“Never be ashamed of who you are” says Sasha Jenkins from our Top 25!

Written by Chantelle Crabb on Mar 1, 2015

Next up we have….Sasha

Name: Sasha Jenkins

Location: Charlotte, USA

Occupation: TBC

Bra size: 36E

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering Star in a Bra because I fill that I have what it takes to show women alike that curvy is beautiful. I have always had a larger bust and for a long time I believed that nice lingerie wasn’t made in my size with the support I needed. Today I have a totally different outlook with the confidence to match and I would love to share it with the world.

Three things I love about me:

  • My outgoing personality, I enjoy having rare moments of timidness this gives me the ample opportunity to not only show who I am at all times but the ability to utilize my interpersonal skills to get to know others.
  • I love about me is my sense of optimism, I always seem to look to the brighter side of things no matter what is going on in my world this is all because I believe that ultimately the good will prevail.
  • I love about me is my drive, I strive to do better not only for myself but for my family and those around me. I am forever changing and growing as an individual and I love me for that.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  •  I am a proud mother of twin boys who will be turning three this year.
  • I am an excellent brass instrument player (trumpet to be exact) I’ve been playing since I was in the 6th grade.
  • My last year of high school I trained to got to the Marine Corp. I had a sudden change of heart the week before I was set to leave for 3 months of basic training.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Three things I would share with my younger self would first have to be “Never be ashamed of who you are”  because I haven’t  always been the confident young lady I am today.
  • I believe would have to be that ” Your mother is almost always right” I’ve definitely had to learn that the hard way on numerous occasions.
  • “Go with your gut” I could have really used my take life by the horns attitude in my younger years.

What has made me who I am today:

I am who I am today because of the woman I call my mother (Candy Jenkins) she has always instilled in me that I can be whom ever I want to be but nothing comes without hard work and great effort. Since I was young we have had open dialog about my life, my feelings and what goals I’ve wanted to reach. I’ve come to her with great ideas and not so great ideas but either way she has given me the chances to explore and find who I am as an individual and I thank her for that.

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Next up we have Kate Rohan….

Alternative Liverpool Lass, Emma Sowerby is in the Final 25 of Star in a Bra!

Next up we have….Emma S

Name: Emma Sowerby

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Occupation: Barista

Bra size: 32FF

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering to discover some self confidence. While I don’t think I’m ‘fat’, I’m unhappy with how I look a majority of the time and I feel this might help me see me properly and love myself how I should. I also don’t think you’ve had many ‘alternative’ models and I think it’d be pretty cool to represent you :)

Three things I love about me:

  • My hair
  • My sense of humour
  • My smile.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I was an army cadet when I was younger
  • I have a zoology degree
  • I have nine tattoos

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Give your hobbies more time, stop quitting
  • Things will always get better, so worry less
  • University is not necessarily the thing to do.

What has made me who I am today:

My family. My friends, past and present. Travel

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Next up we have Sasha Jenkins….

‘I am finally confident in my body’….Katie Wills Shows off her figure in the Top 25

Next up we have …KatieW.

Name: Katie Will

Location: Bushey, United Kingdom

Occupation: Marketing executive

Bra size: 36G

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering Star in a Bra because after a very long time I am finally confident in my body. I am proud to be a curvacious women and support other women with amazing bodies no matter their shape nor size. For years I found it difficult to find beautiful, comfortable and affordable underwear in a bigger size and Curvy Kate provides that. I want to show off my smile in gorgeous underwear.

Three things I love about me:

  • I love that I am passionate about a variety of things, my worst thing is when people don’t have opinions or things they feel strongly about, I love that I have things I believe in.
  • I love the confidence I have grown over the last few years, a once self-conscious teenager has developed in a confident young woman.
  • I love my body, I am by no means slim or the most beautiful but I take care of myself, I feel lucky to have this body shape people tell me they wish they had boobs, bum, hips.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I am really tall, 6ft1 to be precise.
  • I don’t have a spleen, I had it removed when I was 13, I have a scar on my tummy.
  • My best friend and I have matching tattoos and they just so happen to be the worst tattoos ever, haha!

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Work harder, it will pay off
  • Sometimes people are mean, but it’s ok it is usually just because they are lacking something that they think you have, don’t take it personally, kill them with kindness.
  • Your boobs will grow! (I was completely flat chested until I was about 16.I consider myself a very lucky individual and I can’t claim any serious hardship that had made me strong human but I would say the love and support of my family has shaped me. We are a free thinking, loud bunch full of love and I think my parents attitude with love for each other and my siblings and I has shaped me into a respectful and tolerant person that has a lot of love and happiness to share.

What has made me who I am today:

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Next up we have Emma Sowerby….

6ft 1″ Bolton Lass Naomi Nwagboso in Final 25 of Star in a Bra

Next up we have ….Naomi headshot 2

Name: Naomi Nwagboso

Location: Bolton, United Kingdom

Occupation: Receptionist

Bra size: 36DD

Why I’m entering:

Over the last come of years I feel I have really come to love my body and height. Although I must admit it’s not always been that way as i grow older I note that the things I use to feel were imperfect and needed changing are now things I like…a lot! I like them because it’s all I have, as they say your body is a temple and it wasn’t until I started treating my body like a temple and feeling good that I truly understood what that even meant! I have one body and learning to love and look after it makes everything a lot easier. I eat healthy and work out but I’m a curvy girl with bust and a butt and I love it! Being 6ft1 as a woman can be difficult in many regards but I am confidence, happy and feel all bodies regardless of shape and size are wonderful, including my own. I would love to represent a brand that stands for the same principles, that embraces all women of all shapes and shows women of all ages that you do not have to be a particular size to look great in lovely lingerie.

Three things I love about me:

  • Most importantly I love my confidence. To me beauty isn’t your size, shape or the symmetry in your face but confidence. I feel I value this more than anything because being confident is often the characteristic that differentiates between being a go getter and living to your full potential and not. Having experienced both sides I value being confidence and also love seeing other confident women.
  • I love that I am outgoing. I always want to try new things, I love meeting new people, visiting new places and I am constantly trying to expand my ‘comfort zone’.
  • Lastly, I love my height although I must admit there have been times when I have seen a killer heel and wished to the high heavens I’d wake up the next day just a little shorter to warrant the purchase of an extra 5inchs. All in all being tall is awesome!

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • You didn’t know that I come from a pretty big family I am the 2nd to last child and I have 4 other siblings, family like to many people is number 1 to me.
  • Secondly I am a vegetarian I love all animals and try to abstain from animal products as much as possible.
  • You also didn’t know that I have admission to a couple very cool universities in Europe to do my masters. I don’t know which one I’ll go to yet but its a really nice prospect.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • I would definitely say that owning who you are is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. Knowing that it is okay not too look like everyone else or what you may perceive as being perfect. In the entire world you are the only you, you are unique and that is what makes your beauty surpass any social ideals.
  • I would tell my younger self not to let anyone or anything define who you are or what you become. Although a cliché I really do believe you can be anything you desire with the right attitude.
  • I would also say that at whatever age you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. By that I don’t mean silly things or dangerous thing but maybe voicing your opinion when you are not completely sure of the outcome or being unafraid to be or do something a completely different way to the way the majority are doing it. I feel this is an amazing way to grow and really expand yourself.

What has made me who I am today:

It may sound really obvious but what has made me who I am today is absolutely everything I’ve gone through; the good, bad and ugly. I cherish the bad times as much as the good as I understand that they too have moulded me to the individual I am and will continue to mould me. Going through any level of hardship in life is a given, regardless of your age and sometime these moments seem like the worst thing in the world but they are moments of growth just like the great times, they are incredibly important. Also my family and friends most definitely make me who I am. I still have so much learning and growing to do but knowing I have a great support system that will back me whole heartedly but also give their honest opinions is brilliant.

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Next up we have Katie Will….

Disney obsessed red-head Emma Griffin Beat has made it into our Top 25!

Next up we have ….Emma b

Name: Emma Griffin Beat

Location: London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Receptionist

Bra size: 32G

Why I’m entering:

I spent most of last year battling body image issues, self-consciousness and feelings of doubt and insecurity. Though I gained some level of confidence I promised myself that this year I would be happy, confident, determined, stronger and above all fierce! Taking risks has always been an exciting decision for me, but when it came to my body I was hesitant. When I read about “Star in a Bra” and saw all of your beautiful, voluptuous, happy models I was mesmerized! I immediately thought to myself “I want to look that happy, that comfortable and feel as great as they look”. Being plus size in bras is challenging enough, let alone a dress size, anything that promotes real women, real bodies and real support is a winner for me. “Star in a Bra”, for me, is taking a chance, putting my body out there! Being proud of my big boobs and curvalicious body, and above all having fun!

Three things I love about me:

  • I love that I am confident to express my feelings and opinions.
  • I love having red hair, its memorable and represents my fiery personality, I am always remembered as the girl with the curly red hair.
  • Finally, I love having big boobs, they are feminine, sexy and eye catching. One of the ultimate weapons a woman can use.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I was born in America and have grown up in Cape Town, Dubai and London.
  • I have been cage diving with great white sharks and skydived over the coast of Empuriabrava.
  • Finally I am a massive Disney fan!!! Any movie, any song and I know it by heart! I am a Disnerd!

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Being single is one of the most liberating feelings ever, not just on the basis of not being with a man but relying on yourself for confidence, reassurance, and support.
  • Another is that your body will never change, you are who you are, all you can change is your mentality and how you look at yourself. Only when you accept yourself will you really find happiness.
  • Lastly, I wish I had been more confident to stand up for myself, I used to get a lot of negativity about my hair, and its lack of ability to gain male attention. I wish I could have told myself that having red hair doesn’t mean you are unattractive.

What has made me who I am today:

Many things have helped me grow in confidence and many things in my life have changed how I perceive myself. However, I think the one thing that has made me who I am, that has never let me down, that has also counteracted my negativity with positives is my Mum. No matter how low I have felt, or how useless I have thought I am, my Mum has been my rock, my everlasting saviour. She is the one person who is truly honest and open with me, through her lack of confidence as a child she ensured that I would never be like she was. Shy, awkward and feeling unworthy or unattractive. She has taught me to embrace what I have and use it. Find new ways to flatter myself, be the person who makes others smile and laugh. My Mum has made me who I am today.

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Photographer Ieashia Jewiss steps out from behind the lens to be one of Curvy Kate’s Top 25!

Next up we have ….Ieashia

Name: Ieashia Jewiss

Location: Rainham, Essex

Occupation: Photographer

Bra size: 34E

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering star in a bra because, I have never entered anything like this before. I have never been body confident but I am finally embracing and enjoying my curves and love my body. I think this is such a good idea to encourage real girls with boobs and bums that they are beautiful and can be models too,  so I thought I would just give it a shot, there is no harm in trying :)

Three things I love about me:

  • I love my smile
  • My caring personality
  • My womanly curves

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I don’t have any tattoos
  • I am learning Macedonian
  • I’m a vegetarian

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • It is good to stand out and be different following the crowd never gets you anywhere
  • Change is a good thing
  • Wear your retainer every night, perfect teeth are all the rage now.

What has made me who I am today:

My aunt passed away in 2013 and it was a real shock to the family, it affected me badly but it also gave me to courage to go out there and live my life. She was wild and always did what she wanted to make her happy and encouraged me to do the same, since then I have achieved so much. Started my own business, I’ve travelled the world, I do things that scare me by stepping out of my comfort zone, and I’ve fallen in love :)

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Next up we have Emma Griffin Beat….

Pilot turned Apspiring Model…Meet Alyssa Ferreira from out Top 25!

Next up we have ….Alyssa2

Name: Alyssa Ferreira

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Occupation: Trainee Commercial Pilot

Bra size: 32F

Why I’m entering:

The main reason why I am entering is to boost my self confidence and to be more proud of my fuller bust. I am also entering because I am currently studying to become a commercial pilot and want to stop the stereotyping of women who are in a male dominated line of work of being manly, not feminine and unattractive. I want to prove that you CAN have a pretty face and be a strong, sexy, intelligent woman. This competition would help me to accomplish exactly that. I do love my body and respect it we should not be ashamed what was given to us and should embrace and appreciate it.

Three things I love about me:

  • My ability to make people laugh. Laughter is the best pick me up and the best is it is for free.
  • My love for animals.
  • Being dedicated and my will to not give up even if it annoys some people.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I love food way to much , but I definitely look after my body.
  • I am a pilot I have a Private Pilot licence with over a hundred hours flying time. I am currently  busy with my Commercial licence.
  • I am stubborn , most probably got that from my dad.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Hey stop being so serious! Live a little and have that cupcake.
  • Be more grateful especially to your loved ones.
  • Be grateful for those curves!

What has made me who I am today:

Definitely my parents they have inspired me to be successful and never give up. My dad being a great role model and pushing me to succeed in my studies. My mom for being the shoulder to cry on and best friend. My little sister for making me be more of a role model and a good big sister.

I think also my ability to be strong minded and not intimidated by others  especially in becoming a pilot. It is a difficult industry especially for women. We have much more to prove and I am actually grateful for that it will always remind me that I can strive to be better and never settle for less.

And also my body, the past 3 years I have really come to appreciate my curves and really accept them and I am proud to be curvy and have a fuller bust

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Next up we have Ieashia Jewiss….

Rosalind Strong Lost 4st Which Resulted in a Confidence Boost and her Appearing in out Top 25!

Next up we have ….Rosalind2

Name: Rosalind Strong

Location: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Australian Wine Selectors, Cellar Door Manager.

Bra size: 28GG

Why I’m entering:

I have finally found something wonderful! After recently losing a lot of weight, I actually didn’t think that I would be able to find small waist/big cup bras that would fit me properly… Especially in Australia! I was SOOO excited to find that I can feel pretty, comfortable, and actually fit into a bra without having to readjust ALL day. It’s a life changing discovery. I can actually go swimming IN A BIKINI, that holds me in/up! I would love to represent such a wonderful thing and I would absolutely love to spread the awareness that these things actually exist around my part of the world… And anywhere for that matter :)

Three things I love about me:

  • I’m a massive day-dreamer so I’m not often bored… Maybe a little crazy though!
  • I’m a really easy laugh. It may be annoying to others, but it seems that I’m always pretty entertained by most things.
  • I love that being around nature makes me feel better. Being from the East Coast of Australia, I always feel a million times better when I’m around water and green stuff.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I grew up around the beach but I’m terrified of deep water. You can’t breathe under there!
  • I love to play guitar. I’m only really good at a few introductions to a few songs though, and I play them OVER and over.
  • I don’t know what my natural hair colour is anymore.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Stop stressing about that little pudgy bit, and that slightly lop-sided bit. Life isn’t about looking perfect – it’s much more fun when you don’t worry so much.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little unconventional. I used to think that being more of a thinker and less of a talker made me less of a person. Not true! Don’t try too hard to be a different version of yourself. Authentic is always better.
  • Don’t eat a loaf of bread with peanut butter every other day. It’s not good for your belly or bum!

What has made me who I am today:

I’ve been thin, and I’ve been PRETTY overweight. Weight seems like a superficial thing to mention, but I think it’s significant. I’ve learnt that I don’t have to look pretty to be like-able – which is an amazing discovery.

I have an amazing little family who allow me to be myself with no judgment, ever! As a kid, having the freedom to think and believe in whatever I wanted; with no one telling me I was silly or wrong, has allowed me to do a lot of self-exploration and discovering. I also have a couple of super awesome close friends who I aspire to be like. They make me want to be a better human :)

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Next up we have Alyssa Ferreira….

“Everyone thought I stuffed my bra with tissues!” says pint-sized Top 25 Finalist Danielle Fearon

Next up we have ….Danielle3

Name: Danielle Fearon

Location: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Occupation: Freelance makeup artist

Bra size: 30GG

Why I’m entering:

I was a DD cup by the age of 13, and although at first I didn’t mind, I became quite uncomfortable with my size, as I was often given hassle as school – everyone thought I stuffed my bra with tissues! Since then I grew into a GG cup, and was very conscious of covering my busty area, as I never wanted to draw attention! However, in recent years, I have become more comfortable in my own skin and don’t feel like hiding myself away! The thought of modelling has always been a distant dream, but it seemed an impossible one, being a curvy and vertically challenged girl! I would love to join the campaign in celebrating and promoting beauty in women of all sizes, maybe giving others the confidence to love their shape too :) The past year has been particularly difficult, mostly because I lost my granddad due to cancer. He was such an amazing character and an inspiration to me. If there was ever anything I wanted to do, he would say ‘Go for it!’, so that’s what I’m doing! Entering a competition like this is something I would usually consider but never actually do, but life is too short!

Three things I love about me:

  • I have a great sense of humour (if I do say so myself)
  • I’m a bargain hunter! Something all of my family and friends love about me too, cause I save them tons of cash!
  • If I have the ability to help someone, I always will. It gives me a feeling of contentment and genuinely makes me happy to know that I’ve made a difference to someone’s day. It sounds really cheesy but its true.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I love DIY, not scared of getting stuck in!
  • I’m a bit of a nerd, getting called weird isn’t unusual!
  • I  am a very emotional person and passionate about musical theatre. Add the two together and you’ve got a teary eyed girl sniffily singing along to Les Mis.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Don’t expect others to treat you the way you treat them, they never will, but it will make you stronger.
  • It’s not a big deal, stop stressing and have fun.
  • Stop straightening your hair, its going to fall out!

What has made me who I am today:

I know that everyday changes me, and moulds me into the Danielle of tomorrow. The person I am today has been created from every incident I have encountered in the past. These life experiences have built my character and continue to do so. I have often heard people say that tough times make you stronger, and I totally agree, as the times I have been the most proud of myself are the ones where I fought a battle beforehand. I may not have achieved all that I hoped I would by 24, but am happier with who I am then I ever thought I would be, thats an achievement in itself :). To my parents, who raised me with so much love and generosity, and to the eye awakening lessons I have learnt from the good and bad times, you have made me who I am today.

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“I got asked if my boobs were real!”….Meet Charlotte Buck one of our Top 25!

Next up we have ….Charlotte2

Name: Charlotte Buck

Location: London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Neighbourhood Warden for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Bra size: 32F

Why I’m entering:

At my cousins wedding around four years ago, a guest that I had never met approached me and asked if my boobs were real (a female guest!). After reassuring her they were she told me about this competition that looks for women with natural curves. At the time I didn’t have the body confidence to strip down, particularly displaying my boobs as I was very self-conscious of their size. As each year passed I watched the competition open and close never quite plucking up the courage to enter. Finally, I have grown to accept and love my shape and this year I felt ready. I believe this competition would allow me to be my natural self – and not have to breathe in!

Three things I love about me:

  • I can see things from the perspective of others which brings me closer to people, helps me to forgive and to be forgiven. 
  • Me, my mum and my sister are all the same dress and shoe size. There’s been arguments over a few favourite items but generally it works out well for everyone!
  • I like to think I’m thoughtful. I try to go out of my way to do little things for the people I care about and it touches them.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I started volunteering in Domestic Violence as a Befriender when I was 19 at an amazing little charity run by some amazing women. The late Lynda Bellingham was our patron.
  • I once appeared on the TV show Deal or No Deal and won a whopping 1p – I’ve got the cheque to prove it.
  • I love Jellyfish, they’re so beautiful. I will swim as close to them as I can get!

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Stop worrying about trying to live the best, most fulfilling life. Live it how you want to live it and it will just happen.
  • Stop feeling guilty. You can’t be everything to everyone, all the time, everywhere.
  • Girls in your class at school are not smarter, prettier or funnier than you are. No matter how much you think that right now, those thoughts will become less convincing overtime.

What has made me who I am today:

  • Honesty. No matter how insignificant something seems I will always tell the truth. In the long-run, removing all the muddiness makes things more pure. When I’m honest I’m content.
  • A very wise uncle once told me ‘surround yourself with positive people’, I always bear this in mind. The world isn’t all roses but positive people lift your spirits and help make the world that bit sweeter.
  • My Grandparents. To them I was the best, Superwomen and the finest granddaughter known to man. I could do anything (even sing according to my Grandad; I assure you this is not true). But the belief they had in me pushes me forward every time I doubt myself.

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Next up we have Danielle Fearon…

32JJ Trainee Police Constable in Top 25 of Star in a Bra….It’s Sophia Adams

Next up we have ….Sophia A

Name: Sophia Adams

Location: Northolt, Middlesex

Occupation: Trainee Police Constable

Bra size: 32JJ

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering star in a bra because.. I finally have the confidence and would love to model for Curvy Kate.. I used to have so many body hang ups, hated my size and wanted to change myself. But as I get older I’m realising it’s all about self love and treating your body like the temple it is!

Three things I love about me:

  • My kind heart and compassion
  • My wittiness and sense of humour
  • My hourglass figure

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • My unique mix of foreign roots – Persian and Greek
  • My love of cars – the tomboy in me
  • I love to sing and have done since the age of 4.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Don’t ever use anyone or let anyone use you.
  • There is only ONE you- love yourself, believe in yourself and always be confident.
  • Always be respectful of yourself and others.

What has made me who I am today:

My mum and Grandmother. Since I was very young they taught me all of life’s values, morals and principles. They raised me to be honest, hardworking and always grateful for what you have.

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Next up we have Charlotte Buck…

Breast reduction resulted in enough confidence to strip down to her smalls for Star in a Bra 2015…It’s Nicola Graveson

Next up we have ….Nicola

Name: Nicola Graveson

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Occupation: Artist/part-time Showgirl

Bra size: 32E

Why I’m entering:

This year I turn 40 and I have never felt as confident as I do now. I want to show that you can still be fun, sexy, and glamorous after having 2 babies, and no longer in your 20’s! I wish I had the confidence when I was younger that I do now. I’m definitely at an age where I have accepted all the positive things about my body as well as the flaws and it feels wonderful. I am an artist and a mum of two little boys, but I am also head showgirl at a 50’s style club called Vegas where I dance in feathers and a corset. I love music, dancing and being on stage, it is so much fun. I used to have a 32J bust when I was younger, and not a day went by that rude comments weren’t made, or I wasn’t groped by strangers. I had zero confidence, there were no beautiful bras in my size back then either. I had to wear big ugly things in black or white. I had a breast reduction done at 24, which at the time was the best thing I ever did. I gained in confidence despite the scars, but part of me wishes I hadn’t let other people affect me so much, and I had kept the body I was given. Anyway, my scars have faded, and I love the boobs I have now. Still curvy, but manageable haha! I would love to do this, and it would be really wonderful to have the chance.

Three things I love about me: 

  • I am kind
  • I have a nice smile
  • I can make people laugh (not always intentionally!)

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I am fairly obsessed with vintage cars, mainly old VW Beetles, but pick-up trunks and Chevy’s are high on the list too!
  • I was once on Deal or No Deal….and I did indeed spank the banker.
  • I love fancy dress, I will don a Wonder Woman costume any chance I get.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • That a big world lies outside of the school gates, and that things will get better. You will make lots of good friends, and the bullies will no longer matter.
  • That it is the best feeling in the world when you learn to accept yourself, and realise that not everyone will like you or the way you look, but their opinion is just that, and does not determine who you are.
  • You are worth so much more than you think you are. Stop staring at your feet, get that chin up!

What has made me who I am today: 

My beautiful Mum has.

My Dad was killed by a drunk driver whilst working abroad when I was 5. She was only 30 at the time, and also had my little brother who was just 2 and also my 2 older brothers from my Dad’s previous marriage. She brought us up on her own, and was just the most amazing mum. Loving, funny, confident and strong.

My older brother then died from Leukaemia when I was 11, and once again she was incredible. She has always supported me throughout my life, my career and with my own two children. I hope to have taken on some of her strength, and when things have happened in life that have been tough, I think of how she dealt with much worse and just got on with it.

So yes, I would say a large part of the woman I have become is down to my mum, and I am very thankful for that.

Wow, Nicola’s mother seems like a real trooper and a great person to have in your life push you! To vote for Nicola head to Starinabra.com

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Liver transplant patient now in running to become the next face of Curvy Kate…..Jennifer Pietri

Next up we have ….Jennifer2

Name: Jennifer Pietri

Location: Serris, France

Occupation: TBC

Bra size: 34E

Why I’m entering:

I’m dreaming of becoming a lingerie model only to prove that you don’t need to be skinny to seduce and be attractive, and that a natural beauty can be just as entrancing. If you feel well in yourself then your size and shape doesn’t matter.

Three things I love about me: 

  • What I appreciate is my willingness to go forward, I never give up, I am a perseverant person.
  • I love my adaptability also, the change and the unknown doesn’t scare me.
  • Physically, I love my body, I assume it completely, my eight is 178 cm ( 70 inches), i’m proud of my size and my curves.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I’m a simple person, dreamy, funny and very tasty
  • I love the people, meeting new people, new cultures and i love travel.
  • I have had a liver transplant in November 2010

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • That life is short and we need to enjoy every moment.
  • That being beautiful in the eyes of others requires you to see yourself as beautiful.
  • Trust is a major factor, without it, no project leads.

What has made me who I am today: 

Life simply!

Life with its joys, sorrows and tests, one of these being the disease I had and how I overcame that.

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28J Top 25 beauty used to ‘doctor’ her bras before she found Curvy Kate…welcome Ashley Bridges

Next up we have ….Ashley B

Name: Ashley Bridges

Location: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Occupation: Stay at home Mum

Bra size: 28J

Why I’m entering:

I actually entered Star in a Bra last year and was selected to be in the top 20. Shortly after I entered, my husband and I found out we’d have an opportunity to try a long awaited round of in vitro fertilization. In hopes of pouring all positive energy into the process, I didn’t pursue the contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t get pregnant, so here I am giving it another go! I developed very early and grew up doctoring my bras so that they would “fit.” As a natural 28 J/JJ, it was near impossible to find anything that would be snug around my ribcage with cups big enough for my girls. I settled for cone shaped boobs while looking longingly into Victoria’s secret, knowing they had nothing for me. Until…Curvy Kate! All of a sudden I had colour, and sex appeal, and the cleavage I wanted at a price that didn’t break the bank. Not that it mattered, I would have paid double ;)

Three things I love about me: 

  • I love my sense of humour. It’s dark and very sarcastic, but I love to laugh and find the funny in everything.
  • I love my body. We’ve been through some tough times together, but it has given me beautiful children that I couldn’t be more proud of.
  • I love my eyebrows. It sounds silly, but I’ve never had to pluck them and for that I’m told I should be thankful!

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I am currently a stay at home mom to 4 wonderful children.
  • On our honeymoon, my husband leaned over and said, “I love you Mrs. Bridges.” I wasn’t really paying attention and said, “Why would you call me messy britches?!” The name stuck and I have been “messy britches” ever since
  • I’m terrified of snakes and airplanes. “Snakes on a Plane” was my nightmare.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

Oh, man. Younger me was so troubled. So unnecessarily sad and anxious. I struggled through huge issues of insecurity and depression as a teen and I wish I could have realized how temporary that part of my life was.

  • I would tell younger me that it was going to get much better and that so much of what I worried about didn’t matter.
  • That the mistreatment I received had more to do with with the people doing it than it did me.
  • Lastly, I would try my best to make me see my own value. It would have saved me the next ten years I spent trying to figuring that out :)

What has made me who I am today: 

I’d have to start with my children. I was a young mother, I got pregnant with my oldest son at 19. It was certainly not easy, but he taught me what was really important in life and allowed me to see the beauty in the world. All of my children have given me confidence as a mother and taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderfully supportive family who I consider to be some of my closest friends. They have provided me with a solid foundation and the feeling that I am a valued part of something.

Finally, I have my husband. It is amazing the difference it makes in a person when they know they are absolutely loved. He has been so supportive and patient, all the while giving me the security to develop into who I am today. I know that he’s proud of me and that means the world.

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Avid Muffin Baker through to the Top 25….Patrycja Skorupa

Next up we have ….Patrycja 2

Name: Patrycja Skorupa

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Occupation: TBC

Bra size: 30E

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering Star in a Bra because I love my curves. I think I have what it takes.

Three things I love about me: 

  • My eyes
  • My boobs
  • My sense of humour

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I like playing computer games
  • I love making muffins
  • I love modelling and also taking photos, because I see many beautiful thing in the world.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Don’t bother about little things.
  • Always smile, because you have amazing people around.
  • Catch the moment.

What has made me who I am today: 

My family, my boyfriend and my friends. I am very grateful for their support. I can always count on them. And this makes me strong person.

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“I got engaged in Disneyland Paris and had a Disney themed wedding” – Megan McMinn one of our Top 25 hopefuls!

Next up we have ….Megan M 5

Name: Megan McMinn

Location: Bath, United Kingdom

Occupation: Creative Writing Student

Bra size: 34E

Why I’m entering:

I’m entering Star in a Bra because I love the idea of representing a brand that preaches diversity and body positivity. As a teenager I had some experience in the modelling world, however I was soon put off by derogatory comments photographers and stylists would make about my curves. I’d always loved having an hourglass figure, but the modelling world made me question myself. I write a personal style blog, Briar Rose (http://www.thebriarroseblog.com/), and I strive to be a positive role model for my readers – especially the younger ones. I’ve had a number of readers recovering from eating disorders contact me saying that my blog has inspired them to eat again, and shown them that being healthy and curvy is something worth celebrating. Now that I’m a bit older, I would love to have a modelling experience where I could rock my curves instead of feeling like I have to apologise for them. I think working alongside Curvy Kate would be an incredibly body positive experience, and I’d love to share it with my readers!

Three things I love about me: 

  • My hourglass figure
  • My fair skin
  • My long hair – I’ve spent seven years growing it!

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I’m an aspiring science fiction/fantasy author.
  • I love cosplay and attending comic/film conventions.
  • I got engaged in Disneyland Paris and had a Disney themed wedding.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • Being tall and curvy are enviable qualities, and you’ll feel more confident if you work with them instead of against them.
  • Life is far more fun if you celebrate your slightly unconventional passions and qualities!
  • Don’t make big life decisions to please other people. Always be true to yourself.

What has made me who I am today: 

The constant support of my husband and family. Fashion blogging has also had a big impact on me, broadening my horizons and boosting my body confidence.

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Trinidadian drummer in top 25 – Jenny Alexander

Next up we have ….JennyAlexander

Name: Jenny Alexander

Location: Toronto, Canada

Occupation: Playwright

Bra size: 34DD

Why I’m entering:

I love the Curvy Kate brand and when I discovered it about a year ago, I immediately identified with all the girls who represented it. I am a huge advocate for the representation of diverse beauty in the media, and for the first time, I was seeing girls like me modelling lingerie. The deadline had passed however, but I swore to myself that I would enter the following year – so here I am! Curvy Kate gives girls like me so much confidence in our bodies, and it would be the ultimate dream to be able to work with the brand that first ignited in me the belief that I too could feel cute, confident & sexy in lingerie!

Three things I love about me: 

  • My laugh
  • My positive attitude
  • My ability to see things differently

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  • I love to paint
  • I grew up on an island off the coast of Venezuela called Trinidad
  • I can play the drums

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then:

  • It gets so much easier…I promise!
  • You have all the time in the world.
  • You are more beautiful than you know – inside and out!

What has made me who I am today: 

The love and support from the people in my life has made me who I am today. I was very lucky to have had some very loving, encouraging and wise adults there to guide me in my youth. I, like many girls, was teased and picked on quite incessantly when I was younger and, if it weren’t for the support of people in my life who really loved me and saw my beauty, I would not have made it through as I did; I dedicate every success to them.

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“I am totally in love with my guinea pig, Nigel” Meet Top 25 girl, Holly Macgillivray!

Second up we have ….Holly M

Name: Holly Macgillivray

Location: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Occupation: Entertainment manager

Bra size: 38E

Why I’m Entering:

I’m entering Star in a Bra because … I would love to share my confidence with other ladies & help people learn how to love themselves! I’ve always been told I should give this competition a go and this year I thought why not! You have to be in it to win it and I have my fingers crosses :) I’d love to represent your fantastic company! Oh and world peace yadadadada…

Three things I love about me : 

  • My ability to make people laugh :)
  • My great big smile
  • My “can-do” attitude, if I want something I will go out and get it. You don’t get anything just sitting around waiting!

Three things you didn’t know about me :

  • I have travelled all over the world working as an entertainer on Cruise Ships
  • I am totally in love with my guinea pig, Nigel
  • I wear a permanent brace behind my teeth!

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then :

  • Stop being in such a rush to kiss all the boys all the time! There’ll be plenty of time for that in your twenties!
  • Enjoy being young! There’s a reason they say youth is wasted on the young! You have no responisbillity, you’re a kid, just do kid things!
  • Sometimes you’ll mess up, you’re human. Apologise sincerely and don’t do it again.

What has made me who I am today: 

Lots of love and support from a fantastic mum & dad who brought me up with good values & manners!

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Ukulele Playing and Discus Throwing Curvy Beauty….. Tatiana Meilhac

Hello! As I’m sure you all know Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra is well under way and we have our Top 25 shapely stunners all picked out and the voting stage is now open so head to Starinabra.com to make your selection.

In the meantime we’re going to be posting blogs everyday to introduce you to our top girls and tell you a little bit about them, so first up we have….Tatiana

Name: Tatiana Meilhac

Location: Lyon, France

Occupation: Marketing and Web-trade Assistant

Bra size: 34F

Why I am entering:

I am a fashion addict! I have lived in London for a year and this is where I discovered (and adopted) Curvy Kate. I like the values that the brand carries and the use of images of women with self-confidence who accept their bodies just as they are. I also love the bold and trendy colourways that always work well with my skin tone. Becoming the new face of  Curvy Kate would be more than a challenge, it would be a true adventure.

Three things I love about me : 

  • My miscegenation; my mother is black and comes from Togo and my father is white he is French. I grew up in two cultures and that is something really enriching. I think it makes me more open-minded (I hope) and tolerant.
  • My strength to relativize face to any situation, also I’m always in a good mood and trying to share this feeling.
  • My love for experimenting new things and my determination to improve into each of them.

Three things you didn’t know about me :

  • I’m totally afraid of centipedes.
  • I used to practice in competitive discus throwing- I did it for 17 years!
  • I play (and still learning to play) the ukulele.

Three things I would tell my younger self, that I didn’t know then :

  • My mum is always right and I should  have listened her advice.
  • School is the best time of your life, don’t complain and have fun ;)
  • Trying to brush your eyebrows with a shaver is a really really bad idea.

What a babe….Next up we have Holly Macgillivray…

“OH EM GEE It’s Valentine’s Day!”…. Don’t Panic, We Have the ‘Perfect Partner’s Gift Guide’.

It’s that time of year again. You can’t escape it. Yep, it’s the one day of the year that you either dread or just embrace…usually dependant on what team you’re on. It’s Team Single vs. Team Shacked-up. Oh but don’t worry, we are not picking sides here! We will be providing both teams with Vday solutions this year, meaning their will be thousands of happy girlfriends out there and thousands of equally happy single folk too! Hurrah! So sit back and relax and we’ll make sure that this is a Valentine’s to remember, what ever it is you’re doing!


So to begin, ‘The Perfect Partner’s Gift Guide’ (We’re only starting with them as they take FOREVER doing everything- and need as much help as they can get, I’m sure you understand). It’s the age old problem, you know you have to buy a gift but what gift?! You don’t know anything about lingerie and lace and frilly things that girls like…. well this is where this all changes. Below I’ll be writing my top 5 tips for making sure you have your other half beaming from ear to ear come Valentine’s night….follow these simple steps and you can’t go wrong. Here goes…

Step One: Finding out your girls bra size…

Bra sizes cannot be guessed, so please please do not attempt this… all you’ll end up with is an unhappy and uncomfortable girlfriend. The best way to find out what size she wears without spoiling the surprise is to check her bra draw. Where’s the one she wears the most? Grab that and have a sneaky peek at the label. It should be a number followed by a letter e.g. 32F, make a note of it and take that to your favourite Curvy Kate stockist.


Step Two: Brief Size…

If you’re committing to buying a gorgeous bra for Valentine’s day then I would recommend getting the briefs to match. Your missus may never wear a matching set but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love the complete look, bra, briefs, the lot! To find out he correct size in these, check in the underwear draw, have a look at a few different pairs and find what size she normally goes for. Also take note of the style, does she like a full brief (pairs that cover all her bum) or does she prefer a thong (the ones that show a little more flesh)? Make sure you pick what she would like…you’ll thank me later!

Step Three: Colours…

Now Valentine’s can have a very typical type of lingerie, lots of reds, blacks and lacey pieces, but before you go bulldozing in and picking the smallest and ‘sexist’ piece, have a think about what your girlfriend likes. Does she like florals? Is she pink and girly? Does she prefer blue, green, red, black, white etc? Really think, what set would she like. If you take these things into account your girlfriend will be so over the moon that you paid attention and thought about her that I’m sure you will be repaid!

Group Shot

Step Four: The style…

Now this really is important. When you were looking through the bra draw what kind of bras were in there? Were they padded or not padded? We they plunging or balcony bras? Would she prefer a babydoll or a bra? These are all things that you need to think about before purchasing, as the style she wears now is a good indications of what she would like from you.

Step Five: All the added extras…

These are the little things that will make her smile. After you have selected a gorgeous set to give your missus, then finish it off with either some gorgeous wrapping paper, or a nice gift bag. You could add in some of her favourite chocolates or even a little bottle of massage oil. The little thoughtful things are really what makes it count so think what would make this amazing.


So I hope that this has been in someway helpful to anyone out there struggling to find the perfect gift and that my guide has taught you that with a little thought and planning you really can whisk your other half off her feet.