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Star in a Bra Australia opens for voting!

It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready to launch the first ever Australian Star in a Bra but somehow, in the excitement of it all, we’ve made it through to the final voting stage!

Our 5 gorgeous finalists have been pampered and preened, fitted into some beautiful Curvy Kate lingerie from this years Autumn/Winter collection and perfected their poses in front of a camera as they took part in their very own photo shoot. And after what feels like a life time waiting for the stunning snaps, we can finally reveal them to you as the public vote opens once again, this time to pick your new Star in a Bra!

For everything you need to know about the competition, head on over to the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page where they have everything you could want and more.

Did anyone catch the girls on the brilliant Kerri-Anne show? They did us proud and the piece offered a little behind the scenes look at the competition. If you didn’t see it, have a look at the link below for a second chance to see our beautiful contestants in action!

Star in a Bra on the Kerri-Anne show!

The finalists also star in the latest issue of Take 5 magazine, and even grace the front cover! Go pick up a copy today for more pictures and a full interview. Take 5 are an official sponsor of Star in a Bra and we’ll think you’ll agree, they’ve done a brilliant job of promoting the competition. And don’t the girls just look amazing, in their very own magazine spread?! That’s one story to tell the kids, that’s for sure.

The public vote closes on the 8th of September so don’t delay, get clicking and choose your favourite girl! Every single vote counts and this is your last chance to pick the winner. It’s so easy to vote, just follow this link here, to take you to our voting application where you can view all the five finalists looking stunning as ever, with their professional pictures, before you have to make the tricky decision of voting for one girl. That’s right – you only get one vote, so use it wisely!

We want to say a huge congratulations and good luck to all of the finalists. It’s been a brilliant competition and we wish them all the luck in the world, from everyone at Curvy Kate.

Now, get voting!

Come back to the Curvy Kate blog tomorrow as our UK blogger Becky caught up with the girls to find all about them, and just how the photo shoot was…see you tomorrow!

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Simple Yours Exclusive!

As one of our most dedicated retailers we were pleased when it was requested for us to make an exclusive collection for Simple Yours to add to their online Autumn/Winter collection.

One of our continuity range and best sellers on Curvy Kate as well as Simply Yours is the Portia set which consist of the classic Curvy Kate Criss Cross detailing with the flirty bows.

We have design a new colourway of Raspberry and Navy (pictured) in the  staple piece and have extended the back sizes included back sizes 42 and 44 to meet the demand of larger back sizes on Simply Yours!

As a big bust brand we understand the need for a full range of pretty and colourful sets for the curvier woman, as the high street lack  in providing fun and flirty supportive bras above a G cup.

Part of the JD Williams group, e-tailer Simply Yours offers lingerie in sizes from 28-50, A-JJ cup and although they previously stocked the Curvy Kate Portia bra and Showgirl ranges, they took the AW11 season as an opportunity for an exclusive piece from the large-cup specialist brand. The  popularity of the set has seen this exclusive set on the front cover of the latest Simply Yours magazine and the landing page of their website!

Simply Yours commented: ‘We are delighted to stock the Curvy Kate range and also team up with the brand to offer an online exclusive. We love the Curvy Kate collection and know our customers do too.’

Curvy Kate Managing Director, Steve Hudson said:  “Simply Yours was one of our first retailers in 2009 and we have always shared similar philosophies to offer fun, well fitted and fashionable lingerie to the fuller figure. We are delighted with the exclusive colour way that has been produced and are pleased to be working with one of our top retailers.’

The new exclusive Portia bra will retail for £27 for the bra and from £12 for the brief.

View the Curvy Kate collection available at SImply Yours.

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Interview with Lizzie Haines at MODA in Birmingham

I had an opportunity to go to MODA in Birmingham to see what Curvy Kate gets up to at trade shows and gain a wider understanding of the industry.

While there I also got to see you Star In A Bra Winner for 2011 – Lizze Haines, who know looks very much in her comfort zone and seems to be having a lot of fun.

It was hard grabbing her for a quick  interview, so had to improvise and do it in-between her working and changing into different sets – here’s how we got on eventually…

So Lizzie how has it been since winning Star in a Bra 2011?

It has been amazing so far, can believe I’m actually here in my smalls modelling in front of people I don’t know. It’s a lot of fun though and was initially way out of my comfort zone when I started but after time it became easier to do. It hasn’t changed my life drastically,  I still get to be me but just me with two days extra added to my diary!

I see your modelling the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection, what do you think? Any favourites?

I love them and I’m not just saying that because I work for the company (lol), but I think there’s something for everyone and the colours are amazing. I have two favourites which I would be asking for as soon as they arrive at Curvy Kate  HQ and that’s the Daily Boost which fits amazing and look fantastic under my clothes, so happy your doing an everyday bra as well as fun/sexy/girlie styles. I also love Fleurty bra it’s looks so good on and it’s very flattering.

I can wait for them to come out myself, already got my eye on the delivery schedule! What about our new addition swimwear? Favourites?

Love love love them! I’m so happy to see nice swimwear that fits and is supportive! Will be making a list of all the ones I want… I have the most exciting lingerie drawer. My personal favourite is the Rio Ruffle, love the colour and the detailing on the back.

So what’s your favourite moment been since winning?

Again I have two favourite moments, the first one was definitely have my first ever Curvy Kate photo shoot with Emma, it was so good see here again and having her there made me less nervous because it was the first time for both of us. The other would be going to Paris for my first trade show, it’s was very tiring but a lot of fun.

How was your first photoshoot with Emma?

It was a lot of fun… a little different to the Star in a Bra photoshoot as we had to do some interesting poses lol but it was a really nice environment and got to meet the other SIAB models. The only thing I had to get accustom to was the enormous hair and the amount of make up I had to wear – obviously these were for print but it was a lot!

I love your the enormous hair look! So are you happy with the final result now that the catalogue is all printed and there’s no turning back?

I’m happy with the majority of them, there’s one in particular I do not like so much but that’s probably because i’m overly critical about myself as we all are.

How do you feel being a curvy model amongst all the other models at the trade shows?

It was a bit uncomfortable in Paris for my first ever MODA trade show because I didn’t feel part of the ‘model group’ as such so it took getting use to but now I’m more confident that ever and I doesn’t bother me as I’ve learn to embrace my body and I shouldn’t let that get to me because the whole point of the competition in the first place was to promote curvier models to the public.

It’s easier here at Birmingham because I’m across from Speedo Sculpture and they had models that were curvier than the norm so its great, I’m having fun!



I’m glad to hear your having fun, and it’s amazing what your doing because you should be proud of your body – you look amazing! So how do you feel flaunting your figure not online  but in front of people now?

It was odd to begin with but had to come to terms that they are all professionals in the industry and they have come to see lingerie on a model and no one is scrutinising me.

Have you kept in contact with any of the girls in Star in a Bra top 10?

Yes I have made some amazing friend through this competition that I would keep for a lifetime plus more… I’m in close contact with most of them like Emma, Georgina and Sophia… and I talk to everyone else on Facebook… They are all so supportive!

So last question as you have to run and try another set… How is it working with the Curvy Kate team?

It’s amazing they are all really fun and they make me feel comfortable!

That’s really nice to hear… okay I will let you run off and get back to work but that’s for your time!

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Curvy Kate launches in NY at Curvexpo

Curvy Kate tested the waters in America to see the demand for D-K cup lingerie and swimwear by showcasing the new SS12 and some AW11 stock at the Curveexpo in New York early August.

Caroline Accardi the USA and Canada Distributor was there to give us the play by play as to what the reaction was from the lingerie buyers and and customers… and wow are we blown away by their response, here’s how it all went down…

Sunday July 31/11 began like any other hot, sticky summer day in New York City but who would have thought that the Curvy Kate booth would soon become the centre of all the HEAT!   That very first day at Booth 386 otherwise known as D-K Cup Heaven soon became abuzz with customers trickling by, stopped in their tracks by the lovely Lauren, our 30G live model and winner of the Star in a Bra Contest in 2009.   The 12-15 customers who stopped in our tiny 10×10 booth that first day, stayed for a full on presentation of Spring ’12 and sometimes even Fall ’11 such was the demand for our product.   The response was overwhelming and the reaction each time Lauren emerged from her fitting room wearing a new bra and panty was a chorus of Oohs and Aahs.   Who can blame our potential customers?  With beautiful colours, a fantastic fit, incredible size range and a spot on price point, it is no wonder that Curvy Kate was the envy of many of the other vendors as evidenced by many walk bys and stares.   Ah, the price a pretty bra has to pay!

“I Love It……When Can I Get It?”  was asked more than once by Franchesca from  The Full Cup, a Bra Fitting Salon with 2 locations in Virginia.  Day 2 started off with a bang when all the customers who heard about us for the first time on Sunday came by for their full on presentation……….at what seemed like the exact same time!  What is a Sales Agent to do………..classroom style.  Thankfully all of the customers were happy to oblige me and sit together while I introduced Curvy Kate to them at breakneck speeds, such was their willingness to see, touch and hear all about Curvy Kate.  It was almost as though I couldn’t keep up……..the love for Curvy Kate was unbelievable.

Day 2 brought close to 20+ accounts sitting at the booth and in fact often times there were people 3 & 4 deep in the aisle straining to see and hear what all the commotion was about.  Lest you think it was just small boutiques that were interested……..the amount of journalists, bloggers and even competition that stopped in for a peek was something to note and I they are to be thanked.  Humans especially Lingerie buyers are a very curious bunch and when they spot a crowd they have to stop and find out what is going on.  For Curvy Kate it meant even more buzz and attention, exactly what we wanted.   Curvy Kate was poised to become a very sought-after appointment for the NY Curvexpo and Steve Hudson, Managing Director, Mark Caskenette, North American Distributor, Lauren Colfer Miss Curvy Kate and myself had our game face on ready to tackle accounts head on!

Tuesday, the last day of the show and traditionally the slowest day of any trade show had just made itself into a LIAR!  The sheer number of buyers vying for an appointment time was mind boggling, with some of them even returning for a 2nd time just to review their choices!   Intimacy’s Head Buyer Eve Turner, Mindi and Lynn from Bare Necessities, Linda the Bra Lady and countless others honoured us by viewing the line and complimenting us on a job well done.  Each and every single buyer was saying the same thing, “You’re filling a real void in the market.  There are not nearly enough D-K cups and none are as fun, youthful, fresh and with such a fantastic fit as Curvy Kate” , ” It is so nice and refreshing to see a REAL girl modelling!”  Tell us something we didn’t already know and that we haven’t been proving in close to 15 countries worldwide since Curvy Kate’s inception since 2009.

In fact Curvy Kate had been a sparkle in Steve Hudson’s eye long before, and with his expertise and tirelessness in creating an exceptionally well fitting bra that curvy girls would actually be excited to wear, he has managed to put a product on the market that the U.S. and Canada have fallen in love with……and who could blame the buyers………it was NY after all!


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Top 5 Revealed!

Just under two months left until the end of the Star in a Bra Australia as the top 5 were announce today in the Curvy Kate Australian Facebook page. The top 5 are: Rebecca Davey, Anna Beere, Mariko Everett, Lydia Wilson and Julia McLean!

                                                                             Rebecca Davey

Anna Beere

   Miriko Everette

Lydia Wilson

Julia McLean

Four of these curvy beauties were chosen by the judges and the public chose one from the top 20 finalist.

The next stage would see the top 5 have a professional lingerie photoshoot and makeover with Take 5 magazine and then the photos will be displayed on Facebook and featured in Take 5 for the public to vote for the winner.

The winner who will be announced on the 28th September would win a year’s modelling contract with Bella Management, be flown to London for another professional photoshoot with the other UK Star in a Bra models and win a year’s worth of lingerie… What amazing prizes!

Keep an eye out on the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page on the 12th August for the Top 5 photoshoot images to be reveal and the for last voting stage…

It’s all in your hands from there to choose Curvy Kate’s next queen of curves for Australia!!!



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