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Star in a Bra top ten – Sophia Jenner

And last but by no means least we hear from the lovely Sophia Jenner again.

Hi Sophia! Why don’t you tell our readers about yourself again?

Well my name is Sophia! I’m a 24 year old media student living in Wimbledon and I wear a 32FF.

We fit everyone at the shoot and sometimes the contestants come away wearing a different bra size, did that happen to you?

No, however I find find that with certain styles of bras I’d have to go down a back size, such as the Curvy Kate Thrill Me, but I think that can happen with any bra, it’s all down to styles.

I agree, I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that you should try every bra on as they all fit differently. Have you done any modelling before?

No modelling, nothing remotely like it. Obviously I do some filming with my course, and some photography, but I do that myself . A friend of mine is an actress so I do all her photos so I’m used to being behind the camera, not in front, so it’s a bit weird!

We definitely think you should be in front of the camera more! How does it feel to be in the top ten?

It’s unbelievably exciting! Honestly, words cannot explain it. I just was so surprised and nervous, and all the girls are so lovely that I can’t believe I’m one of them!

I hope you’ve started believing it by now! How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

I was sat refreshing the page over and over again and I somehow missed the announcement so the next thing I know I get a message from one of the other girls telling me I’d gotten through. I thought they were joking, so after lots of refreshing there it was and I kind of ended up just jumping around! I was so surprised. I had to take a sleeping pill the night before as I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, I’d have been up all night with some serious butterflies!

Hopefully those butterflies are a bit better behaved now. How have those closest to you reacted?

They’ve all been very supportive, but my Dad was quite surprised! They’ve all been so helpful though, especially my best friend Rosie who’s been doing lots of promoting for me! But yes, they’ve been very sweet, which has been great.

I think that’s a typical Dad reaction! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

I was really really nervous before the shoot because out of all the girls I’ve got the smallest boobs and I’m still a size 14. I feel I’m a bit out of proportion as well, so I was really nervous I’d end up looking worse than the other girls who are SO gorgeous but actually it’s been great. Everyone has been really lovely throughout the shoot and Hannah was so encouraging which helps! It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing it. I kept trying to cover myself up (as best you can when you’re in your underwear!) but kept getting told off for doing it, in the nicest way! I’m glad that I’m not nervous anymore, but it’s kind of sad that I might not get to do it again.

Well lets hope you get enough votes so you do get to do it again! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

The best part is definitely how nice everyone is, and how encouraging and supportive they’ve been, everyone likes hearing compliments. The worst is probably the initial nerves, and worrying you’ll look bad on camera!

Well it’s safe to say you don’t look bad on camera! Have you got any advice for anyone considering entering next year?

Yes – just go for it! I mean, I’m really self conscious about my body, and it really boosts your confidence. I’d recommend it to anyone, even if you are shy, just doing it makes you feel great and it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. I’m normally quite quiet and shy so I’ve tried to push past that for the competition and it’s been great.

Good for you! Do you have any favourite brands and styles of underwear?

I’ve only recently gotten fitted correctly, and so before I discovered Curvy Kate my favourite brand was Freya because of the brilliant Deco. But since I’ve been introduced to Curvy Kate I’ve fallen in love, especially with the Showgirl range; the balconette styles really give you uplift and I love all the detailing. With the pants I find I have to go up a size to fit my curves, but they really are great and I love their stuff, even if I wasn’t doing the competition. I didn’t have any Curvy Kate before I entered but then I bought one set, and then another, and the another..!

Sounds like someone has a bit of a Curvy Kate addiction! What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

Well the cons are easy – it’s not often accepted in the fashion world and the media to be bigger and it’s way too easy to feel pressured into trying to force yourself to be a different shape, or go on a diet but everyone should just be themselves and be happy with that. The pros are that you can show the world that you can be confident and look gorgeous despite your curves and that anyone can look good at any size!

Wise words Sophia. What do you think about the great size debate? It seems these days curvier models are being used…

I think it’s really great because it sends a positive message. I’ve seen some horrible things on the internet about girls that are a size 12+ being called fat by journalists, and how using bigger models encourages obesity. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any obese girls and I know a lot of anorexic girls, especially in school. Just be healthy and happy, that’s what’s important! I think companies are going to reach a far bigger target market if they’re using a variety of body shapes and sizes.

That’s very true, it’s not about pitting body types against each other, it’s about celebrating all body types. What would be the best part about winning? You can say the free underwear!

One, the free underwear! But in all honesty it’d be great to show people you can model underwear at any size, you can be confident no matter what and you don’t have to look like anyone else to do it – you just need to be yourself and I think I could help promote that.

One last questions Sophia! Why do you think you should win?

I think it’s really important for women to be comfortable in their own skin and a lot of people sadly aren’t. The great thing about Curvy Kate is that they obviously encourage that, and that curves aren’t a negative thing, they embrace different shapes and sizes, and you just know their products are going to look good on you, regardless of shape or size. I’d really like to win because I want to help promote this image, this idea that it doesn’t matter what your body looks like, that you can just be happy and confident. And that matters a lot more than what your actual size is.

Good luck Sophia!

So, has Sophia won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Sophia wore the Portia in black with pink detailing, the Lottie in indigo with wine detailing and the Thrill Me in peach. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection and their Autumn/Winter.

And that’s that! You’ve heard from all of our ten beautiful contestants, you’ve seen their pictures and now you have until May 3rd to cast that one vote.

Good luck to all of the top ten and we hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know them a little better!

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Star in a Bra top ten – Lizzie Haines

We hope you’re all enjoying your Easter holiday, today we hear from our last two contestants, Lizzie Haines and Sophia Jenner.

So, to start us off, we hear, once again, from the lovely Lizzie.

Hi Lizzie! Tell our readers a bit about yourself again.

My name is Lizzie, I’m 30 years old and I wear a 32H. I’m a freelancer, and I run my own website called Do It Momma.

You’ve got me hooked on your website! How does it feel to be in the top ten?

To be honest, I cried when I saw I’d gotten through. I got so emotional, getting through really has been the most amazing confidence boost, knowing that the public have spent their time, and votes, on me. It just feels so unbelievable still, and considering I was so worried about entering in the first place! The support I’ve had has been so overwhelming, sometimes people don’t release what you’ve been through to put yourself out there, how hard it can be, so it’s brilliant to have such a positive reaction. It’s a journey, at the end of the day, I took so many photos before I finally decided on ones I liked enough to enter with – I’m talking hundreds!

We’re sure all the photos were beautiful, but as long as you’re happy, so are we. Apart from the crying, how did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

Well there was a fair bit of crying! I was just overwhelmed. I was home alone, and I just screamed! I’m not taking this opportunity for granted, because if you’ve ever had body issues, like I’ve had, then you need to accept yourself and this competition has helped me to do that. I’m 30 now, I’ve started to accept my body – I can’t change it drastically, but I stay healthy, I swim all the time, I stay in shape because I love food and I hate dieting because it makes me miserable!

It’s really great to hear you’re finally accepting that beautiful body of yours Lizzie. How have your loved ones reacted?

They’ve been really good. Obviously I had to think about the fact that my Step-Dad is they Mayor of the town we live in! His Dad was actually the first Mayor of our town, so it’s been a bit emotional! The local papers picked up on it, and originally it was hard to know there’d be pictures of me in my underwear, for the world to see, in the press that everyone he works with is going to see! But he’s very proud of me. It’s not a sleazy competition in any way, but unfortunately not everyone sees it in the same way, and I didn’t want it to be awkward for him, but they’re all been so supportive and really I think the reservations came from me!  Having your loved ones feel proud of you really is all you need and I’m so thankful for that. My boyfriend probably had more reservations than anyone because he was worried about the attention that obviously comes from posing in your pants! But he’s come round to it all and quite enjoys the fact that I’m an ‘almost model’, so now maybe I’ll stat to believe the nice things he says about me…

Wow, what a brilliant family! And you SHOULD listen to your boyfriend. How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Well on the day I was nervous, until you opened the front door pretty much! Then the nerves just went away because I was looking forward to meeting the girls and everyone was really nice, I really made the most of getting pampered! I’ve worked at shoots before, but behind the camera, so it’s a bit different! It’s so comfortable and relaxed in this house though. Now that it’s over I feel alright; I feel I didn’t quite relax enough when I was having the pictures taken, and I didn’t see the photos on the day which is maybe for the best! It’s hard because you have all these instructions – breathe in, shoulders down, smile, head back, turn this way – which I know is just because the photographer wants us to look our best but it’s my first time so it was tricky! But it’s great Alison knew how to get us to pose to look our best, to get these perfect images that also show that real women aren’t photoshopped in real life.

I can imagine it is hard to get in front of the camera but you look like a complete natural in all your photos, you all do! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

I think the worst part was feeling you’re not quite getting it right in relation to the photos. I know Alison doesn’t want you to feel that way, but with all the various instructions it’s hard to think you’re doing it right! But that could just be me…The best is by far being made up and being able to try on all this lovely lingerie! And I’ve never had professional hair and makeup so it’s really nice to be spoiled.

Now that you’ve been there and done that (not quite got the t-shirt, but underwear instead!) do you have any advice for anyone thinking of entering next year?

If you had any doubt, ignore it, and just do it. Don’t doubt yourself, just do it – it feels so good that it’s not worth worrying about. You’re with so many like minded people who will support you and I cannot think of a better environment for you to take your clothes off!

Every year it’s great that all the girls get on with each other so well. Do you have any favourite underwear brands?

Actually, I’m really disappointed that Victoria’s Secrets don’t do my size. My Mum is American so I’m used to the brand and I love the way they look but sadly it’s not meant to be. I love Masquerade, and Curvy Kare of course! As long as it’s in my size and pretty I’m happy.

It’s a shame high street shops don’t do bigger sizes as they do have some lovely designs, but hopefully Curvy Kate is more than enough! What are your thoughts on companies using bigger models nowadays?

I personally don’t think there’s any point in companies that go up to bigger sizes using teeny tiny people to model because it doesn’t show how clothes look on their customers. Why only represent a small minority? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with skinny models, because there are skinny girls out there, but I think the whole spectrum has to be catered for and it shouldn’t be such an alien idea that everyone isn’t one shape.

That’s very true, it’s uncomfortable knowing that different body shapes and sizes are considered quite strange, this is 2011 after all! What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

I think with anyone the grass is always greener; always wanting more or less of something body related, but I think the pros are having curves and knowing they look good. A lot of people want an hourglass figure and the competition has highlighted the fact that I should be proud of what I’ve got, and I am! I feel feminine and I love that. The con is definitely the clothing issue as it can be hard to dress for my shape (i.e. big boobs, small waist) but I don’t want to look like a blob for the rest of my life – I actually have a shape that I want to show off!

Good for you! If you were to win, what would be the best part?

World peace of course! That’s what would happen if I won! But no, I’d probably cry for a very long time as it would be so amazing. It would just be one of those things that you don’t ever expect to happen so it that would be just a brilliant gift!

World peach eh? We’ve not heard that one before! Along with the world peace, why should people vote for you?

Well along with my rack getting world peace…I’m not going to sit here and say “because I’m curvy and I can represent you” because all the girls here can do that, I just hope my personality comes across and that’s why people would want to vote for me.

Good luck Lizzie!

So, has Lizzie won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Lizzie wore the Angel in black with ivory detailing, the Thrill Me in azure, the Tease Me in almond and the Tempt Me in scarlet. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection.

Next up we hear from Sophia Jenner!

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Star in a Bra top ten – Lauren Pickles

So as we work our way through the list, we hear from the lovely Lauren Pickles once again.

Hi Lauren, congratulations on getting through to the final ten! How do you feel now you’re through, and how did you react when you found out the good news?

I didn’t realise the top ten were revealed on Facebook – I thought we were contacted first! So when I checked my emails and didn’t have anything from the Curvy Kate team, I just thought that I hadn’t made it through. I was totally unaware of anything until my partner called to tell me I had got through and I did not believe him at all! I quickly logged onto Facebook, eventually found the top ten, and there I was! My face lit up, and I got straight on the phone to tell my family the news. I could not believe that I had made it into the top ten, and was utterly astounded, and overwhelmed. It doesn’t seem real at all. Realising people had voted for me to form part of the top ten was the biggest confidence boost ever and I just could not stop smiling!

We’re glad we could put a smile on your face! Tell our readers a little bit more about yourself in case they can’t quite remember your first interview!

My name is Lauren Pickles, I’m 21 and from Bradford in West Yorkshire where I’m currently a customer service advisor and have recently graduated from the University of Bradford. I wear a 32GG bra and am a big animal lover – I have two kittens who love to cause havoc. One thinks she is a dog and loves nothing more to play fetch, chew my phone charger and drink out of the toilet! At the weekend I love to go out to restaurants to eat (especially curry, I’m a spicy food addict!) but equally love just staying in with a DVD and a take away.

Sounds like they’re a handful! Have you done any modelling before?

I have never done any form of modelling before, at all, so I guess modelling in my undercrackers could be classed as being thrown in at the deep end, so to speak!

We hope it wasn’t too daunting! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

In the week leading up to the photo shoot I have to say I was very excited, but on the day I got really nervous and felt like I was taking my driving test all over again – I was worried about what people would think of me when I was dressed in nothing more than my underwear! I am honestly quite a shy person, but all of the team and the other girls were very nice and made me feel very welcome. Alison, the photographer, was excellent, you could have a laugh and a joke with her, which calmed my nerves and by the end of the shoot I was sad that it was all over!

Glad to hear you got over those pesky nerves! What was the best part of the shoot?

The best part was definitely having my hair and makeup done – I loved having the team on hand to make sure I looked my best for every photograph! I wish I could have my very own personal stylist and makeup artist on hand every day in real life!

How did the people that know you best react to you being in the competition?

My friends and family have been great, and I would like to thank them for all their support. I don’t think I expected to get into the top ten, let alone them! I think they may slowly be losing the will to live as I have been banging on about the competition for weeks now!

It’s nice to hear you’ve had the support you deserve.  Seeing as this is a lingerie competition, what’s your favourite underwear?

My favourite brands are Curvy Kate, Freya, and Gorgeous at Debenhams. I don’t think I have a favourite style, I just focus more on the support the bra provides and the shape it gives me. I think you have to have different styles for different outfits, so I like to have a variety of shapes and styles.

And finally underwear brands are offering good, supportive bras whilst still looking good. What do you think about companies using bigger models nowadays?

I think it’s a great idea; if we’re all the same size then life would be pretty boring! More companies need to realise that women are different shapes and sizes, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with using a size 6-8 model, they should allow all sizes to be represented. It would be fabulous to flick through a catalogue and see someone of my size modelling clothes and lingerie so I can see how it would look on me. I think by doing this, it would be a step in the right direction at combating the negative persona of curvaceous women.

We couldn’t agree more. For you, what would be the best part about winning?

The best part of winning for me would be being able to flick through the latest Curvy Kate catalogue and seeing myself there, representing all the curvy, big busted women in the UK.

What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

The pros of being a curvy girl are naturally big boobs, not counting every calorie, being lucky enough to have that killer hour glass figure, we’re good to cuddle, being healthy and most importantly happy. The cons, however, are that shopping for clothes can be a nightmare, and the price of some underwear and lingerie brands in comparison to high street brands designed for smaller busts, it’s not fair!

Do you have any advice for girls entering next year now you’ve been there, done that?

I think the best advice for next years contestants is just enjoy every minute of it and don’t worry about what anybody else will think – embrace those curves and help spread the word that curvy can be healthy and sexy!

Inspiring words! One last question, the horrible one – why do you think you should win this years Star in a Bra competition?

Oh this is a tough question! I think anyone who is naturally curvy and has a naturally big bust deserves to be in this competition. I think if I was to win and become the new face of Curvy Kate, it would be a dream come true, but I think I would also try to create more awareness about curvy women and how there is a need for more high street brands to get on board and start using real women when advertising their products. I would obviously enjoy the whole experience of becoming a professional model for two seasons but I would definitely want to help make a positive difference and start trying to tackle many important issues surrounding size and stigmas attached to it in today’s society. This would truly be a life changing experience for me.

Good luck Lauren!

So, has Lauren won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or our Facebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Lauren wore the Angel in black with ivory detailing, the Emily in aqua and the Tempt Me in scarlet. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection.

Next up we hear from Lizzie Haines!


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Star in a Bra top ten – Kelly Parks

We hope you’re all enjoying the lovely Easter holiday! To start us off this week, we hear, once again, from the lovely Kelly Parks!

Hi Kelly! Why don’t you remind our readers all about you?

I’m Kelly Parks, 29 from Stoke-On-Trent. I’m an Optical Assistant and Diabetic Retinopathy screener at Glyn Jones Opticians and I’m a proud 32G.

Everyone should be proud of their bra size! Were you refitted at the shoot?

I wasn’t refitted at the shoot, although I was advised which sizes to try in the various styles.

I think people are always surprised when they find out how different styles can affect their bra size, my underwear drawer has a whole range of sizes! Have you done any modelling before?

I’ve never modelled before, in fact, I’ve always hated having my photo taken by anyone else other than myself at arms length!

It’s a good job you got over that hate then, you look great in all your photos! How did you feel when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten? I’d love to have seen everyones reactions!

On ‘DD Day’ (!) I was checking my emails and Facebook all morning to see if I’d received a message to say I was in the top 10, but when I noticed a few people saying the winners had been announced, I felt disheartened because I’d not heard anything from Curvy Kate. Then a friend wrote “Congratulations to (named some of the other girls)” and my name was in there! I couldn’t quite believe it so I went and checked, and sure enough, there it was! I must admit, I don’t feel worthy of being amongst the other girls, they’re all pretty and model-esque and I’m just a ginger geek from Stoke.

You DO deserve to be up there with the other nine girls Kelly! Everyone who entered this year was worthy of being in the final, it’s been tough for both the judges and the public! How have your loved ones reacted to you getting through?

My family are happy and proud to see me up there in the top ten. My mum was doing her best from her hospital bed, begging people to vote for me, bless her! My brother found it a little awkward at first, seeing his little sister posing in her pants online, but I think he’s used to it now! My boyfriend loves my curves and thinks it’s wonderful that they’re being recognised elsewhere. He said “See, I told you you’re gorgeous!”

We can imagine it’s quite a confidence boost! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Before the shoot I wasn’t too nervous until I passed number 54 in the street (the shoot was at number 50) then my stomach lurched! My main worry was getting my hair and make-up done, as I’m not a particularly girly-girl, I usually spend 10 minutes on both in the morning! It was a strange experience getting primped and preened but the result was amazing! I was totally in awe at how utterly goddess-like the other girls looked and somehow didn’t think the team could possibly make me look even half as good!
After the shoot I was on a total high! Off I walked down the street, hair and make-up looking fab, goodie bag in hand, random men staring and commenting, it was a mega confidence boost!

It’s honestly so lovely to hear how good everyone felt about themselves afterwards. For you, what were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

The best part of the shoot was meeting everybody in the flesh, at last! The entire house was awash with loveliness! It was a shame all ten girls weren’t together on the same day, I imagine it would have been so much fun! I loved posing for the group shots, I was sandwiched between Astrid and Emma, who’s bottom I was tempted to squeeze during the ‘fun’ shots!
The worst part was the realisation that the only skin coloured thong left was a size 10, 2 sizes too small! Luckily, in came Emily, brandishing a pair of scissors to help me out! I must admit, I was scared silly by the trampoline so that wasn’t exactly a highlight too!

Well, if those are the only bad things about the day, I think we did OK! Do you have any advice for next years contestants?

My tip for next years’ entrants would be: Don’t think about anything too much, it will just make you nervous!

Wise words Kelly! Do you have any favourite underwear brands?

I don’t particularly have a favourite lingerie brand, as all are hit and miss whether or not they will fit and be comfortable in each style. I say “If the bra fits….” My favourite styles are balcony for sexiness and cleavage on nights out (or in ;)!) and for daytime wear I like moulded cups for comfort.

What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

The pros of being a curvy girl are that I don’t have to use corsets, chicken fillets or booster bras to get the curves so many women have to create artificially and I know look fabulous in figure hugging clothes! The cons? There are none!

That’s what we like to hear! What do you think about companies using different sized models nowadays, there seems to be a slow increase of bigger girls being used, finally!

I personally think it’s important for companies to use larger models because their customers need to relate to what they’re looking at, and picture themselves in the products advertised. It’s no use advertising plus sizes if the models are a very toned size 12-14 (hardly a plus size at all!) as the average woman on the street being a 16 with wobbly bits! That’s why Curvy Kate are fantastic in using girls like you and I in their advertising campaigns.

Couldn’t agree more! What would be the best part about winning for you?

The best thing about winning for me would be the HUGE confidence boost I’d get and having an excuse to prance and pose in luscious lingerie! I’d be so humbled if I were to win, it would be insane!

Everyone should prance and pose in their lingerie! No excuse necessary! One last question Kelly – why do you think you should win this years competition?

Why should I win Star In A Bra 2011? I hate this question! I’m just a very ordinary woman from a very ordinary city who’s been given this truly amazing opportunity to become the face and body of an extraordinary lingerie brand. I’m too small to become a plus sized model, too big to become a fashion model and too short to be either! I’m literally just your average girl off the street and I’m so honoured and flattered to have been voted into the top 10, so anything more would be completely out of this world for little old me!

Good luck Kelly!

So, has Kelly won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Kelly wore the Princess in black, the Thrill Me in azure and the Lottie in indigo and wine. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection and Autumn/Winter collection.

Next up we hear from Lauren Pickles!


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Star in a Bra top ten – Jordan Reid

Once again we hear from Jordan Reid!

Hi Jordan! Tell our readers a bit about yourself….

I’m Jordan, I’m from Gravesend in Kent, I’m an 18 year old student currently finishing up my A-Levels and I wear a 32G.After school I’m looking to be a legal secretary at college in London.

Good luck with your exams! Have you done any modeling before?

Yeah, I’ve done a couple of clothing shoots, but no paid work. It’s all been quite minor work, that people have asked me to do. I really want to get into modelling – because of my height everyone always asks if I’m a model! But everyone wants size 6, flat chested girls, which I’m obviously not, which is such a shame.

That must be really hard for you – your curves should be celebrated, not the reason you can’t become a model! How did you feel when you found out you’d made it into the top ten?

It feels amazing – I entered the competition not knowing what to expect, think it’d be brilliant just to get into the top thirty, or even for someone to look at my pictures, but being in the top ten is just something else. It’s so overwhelming, especially when you see all the other girls here at the shoot, they look so glamorous! And the fact that I’m amongst them, that I’ve been picked to be here, it’s great.

Well you definitely deserve to be here. How have your family and friends reacted to you getting through?

Friends have been so supportive, and really proud – they screamed when I found out! My boyfriend has been really supportive too, surprisingly! My Mum has been texting me all day, wishing me luck, but she’s been great. Women are in lingerie because we need to see it being modeled, I want to see what it’ll look like on a normal girl so I think everyone is just really happy I’m involved with that.

It’s nice to hear everyone has had so much support. How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

I was sitting, waiting, for what feels like forever! I saw some of the other girls updating their status’ saying they’d go through and I was just thinking ‘why don’t I know?!’ So I go on the website, via my phone, which just wouldn’t load, and then I started getting texts from friends, so they knew before I did! The results went straight to the public whereas I was waiting for an email!

I bet that was torture for you not knowing! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Yesterday I was pampering myself, getting myself ready, had an early night to make sure I was well rested and would get up this morning! But this morning, I was very nervous, all morning I’d been worried but as soon as I met Kimberley I relaxed and felt much better, and having my friend here helped calm my nerves. Afterwards I just wanted to do it again -rewind it and try on more underwear! It was really good.

You’re not the only one to want to do it again, if only we had more time! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

The best part was…I can’t pick one! I really enjoyed the garden shoot, with all the natural light and the sun. The worst part of the show was trying to hide the not-so attractive skin coloured thong under the actual underwear!

Can’t say I envy you girls having to wear those thongs! Do you have any advice for anyone considering entering next year?

Don’t be nervous, don’t hesitate to put your pictures in – I did, and now I’m so glad that I actually went ahead with it. When I was sending them, I was really unsure about it, and now I’m in the top and it’s the best feeling the world. And if you don’t get through, at least you can say you’ve tried and you get such a confidence boost from it.

Good advice, bet you’re pleased you didn’t let your doubts get the better of you. Do you have any favourite underwear brands and styles?

I love balcony cut bras, and I absolutely love Bravissmo. My Mum and I order a lot from there.

What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

Well the pros are, I think, that I feel more womanly, more feminine, and I love that. I like the way my curves go in and out, and being able to fill my clothes out. The cons are finding the right bra for different clothes and occasions, always a hassle. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s great to hear how all our contestants are so happy with their curves. What are your thoughts on

I think there should be a variety, I’d love to be able to go to a shop window and see a slim model but also a whole range. It shouldn’t be skinny vs curvy, it should be a mix of different body types. People need to realise we come in all shapes and size and there are in between types, it shouldn’t be one or the other.

That’s a very good point Jordan. I think people too easily takes side with skinny vs curvy and that can be pretty unhealthy. If you were to win, what would you most look forward to?

Well I’m happy to be in the top as it is because of the Cadbury’s! But just the whole experience, the opportunity, the chance to prove you don’t have to be a certain body type to model would be the best part.

Final question Jordan! Why do you think you should win this years competition?

I think I should because I want to show girls that just because you think you can’t get into modelling for some reason, don’t let it knock you back, or knock your confidence. There’s always a market out there for every body type and luckily I’ve found mine.

Good luck Jordan!

So, has Jordan won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Jordan wore the Princess in white, the Tempt Me in red and the Emily in flame. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, and at Brastop.

Next up we hear from Kelly Parks!

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Star in a Bra top ten – Hannah Rowe

Today we bring you an interview with our next lovely contestant, Hannah Rowe. You may remember her from her previous interview but now we get to hear from her after the shoot…

Hi Hannah, first things first, congratulations on getting through! Why don’t you remind our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m Hannah, I’m a 21 year old English Literature student from Leamington Spa. I wear a size 28J bra and a size 10 in clothing although sometimes I have to opt for a bigger size to fit my boobs in!

A common problem it would seem! Had you done any modelling before the photo shoot?

When I was 10, I was in a brochure advertising ski-hats, I had no front teeth at the time and prefer not to think about it! Other than that brief escapade, I’ve never modelled before, and I definitely haven’t stripped down to my bra and knickers in front of loads of people!

I think that’s a daunting prospect for most people, with or without modelling experience! How did your family and friends react to you being in the competition, especially now you’ve made it through to the top ten?

My family and friends have been really supportive, I think they’re proud of me for making it this far. I feel sorry for my little sister though – I was in our local newspaper and I think she’s grown tired of all her classmates talking about it! She’s been really helpful with getting her friends to vote though, and who knows – in five years time, she could be entering the competition herself!

That’s what little sisters are for! How do you feel now that you’re through to the top ten, how did you react?

I screamed in disbelief! I’d already assumed I wasn’t a finalist because I checked my email and didn’t have a message from the Curvy Kate team. When I saw my photo on the Star in a Bra website it felt like the Bra God was smiling down on me. I couldn’t believe I’d made it through as a finalist – it was a massive shock and it still is. I’m just so amazed people picked me.

How did you feel before and after the shoot? Hopefully you weren’t still in shock…

Before the photo shoot I was really nervous. I’ve never considered myself the sexiest person – in pictures I tend to pull the stupid faces, I was worried the photographer would laugh at my ridiculous expressions! I’m also a complete idiot when it comes to travelling on the tube, and I had NO idea how to get to the location of the shoot. When the day finally came and I actually made it to the shoot, map in hand, I was feeling pretty tense. Luckily this changed when I walked through the door. I was made to feel so welcome so quickly, and the day was so much fun! After the shoot I felt exhausted, but really happy with how things went. I loved meeting all the other girls, and sharing their feelings on how things went, I didn’t want to leave!

We’re so glad everyone enjoyed the shoot; it was a fun two days! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot? We hope there wasn’t much that counts as the worst!

I loved the general vibe of the shoot – everyone made me feel at ease from the beginning, and I really loved the beautiful location. And the makeover! I walked away feeling so glamorous, it was amazing. The worst part was probably that I was last in the day, meaning I didn’t get to bounce on the trampoline! It was great to meet the other girls – we even went and sat in the park afterwards – but I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked.

Phew, nothing too bad then! Now that you’ve experienced all aspects of the competition, apart from the final results, what advice do you have to anyone considering entering next year?

I’d just say to have confidence in yourselves; I was so worried about not being right for the competition, I didn’t expect to make it into the top thirty, let alone the top ten, and yet here I am! Your curves are what differentiate you from all the bland models out there, the generic body types which are often picked to represent women these days. Just remember you’re a real person and have confidence in your curves!

Wise words Hannah! Do you have any particular favourite brands and styles of underwear?

Well I’m a die-hard Bravissimo fan, having worked there for three years as a fitting consultant before I came to university. I also love Curvy Kate – I’m grateful to them for nearly always making bras in my size. Not many manufacturers go down to a 28 back and up to a J cup; it’s often difficult finding bras which fit me properly! I also really like Cleo by Panache because they use bright colours and often make their bras in a really uplifting balconette style.

What do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl? We’re all for the pros but we’re aware some people might think the grass is greener…

Women were designed with curves – we’re meant to be voluptuous! Look at how sought-after the hour glass figure is. It’s all about boobs, bum, and being curvy. Curves make clothes sit better, and curvy women such as Marilyn Monroe are far more inspirational and memorable as fashion icons than some supermodels today. Although, saying that, sometimes I don’t find boobs wonderful. One thing I’ll never overcome is the prospect of ‘unexpected running’. When I’m forced to chase after the bus, in the rain, carrying around bags…my boobs have a life of their own. I’m only little, and I have J cup boobs to carry around; sometimes the jiggle is just too much! Other than the times I’m caught off guard without a sports bra, I’ll always argue that curvy is best.

Good to hear the pros outweigh the cons! What are your thoughts on companies using bigger models?

I believe if a company stocks a range of sizes, then they should use models to represent all of them. I think it’s great that more companies are using bigger models – if a retailer only uses tiny models, they give their customers a false portrayal of what they’re selling. I think Curvy Kate is brilliant because they use models of all sizes and it’s refreshing to see curvy women portrayed positively in the public eye for once.

Thanks Hannah! What would be the best part about winning the competition?

The best part of winning, honestly, would be modelling for Curvy Kate. Since I stopped working as a fitter last year, I’ve really missed the world of bras. The best part of the job was making women feel confident about their boobs on a daily basis. I’m amazed I’ve got this far, and if I did win the competition, I’d use the opportunity to really shout about how amazing I think boobs are!

Yes to boob love! One last question, the big on – why do you think you should win this years competition?

Society today seems to look negatively towards curves – and I find this frustrating. I think I should win because I really care about boobs, and the importance of a well-fitting bra and I think the curviness should be celebrated!

Good luck Hannah!

So, has Hannah won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Hannah wore the Tease Me in almond, the Emily in grape and the Angel in teal with gold detailing. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection and their Autumn/Winter collection.

Next up we hear from Jordan Reid!


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Star in a Bra top ten – Georgina Horne

Next up we hear from the lovely Georgina Horne, once again!

Hi Georgina! Tell us, again, about yourself!

I’m Georgina, I’m a 22 year old university drop out who went travelling for a bit and decided she wanted to work in hospitality! I do now, and I’d really like to open my own franchise of Sumo Salad because I love the healthy eating in Australia which is where I came from originally. I love it over there, I came back to England when I was about two and a half then after university I went back and spent a year there, really to see if I felt any connection, and I’ve been back a few times.

Well we certainly didn’t know that before! No wonder you have such a lovely tan, which I’m very jealous about. Were you refitted at the shoot? We do our best to make sure all our girls are wearing the right size!

Well I wear a 36H, but in some styles I’ll wear a 34HH and generally I wear a size 16 to 18.

How does it feel to be in the top ten?

Absolutely crazy, to have been picked  first of all and then to have that much support than I knocked twenty girls away to be in the top ten it just unbelievable. For people to take their time to vote is brilliant, if someone would say ‘I voted for you and these two other girls’ I’d just be thinking ‘How did you put me in with those two?!’ It’s crazy.

Well we think you certainly deserve to be there, all the girls do! How did your family and friends take the news?

Well my Mum and Dad are very religious, and when I got an article posted in my home town paper, The Petersham Post, I asked them to put a picture of my face, NOT of me in my underwear – my Granny reads that publication, I didn’t want to give her a heart attack! They do realise why I’m doing the competition, and what I’m doing it for, however they do see it as quite extreme! My friends, on the other hand, love it, and my boyfriend loved going through the photos. He did’t pick me as the winner though!

How mean! Well you seem to have enough supporters regardless. How did you react when you found out the good news?

Well I was stuck at work when various friends started texting me saying ‘well done’ etc. So when I saw it online I told the chefs at work who instantly replied with ‘Oh we have to vote for you again!’ Typical! I was in a state of shock for the rest of the day, in a little bubble of my own. When I got home I found some left over Chinese in the fridge and kept telling myself I shouldn’t eat it, with the shoot now coming up, but I couldn’t help myself!

Who can turn down leftovers, honestly? I know I can’t. How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Well before I was mega nervous, and a part of me felt like I was a fraud – I know how to pose to make myself look good, but I was worried I’d be thrown out of my comfort zone. I fretted about being put in underwear I didn’t like, or hating my hair and makeup but now I’ve seen it all I feel much more relaxed. I am worried people will see the pictures and think ‘that’s not who I voted for!’ but I want to make the best of it and enjoy it as much as I can. I may seem confident but everyone gets nervous. As for after I felt completely liberated and elated – on a natural high! The photographer is the kind of person that doesn’t say much in the way of praise, so when she does, you KNOW it’s a good thing, and the rest of the Curvy Kate team looked pretty pleased so that was a relief! I look back and think ‘why was I such a nervous wreck?!’

I always wonder why you gorgeous lot get nervous beforehand, not that I can talk! What did you think were the best and worst parts of the shoot? Hopefully nothing too bad!

The best bit of the shoot was that, being bigger, I prefer to pose in certain ways, and that was understood. I did a shoot before and I was forced into a lot of poses I wasn’t comfortable with, that accentuated my bad bits and didn’t flatter them. I felt so at ease that I soon ditched the dressing gown! And as for bad parts…probably being scared at the beginning and being given beautiful yet mega giant heels (of doom!) to wear, thinking I was going to break my face in them, but luckily their plans failed to thwart me and I even managed them for the end, group shot.

Now that you’ve experienced the shoot, do you have any advice for anyone considering entering next year?

To just not worry about it or think you have to go on a diet before you’re seen in your underwear! Just have fun – I took the photos the morning after a heavy night out, but I felt better after I had a huge meal! You’ve just got to be happy with yourself. Not to sound crude, but I can go out, get people looking at me, get their attention and I’m fit and healthy, people like my figure! If you can find in yourself the good things about yourself and embrace that, then people are going to pick up on it and magnify that.

Wow, honestly inspiring words Georgina, I wish more people, myself included, were that comfortable and happy with their bodies. What’s your favourite kind of underwear?

I love the Deco by Freya, it’s annoying they don’t really do my size as technically I need a 34HH, apparently it’s in discussion so fingers crossed, but in general I do really like Freya bras.I also love my Masquerade Rhea and then obviously I do love Curvy Kate, I have six sets already! I only found out about them when Bravissimo did the exclusive red Thrill Me set, and I love that they keep bringing out the sets in different colours.

Same! One day I’ll own every colour of the Thrill Me set…what do you think are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

Clothes shopping can be a bit of a chore; proportionally my waist is a lot smaller and whilst most women strive to have an hourglass figure, clothes generally aren’t  cut small enough on the waist. And fitting my bum can be tricky! It looks great to have a figure to flaunt, but it can take a lot of work! I went through a stage of cutting my labels out of my clothes because of the clothing size but I reached a point where I just thought ‘it’s just a number!’ And you shouldn’t be that hung up on it, it just doesn’t matter, it’s about how you look. But the pros are definitely having a figure I’m proud of.

That’s very true, it’s horrible to think that people are ashamed about their clothing size. What do you think about companies using bigger models nowadays?

I think a range of models, I’m not saying every company should use huge ones or tiny ones, is necessary. Even with Bravissimo, I’d love it if they just used one bigger model, just once! It can be infuriating. People want bigger models. I’m not saying everyone should be bigger, but there are so many women out there who are insecure because of this media perception, there needs to be variety. Everyones underwear digs in a little bit, even on the slimmer girls, but we need to see what’s real!

Last question, the horrible one! Why do you think you should win this years Star in a Bra and what are you most looking forward to about winning?

You’re right, that is a horrible question! I think I should win because I feel I could maybe represent the bigger girls out there, and show that you don’t have to be stick thin to model. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being slim, because there isn’t, but just to be a part of this curvy movement showing real women out there that you can be bigger and be successful would be great.

The free underwear would obviously be lovely, with all the other prizes, but just the thought that people want to see someone of one size take all their clothes off, that maybe there’s a break through, just the fact that I could be a part of that variety. It’s lovely to see a wide range of girls modelling and representing real women and I’d love to be a part of that.

Good luck Georgina!

So, has Georgina won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Georgina wore the Angel in raspberry with black detailing, the Emily in aqua and the Tempt Me in scarlet. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection and at Brastop.

Next up we hear from Hannah Rowe!


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We’re really getting into these interviews again, up once again is the lovely Emma D.

Hi Emma! Tell us a bit about yourself, again!

I’m Emma, I’m from Brighton, and I wear a 30GG. I love Brighton, it’s where I grew up, and I tried to move away, fly the nest as it were, but I cam back within a year! I was studying drama and film but I’m currently on a gap year to do a practical course in film.

Star in a Bra is definitely something good to do in your gap year! Were you refitted at the shoot?

Well I was originally wearing a 32F, but before the shoot Hannah emailed me, suggesting I get refitted as she guessed I’d need a 30GG and she was 100% right! It’s made a huge difference already.

How does it feel to be in the top ten?

It’s just surreal, so so surreal. I really didn’t believe that when I woke up this morning I was going to come here, to the shoot, I didn’t even get that sickly, butterfly feeling until I got here. I turned up really early, and I’ve just been sat in the car with my boyfriend getting steadily more and more nervous. But is feels brilliant.

Bless you, I hope you weren’t out there for too long! How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

I was really really pleased, I was at work, using their computers, when I found out and I just breathed a huge sigh of relief, I was so happy. I started hearing from everyone I knew who’d obviously seen it online and it was just brilliant, the best news.

How have your family, friends and boyfriend reacted to you getting through? We know sometimes people don’t always get the best feedback from doing something like this…

They’ve been brilliant, just so supportive – I couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging and supporting unit.They’ve all been 100% behind me, and I don’t know if I would have had the confidence to carry on the competition without them behind me so I’m very grateful.

That’s really lovely to hear, and we’re glad they gave you the confidence to stay in the competition! What were your feelings before and after the shoot?

Well before I was really nervous, and really scared, as I’m sure everyone was – I just kept trying to mentally take notes in my head on how to pose, or what to do, really to calm myself down. The first few shots I was really tense as I was so scared but after a while I just got into it and started to enjoy myself. In fact, the outside shot was perhaps when I felt the most free, despite it being not all that warm! I felt so relaxed by then, probably because it was the last set, I had gotten into the shoot so much I just really enjoyed it. And as for after the shoot, on the one hand I was relieved that it was over and that my nerves had gone, but I kind of wanted to do more! It was nice to let it all hang out, take a deep breath and finally enjoy all the cakes!

Ah, we can never turn down the baked goods! What were the best and worst aspects of the shoot?

I’m going to have to think about this one! The best parts were getting my hair and makeup done, being pampered and being made to feel sexy! Meeting everyone as well – everyone has been so encouraging and friendly, it’s been so helpful and just wonderful. I really don’t think there’s been any bad parts about the day.

That’s good to hear! Now that you’ve experience most of the competition, do you have any advice for girls considering entering next year?

Don’t be scared – just go for it. You only live once, and it’s such a great boost to your self esteem whether you get through or not. You can have a laugh with your friends taking your photos to enter; I actually got a little bit drunk by the end of he shoot! We had so much fun and had a couple of glasses wine to make an evening of it, and well, by the end of the evening I was feeling a little bit sozzled!

A girl after my own heart! What are your favourite underwear brands and styles?

I love vintage clothing, especially the 50’s, I’m such a sucker for a polka dot print. I’m a huge Freya fan, as everyone is, and obviously Curvy Kate! I love the stuff Kelly Brook designs but it doesn’t go up to my size, it’s so disappointing!

I’d just like to say, for everyone who asked wear Emma got the set she was originally wearing in her pictures, it’s from Marks and Spencer! What are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

I guess you do have to think more about clothing to fit your shape, over being able to throw any old thing on, and I do think having curves can attract the wrong kind of attention, unfortunately. Sometimes do you get girls who can be very derogatory about your shape – you could be wearing the same top as someone else, but because you have more of a natural cleavage, they assume the worst, which is a really awful attitude to have. But I’d say really the main cons are finding clothing to fit. But I love being a curvy girl, and I’m proud of my figure.

Good for you Emma! What are your thoughts on companies using bigger models?

I personally love it – I don’t think one shape or size is right or wrong, but I do think there is a market for curvy models, and that should be encouraged, just as there is a market for slimmer models, it’s about getting a healthy balance.Everyone wants to see what clothes are going to look like or them, so there should be a whole range of ladies up there in the public eye.

If you were to win, what would be the best part? You can say the free underwear!

Well, now you’ve said it, obviously the lovely lingerie! But what would be the best part? Honestly just telling people I knew I’d won, my family, my boyfriend and friends, they’d be so happy and it would be worth it just for that, it almost brings a tear to my eye!

Now, for the last question, which also happens to be the horrible one! Why do you think you should win the competition?

That IS horrible! I think all the girls are stunning, and I think it’s a really tough competition and I just feel really glad and proud to be in this beautiful top ten, and all of us I think would make great members of the Curvy Kate team, so really I’m just happy to be involved, whether people want to vote for me or not!

Good luck Emma!

So, has Emma won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Emma wore the Emily in lavender and the Tease Me in pink. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection.

Next up we hear from Georgina Horne!


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Star in a Bra top ten – Astrid Lopez

On our second day of interviews we speak to the wonderful Astrid again.

Hi Astrid! Why don’t you tell our readers all about you again?

As you know, my name is Astrid! I’m 31 years old and original from Spain, and at the moment I work in HR but I’m setting up a clothing business with a friend – I’ve always loved vintage clothing and the problem for someone with my kind of shape is that clothes are cut very differently, so we decided to start making vintage inspired clothing, based on original designs. We’re called The Retro Clothes Line, and we’re just getting started for now!

Wow, that sounds really exciting! We’ll keep our eye on that. Were you refitted at the shoot?

Yes, I was originally wearing a variety of sizes, I don’t think I owned two bras that were the same size! It obviously depends on the cut etc. but when I got fitted before the shoot, which I knew wasn’t right, it was a 36GG but now I know I’m a 32HH/J, so quite a big difference!

Have you done any modelling before?

No, not really. I did enter a competition previously for Vivienne of Holloway, for a pin-up girl, but it never went anywhere.

Their loss, our gain! How does it feel to be in the final ten?

I can’t quite believe it! I think because I’d already gotten through to the top thirty, a little part of me thought ‘maybe I could make it to the top ten?’ Maybe that’s not for me to say but don’t get me wrong, everyone who entered was gorgeous, and I’m not wanting to disrespect them, but I think what I said, coupled with my photos, clicked with certain people and so they wanted to see me up there, and I’m very grateful for that, that people feel they can relate with me, and I’m very happy with that.

How have those close to you reacted to you entering, and getting through?

There’s been a mix of reactions – I think most people were quite surprised, it’s not that I’ve always been shy and retiring, but I think people were still a little shocked! I’ve had mostly positive reactions but it’s the men that can be tricky! They don’t have to through the same issues that women do, so they don’t quite understand, and they see you posing in your knickers and they don’t see why. To them, it’s a very sexy thing, they don’t seem to care about why you’re doing it – it’s fun, we’re doing it for ourselves, to be proud of what we look like, we’re doing it for girls everywhere, not for men! Curvy Kate isn’t about men and I love that, it’s a fun brand that I can enjoy for me, not for anyone else. So yes, it’s been really good, which is great, a great comfort. The people that do criticize are the ones that haven’t seen it, so who are they to judge? It’s empowering for me, and I’m sure the other girls too.

And how did YOU react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

I was at work, so obviously I didn’t get much done that day! I was so nervous before, and then afterwards I was too excited to do anything! I was waiting patiently on my computer, biting my nails to pieces, and with the other girls it’s so easy to get all riled up. But slowly the final girls started to come through, but I looked at it several times before I really accepted it. Everyone in the office knew about the situation and when I found out, it was like something from a film – I slammed my papers down and everyone cheered!

I wish I could have seen that! How did you feel before and after the shoot?

I was nervous, not because of the situation, but I was worried I wouldn’t act professionally and I would struggle getting photographed in my pants, on my own! But I was more excited, especially seeing everyones pictures from the day before, it got me really excited so I just couldn’t wait to get there! Everyone is so lovely here all my nerves just disappeared! The shoot went really quickly, and I was quite sad for it to be over but I’m very pleased with it, and I did really enjoy it, so hopefully that comes across in the pictures!

It definitely comes through in the pictures! What were the best and worst parts of the shoot?

I don’t think there was a worst part! Probably getting here, I had a tricky journey here! It’s been fun all around but the best part, I think, is knowing I don’t have to be a certain size to do this, and it’s such a confidence boost for me, it’s been unbelievable. There’s a difference between thinking you look good and having people telling you that – it’s humbling but lovely at the same time!

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful! What are your favourite brands and styles of underwear?

I do really like the fit of Freya bras, before today I hadn’t really been able to try Curvy Kate. I do love a full cup bra, I’d struggle with a plunge bra, but I love what I’m wearing now, the Angel, so it’s great to be able to try out so much Curvy Kate!

I’m wearing the Angel too! Great minds think alike and all that. What are the pros and cons of being a curvy girl?

The pros? Clothes look good on an hour glass figure! That’s not to say clothes don’t look good on skinny girl – they do – but it’s different styles and cuts. I think for me, obviously you adapt to what you have, but for vintage clothing, curves are a necessity! I feel more womanly. And as for cons, I think you can get horrible comments from other people. Thankfully I haven’t had any for years but I think it can be really damaging, especially when you’re growing up. Just be happy and healthy – being big doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy.

What are you most looking forward to if you were to win?

I can’t say the freebies! Obviously they’re lovely but for me, if I did win, that would be a big triumph for bigger girls, for girls like me, and that’s really would be the icing on the cake!

Last question! Why do you think you should win the competition?

How can you answer that without sounding like you are really up yourself? I know I’m not the youngest here, I’m not the most attractive, I haven’t got the best figure but I think that’s precisely it – I’m articulate, I’m passionate about why I entered and I do think there’s a gap in the modelling world for more realistic women, which I think I am. People are going to buy a product based on the model, and I think seeing them on a more approachable person could benefit the company and the customers! There’s no point in having a whole range of sizes if you’re always going to have the same size model, the brand might cater for larger people but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the model. It’d be a welcome to change to have bigger people mixed in with other models.

Good luck Astrid!

So, has Astrid won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Astrid wore the Angel in black with raspberry detailing, the Emily in flame and the Thrill Me in azure. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection and also at Brastop.

Next up we hear from Emma Donaghy!


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Star in a Bra top ten – Amanda Navin

Well what a jam packed two days we had at the shoot. Very tiring but we sure had fun.

Although we interviewed all the girls in the top thirty, we thought it was only fair to give all the girls a chance to sell themselves again, so we interviewed all top ten girls and they’ll be up on the blog over the next few days, in alphabetical order. We hope you enjoy them!

Without further ado, we hear from the lovely Amanda Navin again.

Hi Amanda! Why don’t you tell our readers about yourself? Again!

I’m Amanda, I’m a 19 year old from Manchester and I’m a media, film and TV student. I wear a 28H and generally wear a size 8 but sometimes have to go up to an 14 to compensate! You’d think I’d be a bit out of proportion but somehow it works, it makes sense!

You seemed quite a natural in front of the camera, have you done any modelling before?

No, I’ve never done any modelling!

We’re surprised! How did you feel when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

It feels amazing! I’ve been doing little dances everywhere but then the next minute I just think ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?!’ It’s a bit scary, and a lot of the time I’m just shocked and nervous about everyone seeing me in my pants – I’m quite good at hiding how big my boobs actually are, but obviously I’ve been promoting myself and all of a sudden people are going through my photos and realising! It’s k ind of weird having everyone know as I’m not one of those people to flaunt it, but maybe I will after this!

I was about to say, if they didn’t know then, they certainly will now! How did you react when you found out you’d made it through to the top ten?

Honestly, I just couldn’t stop saying ‘Oh my God’! It was my birthday when we found out, so I wasn’t really anywhere near a computer. I came home thinking I hadn’t got through and then when I found out I was just completely gob smacked, I think speechless is the right word! I screamed for my Mum and got my boyfriend to come round. I kept thinking ‘oh God, everyone is going to see me in my knickers!’ but still being really excited. I loved the set I used in my pictures, and taking them – I was trying and failing to do little model poses but really I had no idea what I was doing.

Well we loved your pictures! How did those around you react?

I think I was the one who was more shocked more than anyone else! My boyfriend really was the one telling me to go for it, which was really nice, as was my Mum. I had to send an email to all my family members as well, telling them about the competition – I was so nervous explaining it to them! Everyone has been really positive though, which is great. I’ve told my male relatives to not look at the pictures!

That’s great to hear you’ve had such a positive response. How did you feel before and after the shoot?

Before the shoot I was just so nervous, I came into the house and just didn’t speak to anyone! I was very shy, thinking ‘what am I doing?!’ but after the first set of photos I kind of got the hang of it and didn’t mind it that much – I actually really enjoyed it! I didn’t want to leave the beautiful house either, I could never live here and keep it so clean and tidy but I just didn’t want to leave!

Tell me about it, I want to move in! What were the best and worst bits of the shoot?

The worst bit was definitely having to do the cheesy poses with the sign – I had to keep my boobs and face in, but still hold up this pink sign, trying to get people to vote for me! And as for the best bit? Well, all of it really!

I think it takes some skill to fit everything into those photos with that pesky pink sign! Have you got any advice for anyone considering entering next year?

Just go for it! I know it’s scary to just think about it, but all the feedback has been so positive, it’s been really surprising but great. It’s really nice to think that absolute strangers wanted to see me represent the brand, as I don’t think I could have got through on votes from my friends alone! I feel so confident now, it’s brilliant.

If that doesn’t convince people to enter, we’re not sure what will! What’s your favourite kind of underwear?

I do really love the Bravissimo stuff and you can’t beat the Panache Tango – the fit is great, it’s the best plunge ever.

For you, what would be the best part about winning? You can say the underwear!

The free underwear then! It costs a bomb, and finding it can be a nightmare, so free underwear all the way! The spa day would be quite nice too…and more chocolate!

A girl after my own heart! Last question Amanda, why do you think you should win? Such a horrible question, I’m sorry!

It IS horrible – everyone hates talking about themselves! I think that with my size being seen as so tricky, and not many people seeming to have it, it’s important to show that you can be slim and have huge knockers! Skinny girls can be curvy too! You don’t have to fit the skinny or curvy idea, it’s all about loving every different body shape and size. There’s such a variety out there, and we’re all so different in this competition alone, and we need to celebrate that diversity.

Very true! Good luck Amanda!

So, has Amanda won your vote? Got to the Star in a Bra website or ourFacebook page to cast your vote! Remember, you only get one vote in the final stage, so use it wisely!

For the photo shoot, Amanda wore the Elegance in black, the Tease Me in almond and the Thrill Me in peach. All these sets and more can be seen at the Curvy Kate website, in their Spring/Summer collection.

Next up we hear from Astrid Lopez!


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Behind the Scenes at the Star in a Bra Photoshoot!

The day began preparing for the arrival of our gorgeous girls who were all schedule to come in at specific times but with the excitement of the day ahead looming we were anticipating that they just might all come at once!

We began by sorting all their goodies into a bag and laying out each of their lingerie sets, organising who we were expecting and when they will be able to go into hair and makeup. We had music playing and food laid out specially as we wanted it to be a special day that they would never forget!

After preparations were completed I proceeded to tour what I would call one of the most beautiful and biggest house I have ever been in. I followed the neutral themed house all the way to the top floor wondering if I was in a dream. Each bedroom was well decorated with huge fluffy pillows and little detailing scattered around the rooms, even the miniature doll house was well decorated with furniture inside.

Soon I heard the echo of welcoming voices down stairs and I rushed to greet the first girls. It was Georgina and Sophia, who both looked stunning and completely overwhelmed by the attention.  It was such a beautiful day, the birds were singing and the sun was shining and I must admit I was just as excited as the girls were.

The girls were offered something to drink and introduced to everyone, they were then asked to unhook their bra so it didn’t leave marks on their skin, a slightly amusing requested to start their day off…

They were whisked away straight into hair and makeup and I can tell they were nervous about the day ahead but after the pampering began the atmosphere became relaxed.

I stared on envious at the girls being pampered by Tracey, an amazing hair stylist who made each girl look very glamorous with big wavy/curvy hair and Junia the makeup artist from Helen-E who worked her magic by adding that extra touch.

The girls all looked amazing when they were finished in hair and make-up; they looked the part of a curvy model straight away. With big batting eyelashes and flawless make up added to the big hair I felt like I was behind the scenes of a beauty contest.

The first girl was up and as excited as I was to see her in action I refrained from hanging around to make her less nervous, instead I spent my time talking to the other girls and taking photos.

It was an amazing atmosphere as all the girls started arriving like clockwork, some did arrive earlier as anticipated but it was great as it gave us some time to chat before they got whisked away for an interview or to be ‘dolled up’.

The girls all knew each other from their connections on Facebook so it was like a glamorous girlie party, talking about how each other looked and what they do and what to expect. We all got a good opportunity to know all the girls and find out more about the girl behind the curves or the nerves!

The shoot was in full swing and it felt like the day was ending too quickly, I had a chance to grab each girl on the second day to do some fun behind the scene shots on a trampoline, a good test for how supportive our bras are!  Although some of the girls were a bit shy at first as soon as they got on they had fun, so much so that even the Curvy Kate teamed jumped in.

It was a fun two days but it was time to say our goodbyes, each girl was given a goodie bag which included a chocolate hamper from Cadbury’s, a choice of a free Curvy Kate set and some other little treats!

Some of the girls who had become friends went out to the park for drinks to enjoy the rest of the sunny day and others started making plans with friends to show them their fabulous make over. It was great meeting all the girls and I can’t wait to see the professional shots and see who wins this year’s Star in a Bra competition!

Stay tuned to Facebook to see all the gorgeous photos of the girls on 19th April where voting will commence. Voting will get a little harder as you would only be allowed to vote for ONE of your favourite girls. It’s going to be a hard choice as they’re all amazing girls with great personalities and amazing curvy figures!

You can have a look on the Curvy Kate Facebook page to view even more behind the scene shots of both days until the professional shots are revealed!

Good Luck Girls!!! View all of our behind the scenes photos on Flickr


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Final 10 photoshoot words of wisdom from Kirsty Smyth

The final 10 girls for this year’s Star in a Bra competition have been selected by the public vote, and undoubtedly they’ll all be vervous and apprehensive about next week’s shoot. So, we asked one of last year’s final 10 girls, journalist Kirsty Smyth, to give us some words of wisdom on what it’s like to be a lingerie model for the day.

Congratulations to all the lovely ladies who now have a one in 10 chance of becoming the next face and body of Curvy Kate.

As one of last year’s entrants, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I made the trip to London to strut my stuff in front of the camera.

Kirsty Smyth

Kirsty Smyth

Not that I went down with the intention of ‘strutting’, as such. In fact, I had no idea what I was going there to do, or how I’d react to having a camera pointing at a lingerie-clad me.

My day started at 0600am – not a good time for anyone, particularly me. But thanks to a mixture of excitement and apprehension I was awake before the alarm.

A four-hour train ride and a short walk later – and I was standing outside a large house in London.

It was at that point, as I stood on the doorstep with my finger to the bell, that most of my nerves disappeared, and I realised that what I was most worried about was not being able to find the place.

In moments of pure panic leading up to the shoot I had imagined arriving sweaty and bedraggled five hours late after getting well and truly lost in the London Underground!

So now I was there, I could finally relax.

One of the Curvy Kate team appeared at the door and welcomed me like an old friend. When I actually went inside, it felt as though I had popped round to a mates house for a brew (albeit a rather flush mate – because the house where the shoot takes place is a-maz-ing!)

One of the team made me a cup of tea while I eyed up the cakes and biscuits laid out for us to pick at in the kitchen (not a celery stick in sight – we curvy ‘models’ know how to live…)

Some of the other girls were already there; one was having her pictures taken in one of the fabulous bedrooms upstairs, another was in the make-up chair, getting pampered and powdered.

The atmosphere was brilliant; comfortable, but exciting. It felt as though we were a bunch of girls getting ready for a big night out.

After a stint in the hairdressers chair, a natural-looking make over by the magician (sorry, make-up artist) who performed true miracles, and a couple of flapjacks, it was my turn…

The shoot itself was great – it all feels nice and relaxed, Hannah from Curvy Kate is with you all the way for moral support and you can have some fun with the experience.

You also pick up some handy little tips, such as how to point your toes and distribute your weight – who knew models have so much to think about at once?

A highlight of the day for me was chatting with all the girls afterwards. From boyfriends to buns and boobs – all of us sat round the large dining table in our lingerie and dressing gowns, nibbling chocolate and drinking tea – we covered it all!

The whole day was totally surreal. I had moments of thinking “How did this happen? What am I doing here?!”, when I just wanted to giggle at the madness of it all. But most of the time I was filled with pride to be among some really great girls, and part of something that I really believe in.

Kirsty made the final 10 of last year's competition

Kirsty made the final 10 of last year's competition

All too quickly, it was time to go home, and, clutching our goodie bags, we all left on a high.

So, following my own Star in a Bra experience – which was, I’m happy to say, the best confidence booster I’ve had to date – I have some words of wisdom to impart for the class of 2011…

– Don’t leave your house this weekend without a bottle of sun cream in your bag, just in case he puts his hat on and comes out to play. This may sound ridiculous. We are, after all, in Britain. It’s April. This time last year I thought the same thing, which is why, as I watched an athletics event three days before the shoot, wearing a t-shirt and without a cardy to hand, the sun slowly, but oh so surely, turned my arms a nice shade of pink.

I was totally helpless. This was the one and only time in my 25 years that I have been sunburnt in England – one week before a lingerie shoot – brilliant timing. (Thanks to the wonders of modern technology the lines between ghostly-white and beetroot red at the top of my arms were blurred in the pictures – but if you want a laugh check out the video from last year’s shoot. The arms speak for themselves.)

– Try to wear comfortable clothes when travelling to the shoot. Anything too fitted can leave red crumple marks on your skin which take a while to fade (again, I’m speaking from experience here).

– Feel comfortable in your own skin; work that camera.

– Lastly, but most importantly…  have fun!

Good luck, and enjoy….

Kirsty x

Star in a Bra top thirty – Sophie Fannan

And next up we speak to the lovely Sophie Fannan!

Hi Sophie! Why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello everyone! I am a 19 year old student from Lancashire with hopes of a career in accounting. I can be quite the homebody at times, enjoying nothing more than curling up on the sofa with a DVD and my fiance. Other interests include reading, walks and of course, shopping!

Who doesn’t like a bit of shopping! How did you find out about this years competition?

I had recently had a bra fitting after losing a little weight and I was browsing the internet for bras in my new size. Then I stumbled across the link for the competition on the site Brastop and immediately thought it was a brilliant idea to help promote more real and curvy women.

Well it’s nice to see you’ve still kept your lovely curves, and see, shopping IS beneficial! Why did you decide to enter?

For several months I was trying to muster up the courage to enter but decided not to as I didn’t really think I had what Curvy Kate was looking for. Then, with about 2 hours before the deadline, my mum and I grabbed the camera, took some photos and thought ‘what the heck’ before pressing send.

It’s funny how a few of this years entrants have the same stories when it comes to entering. Despite doing it last minute, how did it feel to enter?

Having been in fits of laughter at times when trying to take the photos with my mum, I actually felt rather giddy but it was also mixed with feelings of  ‘oh my, what have I just done?’

And how about when you found out you’d made it through to the top thirty?

To say I was shocked is a huge understatement! Although my body confidence has improved a lot over the past few years, much due to my loving fiance, I honestly didn’t believe that my photos were that good or that anything would come from my entry; I was more than happy in knowing I had the courage to even enter. So, to have been picked for the final thirty was the biggest confidence boost and a feeling that will never be forgotten regardless of the outcome of this competition.

We’re glad it’s given you a boost Sophie, and hope everyone feels that way. Why do you think people should vote for you to be in the top ten?

I’m not very good at selling myself so I shall have to hope that my pictures so that for me. I’m just a normal girl with curves, wobbly bits and all the rest of it, and if you think I could represent you, then vote for me!

Thanks Sophie!

So has Sophie won your vote? Go to the Star in a Bra website or the Curvy Kate Facebook page to let us know, and use your three votes wisely because once they’re gone, you won’t get another chance to vote for your favourite girls!


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