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Attitude to lingerie

When designing I am constantly thinking about our ‘target customer’. What is the age range? Does the customer want a garment that blends in with the rest of High street fashion or would a unique style of bra be more suited? What is the price women are willing to spend on the perfect bra?

After voicing my dilemmas with Seema, Manager of Customer services she brought up a very valid point of its not about your age, its all about your attitude.

We know that we have women 60+ wearing Curvy Kate, and I’m sure there are some teenagers who also own a set, so why try and limit ourselves to one particular age range?

Yes we still want to be a brand that creates fun, flirty, colourful and different lingerie, which primarily is more desirable to the younger generations, however lets not stop women of all ages enjoying what they wear underneath their clothes. Everyone has the right to feel confident in themselves.

Emily x

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Voice your opinion..

Want your say?

Leaving comments here on the blog is the best way to have your say, we love hearing back from customers with their positive comments, even if you are not fully happy with the product please tell us as here as Curvy Kate we strive to be that little bit better than before.

Seasons greetings

It is almost the season to be jolly.. so what are you buying in the shops? Will you be including lingerie on your wish lists?

Do you buy lingerie for yourself your do loved ones buy it for you?


Are you a curvy woman who finds buying swimwear an unpleasant experience? Cannot find the right support, style shape or colour?

Tell us what is missing from your lingerie drawer!

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Look through the keyhole..

It only seems like a few weeks has passed since I started my year with Curvy Kate but almost 3 months has gone by.

The fast pace which companies work at isn’t too different to university where us lingerie students juggle 3 different modules at the same time, so I feel like I’m settling in really well and more importantly enjoying myself.

My god I am glad I decided to take time out of studies to learn more about the industry, by the sounds of it my ex-course mates from Contour Fashion are really being worked hard! I almost feel guilty sitting back from it all and getting advice on what I should (and shouldn’t do) when I go back to De Montfort!

Back to Curvy Kate, I have been doing a lot more within the company than I anticipated. From designing bra new styles of bra to helping with customer services, creating trend mood boards for upcoming seasons and looking technically at bras to ensure the perfect fit. Hopefully in the future seasons we will be using a wider range of fabrics and shapes!

Through the keyhole.. just for blog readers only.. a preview of details for Autumn/ winter  2011!

… Keep an eye out on our blog for any more exciting sneak previews!

In my previous post I explained how I wanted to get my teeth stuck into designing some swimwear for Curvy Kate, but as time has gone on I am finding this a lot harder than I thought. Surprisingly there are quite a few brands already creating swimwear, all with their own good and bad points, which is making designing difficult as every brand should have their own unique product.

I am a busy girl so I must go back to work,

Will keep everyone posted on my goings on at CK

Emily x

p.s – Just a quick note to my collegues.. STOP BRINGING IN SUCH YUMMY CAKES AND TREATS! Not only will I will have the experience at Curvy Kate.. I will definatly become more of a curvy kate then when I started..

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Not such an innocent bunch..

Thank you to the Innocent veg pots company for sending us enough lunches for the whole team! We had a quiet lunch hour  in the office today as people tucked into their delicious ( and healthy!) tubs.

nom nom nom…

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For the girl that loves her curves..

We would like to wish the best of luck for brand new internet based company ‘Desina‘ launching on the 15th November by Sophie Adesina.

It was inspired out of frustration and a desire to create a company that would provide excellent products but most importantly make the shopping experience fun for real women! Desina will provide beautiful and luxurious lingerie and swimwear to women and provide the variety that all women deserve.

Sophie explained her thoughts behind the compnay:

‘In developing the concept for Desina, I found there was a vast selection of bras out there for larger cup sizes. I discovered  a few companies that I wanted to work with. One company that has really impressed me was Curvy Kate. They seemed to have the same ideas for colourful, fun and sexy bras. When I met Curvy Kate at a trade show I really liked the enthusiasm that they showed for their product and I loved the excellent variety of styles they displayed.’

With the addition of a breast awareness page which will teach any women what to look out for, this site really is another step in the right direction in helping women of all sizes to feel comfortable and confident in themselves.

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Style 369

Curvy Kate launches with new Fashion Plus Size Etailer!

Curvy Kate has launched a unique size offer for new online fashion destination,, specifically manufacturing a range of plus size bras and briefs to suit the fashion conscious 14 – 26 age group.

Sizes include new D cups and go up to 46 band and deeper briefs to suit all curves. is the online-only fashion etailer. The site offers the best-in-fit from high fashion pieces and incorporates parts of the Evans fashion range; with core wardrobe staples including jersey, day and party dresses, denim, new season knitwear, coats, shoes, accessories and lingerie.

As the only branded bra range available on the Style369 site, Curvy Kate fits the fashion led site perfectly, delivering their best selling continuity pieces Princess, Portia and Emily.

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