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Interview with Teer Wayde

Now that you’ve had a little breather from all the interviews we did for Star in a Bra 2011, we have a little surprise for you…

This interview has been with Curvy Kate for a while now but we wanted this special lady to have the spotlight just on her.

I was lucky enough to speak to the absolute beautiful Teer Wayde. If you didn’t already know, Teer is an Australian model, a modern day pin up, who’s recently been making waves here in the UK after modelling for Simply Be and their Gok Wan range.

And what an absolute sweetheart she is. What we love about Teer is that she’s a happy, healthy model – she’s rightly proud of what she’s got, of who she is, and wants to show the world how good it looks to be happy with herself.

Hi Teer! You’re definitely establishing yourself as a successful model nowadays and well done you. How did you initially get into modelling? I imagine it can be quite competitive…

I started doing pin-up style modelling as a hobby about four years ago and it just progressed into commercial work when I was 25.

You definitely have that much sought after pin-up style and it’s great you could turn a hobby into a job. Why did you want to model, and do you enjoy it?

I wanted to create amazing images and to show off my curves and I absolutely love every aspect of it.

It’s safe to see you’re show casing those beautiful curves and your pictures are always stunning. Have you ever considered yourself ‘plus size’, a term I really dislike, or just simply as a model?

As a teen I was a size 12-14 (Australian) and I was fine with that – I guess I’ve always been curvy and plus size.

And are you proud of your figure?

I am indeed! I think I have curves in all the right places and I’m proud to show them off.

Good for you! What’s been your best experience with modelling?

There are too many to mention – I’ve had so many amazing shoots with very talented people. But my best experience recently was signing with Bella Model Management.

And, unfortunately, the worst?

Gossip and negativity.

It’s such a shame to hear that certain attitudes are still around, you’d hope that women would stick together and support each other. What are the best and worst bits about modelling?

Wearing amazing garments and getting to work with inspirational designers and photographers would be the best part. But it’s the public response that can be the best and worst part of modelling. Your images can inspire and make people proud of their shape. The compliments I’ve read regarding my work has been really touching. Then there are the negative comments that I’m not big enough or don’t represent all plus size shapes. I’m very proud to be plus size so I take the good and bad on board and just keep doing what I love doing.

Well good for you for not letting it get to you but how could anyone accuse you of not respecting plus size shapes?! Have you always been comfortable in your skin or has it taken you a while to learn to love yourself?

I’ve always been comfortable within my own skin, every now and then I have a bad day but otherwise I love my body.

Do you want to change how people view modelling?

Very much so! I’ve had a goal ever since I entered the industry to change the face and shape of modelling. I may not be a carbon copy of every plus size model but I work just as hard and can create the same level of beauty and professionalism. Some consumers see models as fake or not relatable, I’d like to change that.

Lets hope you can make enough of an impact. Do you have any favourite brands of underwear? We imagine you’ve tried quite a few!

Curvy Kate – I have one on right now! Other than that I really love Gok Wan’s range from Simply Be.

Good choices! What do you think about the whole size debate? It always seems to be skinny vs. curvy…

I don’t think the debate will ever end sadly. Everyone will continue to have different tastes and ideals of beauty. I personally love both body shapes, from the super skinny to the super sized, they each have their place in the industry. The fashion world would be a lot less confusing to the public if they did not use the term plus in a way that confuses customers. I’m also a fan of a fantastic new website called Healthy Is The New Skinny as the message they send out is brilliant.

We’ll have to look into that website, but we couldn’t agree more with your message. On a final note, do you have any words of wisdom for anyone thinking about getting into modelling?

Educate yourself about the industry, from designers, models, trends etc, just immerse yourself in fashion. There are so many resources on the internet to help you with all aspects of the plus industry.

Start off your portfolio with a great photographer and make sure you are versatile in your images. Join a website such as Model Mayhem, it’s a great place to start.

Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and practice posing; seeing what suits your body will help a lot. When you have a basic portfolio and feel confident, find your local agencies and apply. Even if you get a no, don’t take it to heart. You will hear that word a lot when you start out but don’t give up if it’s your dream.

Wise words Teer, we hope any potential models are listening!

It’s really refreshing to hear Teer agree that all sizes should be celebrated. All of this years Star in a Bra contestants are in the same mind set and it’s brilliant to hear, go girls!

These days it seems everyone is either team skinny or team curvy, but why so? Is it not OK to just be happy and healthy? There are skinny girls out there, and there are big girls out there, but then there’s every shape and size in between. Instead of putting women against each other because of their bodies, why can’t we unite in being happy just the way we are?

Fallen in love with Teer as much as we have?  Take a look at her life via her websites, Curves To Kill and Teer Wayde, or follow her on Twitter!

I’d like to thank Teer again for taking time out of her busy schedule to fit in the interview, so thank you!

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Sneak peak of what Lizzie’s been up to so far…

After winning the Star in a Bra competition and gaining the majority of votes we wanted to update you on what your winner’s been up to over the past few months.

Lizzie Haines wowed the public with her gorgeous curves and her killer charm earning the title queen of Curves as this year’s Star in a Bra champion.

After the news was given to Lizzie she had but a few days to take it all in and get started. She was joined by gorgeous runner up Emma Donaghy for their first ever Curvy Kate shoot. Both girls got all dolls up again from top to toe with big hair and high heel shoes to showcase their curvy assets in the brand new SS12 Curvy Kate collection.

They definitely rocked the new collection and produced some amazing images which would all be revealed next year, but as promise we’ll show you a sneak peak of what’s to come.


This isn’t the only photoshoot our new curvy ambassador had since winning SIAB 2011; she also conducted her own Curvy Kate photoshoot with some new models with sexy…. ermmmmm moustaches! lol

During the voting stages Lizzie dared the presenters of GEM106 that if she won the competition they too will have to strip off down to their smalls for all their listeners and Facebook fans to see.
Be aware some of these images would have you laughing hysterically on the floor…



Nice underwear guys… maybe next year you two can enter Star in a Bra…

Our gorgeous Lizzie has also taken our brand to international waters and shared some of her holiday snaps with us. Look out New York… Lizzie Haines is on a Curvy mission to let the world know who Curvy Kate are… we are so proud!



Loving the image from Philly with the Philly Cheese Steak… nice touch!

Can you guess from the images above where Lizzie was spotted with her Curvy Kate bag?

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I spy with my little eye…More magazine!

If you go down to the shops today and pick up a copy of More magazine you’ll see it stars our very own Lauren Colfer! If you look closely, she’s in the bottom corner of the cover – not too shabby!

Lauren, along with some other beautiful girls, talks about her gym and eating habits. Maybe we should start taking note if we want a figure like hers?

Posing in her underwear is second nature to Lauren now and she does us proud wearing the Princess in indigo (which you can still get over at Brastop!)

Go and pick up your copy today!




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In honour of Simply Yours…

Today we are honouring the UK’s leading direct home shopping company… Simply Yours.

Most big busted girls are fully aware of Simply Yours and their huge selection of brand name lingerie, as well as their fabulous collaboration with aunty Gok and his fantastic controlwear collection, but for those of you who are not aware… shame on you!

Simply Yours brings gorgeous lingerie to girls with curves… they range from a 30 – 50 back and A –JJ cups covering the widest spectrum in ‘bra land’. They are known for stocking big brands like Panache, Freya, Fantasie and our very own Curvy Kate range. (Plus many more – see below)

As well as stocking various styles in lingerie, Simply Yours also stocks a fantastic range in swimwear, shape wear, hosiery, nightwear, baby dolls, fancy dress and clothes (just to name a few) for curvier girls.

With a fun and vibrant website which was designed in a girlie comic book fashion with bright colours and talk boxes sectioning the different options, Simply Yours have successfully made online shopping fun.

They have also added special features such as their fitting guide, buyer’s tips with exclusive videos and style guides to help their customers along their journey of discovery… (discovering how a well fitted bra can make a huge difference).

In addition to this amazing website, Simply Yours also works together with their four sister sites Viva La Diva – the woman’s right to shoes (Yes please), Jacamo – no ordinary men’s wear collection, Simply Be – for plus sizes (14 – 32) and Velvet Affair – for sexy lingerie and adult toys. Covering all areas, all sites put together means there is something for everyone.

The Curvy Kate team would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Simply Yours for being the official sponsors of this year’s STAR IN A BRA 2011.

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We have another winner!

To say it’s been busy here at Curvy Kate is an understatement!

Having only just announced the winners of this years Star in a Bra it was straight into the competition we run with De Montfort University and our photo shoot for S/S12, which you can get a sneak peek of just here

This is our second year running the competition known as the Contour Design Project.  Contour Design students at De Montfort University

Out of 40 students and with the help of Laura Savery (Senior Lecturer at De Montford) and Lotte Debell (editor of Lingerie Buyer) we finally managed to get a winner and two runner ups out of all the brilliant designs.

So, without further ado, we’d like to announce the winner as…Nabila Omar! Nabila really wowed us with her set, entitled Anamalier for our Showgirl range – a striking leopard print plunge bra with matching brief with a frilled skirt accessory in a range of colours. An absolutely stunning set and a worthy winner!

And the prize? Nabila will have her set developed to become a part of Curvy Kate and join us on our trip to Paris show Salon de la Lingerie, the leading lingerie show, this summer. Nabila’s set will join the A/W12 range. I’m not sure I can wait that long to see it!

Second place went to Sara Caspi and third place to Bryony Anne Bennett.

This year the competition was harder than ever- over 8 weeks our finalists had to show how their product would fit in commercially within the industry, and the top ten had to showcase their final piece alongside a proposed Marketing Strategy. A tough job for any student!

Last years winner, Sarah Greenwood, created our beautiful new Lottie which will be available from August this year as part of our A/W11 collection. The Lottie has also had a colour reincarnation for next years S/S12 collection, so watch this space! Lottie is quickly becoming a Curvy Kate favourite, and it’s easy to see why.

I managed to get a few words with Nabila about her success and her inspiration behind her beautiful creation.

“I was inspired the latest fashion trends. I felt Curvy Kate needed something fun, daring and more exciting, such as an animal print, combined with bright bold colours. Through research into the highstreet market as well as the upper market, it seams to be a trend to use lace overlays on bright bold colours. This was something I was really inspired by. I love the idea of using ruffles, it keeps in tone with the Curvy Kate fun feel but at the same time it’s daring and playful. My intention was to create a dress up, dress down collection – the bra and briefs being everyday wear and the wrap around ra-ra ruffle skirt being used for bedroom wear. I created a selection of animal printed lace and selected a range of bright colours of satin, and the idea was to give customers the freedom of choice, to select a lace and a colour that they prefered, from the available options.”

Nabila wanted to show us that ‘full cup lingerie can be fun, playful and still perform the vital function needed to support a fuller bust’ and she certainly has hit the nail on the head.

“I couldn’t believe I won actually – I was just so overwhelmed and excited, practically speechless when the annouced my name! It has been a great achieviment for me and has given me more confidence on the designs that I create.”

“I thought last years winner was fantastic, Sarah’s design was great; it was fun vibrant and exciting and she got great feedback  as I’ve heard it’s been a popular seller. It was well deserved and I really like the set myself. I really look forward to working with the curvy kate team, and the designs of my ‘anamalier’ set. I’m really looking forward for the garments to be made – I’ll be making all my friends and family buy a set the moment it’s for sale!”

We’re so excited to see the final set here at Curvy Kate and hope you all are too. Congratulations Nabila and well done to everyone who entered the competition.

What do you think about the winning design? Let us know!

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Fancy a sneak peek at Curvy Kate SS12 range?

New Curvy Kate!

New Curvy Kate!

Sure you do…

Head on over to the Lingerie Buyer website for a gallery featuring some of the treats coming your way from Curvy Kate in the near future.

We’ll have more on all the forthcoming lingerie sets – and our new range of swimwear – in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled!

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In honour of Curvy Kate…

Brafitteria an independent shop in Poland celebrated a Curvy Kate Day whereby customers got all the exclusives on the fit and features of our Curvy Kate range.

Each month a different brand is selected to be reviewed at this store. This fantastic event informs customers about the benefits of the brands and their ranges.

Last month Curvy Kate was celebrated and customers got a one to one session on everything Curvy Kate!

The fitting specialist informed their customers about every detail of our collection including the fit, the difference in shape and what styles are recommended for difference body shapes.

Customers were also educated about how well fitted lingerie can dramatically change your silhouette and in many cases; help improve your posture and confidence.

Brafitteria also offers their customer special packaging for their Curvy Kate lingerie as an extra luxury so their customers feel treated and pampered by their purchases.

We think it looks fabulous! What do you think? Would you like fancy packaging with your purchase?

Ul Limanowskiego 4
58-300 Walbrzych

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And the winner is… Lizzie Haines!

Well, after months of preparation, campaigning, posing and voting, Star In A Bra 2011 is sadly over.  It feels like yesterday we were breaking the good news to previous winner Laura-Ann Smith, how time flies, and once again the competition seems to have come and gone right before our eyes. However it’s our absolute pleasure to announce our top three ladies.

Drum roll please!

Congratulations to Lizzie Haines, Emma Donaghy and Georgina Horne! These three beautiful ladies wowed the judges way back when and then won over the public. It’s been a tough competition this year, tougher than ever, so well done ladies!

Lets see how their Curvy Kate year pans out, watch this space! The girls join all our other models, past and present, who were all in the final three of Star in a Bra.

Congratulations must also go to the other seven finalists – you all did brilliantly to get so far and we hope you enjoyed the photo shoot and remember it forever.

It’s important not to forget all the other ladies that entered – no matter how far along the competition they got, we were humbled to see so many beautiful, curvy women who show us how to be proud of the bodies we have and we’re forever grateful for all the entries. Every year I find it quite overwhelming to see so many confident, beautiful women showing the world that they’re healthy and happy, and really that’s what it’s all about. Well done ladies, you’ve done us proud!

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors, I’m just a tiny bit jealous of all those prizes! Simply Yours and their vouchers, Best magazine (can’t wait to see that issue – we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s out!), Ragdale Hall, Cadbury, Helen É cosmetics and Green and Blacks. Any of the girls care to share their chocolate with us?

And finally a big thank you goes to every single person who helped spread the curvy word, followed the competition, voted – we couldn’t do it without you! We cannot thank everyone enough for all their efforts; a round of applause please!

This has been our biggest and best year yet and Curvy Kate could not be happier.

So it’s goodbye to the Star in a Bra competition. Until next year!

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