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Gorgeous of Tring show off their Curves

Fitting Specialists, Gorgeous of Tring, catering especially for curves has been creating a buzz in the Hertfordshire area with their latest money raising efforts. Joining local businesses as well as John and Lewis and Coast Hertfordshire newspaper, the lingerie store were involved in building up support for the Goddess Awakening Charity.

Hertfordshire-based hairdressing salon owner Katie Hill originally launched the charity to help change the lives of women in the UK and Africa whose lives have been devastated by HIV, rape, abuse and drugs and the local area rallied round to help this great cause. Gorgeous of Tring were thrilled to be involved.

The events saw catwalk shows, a black tie ball and catwalk show with professional model Nina Blakely from ‘How to look Good Naked’ taking part and other none professional models from the local salon, who looked just as gorgeous in their Curvy Kate sets.

Elle, Manager of Gorgeous of Tring commented ‘The event was really popular and all the feedback was really positive. It was great to have Curvy Kate involved as it’s a beautiful range and looked really striking on stage’.

If you’re one of our retailers and are running any events or anything you would like to involve Curvy Kate in, why not email our press team as we’d love to support you in this. Please email me at

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Ethnic Lingerie Models Ignored

Lingerie Buyer recently posted an item concerning a survey carried out on the Lingerie Addict blog, which suggested that the lingerie industry is actively ignoring models from ethnic backrounds, or, effectively not using non-white models in their various campaigns.

I’m not entirely convinced this is wholly true, although it’s fairly obvious that there’s a strong trend towards companies using mainly white models in the lingerie ads and promotions.

For a start, Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous models in the world and she’s modelled plenty of lingerie – and we employ the gorgeous Daisy Hill, the runner-up in last year’s Star in a Bra competition, as one of the Curvy Kate models.

A quick glance through the bra sections of Bravissimo will prove the theory wrong, with numerous models from a variety of backgrounds and skin colours on display.

Granted, they’re outnumbered by the white models, but they’re still there.

What do you think – is the lingerie industry guilty of ignoring models from ethnic backgrounds?

Lingerie Buyer September Daisy

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Our Whistle stop tour of Poland

We’ve been and gone already…

We’ve always had a big polish following from the very beginning and a trip to visit some of our retailers over the weekend proved we are still a popular choice for curvy girls. Our product developer Adriana and Aneta, Customer Service Manager headed out to show our existing retailers and potential retailers just how gorgeous the collection.


Curvy Kate currently has 30 retailers in Poland but this number is growing week by week. The road show to Poland helped us connect further with our existing customers and also find new customer. Aneta told me why it was so important to take the time out to go across to Poland.

We wanted to meet our customers and build stronger relationships so we could understand their needs. Some of the Polish customers have been with us from the start and remain loyal to the brand, so we thought it was about time we met them face to face. There are several employees at Curvy Kate who are polish, so we understand the market well and hope to grow the brand as we are doing in other parts of Europe.


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Our fan base continues to grow across the World

Curvy Kate is available in over 400 stores worldwide now which is pretty impressive seeing as we only launch in July 2009, so just over a year ago. How time flies when you’re having fun!

The good news is we now have sales team throughout Europe in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Norway, as well as the continuing sucess of our team out in Oz, New Zealand and Canada. Phew…haven’t we all been working hard.

Over the last 6 months particularly Australia and New Zealand have been picking up bits of press as more girls find out their true bra size.

Cosmo Australia May 2

This piece is from Cosmo in Australia and shows how much better your shape can be if you wear the right bra. We’re always trying to let our customers know this and although it takes a while, women are becoming more educated on what to look for and how to find the right bra.

Cosmo Health Aus April 2010

This one is one of my favourites, it’s shows Laura, our longest standing model. Cosmo Health went round the streets of Sydney and asked 100 people who they would like to see in the public eye out of several celebs and our own celeb Laura Butler. Megan Fox was there, a Bonds model and guess who’s figure the public loved best…our very own Miss Butler. Go Laura!

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Summer Show down – Curvy Kate goes on Tour

What a very busy summer it has been and although the run up to the shows is frantic, we do love getting out there and meeting all our fellow curve lovers.  This summer we had several shows that our team and our non stop agents, Andy Wrench and Gary Watson  took part in.

The highlights for me were seeing our gorgeous models Daisy and Lauren flaunting their figures and knowing that our models embrace their curves and are helping to make all girls confident about what they’ve got.

Here are a few picks from various shows over the summer:

Team Curvy Kate in Paris

Our new Distributor from Greece

Seema and I

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New kid on the block…



I’m Emily,  Curvy Kate’s new addition to the team and I have been asked to do a blog of my gap year here at Curvy Kate, to write down what I get up to… how it has benefited me..  And more importantly for my mum (was taking a industry year out of my Contour fashion degree at De Montfort a good idea?!), plus any other exciting bit and pieces ( you may even get some sneak previews into up coming collections)!

I don’t want to be too formal but I feel a slight introduction is necessary! Half way through the second year of my degree in Contour Fashion ( lingerie and swimwear) at De Montfort I had a sudden realisation that in a years time I would be half way through my third year and that I wasn’t ready to be released in the big wide world of bras with only a degree under my belt. This lead me to make the decision to take a year out of my course, leaving my course friends to battle on without me so I could gain some valuble experience which could only really be done by getting ‘stuck into things’.

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