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Curvy Kate hits a Hat Trick!

Curvy Kate has been nominated for not one, not two but three awards in this year’s UK Lingerie Awards and we want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who nominated us!

We are finalist in the following categories:

–          Best Marketing Campaign


Curvy Kates ‘Star in a Bra’ campaign was nominated for Best Marketing campaign of the year, the nationwide curve search is currently taking place in Australia looking for the first curvy bra star down under. We will be up against the La Senza (Cup Size Choir) and Lascivious (Rankin Campaign)

–          Full Bust brand

Curvy Kate has grown over the years and has now expanded their sizes to D – K cups (‘D’ cups will be available by end of August). This change will see the addition of some new lines, including the new Swimwear collection which will be available for Spring/Summer 12. We are up against Gorgeous by Debenhams and Miss Mandalay!

–          Lingerie Brand

Curvy Kate is now stocked in over 300 stores nationwide including top retailers like Bravissimo, Simply Yours, ASOS, Next and Debenhams – (from August)! This Curvy brand will be taking on La Perla and Triumph for a chance to win Lingerie brand of the year!

We are so excited to be nominated and were thrilled to find out that we were the only brand to be nominated as finalist in THREE categories!!! We will find out the results and if we won any of the categories above in September so will keep you posted!!!

Figures cross, keep an eye on Facebook for updates!


Our Guest Blogger Sue Thomason tells us about the Beautiful Magazine Photoshoot!

Sue Thomason (pictured) is the editor in chief at Beautiful magazine one of the UK’s leading curvy magazine. Beautiful magazine is dedicated to bringing women news about celebrities, curvy fashion and beauty, modelling, entertainment and real life stories.

As Sue will be featuring some of our Curvy Kate Lingerie she has decided to tell us all about the Beautiful magazine photo shoot she’s about to do, it all sounds so exciting.

Take it away Sue!

At Beautiful magazine we’re all getting ready for our Autumn fashion shoot. It’s always a bit strange to be shooting for the colder months while it’s roasting outside and the sun is shining, it’s difficult to find locations that don’t scream out high summer, ice cream and bikinis. But we’ve found a lovely old mansion with roaring fireplaces and cozy four posters. And we’re all particularly excited as modelling the clothes for the Autumn issue is an actual real-life curvy supermodel. We’re flying her to the UK especially for the photo session and I, for one, can’t wait to meet her. I’m not going to reveal who she is just yet, as I want it to be a surprise for our readers.

For contrast, we’re photographing this mysterious, exotic and gorgeously voluptuous supermodel along with a smaller framed model (but who is still curvy as we only have curvy models in Beautiful magazine!). She’s relatively new to fashion modelling and her name is Tiffany Horan (pictured). She’s a size 12 and a 32DD. She looks amazing in Curvy Kate lingerie. Beautiful magazine tries hard to promote body diversity and Oxford art student Tiffany’s large individual tattoo excludes her from many catwalk and editorial fashion modelling jobs. I think it looks fabulous!

We’re going to include some beautiful Curvy Kate underwear from their Autumn range in the fashion pages and while I can’t tell you yet which sets we’ll be including, I can tell you the fashion for Autumn wouldn’t be the same without this stunning range as a foundation for our carefully chosen outfits and in our planned lingerie shots.

Keep your eye out for updates of our shoot, which is to be filmed by the BBC, here at the Curvy Kate blog and at our website at , especially if you want to find out who our mystery supermodel is!

Thanks for that piece Sue. I’m sure we all can’t wait to see the finish images from the photoshoot and find out who your mystery supermodel is and of course which Curvy Kate set you’ll be featuring too!!!

Check out what else Beautiful magazine is doing on their Facebook, Twitter and Beautiful Blog!

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The Most Desired Shape is our very own Laura Butler!

The search for a bra star down under has begun and we want to give you all a boost to start celebrating your curves!

Last year Cosmopolitan Health in Australia printed an article about different body shapes and asked the public to be the judge as to which desired shape they would like to see in the media.

They used three models, Megan Fox, Laura Butler (A Curvy Kate Model) and a Bondi Beach model and asked which body shape do you like the best. An astounding 98% of the public voted for Laura Butler as the most desired shape!

Here are some of the comments that was posted about Laura Butler:

She looks the healthiest out of all the models you’ve shown me. She isn’t a big size, just big in comparison” Stina, 21

This model is different to the others because she has curves. Thanks to her, girls who don’t have the typical model body should feel great about their curvy figures. You don’t have to be super skinny to look toned and Healthy” Josie, 18

She looks great! She seems very comfortable with herself and has a nice shape” Michelle, 27

Laura looks the most realistic in the fashion and beauty industry, it’s rare to find people who look like this, but this is a real woman. She makes me feel great. I would love to see more images like this” Samantha, 24

She is very natural-looking and more models should look like he. This photo makes me feel good about myself; I think the industry needs to get rid of the skinny phase and bring back the Marilyn Monroe phase” Rhiannon, 22

As a curvy Model, I found it impossible to see how lingerie would look on me when brands either use stick thin or glamour models. There are so many shapes around today, so how can one shape be the ‘norm’? Laura Butler

It goes to show that the majority of females in Australia and most probably all around the world would like to see more realistic aspirations in the media, rather than the constant super skinny glamour models that are being shown. We are not all one shape, there are many different shapes, some being misrepresented and some not represented at all.

Curvy Kate wants you to go against the grain and show the world how gorgeous you look in lingerie by bringing curvy back!

To enter visit the Curvy Kate Australian Facebook page.

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