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Curvy Kate hits the Catwalk

We’ve had some great images sent in from our retailers this week with Curvy Kate making catwalk status as a gorgeous selection of shapely girls flaunt their figures down the run way. The online retailer Tempestra showed off the Tease Me Coral range, while Milton Keynes retailer At Ruby’s supported the Bosom Pal charity showing the summery Ivory Black Thrill me range.

Take a look at the snaps below.

Team Tempestra

The Tempestra Team

At Ruby's Fashion Show Thrill Ivory

Flaunting her curves in Thrill me

The Wow factor!

Simply Stunning in the Coral Tease Me Bra

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My Photoshoot with the Daily Mirror

Last week there was a lot flying around in the press about the size 14 ideal. Basically, Equalities minister Lynne Faetherstone wants a warning on airbrushed models and says we should aspire to the curvy, size 14 look of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.


Now for as long as I can remember I’ve been a size 14, recently on the lower side of 14 and previously edging towards a 16 but always a 14. I’m fairly tall for a girl and I wouldn’t class myself as fat, I’ve just always been this way and have bigger boobs which is going to make the tops I wear a bigger size anyway. I was contacted by a journalist to get my thoughts on the statement and ended up being involved in the feature, to show that there are many girls who are a size 14 who are perfectly healthy.

The shoot was great fun and there were four of us involved, all of very different shapes. We all have healthy lifestyles and loved our figures, to be honest I couldn’t really work for Curvy Kate and not like curves – I think they look great.

Daily MirrorMe and my size 14 glory!

On the other hand there has been a backlash against the size 14 ordeal, what if you’re just naturally skinny, what if you are 5ft and a size 14 or 6ft and a size 14 – surely that makes a difference? All in all there does seem to be some interesting points drawn about airbrushing and the negative effect girls who are size 0 can have on women when we are constantly bombarded with these negative images.

Have a read of the feature and hear my say on the Size 14 ideal issue. Be great to hear your feedback too!

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