-sized me from a 14DD (36DD UK) to a 10G (32G UK)! My jaw dropped when she came back with it to try on because I couldn’t believe that my size 14 to 16 body would ever accommodate anything that is a size 10. But when Robyn made me try it on, it was perfect. I just kept thinking to myself how many women are out there wearing the wrong size bra. I always thought that your bra size (especially the band) would obviously be reflective of your general body size. But how wrong I was. But now that I had been fitted to the correct size I wasn’t looking back and I was more excited than ever to fly down to Sydney for the photo shoot with the other four girls and Kirrily, our fabulous Curvy Kate Distributor in Australia.

I think it’s a way too common problem that people associate their bra size with their clothing size, which leads to a lot of confusion, and badly fitted bras! It’s only when people realise how wrong their bra size is that they can see what a difference a fitting can make. Maybe Star in a Bra will kick start these revelations? Here’s hoping! What did you think about the photo shoot? I think people are more curious about that part of the competition!
The photo shoot was fantastic and I think that was mostly attributed to the people involved. Everyone was so friendly and immediately created this relaxed yet professional atmosphere that just made me feel completely at ease and ready to take on the shoot. I really loved meeting the other four girls Anna, Julia, Maiko and Bec. I felt like we all clicked and I’m glad to say that they felt like friends immediately. Watching the girls have their shots was a highlight for me because they all looked fabulous and I really think that they are all a great representation of real women. Of course I loved having my photos taken as well! I really enjoyed the entire process. There really wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about the shoot, which is probably why the day felt like it went so fast.

That’s great to hear. I know in the UK we always have an amazing time at the shoot, it’s so fun to be able to spend time with each other and have a big girly day. It’s also nice to hear that there were no bad parts about the shoot, although what’s been said by the other girls (being cold, having to suffer a day in high heels etc.) certainly makes sense! Do about a favourite Curvy Kate set?
I definitely have a new appreciation for my own bras, as my collection of Curvy Kate has gone from one to six. My favorite Curvy Kate set is probably a tossup between the one I modeled which is the Romance Ivory and Teal, and the Tease me set. I definitely have my eye on the Emily Grape set to get next though! I’m also really excited about the new swimwear range and cannot wait to get some comfortable, cute bathers. There is one coming out called Rio Ruffle which I think is so gorgeous.
I really can’t believe that I hadn’t discovered Curvy Kate until this year because I can honestly say I’ve never truly worn a supportive bra until now. And the best thing is it isn’t beige with huge straps. That’s probably one of my favorite things about Curvy Kate, I can actually get lingerie that fits me, supports me and wait for it…is sexy, beautiful and it makes you feel that way when you wear it.

Lydia in the Curvy Kate romance.

I’m not going to lie, it’s always nice to hear compliments about Curvy Kate! My autumn/winter wishlist is so long, I think I might just have to get the whole collection! I think you and the other finalists are right though – Curvy Kate manages to provide practical, well fitting and supportive lingerie that still looks amazing. Have you gained anything from the competition? And what would you say to someone consider entering next year?
This competition has really given me that little extra confidence by allowing me to push outside my own boundaries and show that I have a real body just like millions of other women in Australia and it should be celebrated. I’m very confident that the competition will run again next year and I really hope that any girls’ unsure of whether to enter jump at the chance. It’s a great experience and is something that promotes self love and a fantastic body image. Australian women should really stand up and say “This is me and I’m fabulous!” Curvy Kate Star in a Bra will help any woman do that and they really won’t regret giving it a go. Taking the first step is always the hardest but once you’re up and running it’s a wild ride.


If you were to win, what would you most be looking forward to?

I think winning the competition would be such a fantastic opportunity to really explore the option of modeling and really just learn so much. I’d already learnt alot from the shoot we had in Sydney and I really did enjoy myself. I also didn’t mind that I got to keep a few sets of Curvy Kate as well. I am definitely getting used to the idea of possibly being a plus sized model. It was hard to adjust to at first because growing up I never really saw “plus sized” models in magazines or runways so modeling wasn’t even an avenue I gave a second thought to. But now that is changing and I have been forced to change my own perceptions of the fashion industry, for good I hope.

You obviously – and quite rightly – consider yourself a curvy girl, but do you find there are pros and cons to it?
It is really great to see models like Robyn Lawley and Crystal Renn on magazine covers and in runway shows. I think this push for plus size has also started to have a positive effect on clothing and what’s available to a curvy girl. There are more options fashionable options and its alot easier to find something to fit. I do still struggle from time to time in getting a top that fits my bust, waist and hips, but luckily I’m a if at first you don’t succeed type of girl, and I will persist till I find something. I definitely don’t let it get me down and sometimes use it as a challenge to try new clothes and mix together new outfits.
The term curvy can really rattle some peoples cages. People seem to be on team skinny or team curvy, instead of accepting that people come in all shapes and sizes, and the line between the two can often be blurred. What’s your take on it all?
The whole “Plus size” model debate confuses me. I really don’t understand the skinny vs. plus size thing. Sometimes I wonder how the fashion industry can be so short sighted. I guess it depends on who they are making the clothes for but really I always felt that even from a business side of things, if you want to sell your clothes why not model them on real women. I’ve always felt most women will buy a product if they can see themselves wearing it or using it, and isn’t it a whole lot easier to picture yourself wearing something when it’s modeled by a women who has curves, or big boobs, or small boobs for that matter? I think all sizes should be represented in fashion, from small to large because after all Australian women are all sizes. And just imagine the diversity! All the different designs based around the different silhouettes, the possibilities are endless. I think that is the exact reason I’m so attracted to Curvy Kate Lingerie, because of sizes of the models wearing the lingerie. They aren’t all one standard size, they are all different and they all look just as good. I remember the first time I saw some of the UK winners modeling the lingerie, I thought to myself “I could wear that, she looks great in it and we are a similar size”.
Well said Lydia! It’s so refreshing to hear from everyone these positive attitudes. OK, last question, and it’s a bit of a tough one! Why do you think you should win this years Star in a Bra?
I would love to win the competition and really continue this fantastic adventure I’ve embarked upon. I feel like I would be a great representation for Australian women and modeling has really become something that interests me a great deal. I will however say, even though I know it sounds like a typical “I’m honored to be nominated against so many talented people speech” I still have to say it, after meeting the other four girls I really feel like even if I didn’t win I would still know that Australia is being represented by a fantastic independent, confident women who deserves to be the winner. Anna, Bec, Julia and Mariko are fantastic and I would love for any of them to win as well.

Good luck Lydia!

Has Lydia convinced you to vote for her? You have until the 8th of September to make up your mind up and one more finalist to hear from – tomorrow we hear from our final top 5 girl, the beautiful Bec Davey!

To vote for Lydia, follow this link.

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Star in a Bra top 5 interview – Mariko Everett

Good morning everyone! Well it’s another day and another interview, and starting us off today is the lovely Mariko Everett!

Hello Mariko! Well, the top 5 is back to the public the vote and the competition is almost over – congratulations on getting this far! How about you tell our readers all about you so they can get to know you a bit better…

My name is Mariko Everett and I’m 23 years old. I’ve taken a semester off from uni to work and travel. I work at an organic, macrobiotic, vegan restaurant. What a mouthful! Needless to say I’m interested in health.

It certainly sounds like it and you’ve got the body to show for it! What dress and bra size do you wear?

Depending on the item of clothing and the brand I can be anything from a size 6 to a size 14. Spanning 5 different sizes might sound unlikely but I have a very small waist and comparatively large hips and bust. In Curvy Kate bras I’m a 6J (28J UK size).

Mariko in her Curvy Kate before the shoot...

I think your clothing problems are pretty common – I’m pretty much exactly the same. I love my hourglass shape but it’s not easy to dress for! We always refit everyone at the shoot, just to make sure they’re wearing the right size! Did you leave with a new bra size?

No, I was wearing the correct size. I’ve known my true size since I was a teenager. Its a good thing I took the initiative and researched it for myself, since many lingerie stores don’t actually know how to fit correctly. They try to put me in bras that are too big in the back and too small in the cup. I’m really passionate about women being educated about bra sizes and wearing their correct size. It sounds like a simple task and yet over 80% of women get it wrong. That might not be a big deal if you have a smaller bust, but larger cups need proper support to be comfortable, to avoid strain on their neck and shoulders, and to look good under clothes!

Good for you Mariko! Never under estimate the power of a good fitting. It seems like you certainly have a passion for underwear, why did you enter Star in a Bra?

I entered Star In a Bra because I really admire the ethics of Curvy Kate. By using women who in real life actually wear their products, they are giving a realistic representation of what customers will look like. This is helpful and nothing short of empowering! You’re not in the changing room thinking you look so different to the model in the poster that you may as well be wearing a totally different product. Instead the model is a girl with lumps, bumps and curves – just like the reflection you’re seeing in the mirror – and she’s looking attractive, healthy and confident! Their ads aren’t intimidating, they’re inspiring! On top of that, they are one of the few brands that make my size. I want to be a part of that brand!

That’s exactly what we go for! It’s great that people feel they can relate to us and the models we use, which is the reason for Star in a Bra. How does it feel to be in the final 5?

Exciting, nerve-wracking and full of potential.

Short and sweet, but spot on! How did you react when you heard the good news?

I was in a daze. I’d been waiting all day to hear and as soon as I found out I had to rush off to work. When it hit me I was just beaming.

It’s certainly one way to put a smile on your face! How did your loved ones react? It can always go one of two ways, and hopefully it was all positive…

They were surprised at first. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m not normally one to be photographed without clothes! But if there was ever going to be a cause to get me to do so, this is it. Now that its sunk in everyone is being really supportive. Friends from all around the world have been getting votes for me. My work has really gotten on board – they made a poster for me!

Wow, that’s the kind of support you want! It’s been a few weeks now, but tell us all about the photoshoot!

It was fun! As the only Sydney girl, I was the first to arrive. That meant I had my hair and make-up done first and before I knew it I was in front of the camera! To be honest I wish I had been able to watch one of the other girls before I did my shoot – I learn by example. But I gave it my best shot (hah). When we did the group pics, Lydia kept quoting lines from Anchorman to make us all laugh. It worked! I love that movie.

Zoolander at a photo shoot I could get, not sure about Ron Burgundy! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

The week before the shoot I was really excited. The day before, the nerves set in. Afterwards I felt exhausted as the adrenaline left my body. Then my boyfriend and his sister took me out for drinks and I felt relieved and relaxed!

The best way to settle those nerves! I’m not sure I could do it, so well done. It does sound really tiring, I don’t think people realise how exhausting it can be, no matter how fun it is. What was your favourite part about the shoot?

Seeing what goes on in a professional photo shoot. Being dolled up in big hair and make up. Hanging out with the other brave busty babes!

It is a really fun day – I can’t wait for the next UK competition so I can get stuck in again. And how about the worst part? If there is one!

Waking up at 4am and being too nervous to fall back asleep.

Well I’ll give you that one! Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

The Tease Me in Almond and Black. A gorgeous style, classic colours and supportive, flattering fit!

That’s my absolute favourite Tease Me, such a lovely set and colour! You seem to be quite devoted to Curvy Kate (which we like to hear!), what do you love most about the brand?

They make my size in a range of styles, from practical to pretty to provocative.

Mariko in the Elegance at the shoot!

I think that’s one of the best things about the company and the products – they really have all bases covered, and you never feel like style or fit is a compromise. Have you learned anything from taking part in the competition?

I’ve learned that taking a chance, trying something different and stepping out of your comfort zone can be quite rewarding! I’ve also discovered that lots of people, from close friends to random acquaintances, are happy to get behind a cause if you ask for their support. If I don’t win and this doesn’t go any further, I’ll have a good story for the kids one day!

Imagine hearing that from your parents/grandparents! Well this has been the first Australian Star in a Bra and hopefully not the last. If that’s the case, do you have any words of wisdom for anyone considering entering next year?

DO IT. You’ve got nothing to lose. I know its scary to submit photos of yourself in your underwear, it took me weeks to work up the courage. But just the act of sharing that photo of yourself, looking healthy and happy, is something to be really proud of! And who knows what may happen – you might end up in the Top 5, like me!

Yes, everyone should listen to Mariko! To you, what would be the best part about winning the competition? You can say the freebies!

Going to London! And all the freebies ;)

Smart answer, although we’re not sure you’ll enjoy our probably rainy weather! Now, these days it’s hard to escape the word curvy and all the pitfalls that come with it. Some people seem to be team skinny or team curvy, but why should curvy be another term for plus sized? This competition definitely shows that you can have curves no matter what size you are. Here at Curvy Kate we embrace all shapes and sizes, all the lumps and bumps and we should be united, not fighting each other! What’s your take on it all?

I think its really important that we don’t simplify women’s body types in to two or three different basic categories. Being curvy doesn’t mean you are plus-sized. Being plus-size doesn’t mean that you are curvy! We’re talking about the curves of a woman’s body, the shapes that go in and out. Its about boobs, hips, bums and thighs. If you are proportionally larger in those areas compared to the rest of your body (waist, arms, legs) then you are curvy! Some people tell me that my boobs aren’t that big. However, proportionally to my size 6 waist, they are! It was unfortunate that we had a backlash from people who said we weren’t curvy, just sticks with big breasts. Hopefully people will realise that this concept of skinny vs. curvy is false.

Good for you! It’s true – their are pros and cons to any body type, how do you feel about your figure?

Being a curvy girl is part of me and something that I wouldn’t change. I love my body the way it is so its a pro for me. But whether you’re curvy or not, rocking what you’ve got and being happy is what makes you attractive. I can definitely name some cons I’ve experienced. Back pain, difficulty finding bras and clothes that fit, not being able to run without a sports bra on! Despite this I don’t envy my less curvy friends, and they know about the cons so they’re smart enough not to envy me.

That’s a great attitude to have Mariko. Well, we’ve come to the end of our interview so here’s the big one…why do you think you should win the competition?

All the girls are awesome, I think we all deserve to win. I would be an enthusiastic representative for Curvy Kate because I have experienced the positives and negatives of being a curvier girl. This has made me proud of my body and a passionate customer of Curvy Kate, a brand that literally and figuratively supports curvy women. Having said that, people will vote for the girl they think is the most deserving. I’ll be really happy if that’s me!

Good luck Mariko!

Has Mariko won your vote? You have just under a week to decide as voting closes on the 8th of September. But if you’re still a little undecided, we still have two interviews left so watch this space.

To vote for Mariko, follow this link.

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Star in a Bra top 5 interview – Julia McLean

Julia in the Emily in flame, her entering picture.

With all the excitement of Star in a Bra, I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to bring you the next interview, this time with the lovely Julia McLean.

Hi Julia! Well, first things first, congratulations on getting through to the final 5, no easy feat! Care to tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is Julia, I’m 19 and I’m from Brisbane. I’m currently studying a double degree in Law and Business at QUT. I love playing hockey for my university’s club and dancing at my local dance school. I also love cooking and baking, especially since I have an ever-hungry seventeen year old brother who will always welcome and demolish my cakes and biscuits!


Well if you ever feel like baking for the Curvy Kate team, we’d be more than happy to test your cooking! What size clothing and bra do you wear?

I’m between a 10 and a 12, usually a 10 on the top and 12 on the bottom and I wear an 8FF (30FF UK size) .

I’m exactly the same with clothing – the trials and tribulations of a curvy bottom! It’s funny because a lot of people assume that by being slim, you can’t have naturally big boobs but this is the case with so many women, and I really think the competition has highlighted this. Curvy doesn’t necessarily mean plus sized! Were you refitted at the shoot? We always like to check everyone is wearing the correct size…

I wasn’t refitted at the shoot, but about a year ago I visited a specialty lingerie store that I hadn’t been to before. I walked into the store a size 12DD and walked out an 8FF! It was a big shock to have finally been fitted properly. Both the number and letters attached to my “real size” were a bit of a shock and a kind of scary! But more than that it was such a relief, my clothes fitted better and I was so much more comfortable! It made me realised how important it is to wear the right size bra, not just try to correlate it with your clothing size.

I think that’s happened to the best of us – you don’t realise just how much a correctly fitting bra can change things, plus everyone always seems shocked to go down in the back and up in the cup! Maybe one day it won’t seem such an alien concept? Well you’ve certainly got the figure for it, but why did you decide to enter Star in a Bra?

I entered Star in a Bra on a whim really. I guess that the actual journey of a being in a competition, rather than the outcome, was what appealed to me. I thought entering would be a really rewarding experience because of the things that you discover about yourself and the sense of achievement you feel for having put yourself on the line and taken that risk.

Julia on the front page of Brisbane City News

Well that risk certainly paid off! Considering you entered on such a whim, how does it feel to be in the top 5?

It feels weird… 5 is such a small number! I liked the top 20 when there were more of us around! But really, it’s extremely humbling to know that your friends and family have voted for you and that the judges think you might have what it takes to be the first Australian Star in a Bra. I feel so lucky to have been put in the same category as the other finalists, it’s so exciting!

It’s certainly been a tough competition this year, if I had it my way everyone would get through, but you’ve earned your place in the top 5 so well done. How did you react when you found out you’d made it to the final?

I was so shocked! I didn’t receive an email telling me that I’d made the top 5 (like what had occurred in the top 20), so I’d already adopted the “oh well” mindset. So when a friend rang me and delivered the good news I couldn’t believe it! I certainly never thought I would get this far.

We hope it’s sunk in by now! How did your friends and family react? It can’t have been easy to tell them you were on your way to becoming an underwear model…

My friends went crazy! They were so excited for me and started immediately brainstorming ideas of how they could spread the word. My family reacted in the same way – they were really excited and so supportive too.

That’s really great to hear – we never want there to be a negative reaction to anyone getting through, but it’s always a worry. Now, it’s been a little while since the photo shoot but the pictures have only just been made public, and don’t you all look gorgeous?! Why don’t you tell us all about it?

The photoshoot was fantastic. Scary and foreign, but fantastic! From the get go the girls from Curvy Kate were great, as were the crews from Take 5 and Kerri-Ann. Taking the photos was a bit daunting – I’ve never modelled before and at the beginning I felt a bit awkward and unsure of myself. I was assured that after the first few shots it would get easier. It actually did get easier, and from then on it was so much fun. I think I was just trying to channel my inner Megan Gale!

It’s funny how every year, everyone says how nervous they are to begin with but you all look so naturally confident in all the pictures. I’m not sure I’d be quite so brave to do it, so well done! How did you feel before and after?

Before the shoot I was really nervous and shaky – I don’t know why! Everyone was so lovely, but I was just a bit scared and feeling like a bit of a rookie. Afterwards I don’t know what I was so worried about! I just enjoyed the rest of the day, devoured the vast majority of the catering table and spent some time getting to know the other finalists.

That catering is lethal, isn’t it? It sounds like you (eventually!) enjoyed it, what did you enjoy the most about the shoot?

I loved the entire process of it all! I really enjoyed mixing with the different people that were there on the day; the journalists, the camera crew and of course meeting the other finalists. Also, this may seem a bit random, but I loved the giant fan that was on the set! I want one of them to give me a gorgeous, windswept look wherever I go!

Don’t we all! We’ve all done our fair share of posing in front of one of those before! And what was your least favourite part? Hopefully you can’t think of too much…

Probably the giant high heels that we wore. Don’t get me wrong, they looked absolutely fantastic, but sadly, I’m not a pro at super-platform heels and I ended up teetering around the photo shoot looking a bit strange.

I don’t blame you; I’m like Bambi in my heels. Give me flats any day. Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

The entire showgirl range is pretty much what I’m loving at the moment, but if I had to say one, I’d probably say the set I wore for the photoshoot –the bright purple and blue “Thrill Me” set. It basically encompasses all things bright, glamorous and extremely foxy. Love it!

Julia in her Thrill Me!

The Thrill Me is probably my favourite of all the Curvy Kate bras, although I do love all the others! Well seeing as you entered the competition, you’re obviously a Curvy Kate fan, so what do you love about the brand?

What I really love about Curvy Kate is that their lingerie has a distinct style. There are brands of plus-cup bras that are very colourful and youthful in their appearance, and then there are brands that I’ve bought that are very lacy, romantic and “luxe”. What I love about Curvy Kate is that their bras seem to marry the two styles together – they are so vibrant and colourful, but they also have that gorgeous, luxurious feel.

Always lovely to hear some Curvy Kate love! Have you learned anything from the competition so far? It’s quite a new and different experience for anyone to go through.

I know this sounds awfully corny and a bit reserved for a bad soap opera, but I’ve actually learned a lot about myself. In the past I don’t think I would have thrown my hat into the ring because I was a bit scared of standing out or being rejected, so I think through this competition I’ve learned to put myself out there and challenge myself. I’ve taken this opportunity as a chance to really feel confident and good about myself.

That’s not cheesy at all! Although the idea of stripping off to your smalls on the internet can seem daunting to say the least, it can also do wonders for the confidence, and that’s what the competition is all about. We want women everywhere to be proud of their bodies, no matter what shape or size and hopefully we can do that, one person at a time.

This is the first Star in a Bra Australia and hopefully not the last – do you have any words of advice or encouragement for anyone considering entering next time around?

Think about it, what have you got to lose? Even if you enter the “chicken” way like I did, (ie. put your camera on self timer whilst posing awkwardly in your lounge room), just do it! Even if I didn’t make the top 20, albeit the top 5, the process of taking the photos and sending them into a competition like this was an incredibly liberating and confidence boosting experience. The nerves that surround entering a competition like this are normal and completely expected, but the rewards you gain from doing so are immeasurable.

Wise words Julia! What would be the best part about winning the competition? You can say the freebies!

I think I would have to say having the opportunity to model for Curvy Kate. If the photoshoot in Sydney was anything to go by, I loved the experience of mixing with different people and it would be fantastic to see how everything comes into place and all the hard work that goes into making a catalogue look fabulous.

Wise words Julia! As a curvy girl, what are the pros and cons? I know we’re all supposed to be proud of our figures, but everyone is allowed to whinge once in a while!

A few things stick out to me when I think of the pros and cons of being “curvy”. Being a curvy girl is probably not the biggest blessing during your teenage years. I certainly went through an awkward high school phase where my boobs were “the worst thing everrrrrrr” and my school uniform was my favourite outfit because it was essentially a giant blue sack that hid everything. As for clothes, a lot of things don’t look crash hot, but I understand now that it’s just because they’re made for women with different proportions. On the flipside, a definite positive is that when things FINALLY look good, they really look good. It feels so great to fill out a nice-fitting dress.

What do you think about the whole curvy debate? It seems we can’t escape it – skinny vs. curvy, what actually counts as curvy, and is that term even worth using anymore!

Many people blur the definitions of “curvy” and “plus sized” into one. I used to think that being curvy just meant having fuller hips and bust, but with defined waist, but now I see that a range of body shapes can fit within the “curvy” bracket. Whether you’re “bootilicious” and pear shaped, or even just top heavy, I think that being curvy just means having a more defined shape than straight up and down. So when it comes down to it, I think that being “curvy” relates to your shape, not your size. You can have a girl that is a size 10 being curvy as well as a size 18 girl being given that same label.

As for in the modelling world, I think that there will always be a place for skinny or “straight” sized models, and I think there always should be, because many women are naturally slim. The gradual filtering of more realistic women being shown in magazines and on catwalks is great, but it’s long overdue. I love that there are now designers sending more curvaceous women down the runway, but what I’d like to see is straight sized models and curvier models walking down the same catwalk in the same shows, as well as both types of models being shown in magazines in the same shoots. I don’t think the divide is necessary.

I couldn’t agree more, I don’t see why people have to be skinny or curvy, you’d think by now people would realise we come all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to be either or. Now, for the final question, the big one – why do you think you should win the competition?

I’m an absolute lingerie fanatic and I am passionate about women of all shapes and sizes wearing well-fitting, gorgeous bras. I also think that I possess similar attributes to the brand of Curvy Kate; I am outgoing, have a youthful outlook on life, I’m friendly and am quite adventurous. I’d not only love to represent the brand, but also represent Australian girls who love Curvy Kate too!

Good luck Julia!

Has Julia won you over? You have until September the 8th to cast your one and only vote but if you’re still not sure, tomorrow we’ll be hearing from two more of our wonderful finalists.

To vote for Julia, follow the link here.

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Star in a Bra top 5 interview – Anna Beere

In true Star in a Bra fashion, it wouldn’t be the same without interviews with our finalists. Sadly I didn’t get to go to Australia to meet our beautiful 5, but I did get to chat to them on behalf of the blog, which will do just nicely! Starting us off is the beautiful Anna, so without further ado, lets get on with the Q&A!

Anna before...

Well my name is Anna Beere and I’m 29 (nearly 30, only 2 months away!). I’m a Project Manager in Brisbane in the area of service delivery and I love it! I spend a lot of my time outside of work either running or baking and sometimes a bit of sewing (I’m not very good but I’m trying to teach myself). I run about 4 times a week as it keeps me sane – running is the best ‘me’ time I can get. I’ve recently finished my first half marathon and whilst it was a massive challenge, I’m glad I did it and now I want to do more! I bake and cook – mostly cakes and cupcakes – for friends and colleagues all the time, I’m getting into blogging about the cakes too although I can get a bit slack with the updates!

I am loving how much you Star in a Bra ladies like to bake! Also, maybe I should consider running if I’ll get a body like yours Anna! What clothing  size do you wear?

I’m usually a size 10-12, a medium – but it depends on what the item of clothing is. Tops are generally bigger, whilst pants and skirts are usually a 10. I find dressed have always been harder for me to buy because the top half of me is bigger than the bottom, and usually dressed are built the other way around! It’s a shame before pretty dresses are my favourite things to wear, so if I ever find any that fit I just have to have them!

That age old problem, I have a million belts to solve it! We always fit everyone at the shoot, just to make sure they’re wearing the right size and sometimes the girls go home with a brand new bra size! How about you?

I discovered I was a 8H (30H UK) when being fitted for Curvy Kate recently, although in their Showgirl range I go up to a HH. I always thought I was around a 10G (32 UK) so it hasn’t changed too much. I was surprised about going down to an 8 (30 UK) though – that’s the equivalent of a size 8 Australian and I haven’t considered myself a size 8 since my early teens! But I needed to remind  myself that bra size really doesn’t have to correlate to dress size at all; I think it’s something that a lot of people forget.

That’s a really valid point. I think because for so long bra fitting has been quite frankly terrible, people don’t get that the two don’t have to match up. Nowadays there’s so much more awareness of the issue and people are starting to realise how it all works. Why did you decide to enter Star in a Bra?

I was encourage to enter by Robyn (the manager of Arianne on Edward) and also by my manager at work. I mentioned it to a few of my friends and they were all so supportive of the idea that I thought I’d give it a go. I hadn’t tried out the Curvy Kate range before, and so I stopped by the Arianne store to try some on and see what it was like. I loved it so much that I bought a set on the spot and that definitely sealed the deal – I had to enter after that! I checked out the brand and was impressed by the range but also by the attitude of the company towards their market – the positivity in relation to body image and the consideration that had gone into the making of the products that customers actually wanted.

We’re glad they gave you a push in the right direction, and welcome to the world of being a Curvy Kate addict (I’m thinking of setting up a support group!). How does it feel to be in the top 5?

Surreal! I never in a million years would have expected to be in this position, but it’s wonderful and I’m really excited to be part of the first Australian search for a Star in a Bra. It’s an amazing opportunity.

And we’re glad you’re a part of it Anna! How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the final?

I was at home sick in bed, so while the results were up on Facebook already, I didn’t know until I got the phone call! I really wanted to go out and celebrate but I was in no fit state for that, so instead I called and messaged everyone to tell them.

Aw no! Well, I hope it made you feel a little bit better at least! How have your loved ones reacted to the good news?

They have been wonderfully supportive! Friends, family, colleagues – everyone has been following my progress through the competition with much anticipation and excitement, they’ve had more confidence in me making it this far than I had!

...and after the photo shoot!

Oh wow – it was incredible! I’d never been part of a professional photo shoot before, so I had no idea what to expect and therefore wasn’t really nervous until I walked into the studio. After that I got a bit jittery and once I was up in front of the camera I was shaking so much I thought my knees would give way! It took a while to relax in front of the camera, but the people involved were all so lovely and went out of their to make all the girls feel comfortable. Janine from Take 5 even got up in front of the camera with us to show us what to do, which was so helpful! Having hair and make-up done properly for us was great, it really made me feel special and the whole day was just magical. I came away feeling very positive about the whole experience, and really excited about the potential London trip to do it all again!

I hope there’s a picture of Janine getting stuck in! It must be a really nerve-wracking experience! What did you enjoy most about the shoot?

Having my hair and make-up done professionally was so much fun! I was blown away at how they made me look. I’ve never had that done before; I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was really me. Also, meeting the other top 5 girls. They are all so gorgeous and friendly, so it was great to get to know them a bit better and share the excitement of the day.

I really wish I could have been there! And everyone loves a bit of pampering. Were there any bad parts to the day? Hopefully nothing too awful!

It was cold in the studio with only underwear on! Especially hanging around in between shoots, I had to put on my leather biker jacket and do the ‘rock chick in undies’ kind of look, but I wish I’d known to bring a dressing gown and some bedsocks or something!

Well I bet you still looked amazing! Maybe we should adopt the leather jacket look in the next catalogue…Do you have a favourite Curvy Kate set?

I love the whole Showgirl range – the colours, details, and the shape they give is amazing.

It seems the Showgirl range is quite a hit with you Australian lovelies! Even though you’re a newly converted fan, what do you love about Curvy Kate?

I love the range – the fit and the colours – and also the image and attitude of the brand. It’s colourful and vibrant, and portrays such a healthy and happy body image, I’m really proud to be involved. I’m particularly excited about the addition of swimwear – I love being near the beach and in the water, and it’s hard to find a bikini that fits, provides adequate support and coverage, whilst also looking good – I think Curvy Kate will make it work!

Tell me about it – I cannot wait to try it out, bring on next summer! Have you learned anything from the competition?

Yes; to have a bit more confidence in myself! I never thought I’d make it to this point, and my boyfriend always tells me I’m beautiful, but I never entirely believe him. We’re always our own harshest critics, but it was quite liberating to stand back and say “yeah, you know what? I AM beautiful and I’d better start really believing it!”

Now that’s what I like to hear! It’s all well and good to preach about having buckets of self confidence, but sometimes even the most confident person needs a bit of a boost. As you mentioned before, this is the first Australian Star in a Bra, so it’s all a bit new. Do you have any words of advice for anyone considering entering next year?

Just go for it! Seriously, don’t worry about whether or not you think you’d win, just give it a go – you’ll be surprised what you get out of it! Just entering, even before the top 20 were announced, gave me such a confidence boost. I’d recommend it to all the curvy girls out there!

Wise words, Anna. What would be the best think about winning the competition? Saying the freebies does not make you a bad person!

Well I’ve never been to London and so of course it would be fantastic to have that opportunity. But I really think that one of the best things about winning would be representing a brand whose products and whose positive message I really believe in, and representing women everywhere who don’t conform to the traditional fashion template of tall and thing (which is most of us, really!)

Sounds like it’d mean a lot to you. What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

Well for a long time one of the worst things was trying to find underwear that was actually nice, and fitted properly! I wish Curvy Kate had been around when I was in high school, that would have helped a lot.Overall it has taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I won’t usually fit into a lot of the latest trends in fashion, no matter how much I love how they look on other people, nor will they look particularly flattering on me. But on the positive side I now have a much better idea of what will fit and flatter my curves, and I’ve found some great clothes, brands and styles along the way – it means that I’ll often be wearing something a little bit different to everyone else and I quite like that!

It’s a shame it takes some of us so long to be comfortable with our bodies, but as long as we get there in the end! Now, there’s always a lot of controversy surrounding the word curvy – some people think it just means plus sized, sometimes it put against skinny people, it’s a minefield! What’s your take on the skinny debate?

I think this is a fairly contentious issue – everyone has an opinion and there’s not really a right or wrong answer. Women naturally come in all shapes and sizes, and no one shape or size is better or worse than another. I do think, however, that traditionally the women depicted in fashion are representative of only a small range of body shapes. This is changing lately, which I’m glad to see. I think all sizes should be represented, but what I do object to is when, for example, a fashion magazine makes a big deal about using ‘plus-sized’ models in a specific issue or shoot. I think that all sizes should be represented as much as possible and at all times, as a matter of course, without having to draw attention to ‘plus size’ – I think this potentially creates more division between what is deemed to be an acceptable size in society and what’s not, and generates negative connotations around being either curvy or larger sized, therefore defeating the purpose of using the ‘plus sized’ models in the first place! Basically, whatever size or shape you are, be it curvy or not, larger or smaller, as long as you feel healthy and you are comfortable with yourself, then that is what matters. If you feel good about yourself, then you will look good – confidence comes from inside. All shapes and sizes are beautiful and should be embraced!

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Last question Anna…why do you think you should win the competition?

This is such a hard question to answer! I would just love the opportunity to represent the curvy women of Australia as well as the Curvy Kate brand – both are beautiful – and I want to be able to share with everyone a message of body confidence, being healthy and happy,  and having fun (as well as the importance of having a bra that fits properly)!

Good luck Anna!

So, has Anna’s interview convinced you to vote for her? Remember, you only have one vote to use by the 8th of September. If you’re still undecided, come back tomorrow when we hear from our next contestant.

To vote for Anna, follow this link!

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